Country Rose 7

Rose, the city girl from Bean town who moved to Southern Pines, NC and became a country rose, and Emmitt her Cowboy Daddy, a horse wrangler who still has a habit of taking off his shirt, return for their 7th installment in this ABDL Romance Series.

May has just ended and summer will soon be upon them.  Rose and Emmitt are at their usual flirtatious best.  But there is a bit of trouble on the horizon that affects them both separately.

Rose’s business, Country Rose Pottery, encounters a problem and she is forced to make a decision that would likely affect her employees as well as her standing in the local community.

Befriending two of her employees, Rose leans on them for support.  But she leans heavily on Emmitt, as always.

At the same time, Emmitt runs into a snag with the contract he had to tend to the horses on his farm and suddenly, they may be forced to move away from their dream home.

All of this wreaks havoc on Rose’s heart and soul.  And she will not only need Emmitt to be that strong Cowboy Daddy she married, but she will also need to find strength within herself to weather the storm ahead.

Country Rose 7 shows how determination is what the best strength is made of, real friendship is what remains when everything else has left and love is all that is needed.

Country Rose 7 is also a very sexually-charged tale.  Even when the world is burning all around, it is never as hot as what’s going on in their bedroom.

Join Rose and Emmitt as their Daddy/BabyGirl romance now blooms into the trials of sustaining the life they worked so hard to build.

A Sunday in Southern Pines

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