Quintessential BabyGirl

Quintessence (quin•tes•sence – noun \kwin-ˈte-sən(t)s\)
1: the fifth and highest element in ancient and medieval philosophy that permeates all nature and is the substance composing the celestial bodies
2: the essence of a thing in its purest and most concentrated form

The “Quintessential” takes on as many meanings as there are heartbeats in this world. But the only two meanings that will matter are yours and hers.

Your “Quintessential” is that person who holds the other half of your thoughts, who picks up the sentence when you run out of breath and who needs exactly what you need – just from the other side of that same heartbeat.

It’s not about perfection of the body. But rather, of the mind, of the heart and of intentions in actions-n-words. You won’t strive to do anything right, only to try. You both will learn more about your own imperfections than you ever wanted to know and you’ll feel yourself exposed because you shared who you are when you’re behind closed doors as opposed to who you are when prepared and at your charmed, partying best.

And those are moments when you discover your real merit and what you hold to be quintessential – about yourself and about her.


She will try very, very hard to be more than want you want her to be, not because she’s needy or wants attention, but rather because she loves you so much that she can’t stop thinking of you. And she wants you to ache for her in ways that stimulate your nerve-endings exactly the same way she is affected. She wants you to understand not just how she feels, but why she feels that way.

She will surprise you because she wants you to notice her in new ways all the time.

She will increase her own pulse-rate and lose her own breath as she fondles herself in your absence – with closed eyes and a headful of thoughts about you. Sexuality will mean nothing to her anymore, not unless she has been aroused by you and now drips for those experiences she will receive when staring up at the bedroom ceiling – lost in a jumbled mixture of emotions and sensations she could not possibly separate.

She will struggle to silence her over-active mind so she can absorb every mental seed your gentle whispers plant inside her and every bit of submission your impassioned whispers fill her senses with.

She will mind-fuck herself so that when her head stops spinning, she’ll have less of the identity she had before she met you and more of the identity she now has because of you.

She will bite her nails when she feels insecurity and she will drag them down your back when you pin her down and force her to succumb to more than just daydreams and emotions.


You will begin to see her all around you, no matter where you are or what you’re doing – in other people’s faces, in words on billboards that make you think of her.

You will know when she is upset at the very instant she turns shy & quiet. You won’t know why she’s upset, but you’ll begin to pick up the non-verbal explanations she tries to convey to you. And, as if the two of you shared the same thoughts at the same moments, you suddenly come up with answer. But you will only achieve this knowledge after you have failed repeatedly to understand. You’ll gain the knowledge after you care enough to instinctively try again until you get it right.

You will overlook the little details of herself she has improved and touched up. And you will overlook these things time and time again. But when you finally notice them, you will see a glow about her skin and a glimmer in the twinkling of her eyes that will tell you that you just made her day worth having lived.
And from then on, you will never overlook those things about her again because you’ll suddenly understand how important your praise and recognition is to her.

You will grow stiff when she walks past you and her scent fills your senses.

You will learn how to hold her gently while harboring the male aggression you want to ravage her with. And you will learn when that gentleness needs to be abandoned for a little while.

You will become sexist in all the right ways. And you will believe that she should never touch a doorknob or door handle.

You will hold her down and consistently deprive yourself of completion until you have watched her reach the summit several times before you ever begin to make your first climb. And you’ll find out that she’s waiting for you at the top.

When she cries, you will know why – not because you’re a mind-reader but because you’ve paid attention in the past and because you know that every set of tears that stream down her face have a different sound. And you will memorize the meanings of every sound she makes.


She will be you blanket. You will be her pillow.
She will provide patience when you show frustration.
She will arch her spine higher so you can thrust harder and deeper.

You will lead so she can follow.
You will give so she can receive.
You will growl & clench to make her recoil & whimper.


She will take interest in your sports obsessions, though she could care less about who wins. What will matter is that she didn’t deprive you of the right to be obsessed.

You will watch her sappy TV shows, though you won’t be able to remember any of the character’s names. What will matter is that you were there when she showed a bit of individuality that wasn’t derived from you.

She will find constructive ways to criticize you – after having pissed you off on numerous occasions with derogatory ones.
You will find a sense of humor that makes her laugh, but not a sense of humor that comes at her expense.
You will not be a punching bag for her and she will not be a punchline for you.

But together, you’ll be perfectly imperfect for each other. You’ll both recognize that, in order to overcome an obstacle, you both will need to do things differently. You’ll both make every street a two-way street. And you’ll both admit when you’re wrong – no matter how painful it may be and no matter if you disprove your own point in the process or not.

Because nothing quintessential is complete without joint growth.
A Daddy needs to feel needed.
A BabyGirl needs to feel cherished.
You both will provide those needs for each other.
You both will give, realizing that when two people give, there is no take.

She is at the center of every breath you take.
You begin and end every thought she has.

She is your anything and your everything because she will forever be your Quintessential BabyGirl.


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