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The Mommy Grats: Girl Power 5

Mommy Grats - Girl Power 5The Dynamic Story of Dominique & Winnie continues. (Girl Power 2, Girl Power 4)

And as the good weather approaches New Orleans, Winnie gears up for summer classes, exploring the French Quarter a lot more as well as exploring her life-changing love for Dominique with a desire to do more than just assume the role of a BabyGirl.

Winnie wants to be born again and in her quest for renewal, she develops an even greater satisfying connection with Dominique – one that speaks of instinct and one that challenges her to be all that she has ever wanted to be.

This is not a Daddy & BabyGirl story.  It’s the polar opposite, but the dynamic remains the same.

Sample: Instinct

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 The Mommy Grats

Mommy Grats - Boy Toy 1 Mommy Grats - Boy Toy 2 Mommy Grats - Boy Toy 3 Mommy Grats - Boy Toy 4 Mommy Grats - Boy Toy 5
….. Boy Toy …….. Boy Toy 2 …… Boy Toy 3 …… Boy Toy 4 …… Boy Toy 5
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Instinct – Both Parts

Girl Power 5Taken from:

The Mommy Grats: Girl Power 5

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here is a little story about coming home and finding everything to be the same while realizing how much had changed.

(Note: This ain’t no Daddy-n-BabyGirl story.)


Instinct – 

May 18
Dominique smiled warmly while standing in the receiving area at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. Sweet Louie Air, as it was known locally, was only a half hour west of the French Quarter and a quick trip. She was there to pick up Winnie, her beloved BabyGirl and sudden inspiration in life. But it wasn’t the ease of the quick trip that had Dominique smiling so warmly. Instead, it was the sight of an exuberant Winnie, jumping up-n-down, waving and sprinting towards her from the walkway of Corridor B.

The spring semester at LSU had only finished ten days ago and Winnie had only been gone for that long, having traveled back home to Kansas to spend a little time with her family and friends before returning to the Big Easy and to LSU for both summer sessions – the first one beginning tomorrow.

Winnie skipped the rest of the way, then running into Dominique’s arms and giving her an enormous full-bodied hug.

Well, hello there,” Dominique said, embracing her sweetly. “Miss me much?”

“Much … Very much,” Winnie said with a softened voice that dawned on shakiness from forthcoming tears.

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The Princess of Infantilum

The Stories of TimeTaken from:

Rock-a-Bye BabyGirls: The Stories of Time

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here is an AB fairy tale from the softer and gentler side of things.


The Princess of Infantilum

IsabellaOnce upon a time there was a beautiful girl named Isabella. She was the Princess of the Kingdom of Infantilum, but she wasn’t just any princess. She was an AB Princess because her heart never wanted to leave infancy so she never left infancy.

She was very well taken care of and lived in a wonderful castle on a grassy hill with groves of trees and orchards surrounding it. The weather was always sunny and warm during the day, and the nights were always cooler and rainy so the land could be replenished with water for the next day.

She led a very happy life. Her bedroom was a perfectly decorated, pink nursery. Everything had its place and it was always neat and orderly. Her crib had every stuffed animal that any girl could ever want and it sat by a window where she could look outside. Her changing table was always fully stocked with everything she would need and it stood next to the crib. Her closet was stuffed so full of AB clothing that the door sometimes didn’t shut, and her toy chest was overflowing with toys. The rocking chair was overloaded with the finest collection of dolls ever seen. She was very, very spoiled, but she never took anything for granted and remembered to thank everyone who took care of her.

Travel Further into the Fairy Tale

ABDL Nympho: Book 3

The ABDL Nympho Book 3Enter the world of Nymphomania and Age Play for a third time with this collection of erotic tales that not only deal with lustful desires, but also emotional ones.

The BabyGirls in these stories learn that the physical is amazing, but when coupled with the discoveries of self, the physical can be breath-taking – especially when done again and again and again … and again.

Needless to say, this not a pure-n-innocent ABDL book, but it’s also not a dark and BDSM-ish one, either. Oh, there are certainly some bare bottoms that will be smacked.  And the need to be tied up and tied down will be penultimate in necessity. But the diapers are never far away and whether it’s a Mommy who nurtures her or a Daddy who babies her, each BabyGirl in this book will regress and melt – on her way to becoming a nympho.

Sample: Unbroken

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UnbrokenTaken from:

ABDL Nympho: Book 3

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here is a story about strength and beauty … and what it takes to become unbroken.



