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Focus – Part Two of Three

Snake Eyes

here is a little story about pacing one’s self – about getting attention and about giving it.


FocusPart Two

(Start with Rolling the Dice)

(Or with Focus – Part One)

Taking a step or two towards him, she lowered her chin and closed her eyes. Oh, her heart was pounding so fast that it made her short of breath. No, this definitely wasn’t comfort, but it had the possibility of becoming something quite gratifying. She stood rigid as Jake unfastened the buttons on the front of her outfit and the first tingle of many coursed through her as he eyed up the bra and panties she had dressed in for work that night.

No, she normally wouldn’t have worn to work a nice bra and pair of panties, especially not the white lacy satin lingerie set that had cost her $60. But her after-work destination had certainly called for it.

Unfastening the last button at the lower hem of her outfit, Jake peeled back the front – then placing his hands on the sides of her hourglass. Moving his palms upward and onto the sides of her C-cups, he slightly gripped her. Hunny took in a deep breath and fidgeted somewhat – not for pain from the stroking but for want of more.

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Focus – Part One of Three

FocusTaking from the forthcoming:

Snake Eyes

here is a little story about pacing one’s self – about getting attention and about giving it.


FocusPart One

(Start with Rolling the Dice)

How do you get someone to listen to you? How do you get anyone to listen to you – to really listen and to pay attention to the meaning of what you’re saying? In this day and age, you can’t just speak and expect to be heard. You have to make it personally important to your audience to heed the magnitude of your words.

It isn’t an easy thing to disband someone’s disbeliefs or disillusions without having them resist the change. It’s the human condition that makes everyone unique and finding the perfect recipe for success to communicate with someone is as meticulous as individuality itself. For some, you may simply only need to snap your fingers. But for others, you may very well have to tie them down to a chair, duct tape their mouth shut and blindfold them so that the only faculty and ability that would remain at their use and disposal would be to listen.

But perhaps the greatest bit of the human condition is want. Does someone really want to listen to you? And if they don’t, what bit of removal from their comfort zone would sway their existence and their very essence – encouraging them to take the initiative and to find the fortitude necessary to adapt and to change as needed and required?

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Rolling the Dice – All Three Parts

For LuckTaken from the forthcoming book:

Snake Eyes

here’s a little snippet about putting it all together … knowing what you want and finding the words to convey it.


Rolling the Dice

“Tell me how you would want to live,” Jake said, cutting into his steak. “I mean, tell me everything and don’t hold back. Don’t hesitate and don’t skip the details.”

“What for?” Hunny asked. “What good would that do me?”

“It would give you a chance to live outside of your head, to not be bored and to not be waiting for the next thing to cut-n-run away from,” Jake said, being firm but kind. “Break the cycle, Princess. Break it and own it.”

Hunny smiled but still sniffled. Jake had a way of making her feel self-empowered. It was ironic, however, that Hunny really didn’t want to feel empowered at all. Still, the gesture from him was very, very appreciated. And the truth of this topic had never-fading clarity: she was bored with her life and felt guilt from this since she had no parental issues and no excuses from a poor childhood to fall back on – the usual suspects to blame. She was just bored.

“I just wanna ……… live,” Hunny admitted, pausing to find the right words. “I mean really live for once.”

“So what’s really holding you back from doing that?” Jake asked, hoping she would find the answer without needing direction towards it.

“I don’t know but I always seem to find an excuse,” Hunny answered, bluntly and honestly.

“Tell me what would make you feel alive,” Jake said, reaching across the table, making her unfold her arms and taking hold of her right hand. “Tell me all of it, Princess. Give it all up and spill it.”

Hunny leaned forward, thinking of how to summarize it without making it sound like she was summarizing it. True, Jake had told her to not leave out any of the details. But she would’ve bored him to tears if she had gone into full-explanation mode.

“Excitement, new things, new emotions, new feelings, something I haven’t done before that I swiftly learn I’ve been seeking all along,” Hunny answered, proud of her well-though-out, to-the-point response.

“You have those opportunities all around you. They come into this diner every night,” Jake said. “Whether they engage you respectfully or pinch your ass.”

