Oh, That Voice

Overnight Cover bTaken from the second edition of

Zeke and Lily (Book 2): Overnight

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here is a little story about what the right timbre can do to a BabyGirl’s soul.


Oh, That Voice

Zeke carried Lily back the hallway to his bathroom, softly humming in her ear.  Lily rested the side of her head on his left shoulder, tucking up underneath his chin and listening to the vibrations of his vocal chords.  Oh, what unexplainable things the timbre in voice did her – at her core and on her surfaces.  Setting her down on her feet, he slid her skirt down to the floor.  She kicked it off her ankles along with her sandals.  Then he unbuttoned his shirt off of her as she lowered her arms to her sides – allowing it to fall to her elbows, then to her wrists and then to the floor.

“You’re beautiful, Lily,” Zeke said softly, Lily growing weak in the knees and feeling a slight buzz of dizziness as she gripped the bathroom counter behind her to prevent herself from collapsing to the floor.

His voice.  Oh, that voice.  She couldn’t really put it to words what his voice had the power to do to her, but she had spent every waking moment with his voice in her mind ever since their first phone call a few weeks ago.  There was a slight growl in his tone, reflective of a bit of age, but ultimately of thicker vocal chords.  There was a gentleness to it that seemed out-of-place in his body.  He just didn’t seem like he should possess such kindness and such care within his soul. 

But he did. 

And she could hear it every single time he spoke to her in that voice, in that … Daddy voice.

When he slid her wet pull-up down her legs, then kindly directing her to step out of them, Lily’s face turned red as she buried it in her hands.  Standing up, Zeke smiled warmly, wrapping his arms around her body and holding her close.  She felt small in his embrace and the warmth of his body, along with that glorious scent he had, soothed her as she grabbed both lapels of his shirt and buried her nose in the center of his chest – taking in a deep breath through her nose.  Rocking her back and forth, he kissed the top of her head.

It wasn’t just cologne that he smelled like.  It wasn’t just the scent of the detergent he had washed his shirt in.  And it wasn’t just the unscented pheromones he was emitting that swooned her further.  It was all of those things, but also something else.  His … Daddy scent.  Oh, she tingled all over, partially from being so naked but primarily from the natural submissiveness he unknowingly drew out of her.

Then again, maybe he was well aware of that, after all.  But he would never let on to it.

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.  Daddy will take care of everything, from a hungry tummy to a sleepy girl to a wet tushy,” he said while running the fingers of his left hand through her locks – stroking them to a smoothed lay.  “Soon you’ll be dry and powdered and in a soft diaper … where you belong.”

Another rush butterflies swarmed inside her, conducting a full waltz inside her stomach.  They weren’t flutterances of nervousness.  Quite to the contrary, they were of exhilaration.  They had purpose and they belonged inside her – in her heart always and in her stomach – when they mood so struck her … tummyflies.

Zeke put two fingers under her chin and raised her eyes up to look at him.

“Does that sound comforting?” he asked with a softened tone.  

She nodded her head ever-so-slowly and gazed up at him with want for the innocence within.  He touched the fingertips of his left hand to her hairline and gently drew them down her face once more.  Oh … he was good.  He was really, really good.  And she could see herself not only happily becoming lost in his world, but also, happily remaining lost in his world for the rest of her life.

Taking her by the hips, he gently lifted her up into his arms, resting the underside of her bare bottom on his right forearm.  Reaching for the container of baby wipes on the counter by the sink, he took a wipe to her bottom.  Initially, Lily shuddered at the coolness of the wipe.  Then she started shuddering at how gentle his hand was, at how tender and caressing his touch was.  And this made her feel even smaller in his arms.  Oh … he was great.  He was really, really great.  She could see herself not only spending every day by his side, but also, spending every night in bed with him – using the side of his body as her pillow.

