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The Psychology of a Schoolgirl’s Mind

The Psychology of a Schoolgirls MindTaken from:

The Zorro Daddy ABDL Sampler

(Available exclusively on Kindle)

here is a little story about the “why?” and even more importantly, the “why not?”.


The Psychology of a Schoolgirl’s Mind

Ophelia looked over at Robbie, the two girls always having been competition for one another – first in high school and presently in college, since they both selected the same university to attend. But on this day, they would be forced to do the most unthinkable thing of all. They would have to work together as it seemed they both had a common enemy in their midst. And that common enemy’s name was Raquel Myers.

“Miss Myers,” the professor said, startling Raquel back from her daydream. “Is there something outside that window you keep staring through that’s more interesting than your education?”

“Um …,” Raquel said, clearing her throating and lowering her chin while smiling shyly. “No.”

Ophelia and Robbie glared her down with daggers in their irises. Oh, how irritating it was that Raquel could get the professor’s attention by ignoring him just as easily as listening to him. But those two weren’t the only girls in the classroom who were vying for his attention and the competition was anything but pleasant – despite how attractively almost every female in that class had dressed … all of them hoping that the professor would pick them for one of his infamous after-class private tutoring sessions.

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The Signature

I sometimes get an ear-full from people who tell me that it is wrong for me to be selling ABDL ebooks and that, instead, I should just be posting them online – making them free for all to read.

I thought a lot about that over the past four years of doing this ebook thing.  And the conclusion I came to is that, despite the fact that I sell ABDL ebooks, I have always posted enormous amounts of free samples.  Much to the chagrin of several publicists I’ve been in touch with about marketing, I believe I will always post free samples.

Selling ebooks doesn’t make me rich.  I’ll admit that I haven’t had to look hard to find the money each month to pay the cell phone company and the cable company, but by no means am I swimming in cash because I put a bunch of diaper stories on Amazon.

It’s a bit of a dream, I suppose, that one day I just might write something so popular as the 50 Shades books.  And after that, I wouldn’t need to worry much about money anymore.  But even at that point, free samples would still need to be a part of the practice.

Thinking back on the now-completed signature series, The Zeke and Lily Saga, I remember when I first started writing it.  I remember who the character of Lily was based off of.  But more than anything else, I remember where that series, as well as everything I have written, was born … in my heart.

And I also remember all the samples I gave out along the way:

Once Upon a Beginning

Butterflies and “BabyGirls” of the World
How Lily First Took His Breath Away


“Skinny Dipping”
When Mr. Woody Met Lily

Making a Memory 

The Turbulence & the Saving Grace
“When Mr. Woody took Lily to the Stars”
Before Breakfast in the Bahamas

Her Diary

Entry One Read it  or Listen to it
The Kind of Girl You Bring Home to Meet Your Mother

Ever After

“What She Found on the Front Seat”
“When Mr. Woody helped Lily turn a Windmill”
Dream Catching
Saturday, April 16th
Pink Monopoly and the Princess Fortress Story  Audio
Dirty Laundry and Cartoon Napping Story  Audio
“When Mr. Woody showed Lily the Answers Inside

Resolutions (Part One)

“Pillow Talk”
“When Mr. Woody helped Lily become Surrounded with Love”

Zeke & Lily 10 - For A LifeTimeFor A LifeTime

Confessions In the Moonlight
Making New Friends and Getting Poopy
Though the signature series is complete, there are so many other stories yet to come.  Zeke and Lily were merely the beginning but will always remain at the center of my heart.  Their stories are the ones I lived. 
Other stories I simply write, but all of them … I feel.  And every word will always be a piece of my heart..

The Style of Life

The Style of LifeTaken from:

The Zorro Daddy ABDL Sampler

(Available exclusively on Kindle)

here is a little story about a lifestyle – so right and so fitting that it can become … the style of life.

The Style of Life – 

Dakota’s lips searched frantically for the missing rubber nipple of her pacifier, then finding it and drawing it back in her mouth as she opened her eyes. She was still lying on the side of her Daddy’s body, using his frame as a pillow. Looking up at him, she smiled. Oh, what a perfect way to wake up on a beautiful Saturday morning.

“Good morning, Daddy,” Dakota said, taking the pacifier out of her mouth and whispering up to him with a small, sweet tone.

“Good morning, BabyGirl,” he said, his morning voice making the timbre of his tone a bit deeper still as it vibrated inside his chest.

Clinging to his side, Dakota placed the pacifier back in her mouth and returned her left hand to the little section of his t-shirt on his right shoulder that, by the looks of the wrinkles, she had clenched with her left hand all night long. He brought his left hand up from its placement on her diapered bottom and slid his fingers into the hair at the back of her head – gently massaging her scalp. Then he sniffed the hair on the top of her head, one of his favorite things to do.