“No. What I’m talking about is someone reaching inside me and cupping my heart with their hands, making it beat faster than ever before … giving me a reason to breathe and breathe deeply. I’m talking about feeling something new, something I have no ability to put to words at all because of how it has taken my breath away after it gave me the brief momentary ability to fill my lungs. I wanna feel needles on the surface of my skin as I am held by someone who knows how to handle a lady. But at the same time, he knows how to keep me from, once again, denying myself the things I crave so badly that I can taste them on my tongue, hear them perfectly and see them with such a detailed view that I would be remiss for ignoring them,” Hunny said, speaking with a shaky voice but plowing through the fear of the sounds of her admissions. “I wanna wake up and already be overwhelmed by myself, by my mind and my senses. I wanna have absolutely no chance of escaping … cutting-n-running yet again. I wanna feel like I am indeed a princess as you have always called me. I wanna be made to beg for more and rewarded for how deeply my emotions run. You guys really can understand or appreciate how much a girl tries, how much she really, really tries to be incredible at everything, to be unlike any other who came along before and unlike anyone who will appear in the future. I wanna be seen like that – from the inside, not just viewed from my surfaces. I wanna be made thirsty and then be inundated with water all at once. I wanna be ……… helplessly captive to everything, so captive that I can’t run away.”

Hunny paused to catch her breath, then grabbing his coffee cup and drinking down the rest of the coffee in it before continuing.

“I wanna be handled with a gentle touch and gripped with a commanding clasp at the same time. I wanna have no idea where I’m being led, but I want to feel so assured of myself that I don’t question those commands,” Hunny said, becoming lost inside her own explanation. “And I guess more than anything else, I wanna to feel what it’s like to be that important to someone and to know that such time has been spent on me that I would be better for it – permanently remolded into something greater than what I already am. I wanna take the chance and accept the results. I wanna roll the dice and find that crown I’m supposed to have. I wanna know that something other than a frog wants me, wants to take care of me and needs me. Do you know what I mean?”

“I think I might know a little something that could help you. No pun intended,” Jake replied with a smile that had some sort of devious, if not devilish, origin to it.

“Huh? What pun?” Hunny asked, puzzled by his quick remark.

“Never mind. We’ll get to that soon enough,” Jake said, raising an eyebrow at her. “And you’ll definitely roll the dice. Just make certain to blow on them first … for good luck. That’s really what’s need. Isn’t it?”

“I guess so?” she asked, still trying to come down from the euphoric state of mind she had put herself in. “So what does that mean?”

“What that means is: you know what you want but you don’t know how to get it,” Jake said, his eyes twinkling with a scheming glow.

“So how do I learn what I need to learn?” Hunny asked, lowering her chin and nibbling on her lower lip.

She had absolutely no idea what he was getting at, but the mysterious gaze in his eyes was quite intriguing to her.

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Full Force

Dakota Book OneThis is an age play tale of forced regression.

Dakota is a girl who is staring down the age of 30, just a few short years away for her.  Having led a hard-working life, she had recently spiraled out of control into a collection of very poor decisions.  She had become very self-destructive and after her older sister had tried everything to help her, an intervention was scheduled … a most unconventional intervention.

With no other hope in sight, Dakota reluctantly agrees to an “emotional therapy” session with a married couple counselor team.  And when she does, her world changes.

For two weeks, Dakota is engaged in an internal battle that will either steer her back on the right pathway or derail her permanently.

Full Force is Dakota’s tale of forced regression.  It is a story of hope and of challenges that clearly draws lines between what we know is right and what we choose to do anyway and the consequences we must face.

Sample:No Turning Back

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The HodgePodge Series

The Dynamic Story From Sun Up to Sun Down   Deja Vu Lucy
BabyLove Climax One Hot Night Another Hot Night Crimson Dakota Book One
The Dynamic Story
From Sun Up to Sun Down: The ABDL 3-Way Experience
That’s When I Knew …
Late Friday Evening … Early Saturday Morning
Johnny and the Princess
Deja Vu: Inamorata to Illuminati
One Hot Night
Another Hot Night
Full Force

The ABDL Apartment Series

Hazel Ridge Lane has hosted quite a few unruly tenants from the nearby college in all of its years as off-campus housing.  But everything that residential area has ever seen and known is about to be turned on its head as three couples move into an apartment building and make kinkiness their dynamic way of life.  They learned the dynamic they share has different levels, but when all put under the same roof, there will be drama … in diapers.

The ABDL Apartment Book

The ABDL Apartment BookFollow these three couples as their worlds intertwine, as exploration leads to sexual feelings unknown, spankings lead to obedience unwavering and fantasies lead to realities splendored.

But along the way, powder flies, secrets are kept and drama ensues as bondage and crib time take center stage.

Sample:  Drama In Diapers

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The ABDL Apartment Book 2

The ABDL Apartment Book 2Violet, Sidney and Dixie – The trio BabyGirls of Darkness, Sex and Yittleness, return and their stories pick up right where book one left them off.

