A Sunday in Southern Pines

Taken from the ABDL romance sequel:

Country Rose 7

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here is a little story about a red-n-white checkered two piece outfit, a tenderloin and a good reason to make sure her diaper wasn’t showing that day.


Part One –
“Country Cookout”

Sunday, May 31st

It was a beautiful Sunday evening.  And in Southern Pines, North Carolina, the temperature was a comfortable 78 degrees – the heat of the day having broken and all humidity having retreated into the coming night.  A warm breeze swept across the horse farm and made ideal the conditions for a cookout.

The smell of burning charcoal floated gently through the farmhouse, saturating Rose’s mouth with that first sense of hunger as she stood in front of the floor-length mirror in their bedroom.  Slipping into a red-n-white checkered crop top with poofy short sleeves, she resituated her boobs inside it – primping and lifting and fluffing until she got the look that completely satisfied her.  Then stepping into a matching red-n-white checkered short flowy skirt, she zipped up the back of it – turning around and looking back over her right shoulder at her reflection in the mirror.  For once in her life, she didn’t want her pink diapered bottom showing at all below the lower hem of the skirt.  Normally, it didn’t matter to her, but today it did.  As she found out, this wasn’t an easy task to accomplish – given the skirt’s short length and her diaper’s span of the middle of her body.

Pulling down on the waistline of the skirt, she managed to cover the very bottom of her diaper.  But in doing so, now the waistline of her diaper was sticking out from the top of the skirt, so she pulled the skirt back up – then standing up on her tippy toes, hoping that the bottom of her diaper would be hidden.  And indeed, it was.

However, she couldn’t spend the whole day walking around on her tippy toes.  So, the problem wasn’t solved.  Ugh!  This was what those #BabyGirlProblems tweets were about!  She was absolutely sure of it and now understood what they were getting at. It seemed no matter what she did, either the top or the bottom of her diaper was going to be showing.  And it was frustrating, really frustrating.

Sassing her left hip to the side, she scrunched up her lips for a minute as she thought about a solution.  She couldn’t ask Emmitt, her beloved Cowboy Daddy, for any help or even mere suggestions.  He was a guy.  What would he know about such things?  He knew how to change her diaper, not how to make her diaper disappear under clothing that was obviously too short to hide it fully.

But this didn’t mean she was going to change into another outfit.  No way was that going to happen!  This was a cute little red-n-white checkered country girl two piece outfit she found on Amazon and ordered – because she wanted to wear it when out-n-about or when people were coming over to the farmhouse like they were today.

Rose was a resilient person.  It was her resilience that made her pack up and move from Boston all the way down to North Carolina a few years ago.  Determination was a priority of her life. And defeat was never an option she was willing to take.  She would just need to find a solution and stop wasting so much time with all these preparations.  She had a lot more to do before people arrived.

Raising an eyebrow, an idea came to mind.  Facing the mirror and spreading her feet apart slightly, she exhaled slowly and sucked in her tummy just enough to be able to fold the top of her diaper inside itself – girlifying her diaper … so to speak.  And in doing so, she had finally found a way to hide the top and bottom of her diaper behind and beneath the skirt at the same time!  Success! … But wait.

She forgot she was going to need to inhale again at some point. 

Geez, BabyGirl fashion was not an easy thing to pull off!

Turning around and looking back over her right shoulder at her reflection in the mirror, she slowly inhaled – keeping her eyes focused on the lower hem at the back of her skirt.  With a full inhale now in her lungs, she smiled as her diaper didn’t peek out at all.

Smiling, she took a few crinkly steps towards the upstairs hallway – only to stop dead in her tracks when she felt a tightness.  Rolling her eyes, she reached back under her skirt and pulled out the diaper wedgie she had given herself.  Then with a returning smile and a crinkly bounce to her steps, she left the bedroom.

She always knew what caused that tight sensation, but what she didn’t know was that when she pulled the diaper wedgie out, she also pulled her diaper below the bottom hem of her skirt once again.

Crinkling out into the upstairs hallway, she breathed in deeply, a stronger scent of burning charcoal filling the air – the glorious reminder that a cookout was on the way.  Looking into her nursery, she made certain everything was cleaned up and in its place before shutting the nursery door and heading down to the upstairs bathroom at the end of the hall for round two of her cook out preparations.

