Pink Monopoly and the Princess Fortress

Zeke and Lily: Dream Catching

Book 6 in the Romantic Saga of Zeke and Lily (an ABDL Daddy & BabyGirl).

Here’s an excerpt from it:

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“Well, aren’t you just the most adorable thing in the world,” Zeke said from the bedroom doorway.

“Daddy!” Lily squealed, running up to him with extended arms and hugging him tightly.

He lifted her feet off the ground and twirled their embrace in circles. She had been so absorbed in her own little world that she didn’t hear him ringing the doorbell nor did she hear Keira walk down the stairs and let him in.

But none of that matter now. Zeke had returned from his trip and her world, little or not, was complete once again.

“I missed you so much, Princess,” Zeke said, lifting her up into his arms as she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck.

They left Keira’s place and headed to the car. Lily held his hand and skipped alongside him. She was never more so happy-go-lucky as she was just then.

Approaching his car, she could see two little paws and a tiny head, straining to look out the front passenger’s window. It was Pretzel and she was just as overjoyed and excited to see Lily as Lily was to see her.

Lily broke free from Zeke’s hand and ran towards the car. Zeke remote-unlocked the car with his keys and Lily opened the passenger’s door, picking up the little poochy and twirling around with it just as Zeke had done with her back in Keira’s spare bedroom.

This was a happy reunion for all. She got in the car and bounced up and down. He was back! Seeing the half gallon of Turkey Hill Iced Tea sitting in the middle of the seat, she picked it up and waited for him to get in the car before cracking it open and beginning to chug from it just like he always did.

Zeke smiled as he got in. She was an adorable sight to behold, sitting on her knees on the front seat holding a big container with her tiny hands. After having drunk as much as she could, she lowered the container, letting out a little burp before sharing a wink and a smile with him.

“So what did you girls do this week?” he asked her, starting the car and backing out of the driveway.

“Not much at the beginning,” Lily said. “Keira was really tired when she first came home from the hospital and the medication she had to take knocked her out for most of like … the first two days. So I got to play nurse.”

“I’m sure she was very grateful that you stayed with her and took care of her,” he said.

“Tay-Tay and I got her out of the house yesterday to do a little shopping,” Lily said, petting Pretzel.

“Oh my,” Zeke said with a grin, knowing how Lily and her sister were shopaholics.

“I’m so glad you’re home,” Lily interrupted, changing the subject and sliding over next to him. “I missed you so much.”

“And I will hopefully only need to make one more trip to the Big Apple yet,” he said, putting his arm around her. “But that’s not for a couple weeks. Then … no more book trips.”

“And how was your week, Pretzel?” Lily asked, scratching the pooch behind her ears.

“Mom said that Pretzel was an adorable companion to have had for the past few days, but taking care of her was a little more work than what she is capable of doing these days,” Zeke said with a laugh before petting the dog on the head. “Gave her a little trouble there, did ya?”

“Noooo, not my little Pretzel,” Lily said with a laugh. “She would never do that!”

“So what are you up for tonight?” Zeke asked her.

“Nothing,” Lily answered quickly and assuredly.

“Nothing?” Zeke asked.

“Nothing,” Lily replied again while yawning. “Just you and me … and the whole evening alone.”

“Ahh,” he said with recognition. “I can see someone’s getting tired.”

Lily nodded without hesitation before scooting next to him and placing her head on his shoulder.

“You’ve had a busy day so far, haven’t you?” he asked as she nodded. “Maybe a little quiet time is what you need then.”

With no other words spoken, Lily regressed, almost as if she had been waiting until his return to be able to do so. Everything seemed all right now because he was back. And his simple question of her sleepiness had made her feel wonderful inside. It showed he cared and that he was thinking of her health.

She also knew that at that very moment, he was all ready setting up in his mind what the rest of the evening would include. She smiled, just thinking about what he was dreaming up for her.

The elevator doors opened to their apartment and Pretzel made a mad sprint up and down the hallway, into each room and then back to the living room with an excitement to be home and to happily report that she had personally checked everywhere and all was well.

“Ohh,” Lily exclaimed, flopping down on the couch in the living room, not noticing Zeke walking into her nursery. “It’s so nice to be home.”