Then he set her on the very edge of the sink, taking another wipe and caressing it across her front – from hip to hip.  She melted into the counter, keeping a locked gaze with him as he took yet another wipe down between her legs.  And this was when he began the gentlest of all. She gasped softly and then tremored, ever-so-slightly as tears welled in her eyes.  Who was he?  Really?  Who was he?  Who was this faceless online profile that he entered her life and re-invented the very essence of a beating heart?  And when was she going to wake up, then realizing that it was all a dream?

He lifted her up off the counter and began to tickle her sides, bringing her out of her girly, affectionate thoughts and back to the present moment.  She twitched and giggled as she kicked her insteps into his thighs, squirming in his arms until he stopped tickling her.  Then Lily settled down and laid her head on his chest again, reveling in how sweet he was being – from the oh-so-gentle touches to the fact that he could make her laugh.  And with each ticking moment, she was becoming more and more comfortable in letting down her guard of modesty – even if just temporarily.  It would be because of him that she could play the baby.  He made her so comfortable she never doubted him to be anything other than wonderful.  In her eyes and her heart, he definitely wasn’t a frog in a stolen crown.

Tossing the wipes in the waste basket, Zeke then took a pacifier clip-n-string out of his shirt pocket – attaching it to her pacifier.  The clip he attached to the shoulder of her white t-shirt.

“You might need this,” he said with a sneaky grin on his face that got her mind wondering what he was up to.

“Why?” she mumbled behind her pacifier.

“I’ll show you,” he said with a whispered voice. “Cover your eyes.”

She did so and he carried her out of the bathroom, down the hallway and toward the guest room.  As she was being carried, her mind began racing again at what she was about to see.  Zeke had this ability to absolutely astonish her with surprises.  He would remember little things she had said weeks ago and he would go out and find what she was talking about.  Whether it was a book or a movie or a pair of earrings, he would find it.

Opening the guest room door, he walked in and set her down on her feet – then spinning her around to face the room. 

“Okay, Princess,” he whispered to her, standing behind her and placing his hands on her shoulders.  “Open your eyes.”

She took her hands away from her face and her jaw dropped at what she saw, her pacifier falling from her mouth but staying attached to her t-shirt by that clip-n-string.  Lily was standing in the middle of a room Zeke had transformed into a nursery.  Not just any nursery, but one where he took every single thing, every single detail she gave him about what her dream nursery would look like, and he created it in that room.

She looked around intently and in an awestruck state of mind as she slowly walked over to a toy chest on the other side of the room.  Her steps were slow and somewhat aimless, almost as if she felt lost.  Kneeling in front of the toy chest, she opened the lid and her eyes grew wide with excitement as she bounced up and down when she saw every toy from her childhood.

From My Little Pony to Rainbow Brite to Cabbage Patch Dolls to Care Bears to every girl’s favorite, Barbie.  They were all there.  He even found a She-ra, Princess of Power action figure (thanks to Ebay). Not hesitating in the least, Lily began to pull everything out until the chest was empty.  There was no way that she could play with it all at once and maybe she didn’t really want to play with any of it.  Up until the moment she opened her eyes in the middle of that room, her dream nursery had only existed in her dreams.  She had never contemplated the possibility that she might, one day, see her dreams come true.

She had never believed in such a miracle.  Yet, there she was, learning to believe.  But her stunned condition didn’t lessen her zeal.

Standing up, she beamed the brightest of smiles – looking over at her Daddy magician with twinkling eyes.  Then she noticed what was on the walls … butterfly stickers in every color she could imagine!  She spun around in circles with her arms stretched out wide.  Then she noticed the crib!  It was loaded with teddy bears!  Brown teddy bears!  Would the surprises never end?  She ran over to the side of the crib and lowered it.  The sheets, oh the pink sheets had princess prints on them!

Fearing Lily would start peeing (which often happened when she got too excited), Zeke walked up behind her and lightly patted her bare bottom.  But Lily was beyond the point of listening, not for defiance – but rather, for inability to focus.  Once again, however, it was his voice that mesmerized her heart and helped her find point. 

