The Dream Elf Connection: When Mr. Woody met Lily

Mr. Woody is a dream elf and the creation of Lily, an AB Girl with a vivid imagination.  As she dreamt more and more, Mr. Woody became her counselor, her friend and her creation.

This is the story of the night they first met in her dreams.


Lily leaned out the window, and called into the backyard.


“Hello,” a very sheepish voice said from behind a tree.

Out walked an elf, six inches high.  He stopped in the grass about three feet in front of her nursery window.

“Who are you?” Lily asked.

“I’m a woods elf.  Who are ye?” replied the elf, with the funniest little accent she had ever heard.

“I’m Lily.”

“Ye can’t be Lily,” said the elf as he walked a little closer to the window.

“Why not?” she asked while resting her chin on the window sill.

“Because ye are an adult.  Adults can’t see me,” said the elf as he leapt up onto the window sill to get a closer look at her.  “Unless ye are a child at heart.  Are ye?”

“I think I am,” said Lily with a smile.

“Dat explains it,” said the elf. “Thank ye fer coming to de CountrySide earlier.”

“I thought that was just a dream,” she said with bewilderment.

“It was a dream.  It was yer dream.  De CountrySide can only be seen in a dream,” explained the elf.  “All de butterflies, fish, trees and flowers said ye were de sweetest human who ever dreamed.”

“Please tell them I said thank you,” said Lily as she sat on the window sill.   “I think they are all really sweet, too.”

“I will, an’ dey said ye are welcome back any time ye dream,” said the elf as he sat on the other side of the window sill.

The moonlight shown through the window as the two silhouettes continued to talk.

“I’m a little confused by something.  If I visited the CountrySide in my dreams, then why did I find this on the window ledge?” she asked holding up the oyster with two pearls inside which she found on her dresser.

The elf’s eyes lit up and he began dancing excitedly. 

“It means ye are a true believer!  Only de purest of hearts can bring something back from de CountrySide.  Dat’s de pearl oyster from de lake!  It’s de second greatest treasure of de CountrySide!” he exclaimed.

“I’ll guard it with my heart,” Lily promised.

“I know ye will, Lily,” the elf said.  “Take care of yerself.”

The elf hopped off of the window sill and back to the grass, beginning to leave, when Lily called to him again.

“What is your name?” she asked.

“I don’t hev a name,” he said. “I’m just a woods elf.”

“You don’t have a name?  That’s horrible.  Everybody should have a name,” she stated.

“Why?  What’s so important about a name?” he asked.

“It makes you a very special person, different from everyone else,” she explained.

The elf paused for a moment, scratching his head to think. 

“Will ye give me a name?” he asked.

“I would love to,” she said will crossing her legs Indian-style.  “Let’s see.  You are a boy elf and you come from the woods.  How about I call you … Mr. Woody?”

“Dat sounds like a wonderful name.  Thank ye, Lily.  I hev te get back te de CountrySide now.  See ye in yer dreams,” he said as he turned and started walking away.

“Mr. Woody?” she called to him, but he didn’t turn around. “Mr. Woody?”

Suddenly he stopped and laughed. 

Turning back to her he said, “Dat’s my name, isn’t it?  No one has ever called te me with a name before.”

“You’ll get used to it, Mr. Woody.  Will you come see me again soon?” she asked.

“You can count on it,” he replied.

“And will you tell me what the greatest treasure of the CountrySide is some time?” she inquired.

“As ye wish, Lily.  Not only will I tell ye, but in yer next dream, I will show ye,” he replied.  “Good bye … LilyGirl.”

He disappeared into the night.  But Lily knew she would see him again and again … in her dreams.


This dream comes from:

Zeke and Lily: OvernightZeke and Lily: Overnight

Zeke and Lily spend the night in his apartment. The result is an evening of events where their separate lives finally collide and they fall in love.

By morning, their fantasies had turned into their reality together.

But will it lead to a “happily ever after” for them?

Remember your first night at his place?

Kindle – Nook – PDF EBook – SmashwordsKoboGoogleLulu PaperbackCreateSpace Paperback


The Zeke and Lily Literary Universe
Zeke and Lily: Once Upon a Beginning Zeke and Lily: Overnight Zeke and Lily - Making a Memory Zeke and Lily - Her Diary Zeke and Lily - Ever After Zeke and Lily - Dream Catching Zeke and Lily - Resolutions Part One Zeke and Lily - Resolutions Part Two Zeke and Lily - By Summer's End
Zeke and Lily - For A LifeTime 

  Lily     Book 1   Book 2  Book 3 Book 4  Book 5  Book 6   Book 7 Book 8 Book 9 
Book 10 Book 11

Also attached to this series is:

Aria and the CountrySide

Taking place simultaneously with the end of book 6.

The Story of Lucy

Taking place years later.


Zeke’s cousin finds his Daddy side.

Full Force II: Dream Land

Dakota’s tale of forced regression continues when she schedules a regressive therapy session with a lady who turns out to be Lily’s Aunt.

The Creole Crawl

Zeke and Lily appear in a karaoke night at the famous New Orleans bar.

If you like the Zeke and Lily Literary Universe, I would also recommend:

……… The Mia Series ……….. and  …….. The Country Rose Series





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