The Waddling Dead: Episode Three

Episode Three: Just A Few More Things

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Friday evening, 7:30 pm

“Alright! We need to hurry this up!” Chloe exclaimed, walking even more quickly and forcing the eight to take longer strides – crinkling up an even noisier storm as they tried to keep up with her.  “We have three more things to get. So keep moving, babies!”

Britney looked down at her list, item #7 seeming like it would produce the greatest amount of embarrassment for her.  She had never bought it before.  She had certainly used it before, but it was always bought by someone else.  Suddenly, the line came to a screeching halt.  But Britney, who was still looking at her list, walked right into the back of Angelina.  She then fell backwards to the ground and the contents of her red basket spilled out onto the floor.  All the guys who were following them and taking videos came rushing over.  They all began recording Britney crawling around on the floor in a diaper and t-shirt as she picked up all the girly items and put them back in her basket.

“Okay!” Chloe stated, Britney getting back in line.  “Condoms!”

Britney looked to her right, seeing the family planning section.  And as Chloe explained their next purchase, every guy zoomed his recording in on the photogenic and blushing red face of poor Britney.

“We all know that babies shouldn’t be having babies,” Chloe said with volume.  “But you can’t be expected to use massage wands for the rest of your lives.  So before you lay down and spread your legs, offering up the goods to some drunk loser who paid attention to you that night, we are going to take the necessary steps to keep you all from getting pregnant.  And Sherry, in the interest of time, why don’t you just go get item #8 and bring it back here.”

Sherry wandered off to another part of the store as Chloe continued her instructions to the eight pledges.

“Thirty seconds only, this time,” Chloe said to them, stepping out of the way.  “Get the extra-large sized condoms and make it a value pack.  BUT!  You each need to find a different kind from all the others.  It doesn’t have to be a different brand, but it does have to be a different kind.  Thirty seconds … starting ……. NOW!”

The eight scrambled into the condom section, Britney taking the lead and finding a different kind for each girl.  But she just couldn’t get this done fast enough, given the time limit.

“31, 32, 33, 34, 35!” Chloe said sharply, the eight waddling and scrambling to get out of the condom section and back into a single-file line.  “We’ll deal with this violation out at the van.  Turn to the side.” 

The eight turned to the side to see Sherry who was holding two bunches of bananas. 

“Put the baskets down and pick up your box of condoms with your right hand,” Chloe instructed, the eight doing so as Sherry began to tear bananas off the bunches – then walking down the line and placing a banana in each girl’s left hand. 

Cell phones began snapping pictures at a rapid-fire pace, a sizeable crowd of guys having assembled.

“Hmm,” Chloe said, walking down the line and looking at the condom choices.  “Glow in the dark, flavored, textured, warming, pleasure-shaped, colored, French tickler and edible.  Very nicely done.”

All eight of the pledges were blushing deep shades of red, standing in the middle of that store in diapers and t-shirts while holding a box of condoms in their right hands and bananas in their left hands – nursing on pacifiers, trying to keep from passing out, trying to keep from crying and trying not to wet themselves.

“We’ll need to teach you how to put a condom on a guy who is too drunken to do it on his own,” Chloe said, the male crowd laughing.  “And we’re gonna teach you babies how to do this – with your mouths.”

The guys began new recordings to capture a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle.  But Chloe crushed their testosterone dreams with six words.

“But not now and not here,” Chloe said, to the moaning chagrins of the male collective.  “Onto the baby section, babies!  Put your condoms and bananas in your baskets, pick up your baskets, turn and march!”

The eight did as instructed, then began waddling in a single-file line towards the baby section.  At this point, Britney was seriously beginning to lose all grace in her composure, thoroughly irritated with the white-hot attention that just simply wouldn’t leave her alone.

Walk away already, guys!  Haven’t you seen enough?

But the male collective stayed close to the eight, following them all the way back to the baby section.  Britney looked down at her list again, worrying what the final item would be.  Baby powder?  Breast pump?  Lotion?  Teething ring?  Rectal thermometer?  Baby petroleum jelly?

