25 Nothing Buts

Years ago, I had a Yahoo Geocities site called The Diapered Female Figure Gallery. Its purpose was to find AB Girl Pictures which spoke of emotions, displayed clearly in the story each picture told.

Along the same lines of 25 “Breath Takers” 25 “Dream Makers” and 25 “Charm Sakers”,  25 Nothing Buts is a collection of 25 ABDL pictures from my past searches which I feel all tell the same story of a dynamic unlike any other.

And these 25 also speak clearly of so many emotions and states of mind from the nakedness these BabyGirls possess.  A Naked BabyGirl is naturally beautiful, being a member of the gender which is more beautiful.  But her emotions are beautiful too.

From feeling little, vulnerable, helpless, proud, playful, sexy, beautiful, aroused and balanced –  her heart, her mind, her senses, her demeanor, her esteem, her pride, her love and her passions lead her way. That … and her Daddy, of course.

For the next 25 days, I’ll add one caption (one story) at a time:


 25 – The “Daddy-n-Me” Day

Saturday was always her favorite day. It was what she called the Daddy-n-Me Day of the week. It was just the two of them and no one else. And on the Daddy-n-Me Day, she got the two things she craved the most:

  • – His undivided attention to her
  • – Her ability to be completely little

She understood that she couldn’t have those two things all the time. They had other responsiblities that they had to upkeep. But that’s what made the Daddy-n-Me Day so special. Nothing was allowed to come between her Daddy and she.

She looked at herself in the bathroom mirror, dressed in Nothing But her diaper. Smiling, she was made happy by the thought that her heart beat more strongly for the simplest things in her life – not for clothing or fancy meals or jewelry or other incidentals, but just his love and attention.

“Princess,” her Daddy called to her. “Lunchtime.”

“Coming, Daddy,” she called back to him.

She looked in the mirror again. The Daddy-n-Me Day sometimes started as early as dawn and went as late as bedtime. Other days, it was abbreviated. But she knew, long or short, these days would stretch for the rest of her life.


24 – When He Can’t Take His Eyes Off of You

It wasn’t the vulnerable feeling of wearing nothing but her diaper that made her curl up into a ball on the bed. 

It wasn’t the feeling of littleness that consumed her when he called her “BabyGirl” that made her silent.

It wasn’t the depth of a love so dynamic that she felt reborn within her own emotions that made her feel cherished by him.

It was all of those things … and so much more.

But perhaps it was his eyes, deep and confident in their gaze, which made  her submit to her senses and her heart’s wishes.

And the reason for  her wanted surrender was clear to her:

A Daddy will have that effect on you when he can’t take his eyes off of you.


23 – The Birthday Suit

She remembered a lot of firsts:

  • the first email and then the second one
  • the first Yahoo IM chat which led to the first phone call
  • hearing his voice for the first time
  • that first account of hearing what his life was all about, in his own words
  • the planning to meet for the first time
  • that first sight of him
  • the first twinkle he put in her eyes
  • the first night, followed by the first morning
  • that first recognition that their dreams seemed to be the same

She wouldn’t trade in any of those firsts for all the money in the world. They made a memory in an instant.

But perhaps the memory which stood out in her mind was the one which she got to experience twice … Her 1st birthday – Once early in her life and then again when she became a BabyGirl for the rest of her life … with him.

And that suited her just fine.


22Topping From the Bottom

Her eyes told the tale of her thoughts: There normally wasn’t a bit of anything but submission that came out of her actions.  She had learned her place in her Daddy’s world.  She craved the love he gave her and the life he provided.

But every now and again, she would find herself conflicted with the big and the little feelings.  And just then, as she defiantly took off her plastic pants and began lowering her diaper, the glare of lust in her lowered gaze made clear the two outcomes she was willing to accept. 

Without making a sound she conveyed what she both wanted and needed:

Daddy, either spank me back into submission or pin me to the bed and RAIL IT OUT OF ME!”  


21The Wish of Valentina

She lied still, moments from drifting asleep.  Her bottom,  nestled in her diaper’s softness, still stung from what had happened. 