Her make-up looked fine, the light shade of brown giving her that smoky eyeshadow look.  And her hair had a playful bounce to it, not overly wavy but tousled enough to make people think Emmitt had manhandled her a little right before everyone arrived.

The J.B.F. hairstyle always kept people guessing.

On the edge of the sink was the matching red-n-white checkered ribbon that would complete the outfit she had on.  She had debated putting her hair up in pigtails but opted out of it.  Today, she felt like having her locks being able to move in the breeze and with her movements.  However, she still needed to display her locks.  Putting all her hair down her back, behind her shoulders and sliding the ribbon along the back of her neck, she brought the ends of the ribbon up behind each ear and tied them into a bow at the top of her head.

Bouncing excitedly, she ran out of the bathroom and down the staircase – crinkling noisily and with a joyfulness in her heart that belonged there.  She was going to live up her happiness to the extreme.  It felt too good to keep to herself.

And what a perfect day to feel so wonderful!  Dahlia and Willow, her two new besties, were coming over with their husbands, Parker and Orwell, for the cookout.  Rose had received a text from Dahlia a few minutes ago that they were just a few miles away.  And that was the moment Emmitt threw the steaks on the grill.

This evening was important for another reason too.  Dahlia and Willow had been clued in on Rose’s BabyGirl lifestyle and Rose was so eager to show it off that she could hardly wait until they got there.  On this day, Rose was going to answer Dahlia’s question of how the Daddy/BabyGirl thing worked when other were around.

As a seasoned pro at it, Rose would show her how it was done.

Almost all the preparations were ready, Rose having set up the back deck as a serve-n-sit area and the time of day being perfect to have that mixture of sunlight and shade.  Emmitt was at work at the grill, tending to the steaks and also having put the entire can of baked beans right on the grill as well – the country way to cook ‘em he said.

Though their husbands weren’t aware of anything, or so Rose believe – unless Dahlia and Willow had told them already, Rose wasn’t too worried about the crinkle she would make when moving about.  With enough time and movements, that crinkle always quieted down anyways.  And besides, guys didn’t take notice to such things like that, sounds that seemed out of place.  The typical guy would look at her skirt and the back of her legs, particularly at the tops of her legs.  And this was why Rose was obsessing about her diaper not being visible at all.

However, girls took notice to everything, visual and also of sounds.  That was why, in the middle of a noisy warehouse, Dahlia could hear the crinkle under Rose’s dress the other day at work.

This would be top secret BabyGirl flirting at its finest.

Waddling into the kitchen, she took a few moments to train herself on how to move to prevent that waddle from happening.  It was all about grace and having a mindfulness about each stride she made.  This was nothing new for her.  It was just something she rarely practiced.  She didn’t need to practice it when at home with Emmitt as she ran around the horse farm in nothing but her pink diaper.  Today would be different, however, as she would be hosting.

Opening the fridge in the kitchen, she got the Tupperware bowl of homemade potato salad out – Emmitt having given his blessings on how it tasted, Rose copying his aunt’s recipe exactly.  Rose had nailed it, winning the praise of her Cowboy Daddy.  Turning to walk out onto the back deck, she paused in her tracks – seeing Emmitt through the kitchen window above the sink.

The sight of him, standing there in his jeans and his white t-shirt, would have taken her out at the knees if she hadn’t quickly put the potato salad down and grabbed the edge on the kitchen counter with both hands.  Oh, he was so handsome.  How his butt looked in jeans was enough to make any girl flood.  And this was only what the sight of the back of him did to her.  Smiling, she picked up the potato salad and lowered her chin as she went for the screen door to the back deck.  She would stand there for a minute to allow her rapidly beating heart to slow a little – thusly, slowing the sudden rush of blood that had made her dizzy.

She knew that, no matter what went right or wrong in her world, everything would wind up okay … provided that the first sight of him always made her weak in the knees, every time.  It was The Daddy Effect and being a BabyGirl, she had no immunities in defense against it … nor did she ever want any such immunities.

