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99.44 – Part Two of Two

99.44Taken from the forthcoming forced regression tale:

Full Force: Book Two

here is a little story about what happens when the words are taken right out of your mouth.

99.44Part Two

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Horror showed vividly in Dakota’s gaping eyes as she frantically shook her head no. But Maria was waiting for this reaction and was prepared to calm the rippling waters.

“Shhhhhhhhhhh,” Maria shushed her, walking over and placing the tray on the arms of the high chair the nearly hysterical girl was sitting in – then pushing it backwards towards her and clicking it into place.

Dakota looked down at the glass flask, its tan paper label spelling clearly that it was indeed castor oil.  With her heart beating quickly and her chest beginning to heave for air, she looked back up at Maria with tears in her eyes.

“Calm yourself down, baby,” Maria said softly, setting the bar of Ivory soap on the tray as well.  “Your choices are clear and simple.”

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99.44 – Part One of Two

99.44Taken from the forthcoming forced regression tale:

Full Force: Book Two

here is a little story about what happens when the words are taken right out of your mouth.

99.44Part One

Wednesday, 1pm

Dakota sat in the bathtub – her legs drawn up, her arms wrapped around her shins and her chin resting on her knees.  She was doing all she could to fight the gag reflexes that were constantly being triggered by the bar of Ivory soap in her mouth.  Her wrists and ankles adorned the same cuff restraints that Maria had put on her the very moment she arrived Monday morning.  Wearing nothing but a diaper and not even knowing where her shoes were at, Dakota wasn’t going anywhere. 

Tears streamed down her cheeks, partially from the punishment she was currently receiving and partially from fear of what additional punishment she would receive – should she take that bar of soap out of her mouth or get out of that tub without permission.  Looking down at the soap wrapper at her feet, she read its label:  Ivory … 99.44% pure.  So pure, it floats.

Dakota’s life journeys of the last few months took her to many places, but how she wound up in that bathtub was the most memorable journey to recall … and not necessarily for a good reason.

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The “PaperBackers”

So long as there are BabyBoomers in this world, there will likely always be an audience of readers who love the feel of a book in their hands …

So long as there are little girls who want to sit in Daddy’s lap at night and hold the bedtime stories book he is reading to her from …

So long as there are little fingers that turn pages, hold crayons and color …

So long as the charm of a paperback book is still sought, there will always be Zorro Daddy paperbacks.


              Firstly, the coloring books:

……….. There Once Was a Girl

….. There’s a BabyGirl On My Mind

And now the sagas:

The Voice - FrontThe Voice – Sharon had a lot to learn from what she couldn’t forget.

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Snake EyesSnake Eyes – The story of a girl who ran away one too many times and suddenly couldn’t find her way back home … not without a Daddy to make her to believe in herself again.

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BabyLoveBabyLove A celebrity with a little secret learns that fame can come at a cost far steeper than achy breaky.

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ClimaxClimax – Nina learned a lot, but nothing greater than what love felt like … in Climax.

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CrimsonCrimsonOh it’s true what they say about redheads. But what they say about BabyGirl redheads …

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Johnny - FrontJohnny - CreateSpace Front….. Johnny and the Princess

The story of a Daddy-n-BabyGirl who fell in love, grew together and found the tomorrow their yesterdays didn’t know.

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One Hot Night - CreateSpace FrontOne Hot NightOne Hot Night

What would you do to show her what she meant to you – in the name of Love?


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Another Hot Night - CreateSpace FrontAnother Hot NightAnother Hot Night

Never give up … never.

And when in the name of Love,  never look back.

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A remastered edition of The Zeke and Lily Saga is underway and will be available soon.  The original covers will remain available for a short time. Then they will be gone.

       By Summer's End For A LifeTime

Zeke and Lily: Once Upon A Beginning
Zeke and Lily: Overnight
Zeke and Lily: Making A Memory
Zeke and Lily: Her Diary
Zeke and Lily: Ever After
Zeke and Lily: Dream Catching
Zeke and Lily: ResolutionsPart One
Zeke and Lily: Resolutions – Part Two
Zeke and Lily: By Summer’s End
Zeke and Lily: For A LifeTime

ABDL Tales With a Twist

Tales With A TwistThe title of this ABDL ebook details it well.  It is a collection of ABDL stories that have been twisted with medfet, nymphomania, horror and humiliation – the storylines then given a further twist to make them compelling and intense … right to the last page.

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Sample: All Day Long


……………….. The ABDL Twisted Books

The ABDL MedFet Book     The ABDL MedFet Book 2     The ABDL MedFet Book 3    The ABDL MedFet Book 4     The ABDL MedFet Book 5
MedFet 1  MedFet 2  MedFet 3  MedFet 4  MedFet 5

The ABDL Horror Book    The ABDL Pet Play Book   The Voice   Tales With A Twist

Horror    Pet Play       Voice       Twist

  The ABDL Nympho Book 1       The ABDL Nympho Book 2       The ABDL Nympho Book 3

Nympho 1  Nympho 2    Nympho 3

All Day Long: All Three Parts

Morning CoffeeTaken from the multi-fetish ebook:

ABDL Tales With A Twist

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here is a little story about not allowing a day off to become an off-day.