“So tell me what the one thing was you enjoyed doing the most this week?” Zeke asked from the nursery.

“Probably the pink monopoly game,” Lily answered before sitting up and calling to him. “Can I have a snack, Daddy?”

“I was going to make you grilled cheese,” Zeke said reappearing from the nursery with a blanket, a diaper and a few other things.

Lily saw what was in his hands and her tummy became filled with butterflies. He was about to “baby” her and she couldn’t help but begin the usual shy behavior that always preceded it. It was a delicate and wonderful game she played of acting like she didn’t want to be babied while actually wanting it so badly she could hardly stand the time it took for him to push the coffee table away from the couch, spread the blanket out on the living room rug between the couch and the table, walk over to her, kneel in front of her on the couch and begin to untie her shoelaces.

“So what is it about this pink monopoly that you love so much?” Zeke asked while slipping off her shoes and ankle socks.

He never talked about the diaper change, but rather about other random topics, all with the intent of making her feel little, as if she had no decision but to accept her upcoming infantile treatment.

“It’s pink,” she whispered quietly, in her little girl voice.

The little feeling had all ready taken over her emotions enough to affect her ability to speak. Soon, she would be skipping letters and speaking in more gibberish than intelligible English.

“Yeah? And what else?” he asked, tapping her lower back to signal for her to stand up.

She stood and followed his guidance over to the blanket as he reached his hand up under her checkered skirt to feel her diapered bottom, wet from the iced tea she drank.

She lowered her chin, absorbing the soft pats to her bottom, always a reassuring gesture he made that told her he wasn’t upset with her, but that he expected her to be wet. It was a special way to tell her he was proud of her.

“What else about the pink monopoly” he asked, unzipping her skirt in the back and sliding it down her legs.

“It gots a bunch a girly stuff I like…” Lily answered before stopping suddenly as he ran his hands down the back of her smooth legs.

It was that sense of touch which always consumed her when he did it. He ran his left hand up the tender skin of her inner thigh until he reached her center, sliding a finger inside her diaper to see how wet her front was.

“Girly stuff, huh?” he asked, while helping her to gently sit down on the blanket. “Like what?”

“Boutiques,” she responded as she raised her hands to the sky for him to lift her baby-t up and off.

She now sat on her baby blanket in the middle of the living room, naked – except for the wet diaper around her waist.

She felt so small before him. It was a feeling that warranted, if not demanded her shyness. And she couldn’t get enough of it. Each second seemed to tick so slowly and the waiting drove her further into a little space in her mind where she could be completely vulnerable without worry or care or fear.

He unfolded the diaper he brought from the nursery and placed it flat on the blanket next to her. She gazed at the diaper longingly, not just for it being dry but also for what it represented to her. She was his BabyGirl and soul mate, and she always would be.

Along the way, she had become his girlfriend, his lover, his fiancée and wife-to-be, but it always went back to the basics for her, that beginning when she met him and shared her secret, that moment when they connected and knew that the future would hold a lifetime of unconditional love.

He leaned in and embraced her, placing a hand behind her head as he eased her down on her back.

He fixed his eyes on hers, seeing the need for care she was pining for, the attention to her mind as well as her body which only he knew how to do.

“I love you, Lilian,” he whispered softly to her, the mixture of her name and the littleness inside her producing tears in her eyes.

“I love you, Ezekiel,” she replied as they touched the tips of their noses and wiggled them back and forth.

She giggled and drew her knees up to her chest, rubbing the tip of her nose with her palm as it always gave her a ticklish feeling when he did that.

She lowered her hand and instantly received the pacifier to her lips. Taking it in shyly, she closed her eyes as he placed his lips on her forehead while placing his hand once more on her diapered peach.

And when he touched her like that, with gestures that riveted both sides of her, she instantly submitted to him. It was a wonderful moment of helplessness she felt.

He sat up and slid the diaper underneath her before lowering her legs back down and unfastening the tapes of her wet diaper. Lily smiled brightly behind her pacifier and nursed from it as she looked up at him with admiration.

Placing the new diaper underneath her before removing the dirty one she was wearing was a trick he had learned along the way, making it easier to position the new diaper properly without having to guess.

