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The ABDL Sci-Fi Series

Years ago, I stumble across a sci-fi story on a now-defunct ABDL site.  It was about Martians who landed on Earth and fired their ray guns at us and turned all of humankind into babies that they took back to Mars and put into cribs and raised again from infancy for a diabolic purpose.

Being a fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, The Fifth Element, Terminator and a lot of futuristic movies, I love storylines that are out of this world.

Well, wanting to put Princess Leia in a diaper all my life, I’ve finally decided to give it a try.

Below are the first three books of The ABDL Sci-Fi Series, with details and release dates.

Genus OneGenus One – The year is 2116 and after quite a few technological advancements, humankind has found the ability to travel deeper into space than ever before.  And they have done this just in time to save the human race from its own extinction.  Earth became populated with 15 billion people and there was only so much time before they outlasted the planet’s resources.

Discovering three suitable planets for human life, mankind traveled the 25 light year trip and began colonizing the planets.

Genus One introduces the main characters, details the advancements of the last 100 years and shows how the future can be a glorious place as opposed to an apocalyptic nightmare as so many movies have made it out to be.

All humankind had to do was better itself in order to become better than ever before ………… and yes, all of this is done with a whole lot of people in diapers.


Brave New World
The Power of the Female Mind
The Scent of Angelica Flowers

Genus One will be released during Labor Day Weekend 2016.

Genus TwoGenus Two – This is the dark episode of The ABDL Sci-Fi Series.  The story travels to the second planet and a series of actions, committed by a mad man, threaten to unravel the sanctity of all three planets.

This mad man has found someone he cherishes and after kidnapping her, he puts her through a series of torturous circumstances to turn regression she is forced to endure into regression she willing accepts.

Genus Two will be released during Thanksgiving Weekend 2016.

Genus ThreeGenus Three – The story travels to the third planet, a celestial body that is 90% water on its surface.  But there are many islands and it is discovered that this planet holds many more secrets than the other two.

Will the mad man be found and dealt with?  And will the girl be rescued in time to prevent her mental destruction?

Genus Three will be released during Christmas Weekend 2016


………. The ABDL Sci-Fi Series

Genus One Genus Two Genus Three

Genus One
Genus Two
Genus Three

The Scent of Angelica Flowers

The Scent of Angelica FlowersTaken from the forthcoming …………. ABDL Sci-Fi book:

Genus One

here is a story about potency, forth-sight and mystery.


The Scent of Angelica Flowers –

(Start with Brave New World)

The Market Place had every conceivable type of food imaginable.  It covered half the length of a city block and was surprisingly easy to keep up as the products on the shelves were made to straighten themselves and replace themselves when empty.  People shopped there on a daily basis to get the freshest foods they could find.  Just as there was a rush hour to the translocation pads at 4pm – being the end of the first shift, there was also a rush hour at the market as everyone redirected their journey home to include a stop there.

But The Market Place wasn’t just a food stop or a social gathering spot.  It had a specific and lasting purpose.

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The Power of the Female Mind

The Power of the Female MindTaken from the forthcoming ABDL Sci-Fi book:

Genus One

here is a story about potentials beyond our wildest imaginations.


The Power of the Female Mind –

(Start with Brave New World)

Kelly waved to the pacing Nova when they caught sight of each other in front of the restaurant, the unpredictable Nova skipping up to Kelly and embracing her fully.

“Glad you two could make it,” Nova said cheerfully.  “Xenia and Dash are on the way.  They just messaged me.”

“That’s a good thing.  I believe you are getting a little hungry, huh?” Kelly asked her.

“Yep,” Nova said, taking hold of one hand of Kelly and one of Mack as she headed for the door.  “Let’s go in.  They’ll catch up.”

Axel smiled brightly at Nova’s urgency, following the three of them through the entrance opening.  The Purple Tortoise had just upgraded their restaurants to have climate-controlled openings as opposed to doors.  Handles were breeding grounds for the spreading of germs and the only real loss was a slight one of Chivalry in that doors could no longer be opened for ladies.

“There will be six of us,” Nova said to the hostess.

“Would you like a table, a booth, a lounge area or a private setting?” the hostess asked.