If she ever fell to the ground because of such emotions, she knew that Emmitt, her Cowboy Daddy, would either pick her up and dust her off … or he would catch her on the way down.  And this truth made her feel more secure than anything else in her little world.

Taking the potato salad out to the back deck and setting it on the table with all the other food, she walked over to the far end of the deck and looked up the road.  They would certainly be arriving soon.

Little did she know just then, when she walked out onto the back deck, Emmitt caught immediate sight of her. Taking in her full image, he eyed her up-n-down – from her bare feet, up her legs, to that lower hem of her skirt, up the skirt to her bare belly, up to her chest and that crop top and then to the hair that was dangling down from her head … presently being kissed by a slight breeze that was passing by along with little beams of sunshine that were trickling down through the trees and illuminating her gorgeous locks.

This was The BabyGirl Effect, and being a Daddy, he had become inundated by it the moment he first saw her when she arrived here years ago.  He didn’t know what it was back then.  She would have to explain it to him.  But he never forgot how it felt because it was how she made him feel each and every day of his life.

A lot of what Rose and Emmitt had progressed into since getting married was subtle.  It was this progression forward in their dynamic that made it more manageable.  After all, it would now be for the rest of their lives and instead of going full steam ahead – risking burnout, they found what worked and what would lead to heighten those moments when the dynamic needed to come to the forefront.

A car was heard at the far end of James Creek Road as a bit of dust could be seen filling Rose’s vision of the road.  And what perfect timing their arrival would be.  Emmitt got a plate from the kitchen as Rose raced around the side of the farmhouse and up to the arrival of her besties.  Even Numaz, the beloved auburn-colored pit bull, came racing up from the horse fields to greet the visitors.

Dahlia and Rose embraced.  Then Willow and Rose embraced.  And finally, Rose got to meet these two husbands they had talked about so much.  Both were strapping gents and had the same aura of country that Emmitt had.  Thusly, Rose liked them right away.

Dahlia and Willow got their food offerings from the car and Rose led them all up onto the back deck to meet Emmitt, her Cowboy Daddy having taken all the steaks off the grill and was finishing up the cutting of a tiny piece of steak for Numaz.  He placed the treat on the deck as he then wiped his hand off on his jeans.  Parker and Orwell did the same, wiping their hands on their jeans before shaking hands.  The girls all shook their heads.

The truth was:  Not only could you not take a cowboy out of the country, even if you wanted to … but you could also never take the country out of a cowboy, even if you needed to.

The cookout spread consisted of a loaded plate of mouth-watering right-off-the-grill steaks, baked beans, homemade potato salad and perfectly chilled country lemonade as well as Willow’s coleslaw and Dahlia’s strawberry puffs … a dessert that Rose took and put in the fridge to keep until they were ready to eat them.

“So, Parker,” Emmitt said as everyone got into a line and started loading up their plates, Rose starting to pour lemonade.  “I hear you’re a construction worker.  What company ya workin’ for?”

“I used to work for The Vuepoint Group over in Aberdeen,” Parker said, Dahlia making up his plate as she knew what he wanted and how much of it he wanted.  “But now, I work for the state.”

“Vuepoint can only pay so much and he was doing a whole lot more work than what they were able to pay him,” Dahlia added, handing her husband his plate of food and then beginning to work on her own.  “And it was really sad when he left.  Robbie and William, the owners, said they wished they could pay him more.  But they couldn’t.  The state also had a much better benefits package.”

“That’s for sure,” Willow said bluntly, Orwell making up her plate as he knew what she wanted and how much of it she wanted – Willow going straight to the lemonade Rose was pouring.  “It makes it impossible for smaller contractors to compete with the state ones.  They can’t offer what they can’t afford themselves.  It’s rotten.”

“Boston is just as bad,” Rose said, taking Willow’s plate from Orwell so he could make up his own.  “My uncle had a company that went under because the state lured all his workers away when they suddenly needed more help on a highway project.”

“That’s why I like the farm life,” Orwell said, finishing his plate and collecting Willow’s plate from Rose as everybody took a seat on the lawn chairs all over the back deck.  “There will always be some security in that line of work.”

