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The Fine Art of Give and Receive (All Four Parts)

Daddy IssuesTaken from the forthcoming ABDL romance saga: 

Daddy Issues

Available on:  Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

here is a little story about a pursuit that was … long overdue.

“Long Overdue”

Sunday, 5pm

The Great American Diner. That was the meeting place agreed upon by both of them, Drake and Emma.

It was a comfortable setting for their first face-to-face meeting.  Oh, they had spent quite a bit of time in the past month  – exchanging emails, Skyping and talking on the phone.  But their schedules just didn’t seem to wanna line up … until now.  And The First Date was long overdue.  But unlike many shotgun decisions, they knew a lot about each other before that night.  So they weren’t strangers at all, but the physical meeting hadn’t taken place yet.  And it was time.

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Paradise Felt

Taken from Genus Three (the conclusion to The ABDL Sc-Fi Series),

here is a little story about a great many “feelings”.

Paradise Felt –

100 years in the future …

On Paradise Island – lunchtime

“Kelly, settle yourself,” the head nurse said calmly, motioning the other nurses to hold Kelly’s flailing body still.  “This isn’t helping your situation.  This isn’t what he wants to see.”

Being pinned to the changing table, Kelly did her best to wiggle free anyway.  But when the nurses pinned her torso down by hand, she began to scream deafeningly into the floating pacifier nipple in her mouth.  Her tantrum was so ferocious that the nipple was removed from her mouth and that horrible foam ball gag was put in its place.  Her mind was so foggy by that point that she could no longer rationalize how to solve even the simplest problems.  And having been kept in that messy diaper for several hours, her bottom was screaming for relief too.

Having her legs raised and held in a spread-eagle position, her bottom was wiped clean and then her front the same.  But she was beyond consoling, beyond being calmed down and her misbehavior was about to be addressed in a very jolting fashion.  The leather shocking sandals were placed on her feet and she was dragged off the changing table, made to stand next to that table.  She was bent over it and her stance was widened.  Having her neck held down, Kelly couldn’t look over her shoulder to see what was about to happen to her.  But from the cracking sound the head nurse was making as she slapped something against her palm repeatedly, Kelly could still rationalize that pain was about to be inflicted.  A lesson was about to be learned, unfortunately not a lesson that Kelly would learn – but rather, one that the other abductees would be forced to observed and gather for themselves.

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Readying the “Feathers”

Evolution is a many splendored thing.  It’s something that everyone does, quite often without realizing it is happening.

When I was younger, I had a specific diet.  It wasn’t because I was picky, but rather, because I had a weak stomach.  To this day I still have a weak stomach, but in adulthood, I’ve begun eating a lot more choices of food than when a kid.

In 1998, I made the online discovery that ABDL was a real thing and that I wasn’t the only one in the world.  I immediately searched for pictures of girls in diapers.  That was, and still is, at the heart of it all for me.

Then I started looking for stories about Daddies and BabyGirls.  And though I found a lot of age play sites with stories, few of those stories were about Daddies and BabyGirls.  So I decided to try writing them myself and I haven’t stopped since.

When bigger fetish sites like FetLife came into existence, my eyes opened to a great many more kinks than just those that were crinkly.  And while most of the new fetishes I found didn’t interest me, I suddenly had great fascination with mind games … particularly those that would melt a BabyGirl’s senses.  Instead of just dressing her as a baby, treating her as one and caring for her, it seemed more involved and more fulfilling to put in her ears a steady stream of whispers that would make her tingle all over as her mind melted down into irreparable mush.

The schoolgirl fetish caught my eye and I did what I always do … I took something I liked and added a diaper to it.

This led to the story of Daisy Jane Vanderbilt.

But spanking and other BDSM-ish activities never caught my interest, primarily because I have a weak stomach.  This was why I intoxicated myself with the mind games.  I’ve always believed that a well-placed whisper will linger in her thoughts long after the sting on her rear end has gone away.

The point of all of this is that I have evolved.  And apparently, that evolution is a lifetime-long occurrence – continuing even now.

I’m not sure why I didn’t piece this together when the schoolgirl thing caught my attention years ago.  But while recently scrolling through a Tumblr page I had never seen before, I saw this:

And storylines began to flood into my mind.  I sat back and thought about it for a minute.  I suppose any costume could be put over a BabyGirl’s diaper, but this one has such charm to it.

Her diaper will always be peeking out from underneath the lower hem of her uniform, no matter how many times she tries to pull the skirt down.  And when she needs to pick anything up off the floor or stand on her tippy-toes to reach something up high, she’ll be presenting the crinkly truth.

There are windows to be washed.  Certainly the outsides of windows would need to be washed too and this would take her outside of the house, embarrassment and a little trepidation making her cheeks turn 50 shades of pink.

