Country Rose 6

Rose Bedford, once a city girl, is now a fully-bloomed Country Rose.  She is married to her Cowboy Daddy, Emmitt – a man who still has a habit of taking off his shirt.

As the first year of their marriage progresses: her pottery business is booming and life is sweeter than ever.  But a question enters into her mind that plagues her happiness.

Now what?  They were married and into their daily routine as husband and wife, Daddy and BabyGirl.  So … now what?

Being unable to answer this question, a new insecurity begins to trouble her … one of the feeling of irrelevancy.  And she struggles to shake this feeling.

It is an unseasonably hot autumn in Southern Pines, North Carolina.  And between sweltering temperatures, rainstorms, dark clouds and hurricanes, the usually pleasant atmosphere isn’t helping her with her insecurity.

Rose and Emmitt meet another local Daddy/BabyGirl couple and begin to broaden their dynamic.  A map of their property is discovered and a most pointed treasure hunt commences.  In the end, a series of events begin to “twist” everything about.

But on Thanksgiving morning, Rose choose to “let go” of a few things she never needed to hold onto to begin with.

Join Rose and Emmitt as their Daddy/BabyGirl romance now blooms into what happens after the honeymoon.

The CowGirl Ride

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