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The Lasting Impression

CrimsonTaken from: Crimson


NookIbookPDF EbookSmashwordsKobo

here is a little story about patience and the impressions we’ve always wanted to make.


The Lasting Impression

What do you wear on a second date?

Countless magazine articles and even more countless websites had so much advice to offer Trisha that she felt her head spinning just as much as it did last night after she and Kim, her roommate, went through that second bottle of Pinot Grigio before calling it a night.

But the trouble Trisha faced wasn’t so much what to wear on a second date as it was how to act. And on top of that, tonight wasn’t actually a second date with Derrick. It was more like an 8th or 9th date with him, including several nights at his apartment and some unforgettable, mind-blowing sex.

But in many ways, tonight actually was a second date – because up until now, she hadn’t revealed all of herself to him. No girl revealed it all right away, but then again, most girls don’t leave the biggest part of themselves out of the picture for as long as Trisha had with Derrick.

So, if the nature of a first date was designed to leave a first impression, then this date was designed to leave the lasting one.

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The ABDL Apartment Book 3

The ABDL Apartment Book 3The ABDL Apartment Book 3 completes this multi-sexual trilogy about several ABDL couples with varying degrees of darkness and purity who came together under one roof and formed friendships that bonded them.

This third installment sees those bonds becoming stronger and the friendships deepening as one of them struggles with damage from an abusive past, one of them struggles with conflicting bisexual interests and one of them just wants a dream nursery to live in forever.

Join Dallas-n-Dixie, Reece-n-Sidney and Violet as their lives reach a fevered pitch at the end with a climax that was destined to happen.

KindleNook – Ibook – PDF EbookSmashwordsKobo

Stay the Night With Me
Burying the Needle


The HodgePodge Series

The Dynamic Story From Sun Up to Sun Down   Deja Vu Lucy The ABDL Apartment BookThe ABDL Apartment Book 2 The ABDL Apartment Book 3 BabyLove Country Rose Country Rose 2 Country Rose 3 Climax One Hot Night Another Hot Night Crimson
The Dynamic Story
From Sun Up to Sun Down: The ABDL 3-Way Experience
That’s When I Knew …
Late Friday Evening … Early Saturday Morning
Johnny and the Princess
Deja Vu: Inamorata to Illuminati
The ABDL Apartment Book
The ABDL Apartment Book 2
The ABDL Apartment Book 3
Country Rose
Country Rose 2
Country Rose 3
One Hot Night
Another Hot Night

Burying the Needle

Burying the NeedleTaken from the multi-sexual:

The ABDL Apartment Book 3,

KindleNook – Ibook – PDF EbookSmashwordsKobo

here is a little story about living life at a pace faster than you’ve ever gone before.


Burying the Needle

Saturday, August 22nd
Sidney clung to Reece’s back, her arms wrapped around him so tightly that it seemed likely he would be having trouble breathing and her nails sinking into his chest so much that it seemed likely he would have scars after this. Her legs wrapped around his waist with the same extreme tightness that her entire torso was plastered against his back, her ankles crossed and locked in front of him in such a manner that it seemed likely his midriff would forever have imprints of her heels.

To top all of this off, she was screaming at the top of her lungs, a sound that would have been deafening had she not bitten down on the rubber nipple of her pacifier, closing her lips around it to keep it from flying out of her mouth. Her hair was flapping in the wind, blowing straight back as Reece twisted the handgrip – getting them up to 75 miles an hour. Her heart pounded as she buried her face between his shoulder blades, never having actually looked up even once – for all the bike rides they had taken together that summer. Oh, but she loved the thrill of it all – the blurred view of everything as they sped by it, the wind rushing through her locks, the need to cling to him for a sense of security and the knowledge that they were moving at the speed of their lives. And that speed? Well, it hadn’t ever exceeded 90 miles an hour, but his Ninja could get up to 180 … at least that was all the higher the speedometer visually measured.

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Stay the Night With Me

The ABDL Apartment Book 3Taken from the multi-sexual:

The ABDL Apartment Book 3,

KindleNook – Ibook – PDF EbookSmashwordsKobo

here is a little story about nurturing, of one’s self, of the heart and of the body – whether innocent or otherwise.


Stay the Night With Me

August 15th, 8pm
What an eventful Girls Only day it had been -, to St. Louis and back, traveling up to the top of the Gateway to the West arch and getting stuck in those ridiculous tram pods on the way. Ugh. For as adventurous of a day as it had been, it was also supposed to be a relaxing day – when girls could be girls and fun could easily be had. Though none of them regretted the trip, the fatigue from the total to-n-fro six hours of driving had set in … or so they thought it had.

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