“Someone still needs to be diapered,” he said as he delicately tried to direct her over to the changing table – another wonder in that room she hadn’t seen yet.

Lily felt a greater bit of dizziness, widening her stance to stay upright.  Oh, he had her spun into a blissful frenzy – not just from his care and attention, but also from his preparation of miracle fulfillment.  Shaking her head, she worked herself out of the dizziness and broke free of him – then running over to the closet, throwing the doors open and gazing at all the clothing hanging up.  It wasn’t AB clothing, but it all looked just cute enough that any outfit could give her that baby feeling when she wore it, without giving it away to anyone else.  So this clothing she could wear anywhere she wanted.

How practical and brilliant.

This entire room was created specifically for her, with her specific joy in mind.  And my, oh my, was she grateful.  Turning around to face him, she plowed into his chest – squeezing him as hard as her little arms would allow while trying to say the words Thank You as many times as she could inside of ten seconds. 

Then she spotted the book shelf in the corner.  Running over to it, she knelt down and began scanning through all the book titles.  Zeke picked up the unfolded, powdered and ready-to-go diaper he had spread out on the changing table – then moved in the direction of Lily.  At this rate, he would never get the diaper on her.

She stood up and saw the biggest basket of crayons she had ever seen, sitting to the side of the book shelf.  Next to that basket were coloring books.  Above the book shelf on the wall was a painting of a baby girl, lying on a Lily leaf, surrounded by a beautiful forest.  She became spellbound by it, and stared at it, absorbedly.

Zeke walked up behind her, positioned the diaper between her feet and slowly slid it up the inner lengths of her legs.  She gasped slightly and then closed her eyes as she crossed both of her hands over her sternum.  The feeling of the diaper on her skin made her shudder.  She became very still and quiet as he brought the diaper up the lower half of her body and into its place at her waist.  He fastened it carefully and tautly, though having a little trouble diapering her as she remained standing. Turning around to face him, she felt the gathered material between her legs keeping thighs a bit further apart than normal.  Daintily, she raised her hands up to him – her irises twinkling with innocence found … never to be lost again.

Lifting her up into his arms, Zeke carried her over to the nursery door.  When they got to the door, he asked her to turn the lights out.  And when she did, the ceiling lit up with glow-in-the-dark stars, aligned as they appeared in the summer sky.

Lily’s eyes grew big and wide for the umpteenth time and she covered her gaping mouth with her hands, new tears welling in her eyes.  Astronomy was a hobby of hers and now it would always be one that would usher her to sleep when she spent the night in that magical nursery. 

Those new tears welled fully and then streamed down her cheeks as he carried her back into the living room.  She was so overcome with emotion she couldn’t even make a sound.  He sat down on the couch and placed her across his lap in one connected motion. Wrapping her in a cotton blanket he had readied on the arm of the sofa, he propped her head and shoulders up.  Sitting on the table behind the couch was a baby bottle of milk she hadn’t seen when he carried her through the living room upon her arrival.

He touched the nipple of that bottle to the center of her bottom lip and then allowed his timbre to do the rest.

“Open,” he said with a soft whisper but one that she loud-n-clear.

It was just a single word, but oh, that voice.  It sounded like a lullaby – one she would always hear as the sweetest in her little world.

Without a bit of hesitation, she opened her lips and took the nipple into her mouth.  Closing her eyes and beginning to drink from the bottle, she rested the side of her face on his chest while curling her body up tightly against him in the fetal position.  What else could he possibly have planned?  What other surprises were in store?  And when was he going to ask her to marry him so she could live like this every day?

Zeke didn’t just have a head full of fantasy, but his thoughts were full of love.  His caring heart was evident in his actions, his words, his intentions, his being.  And while she knew he wasn’t perfect, she could see how hard he was trying to be exactly that.