Strength is often viewed as a physical thing first and then as a mental one or an emotional. And perhaps it is viewed as physical first because physical strength is something we can visually see in actions.

Magnolia bushes and Magnolia trees are very visually striking with large blossoms. And the concept of Magnolia represents many dual things simultaneously – most prominently symbolizing strength with beauty.

Put the word Steel in front of it, and once you stop thinking about the movie, suddenly Magnolia depicts the strength of women.

The Magnolia is eternal, dating back through 20 million years of fossil records. What this means is: The Magnolia existed before the known presence of bees and therefore, was likely first pollinated by beetles.

In 20 million years, the Magnolia has had to adapt to changing climates and geological locations, in order to survive and to flourish. And no matter what the circumstances have been, Magnolias are still around and thriving just as much as they always have, since the beginning of time.

Magnolias suddenly seem pretty strong, don’t they? And they’re also beautiful. Dinosaurs were pretty strong, too. But dinosaurs are extinct, aren’t they?

For that reason, perhaps strength must first come from within before it can surface and finally be seen. Just perhaps.

Now, add the different colors to Magnolia and you get even deeper meanings still:

White Magnolias stand for purity and perfection.
Pink Magnolias symbolize youth, innocence, and joy.
Green Magnolias stand for joy, health, luck, and good fortune.
Purple Magnolias send out vibrations that help in achieving wishes of luck and health.
Magnolia Brown – ????

This is the story of Magnolia Brown, an average every day girl with a few kinks on the side – just like the rest of us. No one knew Magnolia the way she knew herself. The only twist to all of this was: She wasn’t aware of it yet. But all of that was about to change with the snapping of fingers as she learned how to become unbroken.
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The Mommy Grats: Boy Toy 5

Mommy Grats - Boy Toy 5This ain’t no Daddy/BabyGirl ABDL book.  But it still speaks of the dynamic of love that an age play couple knows well.  

This book of adult erotica continues the journey of ABDL and age play by presenting a series of stories about dominant woman and submissive men.

Opposites attract and when polar opposite, they attract much stronger – with a bond that is often unbreakable.  From nurturing and acceptance to stamina and a few blushing cheeks, these stories mix the pure-n-innocent with the dark-n-sexual, making humiliation out of humble pie in a routine of crib activities.

The roles and names may be different but the age play dynamic remains intact and Boy Toy 5 shows that there is no greater love than that shared between a Mommy and her BabyBoy.

Sample: The Morning Routine

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 The Mommy Grats

Mommy Grats - Boy Toy 1 Mommy Grats - Boy Toy 2 Mommy Grats - Boy Toy 3 Mommy Grats - Boy Toy 4 Mommy Grats - Boy Toy 5
….. Boy Toy …….. Boy Toy 2 …… Boy Toy 3 …… Boy Toy 4 …… Boy Toy 5
Mommy Grats - Girl Power 1 The Mommy Grats - Girl Power 2 The Mommy Grats - Girl Power 3 Mommy Grats - Girl Power 4 Mommy Grats - Girl Power 5
  . Girl Power …. Girl Power 2 .. Girl Power 3  . Girl Power 4  Girl Power 5

The Morning Routine

The 5thTaken from:

The Mommy Grats: Boy Toy 5

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here is a little story about the delightful results that occur when purpose meets humiliation.

Warning: This Ain’t No Daddy/BabyGirl Story.


The Morning Routine

Saturday Morning – 9 a.m.

Naya walked around the side of Ava and Antonio’s house, heading to the back door of the kitchen. She was happy to see they had made it out of the city and into a more rural area in one piece. While Naya and Ava had been city girls their whole lives, Antonio was the guy who stole Ava’s heart and convinced her to move where life was just a bit slower. And Ava really took to the rural setting, right away … quicker than what she thought she would. But despite the half hour difference between her and Naya, they still remained as close as they had always been – since the day they met each other in 2nd grade and became lifelong friends.

Naya and Ava shared everything with each other – with the exceptions of boyfriends and underwear. But from clothing to jewelry to cars to cash to … secrets, they may as well have been sisters.

And this was why Naya’s trip to Ava and Antonio’s house on this particular day was a little troubling for Naya. Ava clued Naya in on a brand-new secret last weekend that Naya had been trying to process all week – to no avail.

Hopefully, this morning Ava would not only give explanation but also reasoning – at least enough for Naya to wrap her brain around the concept.

Knocking on the screen door at the back of the kitchen, Naya waited eagerly – going through all the possibilities of what Ava would say and making certain to be prepared to preserve their friendship at all costs.

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