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A Valentine’s Two

I’ve often referred to Feb. 14th as the Pink Holiday for good reason.  It’s a day of love, of all emotions that are stronger while being soft – just like the color pink.

Did you know there are two origins of Valentine’s Day most widely accepted?

Two seems to be a theme of the day – Two Hearts, Two Lovers, Two Origins.  But Valentine’s Day shows how two can become one, building One Heart to make One LifeTime … Together.

Always remember: You will only ever be half of something that is perfect for you.

But don’t aim for the perfection.  Instead, be perfectly imperfect for each other.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone.

Blessings to You and Yours,

Zorro Daddy

Ahh … some day.

On the day The 50 Shades books were reported about on NBC Nightly News, this website saw a one-day spike in traffic that has yet to be even remotely equaled since.

At first, I thought there was some sort of glitch in the WordPress stats feature.  But other less-than-vanilla websites were also reporting record visitations on that day.  So I knew something was up.

Three years later, I went to see the first 50 Shades movie in the theater – something I rarely do anymore … unless it is the latest Sylvester Stallone movie.  As I sat there watching it, I thought about the possibilities of where this all could lead.  And I will admit that my mind went right to The Zeke and Lily Saga. I saw it as a pipe dream, but still contemplated how to take all 10 books in the series (11 now, but at the time, there were only 10) and combine them into 3 or 4 movies.

To just see those words: Zeke & Lily on the screen would have been a thrill unparalleled and likely, never to be paralleled again.  But it might come at a grave cost.

Tell ya what … like me get back to the explanation of that grave cost in a minute.

Unlike a lot of folks, I liked the first movie.  It was extremely watered down, but at the same time, it was watered down enough to give the vanilla masses the ability to swallow it without choking.  When speaking with a friend about it, he disagreed with me – calling it an abomination of BDSM, going so far as to refer to the Shades stories as an abusive relationship and not a representation of BDSM at all.

He would continue on about it, saying how this showed BDSM in a horrible light and how it wasn’t fair to present it in mainstream with such an inaccurate depiction.

I respected his opinion, as he was entitled to have one.  But my reply to him was:

“Throughout the 90s, ABDL was bastardized on talk show after talk show after talk show – from Jerry Springer to Donahue to Montell Williams to Sally Jessy Raphael and so many others.  And not a single one of them took a serious approach to exploring the meaning of age play, instead opting to decorate their stages as a nursery and to allow their audience members to ask insulting and  demeaning questions with intention of poking fun at the subject – as opposed to learning about it and perhaps comprehending its meaning … none of which even once being corrected or redirected by the hosts.

So I understand your pain when I hear you speak of how 50 Shades has misrepresented BDSM.”

But he brought a good point to light, once again.  Everything comes with a cost … a grave cost.  And without the necessary monitoring to keep the subject objective (for lack of a less confusing way to put it), BDSM becomes a way to physically and mentally abuse people and get away with it … and ABDL becomes an organization of diaper freaks with Peter Pan Syndrome who avoid adult responsibilities.

Sounds ugly, doesn’t it? The four letters we have in common have never been given a fair chance in the public eye.  And because of this, we don’t smile fondly on more opportunities when they arise.  But as a community, we protect our own.  And we always will.

Perhaps there are situations when certain ABDLers go at each other.  Sometimes, this is a scuffle, figuratively speaking, between two members of the younger generations.  Sometimes, this is a battle between members of opposing events.  Sometimes, this is a poor exchange between two people who struggle with how to present their opinions. 

But regardless of our reasons for being human, another human condition is to dream.  And dream I do.

Who would have ever believed that we could come as far as we have already?  We have at least three hotel conventions, two of which that are now hotel takeover conventions.  We have massive house parties, regular events and gatherings, more munches and groups and websites than can be counted … and the ability to keep growing – on our terms.

Zeke & Lily – In Theaters Now.

Ahh … some day.

Powder-Puff Football

25As BabyGirls, there were always more things to “live for” than there was time to do them all.

But these four lil sweethearts always looked forward to Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  They were all the little end of Daddy/BabyGirl relationships.  Online is where each of them had met their Daddy.  And online is where they met each other.

They were four little lovers of practically everything, except for football.  But their Daddies devoted the weekends to countless hours in front of the TV, watching the silly guys on the screen who had dressed up in the silly outfits and kept running back and forth across the same field of grass.

This loss of time with their Daddies always upset the BabyGirl until they devised a plan that when football was on, all four couples would gather together and watch it.  This way, the BabyGirls would have each other to play with as their Daddies watched football.

On a warm, sunny Sunday afternoon in late September, the BabyGirls decided to join their Daddies in the TV room for the football watching.  By halftime, the endless silly questions the girls kept asking led to a demonstration of football in the back yard.

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The 1-on-1 Podcast: Episode Five – Little Philly

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How do you react to people who don’t see things the way you do?  Do you accept their opinions or do you attack them?

Or here’s a more interesting question:  How do you react when you meet someone who actually sees things the way you do but uses different words to convey their thoughts?  Do you try to insert your own words into the conversation or do you listen?

Having been around a few years now and having attended quite a few munches, conventions and other sorts of gatherings, I still marvel over how the closest friends I’ve made all were met at the very first thing I attended.

One of those friends is Little Philly.  He’s no stranger to any of us and most know him for his tireless work on TeddyCon.  But there’s a lot more to the guy than that.  And while we lightly reference TC in this episode on occasions, I spend the majority of the time digging into every other facet of what makes Little Philly a giant among insects.

As usual, Phil is humble – always trying to pass the attention and the glory onto someone else.  But in a 1-on-1 setting, I was able to keep the focus on him.  He’ll be the first to tell you he is no more entitled than anyone else to such attention. This is one of many reasons why he is and always will be one of my best friends.

There is a lot that people don’t know about him.  And that is what we talked about.

The topics of this episode included (but definitely were not limited to): ABDL Mission Impossible, the one thing Phil would choose over gummy bears, clover clamps, a more in-depth explanation of negotiations, the double-secret LittlePhilly 101 document, brand branding, the people of our community, cliques, balance in an ABDL relationship and the truth behind why there will always be two sides to a coin.

I hope you enjoy listening to episode five as much as we enjoyed recording it for you.

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The 1-On-1 Podcast: Episode Five – Little Philly
On Soundcloud
On Stitcher
On iTunes


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Happy Listening!
Zorro Daddy

The BabyGirl Checklists: “BedTime”

The BedTime Checklist

When Daddy is away, it can sometimes become overwhelming for a BabyGirl to keep up the schedule by herself.

But with a few lists to guide her way, this BabyGirl will make it through all right until Daddy returns.


Inspired by the most wonderful little BabyGirl that any Daddy could ask for.

The BabyGirl Checklists

The BabyGirl Checklists: The Evening Schedule

The Evening Checklist

When Daddy is away, it can sometimes become overwhelming for a BabyGirl to keep up the schedule by herself.

But with a few lists to guide her way, this BabyGirl will make it through all right until Daddy returns.


Inspired by the most wonderful little BabyGirl that any Daddy could ask for.

The BabyGirl Checklists

The BabyGirl Checklists: Afternoon Schedule

Checklist 05aThe Afternoon Checklist

When Daddy is away, it can sometimes become overwhelming for a BabyGirl to keep up the schedule by herself.

But with a few lists to guide her way, this BabyGirl will make it through all right until Daddy returns.


Inspired by the most wonderful little BabyGirl that any Daddy could ask for.

The BabyGirl Checklists