The cool air rushed across her peach as he lowered the front of her diaper down between her legs. This sensation was heightened as she had shaven herself smooth for him earlier that day. And it was heightened even more so as he took a wipe to her skin, from her left hip, across her midriff, to her right hip and then down her front as he curled her legs up, lifting her bottom in the air slightly and sliding the wet diaper away.

He wiped her bottom in the same gentle, caressing fashion as the front. There was no particular hurry, though the thrill of being walked in on was always present, just not probable.

And then came the dusting of powder she adored as much as anything else. That sweet scent filled the air, pushing her further towards regression and robbing her of syllables to communicate how it made her feel.

She whimpered from behind her pacifier, nursing on it slowly as he lowered her bottom into the cradle of her new diaper, a Bambino diaper which always gave her the one thing she never had in life – a butt. This, however, was a welcomed bulk, being a “diaper” butt.

With her knees still bent, her feet returned to the blanket and she parted her legs for him, instinctively at the moment but also as a sign of a further deference which fluttered inside her as well, but would wait till then – the agonizing truth of being a submissive.

Then the dusting of powder began on her front, from her hips to her midriff and down between her legs, where the skin was most sensitive and most responsive to a soft, delicate touch of caring, tender fingertips.

And then, he folded the diaper up between her legs and into place, fastening the tapes at her hips. The sound of tapes always echoed in her ears like a melody, sweetened from the experience.

He slowly sat her up, putting her hands behind her head and back. She followed, sitting up and thrusting right into a little girl’s embrace of his chest. There was no finer moment of bonding between a BabyGirl and her Daddy than the experience of having her diaper changed. It was the ultimate sign of affection and with no words, could convey to her how much he cared.

Who else would be so loving, so caring as to not only protect her and her secret passion, but also to welcome it into their relationship than a Daddy who loved her like no other?

“I’m gonna go make you something to eat,” Zeke said, rocking her back and forth while patting her back. “Why don’t you go into the nursery and get some toys for the night, okay?”

She nodded, standing to her feet.

“That’s a good girl,” he said sweetly as he stood to his feet and patted her diapered bottom before she skipped back to the nursery happily.

She ran into the nursery and stopped, looking at herself in the mirror over the dresser. She smiled, realizing that he wasn’t going to be dressing her in any other clothing that night. And all she was wearing was her baby diaper and her earrings.

She ran over to the toy chest, flipping it open and tossing things left and right until she found her coloring books. She tucked them under her arm, picked up the big bucket crayons next to the toy chest, ran over to the crib and gathered an armful of stuffed animals before returning to the living room.

She set everything on the blanket, positioned between the couch and the coffee table and began to set up her play area for the night.

First, she gave every teddy bear its own place to sit. Then she opened her pink laptop on the coffee table. She turned the television on, flipping directly to Nickelodeon before dumping out a ring of crayons around her and spreading the coloring books out while opening them all to the last pictures she had drawn.

She sat there, Indian-leg style and placed her hands on her knees as she looked around at her set up. She let out a contented sigh behind her pacifier that everything was now in its place.

Right on time, Zeke returned from the kitchen, placing the plate of the grilled cheese sandwiches on the coffee table. Lily crawled over and situated herself in front of the plate, allowing him to remove her pacifier before eating.

She smiled as she looked at the sandwiches. He had cut them all into four equal and perfect squares, making them the perfect finger food. He also set a sippy cup of apple juice next to the plate. Apple juice was perfect for washing any food down.

And as she began eating, he put a bib around her neck, drawing her hair back into an extremely loose ponytail as to not damage her frailty of follicles, but also to keep it out of her food.

Then Zeke took some of the cushion pillows off the couch and built a wall around her.

“Your Princess Fortress,” he stated proudly as Lily clapped and bounced in approval, delighting in the silliness he was displaying.

He sat on the couch behind her and watched her as he attention as drawn back to her grilled cheese sandwiches as well as the cartoon showing. She looked back at him once again, smiling her content.

Oh, what a happy night this would be!


Zeke and Lily - Dream CatchingZeke and Lily: Dream Catching

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