Throughout the rest of the spring semester, there are challenges that the three girls make of each other, tempting fate and, in the process, bringing Violet back from the emotionally dead. Along the way, they visit porn shoppes, go to art expos, have a spanking competition, slumber parties, fetish nights of wild sex, face bisexual feelings that emerge, wage a battle of the sexes challenge, get diapered, coddled, tied down, regressed and ravaged.

And then they do all it again.

The ABDL Apartment Book 2 continues the story of three kinky college couples who live in a 3-story apartment building, learning of themselves, of others and exploring all the possibilities that life can offer them.

Mind Over Matter
Finding All the Right Words to Say
The Moment of Truth and the Humiliation that Followed
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The ABDL Apartment Book 3

The ABDL Apartment Book 3The ABDL Apartment Book 3 completes this multi-sexual trilogy about several ABDL couples with varying degrees of darkness and purity who came together under one roof and formed friendships that bonded them.

Join Dallas-n-Dixie, Reece-n-Sidney and Violet as their lives reach a fevered pitch at the end with a climax that was destined to happen.

Stay the Night With Me
Burying the Needle

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……………… The ABDL Apartment Series

The ABDL Apartment Book  The ABDL Apartment Book 2   The ABDL Apartment Book 3
The ABDL Apartment Book
The ABDL Apartment Book 2
The ABDL Apartment Book 3

The Country Rose Series

Her name is Rose Bedford, a city girl who needed a little country air and an opportunity to begin again.  Awaiting her, quite a ways south of Boston, was a new life that would finally give this flower room to grow.
Country Rose

Country RoseThis is the story of Rose.  Determined to break her repeating cycles of life, she set out to find a new place in this world to call home. She had dreams, aspirations and so many more things she had never had the chance to pursue.

All of that was going to change as she moved south, a simple girl who walked the concrete streets of yesterday to find her golden fields of today. And along the journey, she falls in love with a cowboy who could easily be the “Daddy” she had dreamed about.

Country Rose is a story of redemption, of renewal and of new beginnings. Join Rose and Emmitt as their saga begins.

Sample: The Great UnknownWhat She Set Her Mind To Do

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Country Rose 2

Country Rose 2Rose and Emmitt have fully embraced their dynamic and there is no longer any “play” to their age play. It is now as natural to their relationship as breathing and fast heart beats. Taking a trip up to Boston to meet her relatives, Rose allows her over-active mind to blurt out the truth her over-active imagination has discovered. In short: Rose tells Emmitt that she wants him to help her find her limits and then to push her beyond them.

Join Rose and Emmitt in this, the continuing story of a city girl from Beantown who moved down the east coast and became a Country Rose.

Riding on Wings
What They Can See
The Secret Binge

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Country Rose 3

Country Rose 3Spring time returns to Southern Pines, NC. And with it comes the conclusion of Rose’s first year in the country.  In that year, she met and fell in love with a cowboy named Emmitt. She also fully embraced her BabyGirl inklings, going so far as to share them with him. And as if their love was plucked straight from the pages of the perfect romance novel, Emmitt became her Daddy. And life just kept getting better and better for her.

Country Rose 3 continues the ABDL romance story of Rose – a city girl turned country flower and Emmitt – a cowboy who has a habit of taking off his shirt.

Sample: The One

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Country Rose 4 is due out this fall.


The Country Rose Series

Country Rose  Country Rose 2  Country Rose 3
Country Rose
Country Rose 2
Country Rose 3

No Turning Back

No Turning BackTaken from the forced regression tale:

Full Force

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here is a story about how to turn your life around and how to return to the beginning … without turning back.


No Turning Back – 

Monday morning, 9am

Dakota pulled up to the front gate of a residential area that looked very well-to-do, from her initial impressions of it. And as Misty said it would be, it was only a twenty minute drive to get there.

Following the directions Misty had given, Dakota drove through the streets of the residential area, each having a compound name. Taking a left onto Windmill Drive, she looked at all the houses – then realizing that they were condos and also noticing that they were connected in groups of four. Each condo looked slightly different but had the same basic shape. And every one of them had the same light orange brick facing on the outside. This emotional therapy session that Misty and Morgan offered must have been quite profitable for them to be able to live in such a ritzy place. No, Dakota didn’t see any mansions in the residential area, but it didn’t take a genius to recognize that it took a lot of money to live there.

She turned right onto Greenhouse Lane, drove up one block and then turned left onto Stockroom Drive. But her thoughts began to move away from compound road names and fancy homes. Without any reason other than her nearing destination, Dakota began to wonder, once again, what this emotional therapy session would be about. She still couldn’t believe that her sister had arranged this whole thing for her or that she had actually agree to go through with it. But nothing else had seemed to work and her life was falling apart.

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