Rose looked at Emmitt and shared a small smile with him.  Oh, if that was just as true for horse farms …

The discussion shifted from work to horses, Emmitt and the guys beginning to pontificate as guys often did when in conversations.  Rose sat with the girls and they ate their food, hoping that the guy talk would soon end.  What was seen as communication for guys was, at the same time, seen as them man-splaining things by women.  And unfortunately, it was something the average guy just didn’t see, couldn’t understand on his own and would never understand – no matter how many times it was explained to him.

But as one topic led into another, it turned out that the guys were always able to converse with each other.  This made Rose, Dahlia and Willow very happy to see as being the case.  It appeared the three couples got along really well and this was a sign of good times to come.  Now more than ever, Rose and Emmitt needed friends.

The girls already got along famously.  So, when the guys went back to the buffet spread for second helpings, Rose took the girls on a tour of the horse farm.  There were so many things she wanted to show them, she had no idea where to start.  But, being as this was a horse farm, she took them into the main horse barn to show them Emmitt’s equine prides-n-joys.

Part Two –
“The Gushing Truth”

Continuing …

“Okay,” Rose said as she entered the main horse barn, walking right over to the first stall on the right and stepping up on the bottom board to be able to rest her elbows on the top board.  “This old man right here is named Stud.  He was the first horse I met when I arrived here.  Emmitt was riding him up the road when my moving truck got a flat tire.  Stud is exactly what you would think a horse with that name would be like.  He is the coolest guy among the group.”

The brown and white spotted horse nearest to her walked over to her and sniffed her face as she scratched down the top of his nose.

“He’s the oldest?” Willow asked, getting up on the fence on the Rose’s right side – Dahlia getting up on the fence on Rose’s left side.

“He’s the oldest, yes.  And he’s also the trickiest,” Rose answered.  “You see, he tries to get you to believe that he’s losing his hearing.  But he isn’t losing it.  It’s just his attention-getter.”

“What do you mean?” Dahlia asked with a laugh.

“Well, you girls have heard me laugh so hard at work that I sometimes start snorting with laughter, right?” Rose asked.

“Yeah,” Dahlia and Willow answered in unison.

“Well, when Emmitt gets me laughing so hard that I start snorting hear at home, Stud will snort too,” Rose said with a grin.  “I could be in the house, upstairs in the bathtub while snorting with laughter and Stud will be heard snorting out here in the barn.”

Dahlia and Willow started laughing.  The rest of the horses all got up and walked over to the fence the girls were standing up on, lining up as if they knew they were going to be introduced one at a time – just like Stud was.

“Okay, girls.  Shift down,” Rose said, the three of them shuffling their way down the fence until Rose was positioned right in front of the next horse, the jet black one with the long silky mane.  “And this handsome fella is named Cinder.  Cinder can fly like the wind when get him into a full gallop.  It’s an unbelievable feeling.”

“Was this the horse you were riding when you fell and hit your head?” Willow asked, Rose quickly covering Cinder’s ears.

“Shh,” Rose shushed Willow.  “We don’t bring that up anymore.  That was long ago.  I’m fine and Cinder is fine.”

“Okay,” Willow whispered back with a smile.  “And does Cinder snort when you snort too?  Or is that another sore subject?”

Rose broke out into laughter, covering her mouth and nose to prevent herself from snorting.  Cinder and Stud looked at each other, as if they were saying to each other: “Here she goes again”.

“No, Cinder doesn’t snort.  He squeals,” Rose answered with laughter.  “But he only squeals when Bree, my girlfriend from Boston is down.  It’s when Bree squeals that Cinder will squeal.”

“And who is this beauty?” Dahlia asked, the three girls shimmying down the fence to the next horse, the gray one.

“This is Diamond,” Rose said, then answering the next question before it was asked.  “Diamond doesn’t snort or squeal.  There has to be at least one lady in this barn that has a little modesty.  Diamond is the proud mother of the little brown horse you see next to her.”

The girls shimmied down the fence again to get a closer look at the dark brown horse, hardly little when compared to the others but still younger, by far.  And the horse was so quiet, so very quiet.