“A private setting,” Nova said without hesitation.  “And could you make the atmosphere a sunny park with our table under a shady tree?”

“Absolutely,” the hostess said.  “You will be in room three.  Would you like to wait for the rest of your party?”

“No,” Nova insisted.  “And could we put in for immediate appetizers?  A vegetable platter, a fruit platter and a cheese-n-meat platter.  Lemonade and ice tea.”

The hostess typed a few things into the tablet-like top of the stand in front of her and then looked up at Nova.

“Room three is ready for you,” the hostess said.  “Do enjoy your stay with us.”

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Brave New World

Brave New WorldTaken from the forthcoming ABDL Sci-Fi book:

Genus One

here is a story that is literally “out of this world”.


Brave New World –


That evening’s news report played perfectly overhead of the line of bustling souls that awaited their turn to step on the translocation pad just outside the police precinct.  The holographic broadcast spoke of mysterious happenings within the New Argyle City limits.  Mack Swatton was among those bustling souls in that line, a mid-30s policeman who had just ended his shift for the day.

Putting a police station right next to the tourist center seemed a little illogical when it was built, but having the ability to catch folks who had come to the city as thieves was paramount in importance.  It was the element of surprise that aided the police force and in a brave new world such as this, surprise becoming the greatest offensive move of all.

Mack was headed to the mall to meet some friends for dinner.  And he was looking forward to the next two days off.  His intention was to do very little that weekend … merely spending the time with his wife.

*The year was 2116 and crime was just as prevalent as it had always been.  But the sophistication of criminals had to be matched by sophistication in the police force.  When he joined the force five years ago, Mack underwent a series of muscular enhancements within his body, particularly within his legs.  This gave him incredible speed and strength, two things that had aided him many times in the apprehension of felons.*

Just then, the tram pulled up and he decided to take it instead of teleporting to the mall.  Showing his ID, a scannable image that had been placed just under his chest, he got onto the tram and took a seat.  The tram system had restrictions of who could ride it.  But Mack was a cop and therefore had immediate clearance to go anywhere in the city that he needed to.

The tram took off and he glared up at the holographic news broadcast with disdain.  The story being told was of unexplainable robberies and assaults that were perpetrated by no one, seemingly.  No physical evidence of a human presence had been found yet in the nearly dozen encounters.  It was as if a ghost was committing these crimes.

Touching his chest, he logged himself out of the broadcast and looked at the city emblem on the floor of the tram.  It was a picture of a man who had passed away just last year.  His name was Argyle Genus.

“Argyle,” Mack said quietly.  “I hope you’re in a better place now.”
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50 Things To Do With Your BabyGirl On A Saturday Night

50 ThingsThis is a collection of adult age play stories about the love between an age play couple and the dynamic they share.

When this BabyGirl made her Daddy a list of fantasies she would like to experience, she had no idea he would ever plan out the night ahead of her.

If all goes according to plan, she’ll be reduced, ravaged and spent of everything she knows herself to be. And she can’t wait, but she knows she’ll have to … until he allows her to grace her fantasies with what is to come.

This is the story of Janie and Michael, an age play couple who have long-since decided that fantasies are far better realized than just dreamed about.


The Opening Segment
Born in Her Fantasies, Built With His Hands
As You Have Done For Me
Give and Take
Stealing the Cowboys

Kindle Nook PDF Ebook Smashwords Kobo

………………………. The Dark Age Play Box Sets

Sticky Situations 1 - 5 Front Gratification 1-5 Gratification 6-10 50 Things

Sticky Situations: Books 1-5
Gratification: Books 1-5
Gratification: Books 6-10
50 Things To Do With Your BabyGirl On A Saturday Night


The Crinklebury Tales

CrinkleburyThis is an adult age play story with stories of fantasies, dreams and more.

Think: “The Canterybury Tales” in diapers.  So what are The Canterbury Tales, you may ask?

It was (and still is) a collection of stories written by Geoffrey Chaucer in the late 14th century.  It was a story-telling contest by a group of pilgrims as they traveled together on a journey from London to Canterbury in order to visit the shrine of Saint Thomas Becket at Canterbury Cathedral.

