Daddy Issues

Meet Emma, a BabyGirl with a successful career that she has achieved through hard work.  She is someone who has balance in her life, happiness and contentment.  But she has a need to pursue the unpursued.

Meet Drake, a Daddy with a bartending career that yields him a living that is both comfortable and balanced as well.  He too seeks what he hasn’t found yet.

They both have a lot to offer someone.  Their only problem is:  they just haven’t met each other yet.

But after exchanging a few messages on a fetish website, they move to chatting on a messenger app and then finally to talking on the phone.

Daddy Issues is a story of what can happen when two people bring something to the table, when reality is seen to be just as important as fantasy and when people give back just as much as they take.

The story is told equally, from his point of view at times and from her point of view at other times – laying proof that we are only half of something that is perfect for us.

Sample:  The Fine Art of Give and Receive

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…………………….….. The HodgePodge Series

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Daddy Issues



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