Making New Friends and Getting Poopy

Zeke and Lily - For A LifeTimeTaken from:

Zeke and Lily (Book Ten): For a Lifetime

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here’s a little story about the importance of being a small fish in the sea and how to get poopy.


Making New Friends and Getting Poopy

Zeke and Lily spent the morning of their second day in the Bahamas simply playing in the blue water directly behind their hotel, riding waves in and eventually collapsing on the beach for a few hours of sunbathing. And as she tanned, Lily’s mind drifted back to the events of last night. Oh, those glorious memories would live a lifetime in her dreams and fantasies. She would remember every emotion, every sensation and every bit of how wonderful the embarrassment actually felt – now that it was over. Though it was intense as it happened, she knew that before long she would have an infatuation with the next time her Daddy taught her a lesson like he did last night.

They ate an early, light lunch and headed to Bimini, particularly North Bimini to go snorkeling and hopefully, so Lily could swim with the dolphins. It was the first thing she said when Zeke woke her up that morning and it was all she kept babbling about as he bathed her in the tub and still all she wanted to talk about during breakfast. She had become obsessed with swimming with the dolphins since she saw them in the blue waters yesterday morning. So, as soon as they got back to their room from breakfast, Zeke made a phone call and got them booked for snorkeling that afternoon.

Taking a cab from their hotel to Bimini, Zeke held Lily against him, trying to help her contain her excitement. But it was no use. She was going to bounce with impatience until she got to see the dolphins and swim with them. And on their drive to snorkeling, Lily saw an amazing waterfall in the distance, off to the right of the road. She remembered back to their last vacation to the Bahamas and the wonders she found of diving off another waterfall. Mental note: Make certain to dive from a waterfall before this Bahamas vacation was over.

But today’s adventure was still at the forefront of her thoughts. And as they arrived at the snorkeling site in North Bimini, she remembered back to the very first dream she had with Mr. Woody – the one where she traveled through the backyard into the woods and into the CountrySide, swimming in the Lake of Pearls with a school of fish. Maybe today she would experience what that felt like in real life. Oh, she couldn’t only hope it would feel as wonderful as it did in her dreams. And she could hardly keep from running into the endless blue water when she saw ii, but first she needed her flippers, the eye mask and the snorkel.

Standing in the front of the group, the only one completely geared up and ready to go, Lily listened as patiently as she could to the instructor’s advice and directions. But the one bit of advice that kept ringing in her ears was the very first thing that guy said:

“To increase your chances of a wild dolphin encounter in the water, remember this advice from the amiable folks at Bimini Blue Water Adventures: The more you free dive, spin around and act like a fish, the more likely you’ll be to end up looking a curious dolphin in the eye.”

Lily held Zeke’s hand as they waded their way into the blue water. And just as it appeared everywhere else, that warm water stretched out as far as the eye reached to the sun-soaked horizons. As the instructor explained, summer was always the best time for locating resident Atlantic spotted dolphins in the shallow waters off Bimini, thanks to calmer seas and warmer temperatures. But since the Bahamas always boasted warmer weather year-round, vacationers would always get a chance to share and underwater dance with the dolphins, if they were lucky. The dolphins didn’t always swim in so close as to interact, but on occasions, they did just that.

When the water reached her waist, Lily plunged her head underwater and began swimming. She was determined to dance with a dolphin and she knew that even if the dolphins didn’t like to dance with humans all the time, they would love to dance with her, if they allowed her the chance to get to know them. Zeke remained close behind Lily, certain that she would get her wish. There hadn’t been a human anywhere who had met her and not liked her. And the same went for animals – whether on land or in the sea. Lily had an appealing nature about her, engaging everyone with an honesty that most people lost with the end of their childhood. But since Lily kept a lifetime of littleness in her heart, she was able to share it with anyone who had forgotten to smile. And people loved her for it.

The groups snorkeling adventure took them to The Bimini Road, also known as The Road to Atlantis. But Lily’s attentions were directed to the nearby schools of fish that traveled through the coral reef beneath them. Snorkeling trips were normally done in shallow water, no deeper than twenty feet. And twenty feet was deep enough for fish. She hoped it was deep enough for dolphins, too.

Intrigued by the opportunity to dance with a school of fish, she swam to the surface, took in a deep breath and dove down towards a colorful school beneath her. But as she drew close to them, they swam away. Saddened a bit by this, Lily drew from the one thing in life, other than Zeke, that had seen her through every challenge that had arisen to face her … determination. There were more schools of fish around than she could count and there had to be one cluster of fish that was friendly. It was simply a matter of finding them, introducing herself and becoming their friend.

