The “Diego” of a Daddy

In Zorro stories (including the movies), Esperanza was the wife of Diego de la Vega. Diego was a wealthy landowner in California in the early 1800’s. He was an aristocrat by day, and a masked bandit named Zorro by night.
In each of these stories, Diego’s love for Esperanza not only superseded his wealth as a landowner and his heroic deeds as Zorro, but it was she who inspired him to be a better individual and a better man.

Esperanza gave Diego strength and their love for one another grew. Unlike most wealthy people, Diego and Esperanza never forgot who they were and why they first fell in love with each other.
And behind the masked bandit was the inspiration which enabled him to be a hero … His beloved bride.

They existed in a world they created and sculpted and governed with Chivalry. Their passion for one another was all-consuming. They made their own destiny and controlled how it went: fierce and driven – like the tango, everlasting and enduring of whatever came their way.
They were a pair of souls who breathed as one.
People ask me why I chose Zorro as a username and Author name. And my response is always the same:
Zorro represents a life spent doing two things:

  • defending something
  • in pursuit of something

Zorro defends what he knows is right, He is the strength for the weak and the voice for the voiceless. He encompasses Chivalry and makes the sacrifices of self, when necessary, to ensure that justice finds no parallel.
He is a romantic hero, but what on Earth does any of this have to do with ABDL?
Quite simply stated … her.

The effect Esperanza had on Diego de la Vega was to provide for him the answers he would seek for questions he hadn’t asked, to make his eyes open in the morning and to put on the mask of a bandit in order to do the work of a hero.
It is this concept of unconditional and undying love which I use as a guide when writing the story lines of the cluster of books I call:
“The Sagas”

The Zeke and Lily Saga
The Mia Series
Johnny & the Princess
Gabriel & Gina
Country Rose
Daddy Issues
Snake Eyes
50 Things To Do With Your BabyGirl On A Saturday Night
The Adventure of Penny
A Girl Named Love

The “Diego” of a Daddy is to find that altering love in a BabyGirl, to protect her from all things unkind (which, from time-to-time, includes protection from herself), to eliminate her insecurities, to wrap her in a blanket of security which enables her to be free within, to build a fortress around her while breaking down her personal defenses, to make her know that she is loved unlike anyone else in this world …
… and of course … to change her diaper when she wets herself.

One response to “The “Diego” of a Daddy

  1. I really loved this writing and have always loved these two characters

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