“This is Mocha, Diamond’s daughter and the baby of the group.  For that reason, Mocha and I bonded the moment she was born,” Rose said, Dahlia and Willow looking at each other and smiling.

“And does Mocha wear pink diapers, too,” Dahlia whispered to Rose, Rose blushing that same shade on her face as she replied.

“No.  But I did get her to hold one of my pacifiers in her mouth once.  I got a really cute picture of it, too,” Rose answered with a grin.  “Mocha is a little older than a year.  She has yet to ridden by anyone.  Unbridled and unbroken.”

Dahlia reached down and petted Mocha’s nose, adoring how Mocha blinked her eyes repeatedly – as if batting her eyelashes.

“Mocha doesn’t snort or squeal,” Rose said, then sucking in her lips for a moment as another enormous grin formed on her face.  “Instead, she sneezes.  We don’t know why, but she sneezes.”

Then Rose looked at the pure white horse to Mocha’s left, getting the girls to shimmy down the fence one more time.

“And whenever Mocha sneezes, this one sneezes too,” Rose said, as the white horse leaned forward and touched noses with her.  “Her name is MilkDrop and she was once in the Kentucky Derby.”

“Really?  Did she place in the top three?” Willow asked.

“No,” Rose answered.  “MilkDrop never crossed the finish line.”

“What?” Dahlia asked with confusion.  “Why not?”

“Well, it was quite a few years ago, 2008 – I think,” Rose explained.  “MilkDrop and another horse named Eight Belles collided when making the last turn into the home stretch.  And when they did, they both went down.  They were the only two girl horses in The Kentucky Derby that year.  Eight Belles broke her rear left leg and had to be euthanized right there on the track.  Though it wasn’t known at the time, MilkDrop had only suffered torn ligaments in her right rear leg.  They would have euthanized her right there too if Emmitt hadn’t hopped the fence, running out there and stopping them in time.  He bought MilkDrop, brought her back here and nursed her back to health.  Her racing days were over, but her life wasn’t … thanks to him.”

Dahlia and Willow remained silent, both of them with dropped jaws and in disbelief, but also in absolute admiration of Emmitt’s quick thinking and even quicker actions.

“I think Emmitt knew she wasn’t badly injured,” Rose said, getting down off the bottom board, Dahlia and Willow following her.  “But in the eyes of an owner of racing horses, MilkDrop was just as good as dead.  She would never race again.  Emmitt knew this and that was why he acted so quickly.”

Rose led them out of the main horse barn and then right over to the little building next to that barn.

“Oh … my … Heaven!” Dahlia exclaimed sweetly as she walked into the building and saw what was inside it.  “This is it, isn’t it?  This is that little kiln building you told us about where you made the pottery to begin with.  It’s so sweet, so tiny but so amazing!”

“And it gets sooo very hot in here, especially in the summertime,” Rose said as Dahlia and Willow walked around inside the tiny building.  “I would walk in here in the morning, wearing nothing but a t-shirt.  At lunchtime, I would walk out, looking like I had just gone swimming.”

“It’s really amazing your pottery company started here and now look where it’s at,” Willow said with honesty.  “It takes 30 of us now, split over two shifts, to keep up with all the orders that keep coming in.  And it all started with just you, doing it right here.”

Rose stared at the little pottery wheel, having flashbacks to when the whole pottery thing was just a hobby and she was able to make a little money on the side from doing it.  Those days seem so long ago now, a distant memory from a simpler time.

“Yeah,” Rose said with a whispered voice, shaky and affected.  “It’s come a long way from where it all started.”

Dahlia and Willow didn’t know what to make of the sudden change in Rose’s demeanor.  Not wanting to see her remain in such a state of mind, Willow changed the subject and kept them moving.

“So, you said that all the pottery storage we know have at the warehouse you used to store in a cottage around here.  Is that right?” Willow asked, Rose snapping right out of her funk.

“Yeah!” Rose said with a returned spunk.  “Let me show you!”

Grabbing one of each of their hands, Rose sprinted out of the little kiln building – then kept running down the little dirt road at the end of the main horse field.  That little dirt road was the only way to get over to the cottage.  Rose was crinkling and bouncing with each step.  And she kept her sprint constant, Willow and Dahlia managing to keep up with her as they were dragged along by the hand.

