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Lil Goldie’s Sparkles

Lil GoldieTaken from:

ABDL BedTime StoriesThe Tangled Fairy Tales

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here is a little story about how to sparkle in the sunshine and how to “bear” the unexpected.


“These quizzes are dumb,” Kaitlin said, tossing the magazine aside and yawning.

Taz kissed her forehead and got up from the bed.

“Let me go get you a nightshirt,” he said, walking back to the bedroom.

Kaitlin lied there and reflected on the past few minutes, how tingly she was to be a naked BabyGirl as he diapered her and how good it felt to be naked in front of him. Then her sweet sentiments of thought led into the fresh memory of how funny he sounded reading from that magazine. Thought it hurt to laugh, laughing felt good. And he always knew how to make her laugh, even when he had no idea how he was doing it. But either way, she felt better. The fever was gone and though she was still sick, she had made it through the worst of it and was heading out of the woods.

The woods! The thought of the woods brought to her mind the tangled fairy tales he had told. Grabbing the ibuprofen, she willfully swallowed two more – figuring that he was getting her a nightshirt so she wouldn’t be cold when she slept. Yawning again, she nestled down – waiting for his return and hoping he would tell her another tangled fairy tale before she drifted off to sleep again.

“Here’s a quiz question for you,” Taz said, returning from the bedroom with the tiniest, pinkest baby-t he could find. “What is it about an Irish Girl that is so enchanting? Perhaps the long hair?”

“But you’d like another color than red, huh?” Kaitlin asked, sitting up and raising her arms as he gathered the baby-t in his hands and brought it down over her frame.

In the process of being dressed, her head began to spin and as soon as he saw her swooning, Taz put his hand behind her neck and eased her back down onto the pull-out mattress.

“I don’t care what the color is … so long as it’s long,” he whispered sweetly, brushing her bangs off her forehead. “So long as I can run my fingers through it and smell the shampoo you used.”

“You wouldn’t want these locks to be blonde?” she said, holding up the ends of her hair.

“You would look just as beautiful as you do now,” Taz said, the lightbulb coming on inside his mind suddenly. “Do you want your hair to be blonde?”

“I wouldn’t mind trying out the Goldilocks thing,” Kaitlin said, giving him a wink.

The gears began to crank in Taz’s mind, his eyes showing how he was already cooking up another story. Kaitlin grabbed her pacifier, plunked it in her mouth, flipped over on her tummy and covered herself with a blanket. Resting the side of her face on her pillow, she awaited the next tangled fairy tale to begin. Taz sat next to her on the bed and she shifted her head over on to his thigh, using it as her pillow instead. He tucked her curly red hair behind her ear and ran the fingers of his right hand through it.

“Once Upon A Time,” he began, Kaitlin wiggling uncontrollably with excitement.

Oh, what would the fairy tale be this time? How would he tangle it and twist it? How would it begin? How would it end? The questions in her heart were endless.

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ABDL BedTime Stories – The Tangled Fairy Tales

ABDL Bedtime Stories - The Tangled Fairy TalesThis is the story of Lil Red. But it’s also the story of Gretel & Petal. Wait a minute, it’s also the story of Lil Goldie and Lottie – one who was a Fairy Tale Girl in training and one who wasn’t even that yet. Okay. Hold on a minute … Let’s start at the beginning …

Kaitlin is a recent college graduate, driven and motivated to succeed. But on this weekend, she is so sick with the flu that she has to do something that makes her feel worse than the spiking temperature in her body. She has to call in sick to work.

Taz is her boyfriend-n-Daddy.  And on this weekend, he will also be her nurse.

Kaitlin is one of those BabyGirls who can never be still. But while battling with the flu, she finds herself too weak to get out of bed and becomes a handful for him to deal with. And in an effort to distract her from the boredom of being sick, he takes some common fairy tales and twists them around, then tangling them together and making one big long story to tell her – when she’s not sleeping and sweating the flu out.

From adventurous to sweet to a bit sexual to fairytale-tastic, this collection is perfect for the ageplay couple who like to enjoy every bit of their dynamic together. These stories are perfect for the BedTime tuck-in, whether done in person or over the phone.

Little Red’s Ride
Lil Goldie’s Sparkles


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……………. The ABDL BedTime Stories

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Little Red’s Ride

Little Reds RideTaken from:

ABDL BedTime Stories The Tangled Fairy Tales

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here is a little story about twists and turns and why to call a wolf “a wolf”.


Little Red’s Ride

“Blow,” Taz said, holding a Kleenex to Kaitlin’s nose as she opened her mouth and took in as much air as possible before closing her lips and clearing her nostrils.

It wasn’t very lady-like behavior, but she honestly could’ve cared less at that moment. It was 8 am on a beautiful Saturday morning and Kaitlin was lying in bed, as sick as a dog. And she felt just awful. She had made it through the entire stretch of winter, without even getting a head cold. Others suffered from stomach viruses as well as the usual illnesses of cold weather. But Kaitlin remained perfectly healthy.

And this was a testament to a heritage she was quite proud of. Kaitlin was Irish, complete with the red hair and all. She wasn’t the kind of girl to get a tan in the summer, but on this day, she looked whiter than normal as the flu rippled through her like she wasn’t even there. Kaitlin’s father had worked for 58 years before retiring and the only day he took off from work was the day she was born. He never got sick, even when he actually was sick. So it personally pained Kaitlin to have had to call in sick to work yesterday. All she would’ve needed to do was get through one more day of work to make it to the weekend and to uphold the legacy of her father. But yesterday morning, she couldn’t even stand up out of bed.

And this morning, her fever had spiked to the point that she sweated straight through her night shirt. Oh, how she despised being sick – the achiness, the fevers, the congestion, the upset stomach. But she didn’t believe in doctors and refused to even go to them to get a note of sickness for work. And because of this, she suffered physically, but retained pride of heart.

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