And as she entered sleep, she recalled how her Daddy had granted her wish:

In an innocent and heart-felt plea, she asked him to help her find peace within her soul.  She had been conflicted her whole life with neglect, abandonment and shattered dreams.

Slowly, he had helped her to deal with and overcome these issues,  and on this day, their first Valentine’s Day together, he had helped her to achieve the one thing she could never quite reach:  acceptance.

As a Daddy with a gentle heart, it was a difficult task to bend her over the kitchen table, yank her diaper down and deliver to her bottom the correction she had never received in her life.

But after the belt had made its mark and after the tears had been wiped away, she embraced him, feeling a happiness she had never known.  For it was he, her Daddy and her lover, who cared enough to hold her accountable for the actions she always used as a means to avoid acceptance.

And because of this, she was now at peace with herself.  Valentina’s wish had been granted.


20 – The Addiction to Daddy

She sat on the edge of her Daddy’s bed, listening to the sounds of his shower in the Master Bathroom.  The quietness of the room otherwise, mixed with the consistent sounds of running water made it easy for her to find a calmness which often escaped her.

And it was in the serenity of that moment when she drew some conclusions.  In her life, she had found a relationship which encapsulated every single solitary fiber of who she was, drew submission from her with force and delicacy (in their given times) and provided stability where she had only known uncertainty.

 She had taken medication for anxiety all of her life, but no longer had to.  When she felt anxiety building, she took a new drug which she called “Daddy”.  And it was through his guidance and nurturing that her anxiousness left.

And without knowing until this moment, she had found a completion in herself for everything which made her feel inadequate.

Hearing him turn the water off in the shower, she stood up, waddled her way into the bathroom and picked up a towel for him.  She stood there and awaited him opening the curtain, while happily succumbing to the greatest conclusion of all:

She could’ve chosen to find the completion of her life in many ways and from many people, but she chose to find with him.  He was the drug which she would become helplessly addicted to for the rest of her life.

And for a BabyGirl who once needed so much, she now had everything she could possible ever ask for.

Her Daddy was a drug, but he didn’t come in pill form.  So she couldn’t swallow him.  But then again, on second thought …


19“The Fuss (Part One of Five): Realization”

Being a BabyGirl wasn’t always easy. For as simple as it made a lot of the decisions she never liked to make and for as much as it satisfied the cravings of her fantasies of submission and of a kinkyness no one understood but her Daddy, she had moments when being a BabyGirl made her feel too little to handle.

The problem wasn’t the feelings so much as it was her reaction to them.

She had picked up a glass and threw it to the ground, shattering it into pieces.  Her Daddy made her kneel in the corner of the kitchen as he cleaned the glass up.

She knew what was to come and it confused her that her arousal, now evident in the swelling of her peach, was mixed with the fear of what her Daddy kept repeating to her as he cleaned up the glass shards:

“This is one spanking you’re never gonna forget, Baby.”


18“The Seeds of Perfect” 

She curled up in the fetal position, basking in the serenity of a peace that demanded her silence to be truly, deeply felt.

It was good to be a girl.  It was good to be a BabyGirl.  And though it seemed life took so much from her just because she was a girl, her Daddy gave back to her more than this world could ever take.

She felt his seeds inside her, the after-enjoyment of the pleasure he gave her just a short time ago.  And while waiting for him to return from the kitchen with her night time bottle, she smiled within … realizing the gravity of the words he whispered as she came for him:

“Princess … you are perfect.”


17 – “The Fuss (Part Two of Five): Crying”

Oh, what lessons she still had to learn, not the least of which being that her Daddy meant what he said and always did what he said he was going to do.

And it wasn’t that she was deliberately disobeying him.  It was simply that she hadn’t accepted that, as a BabyGirl, a lot of decisions were made for her.

And what appeared to be disobedience on her part was really a natural reaction to her loss of independence.

Her Daddy re-assured her that she would get used to the depth of submission she was coming to understand, its privileges and its limitations.

But after today’s spending spree online, her Daddy took all the credit cards and access to bank accounts away from her.  And this would remain the case until she understood that you have to have money before you can spend it.