But when they all got over to the tiny cottage on the far side of the horse field, they practically collapsed on the little front porch.

“Okay, now lay down on your back on the porch for a minute,” Rose said with heavy breathing.  “Just trust me.  You’ll see why I’m asking you to do this.”

Maybe there was a particular reason why Rose had just conducted an Olympic sprint.  Succumbing to the need to catch their breaths, Willow and Dahlia laid down on either side of Rose – all three of them repeatedly heaving their chests for air as they looked up at the overhang above the porch.  A minute or so went by.

“Okay,” Rose said with a bit less breathiness.  “When I say, I want you both to sit up and look over at the farmhouse.”

The farmhouse was directly across from the cottage, the main horse field being the only thing between them.

“Now,” Rose said, all three of them sitting up and looking over at the farmhouse – the rush of blood to their heads making them dizzy but also brightening the skies and giving them extreme focus on the farmhouse.  “Do you feel that, girls?  That sensation rippling throughout you, like the only thing that matters is the one thing you truly want.  It’s the same as when your head swoons with thoughts … thoughts of him that never leave your mind.  And all you wanna do is run over there and gush to him everything you’re feeling.”

“Yeah,” Willow said, smiling brightly.  “The first thing I looked for was Orrie.  And I saw him very clearly, almost right away.”

“Same here,” Dahlia said, also smiling brightly.  “And I could see details about Parker before I could see anything else.”

“That’s exactly how I felt whenever I sat over her and looked across that field to the farmhouse,” Rose stated.  “Just the hope that he might walk out onto the back deck or merely pass in front of one of the windows on the second floor … being right here to see that was worth more to me than anything else.”

Willow and Dahlia smiled at the sweet sentiment.

“When hope is all you have, it’s all you think about,” Rose said softly.  “Before this cottage was pottery storage, I lived here.  Emmitt would come over to visit every now and then.  And I even had him over for dinner a time or two.”

“Okay, now we need to see the inside,” Willow said, standing up and grabbing Rose’s hand this time.  “Come on.  Let’s go.”

The three of them walked into the cottage, Willow and Dahlia adoring how cute every room was.  But Rose walked straight back into the bedroom and then into the closet, the girls following her.

“You having another reflection, Rose?” Willow asked cautiously.

“Yeah,” Rose said with a tiny voice, her shoulders shrinking up as she thought back to times when she sat in that closet and thought of Emmitt.  “I used to keep the boxes of diapers I ordered in this closet.  I remember the day he carried a box of diapers down to me that had come with the mail that day.  He had no idea what was in the box but said that it was really light to carry.”

Rose sat down on the carpet in the closet, flushed from the memories that were flooding back into her mind and her soul.

“Wait a minute,” Dahlia said, joining Rose and sitting on the carpet – Willow sitting as well … Rose then covering her face with her hands as a bit of embarrassment came over her senses.  “You ordered diapers online and had them sent here and he walked that box of diapers over to this cottage and gave them to you?”

Rose nodded yes, not able to lower her hands from in front of her face yet.  These confessions weren’t as easy as she thought they would be.  But she wasn’t regretting anything … not yet, at least.

“And you hadn’t told him anything about it yet?” Willow asked, Rose shaking her head no.  “Woah.  That would have done a number on me.  I don’t know if I could have functioned right after that.”

“It certainly kept me more alert than normal,” Rose said with a laugh, finally lowering her hands from in front of her face.  “I sat in this closet with … ahem … thoughts of him on my mind many, many, many nights … dreaming of him one day being my Daddy.”

“Aww,” Dahlia cooed.  “What a sweet little wish.”

“So how did you wind up in the farmhouse?” Willow asked, now fascinated by this fairy-tale-come-true story.

“Well, we started spending time with each other and I started spending some nights with him and …,” Rose said, then grinning ear-to-ear at the memory.  “Then one day, Emmitt just flat out asked me to move in with him.  And I did … the very next day.”

“And the rest was history,” Willow said, smiling at the sweetness and innocence in her voice.  “Buh-dum-bum.”

