The Waddling Dead: Episode Nine

Episode Nine: Chloe’s Sacrifice

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Saturday morning, 10 am

The waddling dead closed in on the surviving baby sisters and their sorority leaders.  The living outnumbered the dead by two to one, but it didn’t appear to matter.  All it took was one bite from these zombified waddlers and there would be no living at all. 

“Do you think this will help, Chloe?” Lorna the criminal justice major asked, holding up the sorority paddle that Loretta had used to spank the girls – having set it off in the corner of the room afterwards.

“Good girl,” Chloe said, praising Lorna for having thought ahead and grabbing the paddle when it was still possible to do so.  “Do I think it will help?  Hell, yes.  I think will help!”

“But is it gonna break if we swing it at them?” Lorna asked.  “I’ve taken self-defense classes, but it doesn’t mean I can hit home runs.”

Chloe took the paddle and looked at it, handing off the catatonic and bleeding Yara to Brook to hold up with Britney.  The paddle had a little weight to it, but not so much that it couldn’t be wielded with ease.

“I think Loretta told me this is a Devilish Design paddle,” Chloe said, then looking for the closest exit in the room as she cooked up a plan.  “And if that’s the case, then Hulk Hogan would have to swing this thing before it would break.”

“What are we gonna do?” Iris the maternal baby sister of The Eclectic Eight asked, the waddling dead having closed in so much that they were practically on top of them.

“Alright girls, listen up!  I’m gonna clear a pathway to that door!” Chloe shouted to the living, pointing to the closest exit.  “Move the dead bodies in front of that door to the side or you will wind up just like them.  So when I start swinging, everybody run to that door!”

Chloe worked her way to that side of their huddle, raised the paddle and started swinging.  Making a temporary hole in the waddling dead encroachment, she stepped out of the way as the living baby sisters made a break for it.  Britney and Brook followed at the back of the escaping huddle as they were labored with the task of carrying Yara’s nearly-lifeless body.  The girls got to the door and drug the dead bodies away from it, then opening the door and running.

With a few steps to go, Brook slipped on the blood-covered floor and fell, Britney also falling to the ground with Yara.

“Brook, go!” Britney directed as she then tried to get to her feet to drag Yara by herself.

But the waddling dead closed in.  To save Britney, Chloe stood over Yara’s body and swung at any of the waddling dead who got near.

“Lorna, get over here and help her!” Chloe shouted, Lorna sprinting over and grabbing Yara’s other arm as she and Britney drug their now-lifeless baby sister away.

The other five Eclectics all helped, each of them lending a hand in picking Yara up, the girl’s body stained from the pool of blood she was just drug through and her face mangled horribly.  Chloe kept swinging and fighting the good fight, but she was quickly being overcome by the waddlers.  With her escape route now cut off, she was driven back into the center of the room – falling over the newly-bitten and dying baby sisters who didn’t make it out of the center huddle.

“Chloe!” Angelina the outspoken baby sister of the Eclectic yelled, seeing Chloe fighting for her life with diapered zombies all around her.

“Go!  Don’t wait for me!” Chloe shouted, swinging with all the energy she had left.

“We’re not leaving you!” Rebecca the music student cried.

“Do you wanna die?” Chloe shouted back as she was taken down by the waddling dead mob.  “Gooooooooo!”

And as the Eclectic struggled to run off the dining hall porch and seek a hiding place while carrying Yara’s body with them, they heard Chloe’s screams of agony coming from back in the dining hall.

Then Chloe screamed no more.

All seven of the Eclectic were crying their eyes out, running as fast as they could while lugging Yara along.

“We gotta stop.  We gotta stop for a minute,” Lorna said, trying to keep Yara up.

“Put her up against that tree,” Georgia the pre-med student said, everyone laying Yara by the tree – Georgia then beginning to check the girl’s vital signs.  “Everybody keep an eye out!”