She knelt in front of Daddy’s chair, covered her crying eyes and awaited the moment when he softened and gave in to her.  But all he made was one simple statement which made clear that she wasn’t going to get her way this time:

“It’s for your own good, BabyGirl.”


16“Let’s Dance, Daddy.”

She always had confidence in herself, but had never fully embraced it until she met her Daddy.

He helped her open her heart and let out the littleness she had always felt.

And by doing this, she welcomed the opportunity to let anything out of her heart which entered it.

The simple life of a BabyGirl had taught her to take each moment and make more out of it than she dreamed possible. 

And by doing this, she found that she was capable of doing so much.  It would’ve been easy to take advantage of the power she had over him, but instead, she found pleasure in knowing she could do that, but not letting on that she knew.

Still, when the moments presented themselves, she didn’t let them pass without their due attention.  Like last evening when her Daddy got out of the shower and walked back into the bedroom.

She sat on the bed, in nothing but her diaper – covering herself and with a look in her eyes which spoke silent volumes of what her heart was longing for:

“Let’s Dance, Daddy.”


15“The Fuss (Part Three of Five): Being Difficult”

Her Daddy hired a BabySitter to watch her while he was at work. At first, it seemed silly, but then she took to the idea. It was truly a moment when her fantasies had become her reality.

Having her Daddy wrapped around her finger, somewhat at least, she knew that with persistence, she could wear him down. In doing this, she was being sweet and loving – two honest emotions that came from her heart. But in the end, she always got her way.

However, her Daddy did have him limits with what he would allow. And he informed the Babysitter of the tricks his little girl would sometimes try to pull. Knowing this, the BabySitter didn’t allow her get away with anything either.

This led to a lot of pouting and fussing and generally difficult behavior from the BabyGirl – to which the BabySitter had a simple statement:

You’ll learn how to behave someday. You’re just a little baby.”

The BabyGirl knelt on the couch and settled herself, but no more so than when her BabySitter said:

Your Daddy is on his way home now, young lady.”


14“The Comfort of Having”

Her first day with him was fulfilling to her emotions.

Her first night with him was fulfilling to her senses.

When she moved in with him, she became absorbed with the first relationship in her life where she didn’t have to hide anything about herself.

He was loving, caring, compassionate, compelling, sexual, gratifying and the most wonderful Daddy she could’ve ever asked for. 

And as she grew as a BabyGirl, she found that the moments which were the most rewarding were those times when she learned to let go of a little piece of who she was to embrace who she had become.

And without knowing it, she had gained happiness, contentment, purpose and a comfort  in what she had.


13 – “Consuming the Insecurity”

As a BabyGirl, she often felt inferior as opposed to little, especially when in the presence of another female.  She automatically noticed the difference in clothing, appearance and attention.

And it was this lack of esteem which worried her Daddy the most.  So, he decided that in order to help her feel little as opposed to less important, he would hire a babysitter – a nanny who treated her with such a caring way about her that she felt the littleness consume the insecurity of being nothing more than her Daddy’s Little Girl.


12The Taming of Valentina

Valentina nursed from her bottle, swallowing the warm milk intended to make her sleepy and happily accepting that her Daddy would soon be putting her down for a nap.

She was a far cry from who she used to be. And it was he – her lover and her Daddy who had granted her one simple “wish” and everything about life changed afterwards.

She found acceptance and peace.  And though she knew she may run into her past in the future, she knew she would never run away from it again.

The power of submission was overwhelming to her and that was all it took to tame the little heart of a girl who needed it more than she realized.


11What Made It Perfect

The BabyGirl had always believed what she heard:

The Fantasy will always be better than the Reality.

Accepting this as the truth, she pursued the wishes and desires of her little heart.

What she discovered was something unexpected.

It was a sense of Perfect in the Imperfect. And it wasn’t her Daddy’s attention to her that made it perfect. Nor was it the baths she received, the diapering, the bottle feedings, the soft whispered words, the spankings, the correction, the sentiments or the physical moments.

It was knowledge that Reality is actually far better than Fantasy.

Having been melted and remolding as her Daddy felt best for her, she realized that fantasy was only thought, but reality was life.

And a life spent with him, whether in a dream castle or in an apartment, was exactly what her fantasy had always been.

