Into the Palm of His Hand

Taken from the ABDL romance:


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here is a little story about some foot work that led to a wonderful place.


Into the Palm of His Hand –

Monday – 7:45am

Today was the day … day one of Athena’s temporary job.  She would become the fill-in mail girl at the office of SMI – a sports agency, the usual mail girl being on maternity leave.  Athena would answer to Harrison, her boss for the next two weeks and her Daddy … hopefully for the rest of her life.

Traveling to the office in his car, Athena glanced over at Harrison.  He was dressed so sharply and looked so handsome.  His hair was combed perfectly.  He was clean-shaven, a close shave without the slightest trace of razor burn.  She liked his scruff too, but clean was also good.  His necktie had been tied into the perfect business triangle at the front of his neck.  The collar of his white dress shirt was stiffened and without a blemish.  His dress shoes were black wing tips, polished to a high mirror shine.  And he wore a charcoal-colored Tom Ford Windsor suit, costing him probably close to $5,000.  It was tailor-made and gave him a slim fit look.  Not only did he look sharp, but he also looked authoritative.  It was an appearance that was necessary, given the responsibilities of his job.  It was also an appeal she enjoyed about him, being his BabyGirl.

Athena herself, had an equaling sharpness to her outfit.  With a Chignon hairstyle, she was dressed in a double-breasted long sleeve blazer dress, dark blue in color and reaching down to her mid-thighs.  She was aiming for a more conservative look but could only delve so far into it without losing her mind over it.  She wore a pair of cross-strap flats, opting not to go with his suggestion of sneakers but still choosing footwear that she could move in, easily and quickly.

Needless to say, she was looking sharp, and she would certainly turn heads for reasons other than people wondering who she was.

Harrison had his own reserved parking space, fairly close to the entrance.  The office itself looked like a fancy lawyer’s building.  Though there were only eight floors, it had a towering look to it, the windows being mirrored on the outside.  Athena followed alongside him, matching the quickness of his strides.  And not being in heels made it easier for her to keep up.  She learned to stay on his left side, as he carried his briefcase in his right hand.

The lobby was impressive, spotlessly clean and with a masculine design to it.  And before they got to the elevator, Harrison had been stopped four times by various people – engaging in such fast-talking conversations that she couldn’t understand what they were saying.

Paying very close attention, she did her best to listen.  It seemed like it would be an important thing to be good at.  This was her first experience with the fast-paced environment there and she quickly processed the need to ramp up her performance as they got onto the elevator, Harrison still engaging in a conversation with one person that seemed to be heating up by the time they got to the seventh floor, the executive floor being on the eighth.

The seventh floor had an open area in the middle with probably 30 desks in it, every desk being loaded with paperwork and having an associate at it – already making phone calls.  Around the outer edge of the floor were a series of private offices.  There was a balcony that traveled around the outer edge too, creating a second level of private offices.  Without having stepped more than a few paces off the elevator, Athena was already overwhelmed.  As she followed Harrison to the other side and into his private office, everyone eyed her up – wondering who this short, shy thing was that was attached to Harrison’s hip.

When they got in his office, Harrison shut the door and took hold of both of her biceps.  His aggression got her attention quickly.

“Breathe,” he said with calmness and a smile, Athena looking at him like he was crazy.  “It’s all about intimidation.  That’s why I move so fast.  You’ll be alright here.  I will see to it, personally.  But there’s nothing I can do for you if you don’t catch your breath.”

“Okay, fine,” Athena said, cracking a smile as she gathered herself.  “I’m ready.  Show me what my job is, Daddy.”

“That’s my BabyGirl,” he said with pride, leading her out of his office by hand and taking her over to the copying room, right next to the open area with the desks.

When they walked into the copying room, the lights turned on and a single piece of paper laid on top of the most ridiculously elaborate copying machine she had ever seen.  This machine could copy ten pieces of paper simultaneously … on both sides.  And with the exception of an iceberg, this monstrosity might have been the only other thing large enough to have sunken the Titanic.

“Every day you come in, the first thing you do is make a bazillion copies of this piece of paper,” Harrison said, picking up that piece of paper and putting it in the copying machine – copies of it beginning to print out rapidly.  “This is the current day’s agenda, and it will act as a guide throughout this day.  The only publication more important than this one is the Holy Bible.”

“Got it,” Athena said, understanding how significant the daily agenda was just by how he described it.

“Deliver a copy of this to every single person on the seventh floor, right away.  Don’t worry about knocking on closed doors.  Just open them and walk right in.  When they see the agenda in your hand, they will understand who you are and why you walked in,” he instructed.  “Make sure you have more copies of it on you at all points in time.  People will ask you for additional copies of it randomly and repeatedly throughout the day.”

“Got it,” Athena confirmed, making a neat stack of the copies as they spit out of the machine at rapid-fire pace.

“I will find you to give you your next task of the day before you’re done with this one,” he said calmly as he kissed her forehead before leaving the copying room.  “Don’t forget to breathe, baby.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she whispered back to him, Harrison patting her bottom through the back of her blazer dress as he left.