“Was it tough for him to make room for you?” Dahlia asked, wanting to know more.  “I remember when Parker had me move in with him in this little apartment he had in Sanford.  It was tough for him to transition into having someone else there to start.”

“Emmitt had no trouble with me being there … at least, not that I remember,” Rose replied honestly.  “Not only did he welcome me in, he designated a whole room upstairs to my … fantasies.”

“Okay, now we need to see that room!” Dahlia exclaimed, taking Rose by the hand and standing her up.  “But let’s walk this time.”

The girls walked up to the farmhouse and on the way, saw their men on the back deck – gorging themselves on the leftover steaks.  Numaz was sitting right by Emmitt’s feet with hope in her eyes.

“How much food can they eat?” Willow asked with shock that they were still chowing down.  “I mean, really?”

“Until it’s all gone. And that could be a while,” Rose answered.  “Emmitt bought a tenderloin the size of one of my legs to make all those steaks.  They could still be eating next weekend.”

“Oh, boy,” Dahlia said with a laugh.  “I know my husband and I know right now he is looking at those leftover steaks as a challenge.”

“On our first date, Orrie took me to an all-you-can-eat wings night at The Sly Fox Pub,” Willow said, laughing as well.  “Our date lasted for five hours.  He ate wings the whole time.  I just knew, right then and there, I would marry him some day.”

The girls laughed.  It was most interesting how their husbands were able to win them all over, in the most unusual ways.  But, nevertheless, they married them.  And none of them would do anything differently, if they had the chance to go back.

“Parker, make sure you leave some for other people,” Dahlia said to her husband as the girls walked up onto the back deck – Rose and Dahlia going right over to the lemonade for a drink.

“I can only try, honey,” Parker said with a grin.  “But it ain’t lookin’ good for them so far.”

“Rosie, I thought somethin’ was wrong the way ya all came tearin’ out of the barn an’ runnin’ up the dirt road,” Emmitt said, handing another piece of steak to Numaz the pit bull.

“She was really excited to show us the little cottage over there,” Willow said, covering for Rose.

“Yeah?” Emmitt asked with a smile, then looking over at the cottage across the main horse field.  “Did she tell ya how she lived there for a little while when she first moved here?”

“Oh, yes!” Dahlia said with a laugh, handing a cup of lemonade to Willow.  “She told us a lot about when she lived in that cottage.”

Rose tilted her cup of lemonade back and chugged it down, then walking over to the waste can and throwing the cup away along with a few used plates and napkins.  She was occupying herself with tasks that kept her back to Emmitt so he wouldn’t pick up on her tells that she had revealed quite a bit to the girls already … more revelations to come … once they got off the back deck and upstairs.

Rose went into the kitchen and got the tray of strawberry puffs, bringing them out and setting them on the table so the guys would have even more food to keep them occupied for a while.

“She is going to show us the upstairs,” Dahlia said, Emmitt glancing over at Rose and seeing her mischievous grin growing.

“Well, you ladies do enjoy yourselves,” Emmitt said coyly, Rose sucking in her lips as she walked back into the house.

Dahlia and Willow followed after her quickly, the three of them then running up the staircase like they were schoolgirls who needed to get somewhere private so they could share a juicy bit of gossip they just heard.  And they were giggling, always the giveaway.

“Okay,” Rose said, getting to the nursery door and grabbing the doorknob.  “Are you ready for this?”

“Yes,” Willow and Dahlia said in unison.

Everything you are about to see Emmitt built by hand,” Rose explained.  “And everything that is painted he painted himself.”

“Oh, come on, Rose.  Just open the door,” Willow said excitedly.

“It may seem a bit extreme to you,” Rose warned.  “I just want you to be prepared for what’s behind this door.”

“The only thing extreme is this build-up you’re making,” Dahlia said with hushed excitement – not wanting the husbands to hear them and not wanting any attention paid.  “Now, open the door.”

Rose turned the knob, opened the door and stepped to the side – Dahlia and Willow stepping into the doorway and pausing as they looked in.  And their eyes went great big-n-wide at what they saw.