So she swam over to an even more colorful school of fish, right into the middle of them as they passed over a blanket of coral reef into a sunlit clearing underwater. And there, the golden rays beaming down through the waters illuminate her as she twirled in circles. Zeke stopped swimming a short distance away and took in a sight that he may never have seen otherwise in his lifetime. It was of Lily, floating freely and gently swimming as the fish quickly spiraled around her in a twirl that kept her spinning. They followed her to the water’s surface as she took in another deep breath of air and then returned to the depths as the fish twirled around her again, making a current that helped her to turn around in a circle.

And just that quickly, the school of fish was gone. She waved goodbye to them as they swam away but had no time to be sad for their departure as a smiling dolphin quickly swam over to her.

Her eyes grew big and wide as she came face-to-face with the dolphins. And for a moment or two, they just looked at each other. Then the dolphin smiled and she smiled back, an endearing instant that only fell second to the moment when they touched noses. It was as if the dolphin could see the fun she possessed, displayed clearly in the wonderment in her eyes.

The Dolphin began twirling in circles, turning over and over and then stopping to look back at her. Lily smiled again and twirled in circles just the same as the dolphin had done. Then she stopped to watch the dolphin swim down to the sands below, flicking his tail at them before swimming back up to her. It was a game of follow the leader, of anything you can do and Lily was having so much fun. Not only was she swimming with a dolphin but playing with him as well.

So she swam down to the sands and squatted down in them, spring-boarding herself back up and continuing to the surface for another deep breath of air. Then she swam down to the dolphin again and, following the wishes of her heart, reached out and hugged him. The dolphin flapped its fins and did its best to hug her back as they spun around in a circle. Then she clung to him as he swam upwards to surface, leaping up out of the water and diving back in.

And as the dolphin left, it turned around and skipped on its tail, cackling a noise as it waved goodbye with its fins.

The whole way back to the hotel, she remained silent, surprising Zeke quite a bit since he figured she would be talkative. But perhaps she just needed a little time to reflect on an encounter that only happened once in a lifetime. And clenched between her little fingers was the DVD the Bimini snorkeling instructor made, having captured the whole encounter for her so it would not only remain in her heart forever, but so she could see it, again and again, for a lifetime.

Lily stood in front of the bathroom mirror, wrapping her wet hair up in a towel. It felt really good to be clean of the salt water, but she never wanted to be rid of the memories she had made today. She had just done something that she may never have had an opportunity to do any time in the future. There certainly would be more Bahamas vacations in their future. But next time, her intentions would be to make every moment of that vacation all that it could be for Lucy. And to see Lucy one day swimming with a dolphin would make Lily happier than she currently was.

Walking out of the bathroom, Lily stopped suddenly, catching her breath at what she saw.

Zeke had spread out her soft white baby blanket on the bed. Sitting on the pillows was the first teddy bear he had ever bought her – the one that normally resided in Lucy’s crib these days. But Zeke borrowed it for the trip. Next to the blanket was Lily’s diaper bag, the sight of which always signaling her receptors to turn little her every thought and emotion. She lowered her chin and shrunk up her shoulders as Zeke walked up to her and littleness took her over. And for as much as she craved swooning in the moment, she also knew what he was about to make her do. It was nap time and it just didn’t seem like time well spent to sleep through a single moment longer than she needed while they were on vacation. But she was her Daddy’s little girl and she knew she would always do what he told her to do. But it didn’t mean she wouldn’t fuss about it.

“I don’t wanna take a nap,” Lily said with a pouty lower lip as she folded her arms over her naked chest. “Do I have to go to sleep, Daddy?”

“Yes, Princess,” Zeke said gently, picking her up into his arms.

“But we’re on vacation,” she sniffled, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist.

“Yes, we are,” he said, patting her on her bare bottom. “But you’re still a little baby. And you still need to take a nap.”

“But I don’t wanna,” she whined.

“Shh, shh, shh,” he softly shushed her, carrying her around the hotel room slowly as he began the syrupy-Daddy talk that would melt her into submission. “Be a good girl for Daddy. It’s time to dream like the little Princess you are.”

“I’m not tired,” she pouted as he carried her over to the bed and eased her down in the middle of her baby blanket.

“You’re fussy because you’re tired,” Zeke whispered, slipping the rubber nipple of her pacifier between her lips before handing her the teddy bear. “But you’ll feel much better after your nap.”

The soothing sounds of his voice, the super-softness of her baby blanket, the pacifier between her lips and the feel of the teddy bear in her arms as she hugged it like a little girl – all began the process of her acceptance. She was just a little girl – so little that she still wore a diaper. And as Zeke took a diaper from the diaper bag, her fussiness ceased as she instinctively bent her knees and drew her legs up to her chest. Submission had won her over again.