Lily didn’t live every day like this, and she wouldn’t want to.  She was still an adult, and led an adult life, but she sure wouldn’t mind living like this a little more often. 

Her mind, always busy with thought and analysis, finally started to slow down.  Each thought that came to be was built off the previous one.  And the current conclusion was that she didn’t want to move a single muscle.  She was so comfortable just then, and the milk was making her sleepy.

People weren’t perfect, but intentions were and results could be too.

Zeke brushed her bangs out of her eyes, rocking her gently while watching her nurse from the bottle.  She was so placid and at peace while also being filled with liveliness. He ran the fingertips of his left hand ever-so-softly over her eyebrows and down her cheeks.  There was a glow about him and a greater emission of warmth from his body, thusly a greater emission of pheromones.  And Lily remained nestled against his torso, gazing up at him with contentment as she took tiny swallows of the milk.

Then he started humming again.  She couldn’t place the tune, but it didn’t really matter.  It was his voice, resonating throughout his chest and keeping her closer than she would have been otherwise, that rang true as the melody.  And Lily?  She was his harmony.  Together, they were a song that would make memories and more.

“Oh my,” Zeke softly whispered, placing his right thumb on the side of her chin and drawing upward to wipe away the dribble of milk that had escaped the corner of her mouth.

Lily smiled warmly, for as much as a rubber nipple in her mouth would allow her to smile.  And she became rich with affection, mesmerized by the simplest, thoughtful actions of this wonderful guy who was filled with more surprises than she could have ever believed.

But she was learning to believe.  Oh, yes.

Another rush of tummyflies began to waltz inside her, bringing fidgetiness to her surfaces.  And as she gently shifted in her lay, she crinkled – becoming affected all over again by the reality that her best-kept secret of life was a secret no longer.  There was something to be said and to be felt when recognizing that he knew everything about her.  With that came a greater sense of vulnerability – but with safeguard, of helplessness – but with assurance … and of insecurity – but with trust so intimate and so strong that she happily became weak.

Lily tightened her lips around the rubber nipple and drew it a bit further into her mouth as he placed his right hand on her diapered bottom, patting her gently and rocking her even more gently.

“I love you back, Lilian,” Zeke whispered with a heavy timbre in his tone.  “And I know I always will.”

Lily melted where she lay, feeling paralyzed for the overload of emotions that he had just welled up from inside – the same as how the new set tears had formed across her irises.  But before she could get too internally sentimental, the sound of air being drawn out of an empty bottle broke the silence.

She had finished the bottle and her last few seconds with that rubber nipple between her lips had put air in her tummy.  Oh, this was so poorly timed to have happened just then, in the midst of a growing and deepening affection.  Blissfulness turned to fuss and there was nothing Lily could do about it as her tummy suddenly felt fuller than capacity – discomfort setting in right away.

No, there nothing Lily could do about it.  But Zeke, on the other hand, was prepared for this eventuality.

Setting the empty bottle aside, he placed his right hand on the lower lumbar of her back.  Placing his other elbow in the middle of her back, he held her neck with his left hand and positioned his left forearm up her spine as he sat her up.  Shifting himself forward on the couch, he parted her legs around either side of him – Lily crossing her ankles behind him and clinging to him through the fuss.

“Shh, shh, shhh,” Zeke shushed her and he began to pat her back, Lily softening her fuss as the air in her tummy had worked itself into a gas bubble.

But oh, those three little shushes echoed in her mind as she closed her eyes and rested the side of her head on his sternum.  It was a calming moment indeed, but one that only lasted a moment as the gas bubble worsened.  Zeke held her close and kept gently patting her back until a small burp escaped her lips, followed by an even bigger one.

Then her frame relaxed and slumped against him.

“Shh, shh, shhh,” Zeke shushed her again as he leaned back, keeping her against his chest.

Oh, that voice.  Oh, that wonderful voice.

Then her eyelids began to twitch.  She had begun dreaming …

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