The stories they told were about whatever each storyteller wanted them to be about.

So what are The Crinklebury Tales?  It’s the same thing, just with an ABDL additive.

A group of 8 ABDL friends pile into a Suburban SUV, driving 8 hours through the night to get to an age play convention that starts the following morning.  And along the way, each takes a turn telling their dream scenario fantasy.

Some of these stories are free of realism.  Some are super-sexually charged.  Some delve into darker aspects of BDSM and some remain safely within the pure-n-innocent realm.

But all are dream scenarios indeed.  Join these 8 ABDLers for a collection of tales that will tantalize, mesmerize, nurture, arouse and mystify you.

Sample: How to Dream Big About Being Little

KindleNookSmashwordsPDF Ebook


……………….. The HodgePodge Series

The Dynamic Story From Sun Up to Sun Down    Deja Vu Lucy BabyLove
Climax Crimson Dakota Book One Dakota Book 2 Snake Eyes The Crinklebury Tales Sad girl holding a teddy bear
The Dynamic Story
From Sun Up to Sun Down: The ABDL 3-Way Experience
That’s When I Knew …
Late Friday Evening … Early Saturday Morning
Johnny and the Princess
Deja Vu: Inamorata to Illuminati
Full Force
Full Force 2
Snake Eyes
The Crinklebury Tales

60 Degrees and Down the Crack


How to Dream Big About Being Little – Both Parts

Dream Big About Being LittleTaken from the dream scenario book:

The Crinklebury Tales

KindleNookSmashwordsPDF EbookKobo

here is a one BabyGirl’s vision of what to dream about … and more importantly, why.


How to Dream Big About Being Little – Part One

Thursday morning – 4:15am

Vaughn pulled into the next travel center that appeared on the turnpike.  It had been more than four hours of driving already and everyone needed to stretch their legs, at this point.  Some of the passengers needed a change as well.  But whatever the individual reasons were, breaking the monotony of the road trip was paramount.

“Come on, baby,” Georgia said to Elena, opening the side door of the Suburban as everyone filed out and began stretching their limbs.

Georgia was the ever-ready Mommy of the group, no matter where they were or what they were doing – even though she was submissive herself.  And Elena was the ever-ready baby of the group, as shy as could be but as sweet as could be too.  And, stepping out of the Suburban, Elena was likely the only one of them who hadn’t soaked through her diaper in those first four hours of travel.

Taking hold of Georgia’s hand and heading into the travel center, Elena was filled with excitement for the destination that was only another four hours away … CrinkleCon, the summertime ABDL convention that had been creating a buzz online.  And while being excited by that, she was also excited  by the stories people had been telling on the trip so far … personal dream scenarios – where everything worked out perfectly, where cookies possessed no calories and where everyone was as accepting as hope would allow.

Everyone in the caravan jumped at the idea of telling their dream scenarios in story form … except for the super-shy Elena.

But as she walked into the travel center, stopping at the electric road map and seeing the remainder of their overnight journey, she began to wonder if she would have enough courage to tell the rest of the group about her dream scenario.  Filled with insecurities, Elena hoped the others wouldn’t hear her dream story and think it to be too shallow.  That would be a detrimental set-back for her, to pour something straight out of her heart and to have it trampled all over.

Everyone in the group seemed nice, though.  They always had.  They were all very friendly with her and for as long as she knew them, they had always protected her.  Being overly-shy wasn’t always a bad thing.  But she had a big decision to make.

Hearing the sound of diaper tapes being pulled on, a multiplying noise coming from the guy’s bathroom, Elena covered her mouth – trying to prevent herself from snorting with laughter.  Thank goodness there was no one else in that travel center at 4:15 in the morning.

As she stood there, waiting for the others, Elena went through a series of fluctuating decisions – convincing herself that she could tell everyone her dream scenario and then doubting she could do it the next second.  She likely would have continued doing this all night long, had Vaughn not emerged from the guy’s bathroom – determined to keep their trek to CrinkleCon in motion.

“Everybody ready?” Vaughn asked.  “Good.  Let’s saddle up.”

And back out of the travel center they all went, Elena seeing the opportunity before her.

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