All Day LongPart One

“Morning Coffee”

With her hands folded and placed comfortably on her lap, Emmie closed her eyes and smiled. Exhaling softly, she relaxed into her sit on the downstairs toilet. There was nothing quite like that first relaxing, morning pee. Well … maybe there were a few things better than that. And with the fresh memories of last night’s events, she was as relaxed as she was worked up by the sensations.

Emmie loved sex. There was no plainer way to say it or think it. Being able to admit to that need made it possible for her to be smart about it and to pursue it and to find it with the right person – all of this without becoming or being seen or referred to as a whore. But no amount of that kind of intimacy would ever be fulfilled for her, even though it made a nymphomaniac out of her, if she hadn’t found the right person to share a bed with.

Emmie was a looker and she had all the feminine wiles in place to swoon the most resistant of men, if she wanted to. But it was Luke who made her tingle all over, inside and out. And it was Luke who could turn a fast-heartbeat into an all-day affair.

There were quite a few things he could turn into an all-day affair.

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60 Degrees and Down the Crack

60 Degrees.jpgFour age play couples come together for a weekend and with no regard for preferences or genders or differences, they learn about themselves, about their partners, about friendship, about how weakness is strong, about how strength can be weak and about how all that is really needed to feel comfortable is to open one’s heart to the possibilities that are all around.

60 Degrees and Down the Crack begins with a hotel room party at an ABDL convention and leads to a future weekend unimaginable.

Melodie and Lana (a Mommy and BabyGirl With Benefits) host their new friends as they learn that love is rooted in happiness first, then in purpose.

Gretchen and Rachel (a Mommy and BabyGirl) learn that bonding begins with mutual need.

Mark and Danny (a Daddy and BabyBoy) learn that the quickest way to be appreciated is to always give back more than you receive.

Xavier and Lucy (a Daddy and BabyGirl) learn that when you help others, you finally discover what bliss can do to your heart.

Join these four couples for a weekend journey that will leave many bottoms changed, many hearts touched and many futures down a pathway unparalleled.

Trickle Down
Line Up

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……………….. The HodgePodge Series

The Dynamic Story From Sun Up to Sun Down    Deja Vu Lucy
BabyLove Climax Crimson Dakota Book One Snake Eyes Sad girl holding a teddy bear
The Dynamic Story
From Sun Up to Sun Down: The ABDL 3-Way Experience
That’s When I Knew …
Late Friday Evening … Early Saturday Morning
Johnny and the Princess
Deja Vu: Inamorata to Illuminati
Full Force
Snake Eyes

60 Degrees and Down the Crack

The Two-Parters

Two Parters

I always have a tendency to write books in a particular way. A lot of the books are once-n-done, meaning there won’t be sequels to them. But if there are sequels, they will form into series that are either three books long, five books long or ten books long. In that process, I chunk the storylines up evenly – according to the number of sequels to follow.

But every now and then, I write a storyline that winds up only needing two books to complete it. These storylines I call two-parters.

And that is what this grouping is about. Being as I can foresee a few more two-parters in the future, I thought it to be a good idea to give two-parters their own page.

So … here they are:

Feeling Little in a Big World

An adult BabyGirl’s trip out into the Big World where she encounters some situations which are bit humiliating, a bit embarrassing and also a bit thrilling.

She truly feels little in this Big World, but luckily her Daddy is with her to protect her and help her remain in that little state of mind which she so very much adores.

What would happen if you went “little” & had no way to go back?
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Feeling Little In a Big World 2

The story of Boo continues with another evening trip out-n-about to a college campus where the festivities of Greek week are in full swing.  Boo truly discovers what it’s like to feel little in a Big World as she waddles along, regressing inside and dealing with a bit of humiliation she suffered a few weeks ago.

Sample:The Difference Between a Big Girl and a little girl
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One Hot Night (The Story of a Girl Named “Love”)
One Hot Night
How far would you go to show someone how much you loved them?  What sacrifices would you make and what obstacles would you overcome … in the name of Love? 
One Hot Night is a tale of sexual energy, of human connections and of the strength in survival that we all possess.
Sample: Scorcher
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Another Hot Night (The Continued Story of a Girl Named “Love”)

Another Hot NightHow far would you go to help someone learn to help themselves? How long would you wait before you gave up? Or would you never give up? Would you keep trying and trying until something finally worked? Would anything deter you from reaching that goal? Could anything be more important … when done in the name of Love?

Another Hot Night is a tale of the human spirit, of sexual extremes pushed to a fevered pitched and of the courage necessary to never give up.

Sample:Love Was Here

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………………………….. The Two-Parters

Feeling Little In a Big World  Feeling Little 2 One Hot Night Another Hot Night

Feeling Little In a Big World
Feeling Little In a Big World 2
One Hot Night (The Story of a Girl Named “Love”)
Another Hot Night (The Continuing Story of a Girl Named “Love”)