Oh, the possibilities – Hiring someone as a maid and offering her a considerably higher fee that only an idiot would refuse … but the obvious catch is:  she has to agree to wear the outfit and the diaper.

But there are still blackmailing fantasies to consider.  Perhaps you have discovered a secret about this girl that she was trying to keep a secret.  Now that you know it, she is mortified.  And being the understanding soul that you are, you promise to not tell anyone what her secret is … provided she becomes your diapered maid.

Endless are the story lines and plentiful are the possibilities – both in real life as well as in written word … which is exactly where they are going to be.

The diapered maid will be appearing quite often in upcoming Zorro Daddy ABDL ebooks, including the current one I’m working on … which I will post about when I return from CAPCon 2017.

Blessings to you all and get those feather dusters ready,

Zorro Daddy

Genus Three

This ABDL science fiction story travels to the third planet, Genus Three – a celestial body that is 95% water on its surface.  But a lot of secrets lie beneath those waters as well as on an island that no one knows is there.

Turmoil has taken over the usual harmonious nature of the three Genus planets and a small band of people have journeyed all the way to Genus Three, searching for their lost friend – one of the women who was mysteriously abducted. 

But there are many islands on Genus Three and finding her will not be an easy task, nor will it be easy to remain alive with a collection of shapeshifters on their heels all the way. 

Train wrecks, meltdowns, volcanic encounters, boat chases, shark attacks, avalanches, temptations and betrayal all detail this journey of the crinkly future.

But will the mad man be found and dealt with before his plan reaches its finish? 

And will the girl be rescued in time to prevent her mental destruction?

Genus Three is the heart-pounding, fast-paced conclusion to this ABDL Sci-Fi adventure.


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………. The ABDL Sci-Fi Series

Genus One Genus Two Genus Three

Genus One
Genus Two
Genus Three



Google Daddy

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They offer email, have the most popular search engine, have groups and so much more … including ebooks.

Here is a complete listing of the Zorro Daddy books on Google Books … available on Google Play:  Google Daddy Listings
(Continue to check back throughout 2017 as more Zorro Daddy books appear on Google Books.)

Click the covers or the links below:

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Zeke and Lily: Ever After
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Zeke and Lily: By Summer’s End
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Book Three: The Weekend of Decisions
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The Yittlins – (Or “Little Ones”.  High Fantasies, Non-sexual.)

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Genus Two

Genus TwoThis is the dark episode of The ABDL Sci-Fi Series.  The story travels to the second new planet of the three and a series of actions, committed by a mad man, threaten to unravel the sanctity of all three planets.

This mad man has found someone he cherishes and after kidnapping her, he puts her through a series of torturous circumstances to turn regression she is forced to endure into regression she willingly accepts.

This tale is gruesome at points as Mack battles co-workers, muscle-enhanced foes and a faceless enemy – with the ever-clear intent on finding his wife before the damage done to her is permanent.

A mind-reader and a tracker join the storyline, each with agendas of their own.  And two ABDL couples return for this second episode, traveling through space in an instant, spelunking through brilliant caves to make an unbelievable discovery at the bottom and along the way, crinkling more noticeably than they are aware.

Genus Two will keep you turning the pages until the very end, a climax that will change everything.

Sample: Paradise Unknown

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………. The ABDL Sci-Fi Series

Genus One Genus Two Genus Three

Genus One
Genus Two
Genus Three


Paradise Unknown

paradise-unknownTaken from the ABDL Sci-Fi book: 

Genus Two

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here is a little story about losses and what is gained … when everything becomes unknown.


Paradise Unknown –

The sun rose, beginning a beautiful morning and on the surfaces of Genus Three, the third discovered planet – 112 million miles away from Genus One, a sparkle danced across the waters.  Genus Three, with 90% of its surface being an ocean, was truly a water world.  Only having been initially inhabited a year ago in 2115, it was still under primary colonization but some areas were quickly developed and tourism was already being encouraged.  The same gateway system that enabled people to travel from Earth to Genus One and Genus One to Genus Two also existed between Genus Two and Genus Three.  With only 10% of the planet above the watery surface, effective infrastructure meant bridges had to be built, lots and lots of bridges.  Yes, the translocation pads were on the way.  But travel by ground had to exist first.  Vacationers flocked to Genus Three as resorts and restaurants were built up quickly.  It was an island-heavy oasis.  And for whatever reason, the watery setting was good for health and recovery.

At the very end of the string of nearly 50 islands at the equator latitude of Genus Three was Paradise Island, private property that could only be accessed by boat or by the air.  No bridges or roads existed on the island and it was believed to have not been developed yet – the supposed reason being that it was still rising up from the ocean as an unfinished land mass from an underwater volcano.

While there was indeed a nearby volcano in the ocean, all other beliefs about the privately-owned Paradise Island couldn’t have been further from the truth.  And one sight of the beach on the far side of that island would only add further questions to a growing unanswered list.

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