And that is What Made It Perfect.


10“The Fuss (Part Four of Five): Tantrum”

Emotions were never easy to deal with, particularly when the BabyGirl became overloaded with them.

And for as much as she didn’t want to lose her composure in front of her Daddy, she had begun to accept that sometimes she simply had to let it out.

Her Daddy had stated to her many times that he wanted nothing more than for her to feel comfortable being who she was around him.

But he also said that there were consequences for her behavior and actions.

Tantrums had become a common state for her to be in when she just couldn’t be happy. And though he was a patient and kind-hearted Daddy, he also knew that sometimes she would have to be shown how to deal with her outbursts.

  • When she defied, she found herself over his knee, getting a spanking she needed.
  • When she got smart, she was dressed in a manner that drew attention to her and was taken out in public to receive the kind of attitude adjustment that only humiliation could provide.
  • When she demanded more, her Daddy took away the things she had until she found appreciation for them being gone.
  • When she wanted something, he said no until she said “Please”. And she received nothing until she said “Thank You”.
  • When she threw tantrums and refused to say what was wrong, she was made to kneel in the corner until she was ready to tell him what was wrong.

And when she wanted to use the toilet and refused to use her diaper, she recieved an enema and would cringe on the floor as it took effect.


9 – An Image in Gazing Eyes

Her birthday wish was to be as pretty as Barbie – for once in her life, to feel good about herself and the way she looked.

But the BabyGirl was a perfectionist and she admitted that she would never be satisfied with her appearance until she looked in the mirror and saw a flawless image smiling back at her.

On her birthday, she found that the best present she received didn’t come wrapped in pretty paper with a big bow on it. It wasn’t a granted wish of impossible perfection. And it wasn’t a birthday cake with rich icing.

Instead, the best birthday present she received was a simple sentence stated to her by her Daddy:

“BabyGirl, you did it. And now Barbie is trying to look as pretty as you.”

In her Daddy’s gazing eyes she could see her image as he saw her, and she was truly perfect.


8 – “The Fuss (Part Five of Five): Pout”

When all else failed, she shut down and put a scowl on her face.

She knew that her frowny face often broke her Daddy’s heart and when she couldn’t find the words to tell him how she felt, she would lower her chin and wrinkle her forehead.

Though her pout was intended to get him to do what she wanted him to do, the greatest reward actually came from what he didn’t do.

“BabyGirl,” her Daddy stated calmly, watching her refuse to close her eyes and take a nap. “I want you to know that being your Daddy is the best thing which has ever happened to me. I try to make your world as complete as I can, but sometimes, a Daddy’s best course of action is not giving in to his little girl’s pout.”

He covered her with a blanket that she quickly kicked off.

“I’m glad to see that you are standing your ground. I’m going to do the same,” he said, setting her teddy bear at the foot of the bed, in case she wanted to hold it. “And when you are settled and ready to be tucked in, I’ll be here waiting to do so. A spanking isn’t what you need because a spanking is the quick way out of dealing with the fussiness you have right now. Instead, you’ll lay there and work it out for yourself. I won’t spank you or punish you. Not this time. I think there’s a greater reward in not repeating the things which haven’t worked in the past. With the exception of one thing …”

She cocked her head to the side, wondering what that one thing might be.

“I’ve loved you when you’ve been happy, when you’ve been sad, when you’ve been angry and when you’ve been too little to realize that a Daddy’s love never dies,” he said calmly. “I’ll love you through this fuss, through this pout and for the rest of your life.”

Her eyes became glassy as she picked up her teddy bear, pulled the blanket up onto her body and closed her eyes.


7“Make Me Your Everything Forever”

Oh what a Heavenly moment and what a way to be made to feel.

“White Hot Attention” was merely a dream, a forgotten place she could never return to … at least not until she met the Daddy who could take her back to where she belonged.

A head-to-toe bubble bath, a double diapering, a bottle of milk and the returning memory of what it meant to be the center of someone’s world – were all the pieces of her Daddy’s Tender Loving Care which made her feel like his everything.

