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That Season Is Upon Us

It’s that time of year again – when the leaves start to fall from the trees and the nights get cooler.  Soon, snow will be here.  And with colder temperatures comes … the footed pajama season.

BabyGirls everywhere will be slipping into their favorite PJs for the warmth.  But each and every one of them will scarcely realize how her new attire adds a bit more cuteness to an already-adorable package.

Her diaper will become completely covered and out of sight for the first time in months.  Out of sight, but not out of sound.  Waddling and crinkling with every little baby step she takes and every bit of crawling she makes, her little diaper butt will puff out the back of her pajamas – letting everyone know that she’s a BabyGirl.

Even when clothed, she still can’t hide the truth. And the real truth is: she honestly doesn’t mind letting it show, even if she can’t control it.  There is something to be said for being helplessly adored.

But sometimes, her diapered bottom will come out – making a guest appearance.  The pajamas with the drop seat in the back not only accidentally pop open on their own, but they make it so much quicker and easier to check her diaper.

And when she needs it, changing her while she is in a pair of pajamas makes her the most adorable little sight on the changing table, or the floor or wherever you lay her down.

It’s so hard for her to resist the feeling just then.

No more trying to find the most secure place on her baby-t to clip that pacifier string. 

Now it goes on her pajama collar with no trouble and she can’t help but feel a bit naked without that clip.

No more cold piddies.  Her feet will always stay toasty all autumn and winter long in the attached footies or perhaps in separate booties.

She’s such a little cutie pie with her creativity, even more so when her creativity yields a practical result.

And then there’s the sleeping pants option for those nights when the house is heated just right, making full and footed PJs too warm for comfort.  Another is the matching top and bottom pajama sets.

Choices!  Oh my, yes!

With either of these options, her diaper is still visible underneath.  But the cutest thing in the world happens.  As she waddles and moves about, the waist of her diaper proudly appears and grows as her sleeping pants slide down a little bit at a time.  She can yank them up as often as she wants, but her diapered bootie will always push them back down.

When thickly diapering her to put her down for a nap or for the night, whether she is in footed pajamas or otherwise, always make sure to take a few pictures to capture the moment for a lifetime.

And make absolute certain that her zipper is up.  Because it may be a long cold set of seasons ahead for us, but with her pajamas, you’ll keep her warm while she returns the favor – melting your heart … like only she can do.


Happy Autumn!


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Zeke and Lily (Book Six): Dream Catching

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here is a little story about what you can make when you believe.

Evermore –

The first rays of the morning sun crested over the horizon and began shining through Lily’s nursery window.  The chill of the nighttime gave way to the warmth of those first early morning sunbeams.  The room brightened with sunlight and cascaded down over everything with gracefulness.  The furniture and other items in the room gave way from their silhouette forms and returned to color and life.

Zeke cracked the door open very slowly as to not make any noise.  The smell of the room entered his senses.  He closed his eyes and breathed deeply as if the sweet smell of ambrosia were no competition.  Gazing over at the sleeping girl across the room, he quietly crept around the room, situating and re-situating everything, drawing more attention to detail than ever had before.  This was one particular, specific event that had to be as absolutely perfect as possible.

Next, he turned to her.  Asleep in her crib, his beloved Lily lie nestled in a sea of baby blankets and stuffed animals.  He took one step towards her and suddenly realized there was one more thing he needed to have ready before he woke her up.  He quietly left the room, returning just a minute later with one more item in his hand.  Now it was time to awaken her.

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A Little Girl to Show You the Way

If the happy moments of life lasted forever, you would spend eternity in a blissful state.

Memories are what we keep so we can revisit those happy moments whenever we want to.

In a BabyGirl’s eyes, a Daddy sees the sweetest little soul in the world, harboring a mixture of happy memories from the past as well as instant memories of the present.

The twinkle of her gaze will remind you that a blissful state of mind is always within reach.  All it takes is a little heart, a little love & a little girl to show you the way.


25 “Looks, Longings & Whimpers”

The Waddling Dead, Season Two – Episodes 29-30

Episodes 29-30

(Start with the Season Two Prologue or Visit the Episode List)

Chapter Twenty-Nine: The Doctor’s Visit


“We gotta go!  There is a military force on the way, a half-dozen choppers with orders to fire on the roof!” the pilot shouted.

“Well, I suggest you call them off!” Rikki shouted back at the pilot.  “Or there will be no blood sample!”

“We can’t save her!” the officer onboard shouted.  “If we could, we would!”

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“How to Race at the Beat of Your Heart”

She dashed into the fields of grass and darted up the hillside with a purpose to get to the summit ahead.

Following her heart, she boldly embraced the belief that what she was looking for in life had been shown to her in the dreams she kept.

Being certain was the result of a long time that she struggled to understand why she hadn’t found her ultimate happiness in life.

At the summit, she ran into the arms of the Daddy she had always dreamed would be there.

And when he asked her how she knew how to find him, her reply came straight from the center of her little heart:

“All my life, the happiness that I sought was always right in front of me. Not until now, did I ever realize that all I had to do was race to you at the beat of my heart.”


25 “Fields of Gold”

The Pictures Stories

The Waddling Dead, Season Two – Episodes 26-28

Episodes 26-28

(Start with the Season Two Prologue or Visit the Episode List)

Chapter Twenty-Six: Lambs to the Slaughter

Monday, 7:15pm

Doctor Glen had been busy since he ran into Rikki and the girls in that stairwell.  And after seeing they weren’t any real threat, he went back to focusing on his primary plan.

Though infected, the zombie doctor knew, as well as Rikki did, the CDC wasn’t going to save him.  Though he understood the CDC was trying to save many more lives than just the few in the hospital by preventing an outbreak, he – along with Rikki and those girls – weren’t going to give up on their own lives.  For him, it was different, however.  With the virus already inside him, he would be killed without hope of help.  Rikki and the girls still had a chance.  But what they saw as evilness within him was really just his own attempt to survive.

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The Waddling Dead, Season Two – Episodes 23-25

Episodes 23-25

(Start with the Season Two Prologue or Visit the Episode List)

Chapter Twenty-Three:
Whispers in the Pharmacy

Monday, 6:45pm

It had been a little more than an hour that Georgia, Lorna and Iris had held up in the pharmacy.  Nothing had happened in the nearby area in a while and after the zombies wandered away from the gift shoppe, that end of the first floor got really quiet … quiet enough, in fact, for the girls to take naps in shifts.  And though their naps were short, they were beneficial bits of rest – the girls feeling much better afterwards.

“I don’t suppose we could just stay here and hope that the good guys outside will change their minds and come in and rescue us,” Iris whispered jokingly as she leaned back against the counter they were hiding behind.  “That would be too much to ask for.”

“Yeah.  That’s like an unrealistic dream,” Georgia whispered, putting her arm around Iris and leaning the girl’s head on her shoulder – knowing that Iris was moments away from breaking down again.  “The good guys rescuing us is as likely as finding a guy who doesn’t find the necessity to man-splain everything like we’re stupid and can’t figure things out for ourselves, only then to get butt-hurt when we tell him we already understand whatever it is he is fumbling to try to say.”

Iris snorted with laughter, then covering her mouth and nose to prevent from making further noise. 

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