“What the Hell just happened?” Angelina shouted, on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

“I don’t have any idea of what to make of anything I just saw,” Iris said, staring back at the dining hall in horror.

“None of us do,” Britney replied, then looking down at Yara.  “Georgia, is she gonna be okay?”

“I don’t know.  I really can explain this.  I mean, she has a pulse and she may just be passed out, but her body temperature is dropping very quickly,” Georgia said, quite perplexed and visibly shaken as she held Yara’s hand – Yara not moving a muscle.  “I mean, the human body temperature goes up and down slightly on a regular basis when we eat something, when we exercise, when we sleep …”

“Skip to the end of the medical lesson, Georgia,” Angelina snapped.  “What are we gonna do?”

“Is she gonna die?” Brook cried, sitting down on Yara’s other side and holding her other hand.

“She isn’t dead yet, Brook,” Georgia said with a soft tone, understand how sensitive Brook was about practically everything.  “But we do need to find a way to keep her body temperature from dropping.  That’s the first thing we should do.”

“Oh no!” Iris said, looking back in the direction of dining hall – everyone then looking and seeing the three waddling zombies who were staggering towards them.

Angelina picked up a fallen tree branch, breaking it down to a club.

“Alright, girls.  Help Georgia get Yara back into our cabin,” Angelina said with monotone, breaking two more chunks of the branch off and handing them to Britney and Lorna.  “You two, come with me.”

Georgia, Brook, Iris and Rebecca picked Yara up and ran as quickly as they could to their cabin, just a short distance away.  Angelina, Britney and Lorna stood in a flat line, then making determined steps towards the waddling dead.

“So what do we do?  Poke them in the head?” Lorna asked.

“If that works, do it,” Angelina said with monotone as she glared down the advancing zombies.  “Just keep swinging.”

The three of them swung as hard as they could and connected with the zombie’s heads but caused surface wound injuries only.  So, they swung again, producing the same futile results.

“Okay, now what?” Lorna asked, beginning to panic.  “If they get into our cabin, we’re all dead for sure.”

Britney looked down at the way the waddling dead were walking.  Their steps were uncertain and gave them no balance.

“Then let’s just stop them from going anywhere,” Britney said, raising her arm and swinging the wood club down at the ankle of the zombie in front of her.

Then Britney swung again, this time connecting with the zombie’s knee.  She swung two more times and did the same damage to the zombie’s other leg – making it fall to the ground.  Angelina and Lorna followed suit, swing at the other two zombies’ legs and knocking them down.  And to ensure they couldn’t crawl, the three Eclectics swung at the arms of the zombies, breaking shoulders and elbows.  The zombies growled and snarled but couldn’t move from the ground at all.

“Come on, let’s go,” Angelina said, she and Lorna heading for the cabin to help with Yara but Britney standing there – staring down at the zombies.  “Brit Brit, come on!”

But Britney didn’t respond to them.  Instead, she kicked the zombie she had dropped over onto its back.  Then she raised her arm and swung down, connecting with that zombie’s jaw – dislocating it grossly.  Angelina and Lorna stared in horror at what Britney was doing.

She kicked the second zombie over, repeating the process of swinging down at the jaw and dislocating another one.  Then tears welled in her eyes as she looked back up at the dining hall and remembered the sound of Chloe’s last dying scream.  Her sacrifice was to save the baby sisters she was entrusted with.

Kicking the third zombie over, Britney repeated the process one more time, dislocating a third jaw and then looking around the campground as far as she could see.

“Britney, please?” Lorna cried, Britney continuing to take in the full effect of what was happening all over that campground.

“We’re trapped here,” Britney said, realizing it suddenly.

“What?” Angelina asked with panic.

“Do you see any roads or even stone pathways on this campground?” Britney asked.  “We were blindfolded on the way in.  And the only person who wasn’t was Chloe.  Now there’s no way out.”

“Britney, come on!” Angelina insisted, she and Lorna grabbing Britney and heading for the cabin.

But Britney was right.  They were trapped on that campground.

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