The nursery was square in shape, like most rooms would be in an old farmhouse.  The wall to the left and the wall straight ahead had windows that, at the present time of day, had sunlight pouring into them and cascading golden beams into the nursery that reached the whole way to the circular rug in the middle of the floor.  The wall to the right had a closet built into it with bi-fold doors.  The walls and ceiling had been painted a soft pink.  There was a rocking chair in one corner and a changing table on the nearside wall. 

But the one item that caught and kept the girls’ attentions was the pink wooden crib next to the window on the left wall.  It was larger than life, the first thing the girls walked up to when they finally entered the room.  Inside the crib was more stuffed animals than can be imagined, almost making it seem like Rose wouldn’t have any room to lay down in it.  The mattress cover, the bed sheets and the comforter were all baby pink with pictures of horses on them.

“I think I just discovered another fetish you have, Rose,” Willow said with a grin.  “Stuffies.  Lots and lots of stuffies!”

“Daddy buys me a new stuffie every week,” Rose said, stepping into the nursery and referring to Emmitt with that name for the first time since the girls had arrived for the cookout hours ago.  “I don’t know where I’m gonna put them after too many more months.”

“You ought to ask him to build you a pink shelf around the walls or a display case of some sort,” Willow suggested, then looking over at the changing table and seeing all the shelves below it – loaded with supplies to change Rose when needed.  “Oh … my … goodness.”

Dahlia and Willow walked over to the changing table.  Being creatures of touch, they picked up all the items they found on the shelves: pink disposable diapers and thick white disposable diapers and cloth diapers and plastic pants and powder and wipes.

And then there were the onesies and nighties and babydolls.  Pacifiers and clips and even more stuffies – smaller ones, presumably for her to hold when he had her on the changing table.

Dahlia looked over at the rocking chair and the vanity table in the corner by the closet.  Then walking over to the closet, she opened the bi-fold doors and her jaw hit the floor.

“Does he buy you a new outfit every week, too?” Willow asked, seeing the closet stuffed so full with BabyGirl outfits that they hardly fit on the pole.  “My goodness, how cute these clothes are!”

“No, I buy all of the clothes.  Daddy tried figuring out my size once but got it way wrong.  So, he just sticks to buying me stuffies,” Rose admitted, walking over to the girls and looking in the closet.  “I’m a bit of an addict when it comes to BabyGirl stuff.  If I see it online, I buy it.  I haven’t worn most of all of this even once.”

“I wish you would wear them to work,” Willow said, still awwing over the soft pinks and whites she was looking at.  “I’d put you down for a nap myself during the lunch hour.”

Rose blushed a bit of embarrassment at Willow’s comment.

“Emmitt loves this as much as you do,” Dahlia said, making her first statement since entering the nursery.  “He sees it the same as you and loves it the same as you … and needs it the same you.”

“How do you know that?” Willow asked, laughing a bit.

“He could have whipped this room together in no time, but he didn’t,” Dahlia said, looking back at the crib and the changing table.  “Instead, he made it more amazing than you probably thought it would be, making you dream about it more deeply because you found someone who cares enough to do his best.  Am I right, Rose?”

Rose nodded, lowering her chin.

“He bathes you, feeds you, holds you and probably whispers to you exact what you need to hear to become putty in his arms,” Dahlia said, Rose nodding yes to everything she said.  “It’s because he loves you and this is a little piece of who you are.  So, he’s gonna take such interest in it that it will become a little piece of who he is as well.  And together, you’ll become soulmates because of it … if you haven’t already.”

Rose smiled sweetly, thinking back to when she told him.

“I remember the first time he diapered me,” Rose said softly, swaying her hips side-to-side as she fidgeted with thoughts of Emmitt.  “I didn’t know what to expect or how I would feel.  But when he took hold of me with those big hands of his and tended to me without hurting me at all …… oh my.  I could sense the strength he had, but I could sense more the control he had of himself.  And that was all he needed to show me to win me over.  It told me the truth about him … the gushing truth.”

“And what was that gushing truth?” Dahlia asked.

“That Emmitt had always been a Daddy at heart,” Rose answered with an affected whisper.  “He just needed to meet a BabyGirl like me first.”

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