Before Breakfast in the Bahamas

Before BreakfastTaken from:  Zeke and Lily: Making a Memory,

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here is a little story about how it feels to become little.

Before Breakfast in the Bahamas

Lily felt her body being wrapped in the blanket she was resting on and lifted.  She stirred slowly out of her sleep, whimpering slightly at the move.

“Shh, shh, shh,” Zeke’s voice calmly whispered.  “It’s okay.”

She slowly awoke in his arms as he swaddled her entire body in the blanket and carried her out onto the balcony to watch the sunrise.  There was a light scent of salt water that misted the early morning air and the gentle breeze felt refreshing as it danced across her cheeks.  This vacation to the Bahamas just kept getting better and better each day.

He took a seat and cradled her body close to him.  She thought of how she really wasn’t a morning person at all … unless she was with him.  This kind of pampering was something she enjoyed waking up to.  Turning her head towards the horizon, she awaited sunrise.  Traces of dawn light had long since arrived, but the big, bright fella in the sky hadn’t made his appearance yet. 

Zeke touched the nipple of a baby bottle to her lips.

“Open,” he softly commanded.

She did so, taking the bottle in her mouth and beginning to drink from it, but she kept her eyes to the horizon, wanting to see the first glimpse of the rising sun.  Patiently she waited and before long, it appeared.  Within minutes the sky lit up and life began to stir.  Light down across the water of the busy ocean and soon her body warmed while beaming golden rays reached the balcony and beyond.

She watched as the birds above, once silhouetted in darkness, began to soar across the sky.  Early morning beach walkers left tiny trails of footprints in the wet sand.  Die-hard early morning surfers appeared and rode the 7 a.m. high tide waves that kept crashing into the shore.

Lily closed her eyes while nursing from bottle.  Zeke reached his hand inside the blanket and onto her diapered bottom.  Instinctively, she leaned back and arched herself up while slightly parting her thighs to make her morning diaper check easier for him.  His concern for her health grew as he discovered she still hadn’t pooped in her diaper.  It had been more than a day since she had done so.  There had to be something wrong with her, yet her skin colored looked fine and she didn’t complain about discomfort.  Still Zeke worried.

She finished the bottle and let out a sigh.  She would sometimes wake with a sour stomach and her morning bottle always cured her.  Zeke leaned her against his chest and rocked her gently while patting her back.

“Are you feeling okay, BabyGirl?” he asked as he wiped the milk dribble from her lips and chin.

“Yes, Daddy,” she whispered quietly.  “I feel wonderful.”

Soon thereafter, she let out a stream of tiny, feminine burps.

“There ya go,” he said as she giggled, bringing her hands up out the blanket to rub her eyes.

He sat her up, returned her pacifier to her mouth, and embraced her.  She broke her arms out of the blanket and wrapped them around his neck as he stood up, and carried her into room.  Taking the blanket off her and placing it on the bed, he carried her into the bathroom.  He took her wet diaper off and lowered her into a waiting tub of warm bath water.  Her toes went in first.  The feeling of that warm water on her skin was incredible and yet another reason to wake up in his care.  Slowly her body entered the bath until at last; he brought her head to rest on a towel on the back edge of the tub.  She lay there for a moment ready to fall asleep again.

He washed her body by hand, from her feet to her diaper area to her back to her neck.  Then he washed her hair with deliberate slowness as he firmly, yet still gently kneaded his fingertips into her scalp, massaging her head.  He kept her in a sitting position as he tilted her head back and gradually streamed several pitchers of warm water through her hair.

She was in a state of euphoria when he finally lifted her out of the tub and wrapped her in a towel.  He sat her on the edge of the tub and placed her on his knee as he dried her body.  Placing the towel over her head, he patted the water out of her hair – a trick she had taught him to dry long hair without tangling it up.  He placed the towel over her shoulders and lifted her up into his arms once again.  They both paused and looked at their reflection in the mirror behind the sink and counter.  A sweet smile formed behind her pacifier and across her face as she lowered her head onto his chest and batted her eyelashes.  He held her closely, feeling the warmth of her body and the fresh scent the shampoo had left in her beautiful, dampened locks of hair.