“That’s a good girl,” Zeke said very softly as he slid the diaper underneath and took powder to her bottom with his usual caressing touch.

Then he powdered her front, humming softly as he continued to make the environment conducive to sleep. Fastening the front of her diaper at her hips, he swaddled her completely in the baby blanket, picking her up and taking a seat on the bed. He used the remote to turn the TV on and picked up her baby bottle from the nightstand next to the bed. Slipping his pinky finger into the handle of her pacifier, he took it from between her lips, replacing it with the warmed, rubber nipple of her bottle.

Lily took the nipple in her mouth and began nursing from it, her eyes locked on his gaze, mesmerized by how he had complete control of her, yet never took advantage to how submissive she helplessly was.

But the sounds from the TV caught her attention as she saw that he had started playing the DVD of her snorkeling adventures. And while nursing from her bottle, she relived the experience once again – almost getting to the bottom of her bottle and the end of the video before she fell asleep in his arms.

Later that evening, they had a romantic dinner in a most-curiously named restaurant. It was at The Poop Deck of all names, that they shared a meal of fish and crab legs over candlelight with a bottle of Pinot Noir. But even when being romantic, Lily still kept her new-found nurturing need fresh within her psyche. And without even thinking about it, she picked up Zeke’s plate of food and began to cut it up into tiny pieces, just as she had done countless times for Lucy back home.

Grinning ear-to-ear, Zeke folded his hands and waited for her to finish. And when she was done, she placed his plate back in front of him – actually starting to eat her own food before she finally realized what she had done.

“Have I told you I love you today?” Zeke said, sharing a laugh with her.

The hysterically named Poop Deck Restaurant was a big hit at Sandyport and other places throughout the Bahamas. And now it had brought its fishy bill of fare to its new salmon-colored beachside eatery on Paradise Island. Zeke and Lily’s table sat in the sands and she took her heels off, scrunching the grains between her toes as she made a decision.

“Daddy, I don’t want to get married in heels,” Lily said, looking down at the sands. “They would be hard to walk in on the beach.”

Looking down at the sands again, she grinned a sly smile.

“What’s going on in that little mind of yours, Miss Wedding Planner?” Zeke asked with a returning sly smile.

“I ‘m thinking I don’t want to wear any shoes at all,” Lily said, looking up at him and raising her eyebrow.

There was a lot of hidden meaning behind her almost-constant barefoot condition at home. And it only seemed fitting that she be barefoot when she pledged her life to him before God.

“You certainly made some new friends today. Didn’t you, Princess?” Zeke asked pouring a second glass of wine for each of them.

Lily smiled sweetly, shrinking up her shoulders as she recalled her snorkeling adventures of earlier.

“The fishies tickled me as they swam around me, but it was the most amazing experience in my life, next to giving birth to Lucy,” Lily said with a sweet voice. “And I swear to you, they were smiling at me.”

“I bet they were,” Zeke said, slipping into that syrupy-Daddy Voice of his. “They were having a good time and they had made a new friend. They had a reason to smile. And I think that dolphin was smiling at you, too.”

“He was!” Lily exclaimed, drinking her second glass of wine straight down before handing him the glass to fill it again. “And when we danced on the surface, did you hear him talking?”

“Yes, I did,” Zeke said handing her another glass of wine, enjoying how free she was of worry, of trepidation and of the regrets of a past life, now gone.

“I named him,” Lily said with a slur to her speech before she drained the third glass of wine.

“You did?” Zeke asked with Daddy playfulness. “And what did you name him?”

“I named him Skippy!” Lily said throwing her arms out and enjoying the memories of happiness of the day as it mixed with the wine buzz in her head.

“Why did you name him Skippy?” Zeke asked, signaling to the waiter for their check.

“Because when he swam away, he looked like he was skipping across the water as he waved to me,” Lily said, trying to get up from her chair but stumbling.

“Woah, okay. Are you ready to go?” Zeke asked, helping her stand to her feet.

“Yes, I am,” she stated emphatically as she wrapped her arms around his waist on their way to the register. “But there’s something I want you to know, Daddy.”

“And what is that?” he asked, paying the bill and guiding her towards the entrance doors.

“I just wet my diaper,” Lily exclaimed in a loud, drunken tone.

And with that she lifted up the lower hem of her dress to show him the wet diaper at her waist. Lowering her dress, Zeke placed his hands on the sides of her face before leaning in and kissing her forehead.

“I’m also poopy,” Lily whispered with a little voice and an adorable grin.

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