Gazing up at him from her crib, the look in her affected eyes spoke clearly the only remaining wish of her heart:

“Daddy, Make Me Your Everything Forever.”


6That Sly Smile

His little girl had become a picture of calmness, settling into each stage of the day and night with an ease that made her able to embrace the little side of her heart.

It had been a long day, but a wonderful one.  Just she and her Daddy – since the sun came up.

Her emotions were affected.  Her heart had been touched.  Her body gratified and her mind unraveled – all with his words and his touch.

It had truly been a perfect day.  Yet there was a new glimmer that came over her eyes, followed by a sly smile as she stepped into the bath water.  What, oh what, was she up to now?

Her Daddy grinned back, knowingly.

“Yes, BabyGirl,” her Daddy said softly.  “It’s definitely time for a bath.”


5 – A Place for Everything

“There’s a place for everything and everything should be in its place.”

He had lost track of how many times his BabyGirl had said that too him.

She preached that simple, adorable belief and she lived by it, too.

From the stuffed animals in her crib to the bedtime story and coloring books on her little bookshelf to the the icons on her computer’s desktop to the clothing in her drawers, she was Little Miss Organized.

Sitting on her night time diaper and prepping her hair for bedtime, she tottered about, making certain each hair found it’s way into the ponytail she was putting it into.

Standing at the kitchen entrance, holding her night time bottle and blanket, her Daddy smiled at the adorable sight of her “getting ready”.  His thought was simple, too.  She was right.  There is a place for everything. 

And her place was in his heart.


4What A Daddy Wants

What does a Daddy getr from the relationship?

She knew what she got from it and  how wonderful it felt to be his BabyGirl, but she didn’t know what he got from it.

So, she asked him that very question and his answer melted her little heart…

After her night time bath at his hands, his gentle diapering and the caress of being babied by him from the inside out, he ushered her into a littleness she simply couldn’t help falling into.

“BabyGirl, Daddy always gets what he wants from the relationship,” her Daddy said softly.

She tilted her head to the side and nursed from her pacifier with a look of confusion about his answer.

“When you’re happy, when you’re silly, when you’re filled with happiness,” he said warmly.  “When tears become laughter, when tears don’t even come at all, when you wink, when you twinkle, when you smile.”

And she smiled … brightly behind her pacifier at his sentiment.

“All of those things … they are what Daddy always wants to see,”  he continued.  “And seeing them tells me that I did my best and it was good enough to make you happy.  Daddy always gets what he wants.”


3 – Little Heart at the Lost-n-Found

She bowwed her legs while resting easily on the little rug in the kitchen where her Daddy sometimes placed her when he was making lunch or dinner.

When on that rug, she was not to crawl off it until he told her to.

It was 9 am on a Saturday and she nursed on her morning bottle. What a wonderful, wonderful bath she had just received by his hands, and how calm her little heart was just then.

She could become lost so easily as his BabyGirl.  Lost in her thoughts, lost in her emotions, lost in the little world he created for her and kept her in.  Being his BabyGirl didn’t make her life perfect, but it sure felt like it was.  But she knew that a big piece of that perfect puzzle she found in him.

And each day, she became more aware of how the only thing her little heart ever had to do in order to be found was to get lost … in her Daddy.


2 The LifeTime in an Instant

He first met his BabyGirl at a corner deli on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in early spring.

Spring was the season of new beginnings and of new awakenings.  Little did he know what would happen between them at first sight.

She became his passion, his heart, his soul, his responsibility and his companion.

He became her security, her trust, her faith, her admiration and her soul mate.

But thinking back on that first day, it became clear what the magic was which passed between them. 

They saw what was to come, in the flash of two sets of irises that were still perfect strangers.  It was a LifeTime in an Instant.


1 Beyond Their Wildest Fairy Tales

There was nothing in this world that compared to how much her Daddy loved her.

There was no one in this world who could coddle the innocence in her heart like him.

She was the essence of all which made him breathe.

He was the essence of all which made her innocent.

Together, they made needs of their wants and satisfied the cravings of a dynamic which bonded them to each other.  Merrily, life was more than “But A Dream”.  It was the dream which began her blossoming, but the life which followed was beyond their wildest fairy tale.


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