As it turned out, item #9 was a pleasant and simple one … a small stuffed animal of their choosing.  How nice!

“Three minutes.  Get moving,” Chloe said with a softer tone than before, then turning to the guys.  “Show’s over, Jocks.  Good night.”

The guys disbanded with no little to no fuss.  It was surprisingly easy to get rid of them, even surprising to Chloe.  This gave the girls the ability to shed a few tears from the overload of embarrassment and other emotions they had just been through.  Sniffling, they all walked over to the shelf with the stuffed animals – each selecting a unique stuffed animal and then walking up to the registers.

Their time in line at the registers was short-lived, thankfully.  But it still wasn’t fast enough to get Brooke out of the store before her bladder emptied itself fully.  She froze in place, flooding her diaper and turning beet red as her diaper swelled up with a noticeable volume of wetness.  Then the elastic edging at the tops of her thighs gave way and two trickles of pee began rolling down her inner thighs, one on each leg.

Because Brooke was incontinent, they never prodded her when her bladder or bowels emptied.  The hazing came to an immediate halt and she was aided in getting cleaned up.  This time, Sherry reached into her purse and got out a pack of baby wipes, using them to clean the insides of Brooke’s legs while she stood in line.

Each girl paid for her items and the group walked out of the store.  They got back to the van and Sherry took their shopping bags, putting them in the back of the van.  But there was one final bit of instruction left to their shopping experience that night.

“Brooke honey, come up here and lay down on the front seat,” Chloe said to her, climbing into the van with Brooke following her.  “Everyone else, line up alongside the van in the official order.”

The other seven pledges did so as Chloe eased Brooke down onto her back, then unfastening the tapes of the girl’s drenched diaper and folding the front down.  She was being so delicate and calm with Brooke while still ruling the others with an iron fist.

“Sherry, does anyone else need to be changed yet?” Chloe asked.

“Everyone face the van,” Sherry said to the seven, the girls doing so without fuss as they were more concerned with Brooke’s fragile emotions of present.

Sherry walked up behind the girls, cupped each of their diapered bottoms and squeezed.  But it seemed all other bladders had survived the trying ordeal.

“Nope,” Sherry said with bluntness.

Chloe wiped Brooke clean, got out a new diaper, powdered the girl, fastened her into the new diaper and had her back in the line in a very short amount of time. 

“Now,” Chloe said, lowering the back of all eight diapers – Sherry taking a picture of the pledge class.  “I want you all to recite the sorority pledge statement with clear and loud voices.  Begin.”

Brooke, Angelina, Britney, Yolanda, Georgia, Iris, Rebecca and Lorna stood in a straight line, their bottoms exposed and painted with letters and exclamations that spelled out the words: E-C-L-E-C-T-I-C  E-I-G-H-T-!-!-! on their 16 cheeks as they recited the pledge statement in unison.  And as they did this, Chloe and Sherry blindfolded each one of them, making them place both of their palms flat to the side of the van and spreading their feet a little wider apart.

When they finished the pledge, all eight of them braced for the forthcoming spankings, the presumed punishment for not having met the 30-second deadline when selecting the condoms.  And the worst part was the initial waiting for that first strike from the sorority paddle.  But much to their surprise, the spankings never happened.  Instead, Chloe and Sherry commended the eight for having done so well in the store.  They would be checked for smoothness all over, a requirement of all baby sisters while pledging.  Then, one at a time, the blindfolded pledges’ diapers were pulled back up and they were helped into the van.

Britney breathed a sigh of relief as she sat there, blind to the world and mentally reliving the events in the store.  Chloe and Sherry got into the front of the van and the engine started.

“The blindfolds stay on from this point forward,” Chloe said.  “The location of this campground is a secret that is known only to Beta-Alpha-Beta sisters.  But if you do well this weekend, come Monday morning, you will become a part of the sisterhood … at long last.”

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