Macy’s Confession – Part Three of Three

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Part Three –

“My Baby You” began to play, a softer and more romantic tune that grew with intensity along the way. 

This was very similar to the situation in the back seat of Miles’ convertible mustang, Macy having climbed on top of him – straddling his lap with bent knees and facing him as she grabbed the sides of his face with her hands.  In response, he grabbed her diapered bottom and squeezed – the first hint of the aggression he was keeping bridled … for the time being, at least.  Macy kissed him deeply, with an open mouth.  Aiming to continue to fuel his aggressions, she displayed a bit of her own – getting aggressive with her tongue.  It was offered as a challenge to him. 

Was he going to allow her to dominate the kiss or was he going to take charge of her?

Not making it easy on him, she kept her forcefulness constant – making him work to battle back.  And all it took was a few seconds before he responded.  Gripping her diapered bottom more tightly with his right hand, he slid his left hand up the back of her neck, his fingers going into a fist and grabbing the hair at the back of her head before he sat up and pushed back on her tongue.  Forcing it back into her mouth and following it in with his tongue, he leveled the playing field of dominance.  Macy instinctively backed down with no further resistance.

These were the challenges of life she was very happy to lose.  And if she lost, having to concede, it actually meant she won – bringing his aggressiveness up to his surface … an aggressiveness he would now use on her.

And she was right, he would indeed use his aggression on her … just not how she thought he would.

She reached down to his waist, fumbling with his belt until she got it unfastened.  Miles kept her pressed against him, still French kissing her heavily.  Macy could feel a swell of submission coming on and she worked frantically to complete the final preparations for the forthcoming.  Struggling to unbutton his pants, she then yanked the zipper down – pushing her way through his boxers with trembling hands … so fearful she wasn’t going to get something right.

But when she found his fly, she reached through it and gripped his stiffened shaft.  The relief of her stress happened instantly.  His hardened condition was the validation she needed – that he wanted her, craved her and was prepared to take her.  Stroking him up-n-down with her hand, she felt his grip on her beginning to lessen.  And when he eased off her, she felt the sweetness between her legs flood – the swelling of arousal now surfacing.

Grabbing the waistbands of his boxers and his pants at his hips, she pulled them down to the middle of his thighs and then took his cock back in her grip.  As she stroked him, she felt his shaft stiffen just a bit more to a now rock-hard state.  This made her shudder as she thought about what it was going to feel like when penetrated by him.  Gazing down at him with lust, her expression adopted a slight fuss to it – instinctive for the submissive nature she possessed.  She was submissive to him and even though his aggression was presently passive, it would return with fervency.

She awaited the next move, this one coming from him.  It was time for him to dictate the terms.

Leaning her torso back, she gave him access to anything he wanted.  And he responded, reaching down between her legs.  Grabbing the underside of her satin bloomers and her diaper, Miles yanked them to the side with force and made an open path to her peach.  Parting her bent knees and sliding them a bit further apart, she brought the outer lips of her sweetness down around the mushroomed head of his cock, her warmth and her swell and her wetness engulfing his head.  And just the tip entering her was enough to make her gasp, for feelings from that initial bit of penetration but also for thoughts of what more would enter her, soon enough.

Then she slid back upward, taking his head out of her and then sit right back down on it – this time with a bit more intent, but still going very slowly.  Their sex always began very slowly and very sensually.  It would get fast and somewhat violent, in time.  And Macy was looking forward to this.  But it always started with the pace she set.

She kept bobbing up-n-down on his tip until the sensation forced her to go for more.  Her breathing was choppy and erratic as she attempted to keep modesty to her personality, but the ability to do that was quickly fading.

Gripping his shaft as tightly as possible, she slid back down on his head – then releasing her grip of him and putting her hands on his shoulders.  Keeping eye contact with him, she slid a bit further downward, then clamping down by tightening her canal muscles.  The start was always a slow stretch, but once his tip entered inside her far enough to graze by the ridges at her front wall – the next step would be anything but slow.  There would be no way to prevent it.

Any further in and he would have hit the slippery wet, so to speak.  It was all she could do to keep from sitting down any more.  This was the point of no return and once she released her muscles, she would be tossing her modesty to the wind – along with all self-control.

Miles saw this precipice she was at and gave her the encouragement she was looking for.

“It’s okay, baby,” he said with a kind and gentle tone, his voice bringing a new rush of wetness to her soft tissues.  “Slide down.  Be a good girl.  It’s what you want and you know it’s going to feel wonderful.”

Oh, he knew what to say.  When to say it and how to say it.  And he was right.  She knew how good it was going to feel, but there was always that initial pain she had to get past – the last remaining threshold before the frenzy.

When he spoke, he always made it seem like he was in total control of himself and this always got to Macy.  How could he keep it together so easily at the same time that she was teetering in the opposite direction?

But following her submissive instincts, she listened to him – releasing her muscles and feeling herself slide down his shaft a bit more … now engulfing so much more of his girth.  Whimpering behind her pacifier at the expected pain of being stretched opened by his unyielding stiffness, she felt how wet she was by how easily he slid in.  Watching him close his eyes before shuddering at her wetness and tightness, she made the free fall – sliding the whole way down until their pelvic bones met.

And that was when that feel of warmness began to tingle throughout her, making her body feel like it was on fire.  Every inch of her being was now affected and soon her senses would grow stronger.

Then the frenzy began.  She rose back up as quickly as her trembling hamstrings would allow her, withdrawing him from inside her wetness and then sliding right back down to the pelvic bump.  Up she went again, whimpering a bit more loudly behind her pacifier as her legs began to shake.  Sitting down again, she froze up – trying not to allow her arousal to peak so quickly.

Oh, how embarrassing it was that she could be so quickly driven to the point of orgasm.