Out into the bedroom they went and Zeke lowered her body from his chest to a seated position on the bed.  She raised her hands to the sky as he lowered a yellow baby-t over her head and shoulders.  With one hand behind her back and the other behind her head, he eased her body down flat to the bed.  He stood up and grabbed her diaper bag, searching through it for what he needed at the moment.  Lily bent her legs inward as she looked up at the dream catcher on the ceiling for a moment and then to Zeke who was unfolding a diaper and placing it on the bed. 

She felt consumed, all of the sudden, with a rush of shyness.  Getting her wet diaper changed had one particular effect on her senses, but being diapered after she had been in the shower or after she had just had adult clothing removed, touched her in an even more profound way.  This time she would take the full journey in her mind from being big to being little.

She stretched her limbs out, not in nervousness, but because she knew how wonderful it made her feel to be caressed into a little state of mind.  Zeke’s hands repositioned her torso on the bed as he placed himself next to her.  She felt her legs being drawn together and bent at the knees.  Her tummy became filled with those butterflies for which she so dearly ached.  Her heart began racing with a sensation she could term as nothing less than ‘pampered’. 

Holding her knees together, he raised her bottom off the bed.  She could hear the rustling of the diaper being situated underneath her.  With the feel of powder on her bottom, her transformation from big to little had begun.  His hand securely held her bottom in the air.  She felt so small in his grasp. 

Every single nerve-ending throbbed within her and pulsed to life, from the hairs on the top of her head to the tips of her fingers to the soles of her feet.  He lowered her bottom onto the diaper and rested her legs on the bed, parting them to fold the front of her diaper up and into place around her waist.  Her shoulders shrunk up and her chin lowered as she regressed, awaiting his instructions and his reassurance she was loved.  The feeling of being little had shied away and the feeling of being his baby had taken its place.

Zeke began to fasten her diaper into place as she drew her knees together and herself up into a ball.  The look on her face made clear her fragile and infantile state of mind and being.  He leaned forward and kissed her very softly on the forehead.  She closed her eyes and lightly touched her fingertips to his face.  He took a moment to rub noses with her.  She giggled behind her pacifier at the sensation it created. 

Then he kissed her on the nose, on the left cheek, on the right cheek, on the chin, on the neck and around to the back of her neck.  She scrunched up her shoulders and tossed back and forth, giggling behind her pacifier again.  He kissed her belly as she ran her fingers through his hair.  Then he gave her belly a “raspberry” as she collapsed her body around his head trying to get him to stop, half-heartedly of course.

She sat up and hugged him as he drew all of her wet hair behind her shoulders, allowing it to dangle freely down her back.  He began to brush the locks on her head until her hair was smooth without any kinks or rats in it.  The brush through her tresses was a heavenly sensation on her scalp.  She closed her eyes and rested her head on his shoulder, wishing this current encounter with his caressing touch would never end.

He put the brush down and began running his fingers through her hair, realizing the pleasurable effect it had on her.  He slowly drew her hair back into a ponytail, but just a few strands at a time so he was able to continue massaging her scalp and senses.  At last with all of her hair in his hand, he tied it up into a ponytail with a yellow ribbon, making an effort to match the color of her baby-t.

As she remained sprawled out on his chest, he slid a pair of white bib-overall shorts up her legs and into place, taking the opportunity to fasten the bib straps over her shoulders when he sat her up.  Her sandals went on her feet, and she stood up, finally ready to go.

“Come,” he said, taking her by the hand, helping her off the bed, and heading to the door.  “Breakfast awaits.”

He opened the door and they headed downstairs for their breakfast in the Bahamas.

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