Coming to rest on him, her pelvic bone still connected with his – she stopped moving up-n-down … beginning to move back-n-forth as it seemed she might have a better chance of keeping control of herself that way.  Placing her hands on his stomach to hold herself up, she sunk her teeth into the pacifier and gazed down at him with tears welling up in her eyes.  Grinding her hips and tossing, she felt him contacting all the right places inside her, again and again and again.  But she was growing weary of being on top and weakening as the arousal was beginning to overwhelm her, especially since she was on top and could manipulate every motion to acquire its maximum effect on her.

Seeing her condition, Miles sat up and embraced her as he turned to the side and eased her down on the back seat.  She looked up at him and smiled warmly behind her pacifier.  He knew what to do and she didn’t have spoil the mood by asking for it.  With no delay, he slid back into her and then pulled back out, repeating as these penetrations and withdraws found a steady pace.  Macy relaxed her frame, allowing him to get back into the driver’s seat, so to speak.

This was when his aggression usually kicked into high gear, when he thrusted with speed and drove towards the climax.

But, quite unexpected by her, he didn’t thrust hard.  Instead, he kept a slow and even pace.  Fairly spooked by this change from the norm, Macy continued to travel upwards – heading towards a summit far more rapidly than usual.  With a slower pace, she was more effected by each thrust.  Speed was good.  It felt good and excited her, but this … oh, my …. this continued slower pace was the stuff that dreams were made of.  It required absolute control on his part.  And, unlike a few moments ago, Macy was quite happy that he had control of himself … if this was going to be the result!  It would be a full ride this time, absent of that chunk of time when she allowed him to catch up to her.

Now her reactions would be from sensations, not from being parted open like the mighty Red Sea.  She whimpered a little and then pouted a little, made that much more adorable by all of it happening behind her pacifier.  But Miles kept the slow pace.  And no matter how much she fussed as a distraction from the steady stream of pinging pleasure, she couldn’t avoid having to forego her usual modesty in such a situation.

And her decorum of serenity was now completely gone.

In short order, she found herself trying to get away from the feelings of pleasure as they were as intense and as unremitting as his slow pace was.  The moment was about to arrive and she was helpless to slow its advent.  Bearing his weight down on her pelvic bone and pinning her arms above her head, he watched her arch her lower back, heaving her chest upward and whimpering into tears as her legs went straight up and wrapped themselves around him.  Looking straight up at the stars in the Heavens above, she skyrocketed to the zenith.

Her body twitched as her canal muscles contracted around his girth and then released, over and over and over.  Every time they contracted, it overwhelmed her again, knowing that – so long as he was inside her – she could do nothing but continue to orgasm.  It felt like it was never going to end.  And for as much as she didn’t want it to end, she knew that the balloon downward would lead to a mellowing afterglow that would remind her of why it was so very good to be female.

Each tightening and release caused her body to curl up.  But, being pinned and held down by him, she wasn’t able to follow the directions of her muscles.  And this only added to the helpless feeling she was currently experiencing.  It was the greatest sense of submission … when she had no choice in the matter, no say so and no ability to influence the outcome.  For as scary as this might sound, to Macy, it was a gift like no other.

And when her balloon descent began, her muscles finally relaxed – giving up as well.  Miles withdrew from inside her and sat up, leaning back on the seat.  Practically curled up into the fetal position, Macy clung to the side of his body, ripples of afterglow blitzing her mind, body and senses.  It was a warm, fuzzy feeling that enhanced everything for her, from her thoughts to her emotions to her physical satisfaction.

It was a short but glorious span of time when it seemed everything about her was in perfect alignment.  Nothing was imbalanced, one aspect being wonderful but still being plagued by another that wasn’t so wonderful.  No troubling thoughts that kept repeating in her mind and encouraging her to feel insecure.  Absolutely nothing was wrong.  And she had everything at that moment she could have possibly wanted … Milesaffectionlove … and happiness.

That was what afterglow was all about.

They remained in that position for quite a while, listening to more songs that had the word “baby” in the title.  Then “Can’t Enough of You Baby” began to play.  Macy smiled and covered her face, laughing.  She listened to the song for a minute, then sat up – reaching to the stereo and turning it off.

Sitting and facing him, she got right to the heart of the matter … addressing the very first thought that came to her mind, once afterglow had ended.

“Okay,” she stated, taking the pacifier out of her mouth.  “It’s time for our month number three confessions.  I’ll go first.”

Miles sat up, Macy helping him pull his pants back up.  She was stalling for just a minute as she knew this confession could quite possibly have a good outcome or a horrific one.  Inhaling deeply and exhaling just the same, she spoke – blurting it out with reckless abandon.

“I stopped taking the pill a month ago,” she said with a devilish smile, hoping that such a smile might encourage him to respond with approval.

Miles took a moment to let the meaning of what she just said sink in.  And though it was only a few seconds before he replied, it felt like an eternity to Macy.

“I see,” he said, then reaching into the pocket behind the driver’s seat and taking something out.  “Well … I went out and bought this a month ago.”

In his hand was a little black box.  Macy’s eyes lit up as he opened it, showing the engagement ring.  Covering her nose and mouth with her hands, her eyes welled with tears that immediately rolled down her cheeks.

“Marry me,” he said with a shaky voice, his welling emotions only making her cry harder as she nodded.

He put the ring on her finger, and she embraced him.

“Yes, Daddy,” she whispered, barely mustering up the motor skills to be able to say.

“You do realize that this changes nothing,” he said with a deep timbre.  “You’re staying in diapers.”

Macy smiled brightly, tears streaming down her cheeks as this point.

“Yes, Daddy,” she whispered, then putting the pacifier back in her mouth.



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