She made an armful of the daily agendas and headed straight out into the open area.  Handing the daily agenda out, she got to know those who worked there – a proper introduction having been skipped over with her sudden arrival and quickness of instruction.  But most everyone knew that a short-term replacement would be starting that morning.  Quite to the opposite of what she expected, it was the ladies who engaged in longer conversations with her – the guys nodding a simple hello but then eyeing her up as she walked away.

Oh, if those guys had seen the cute little nightie-n-diaper get-up she woke up in that morning or if they had seen her in nothing but a bib and diaper at breakfast, they might not have been such look-a-loos just then.  But, then again, maybe they would have.

Athena handed the daily agenda out to every desk in the open area, then walking up the small flight of stairs to get to the second-level offices.  And after bravely walking into offices of people she didn’t know, she headed back down to the first level – finishing with those offices and ending in Harrison’s office.

Then a reverse game of fetch began, Harrison giving her specific documents to take to people on other floors of the building.  She initially used the elevator but grew tired of being slowed down by waiting for the elevator.  So, she took to the staircase, getting a workout as he sent her down to the second floor, then up to the executive eighth floor, then down to the ground floor.  And when she got to those floors, she had to find specific people she had never met before to hand them the document Harrison gave her.

This continued for a solid hour, Athena delivering documents to people and then being given other documents from those people to take back up to Harrison.  It was now fetch and reverse fetch.

Hello?!?!  Emails??  Faxes??  Why, on God’s green Earth, did these documents have to be in paper format?

She found herself winded several times and understood clearly why Harrison stressed the importance of breathing, a Thank you, Captain Obvious statement at the time that now had full meaning.  She couldn’t have imagined anyone who was out of shape being able to do this job.  And it made good sense why the regular mail girl took her maternity leave early. 

Before she knew it, she was delivering documents for people other than Harrison as she got to know the layout of the entire building quite well.  Harrison kept checking in with her when he could find her – giving her more and more tasks himself.  It seemed like it would never end.  She was not only winded but was beginning to get upset as some of the people weren’t exactly nice to her, telling her to hurry up and deliver the documents faster.

This was the moment when Harrison stepped in and flexed his muscles, bringing his colleagues demands to a screeching halt.  No, he wasn’t the top-ranking brass.  But he had clout and he used it.

Handing her a different single-page memorandum, Harrison asked her to make 500 copies of it and explained that she would be delivering a copy to every single associate in the building.  Ready to throw a temper tantrum, she took the memorandum and headed to the copying room – shutting the door and starting the copy machine.

Then she took a moment to shed a few tears and break down a little.  The stress was so much to bear that she had been bottling up this reaction all morning.  And suddenly, two weeks of doing this seemed like an eternal death sentence.

But Harrison had picked up on this and was ready to explain to her what she hadn’t realized herself.

“Don’t cry, baby,” Harrison said, startling Athena as she didn’t even hear him walk into the copying room.

She turned to face him and reached her hands up to her face to wipe her tears away.  But he stopped her, reaching into the pocket of his dress shirt and taking out her pacifier.  Her eyes grew big-n-wide with horror and her mouth dropped open, making it easy for him to place the silicone nipple between her lips.  Submissively, she took the pacifier in her mouth and began to nurse from it, terrified someone was going to walk into the copying room at any moment.

Thank Heavens the copying room didn’t have any windows!

Reaching his thumbs up to her eyes and carefully wiping her tears away without smudging her make-up at all, Harrison embraced her – gently rubbing her back and shushing her. 

“Baby, the people who work here are desperate.  Now, let me explain what that means and why you might want to think of that as a compliment,” he said, the copies still coming out of the machine.  “Rarely, have they ever seen a mail girl pull off the impossible as you have just done this morning.  Carla, the regular girl, has her own pace and will never move faster for anyone.  She also has a bit of an attitude which she doesn’t mind using when addressing these people who absolutely need her to deliver papers for them.  I don’t blame her for having attitude with people, to be honest with you.  This line of work can turn good people into total assholes.”

Athena kept nursing on her pacifier, still terrified that someone would walk in but happy to hear that she wasn’t under-performing.

“So, you come along today and pull off a miracle, right away.  And all these people suddenly see hope and become desperate to get you to deliver whatever you are willing to deliver for them.  They barked at you, I assume?” he asked, Athena nodding.  “Well, I just barked back at them and I’m the big dawg in this kennel.”

Athena laughed softly, smiling but keeping the pacifier in her mouth as he continued.

“Suddenly, in no time, everyone in this building now knows who you are.  So, the fact that they tried to get you to do more is actually a compliment to you for how desperate they were to keep up with the work themselves,” he continued.  “And now they know that the big dawg is watching them.”

Oh, how wonderfully soothing he was, just then.  Indeed, he was a demanding boss but he was still taking time to make certain she knew how important she was to him … not just as his employee but also as his BabyGirl. 

Harrison was a keeper, for sure.

“Now … before you go on another multi-floor journey, I want you to remain perfectly silent, okay?” he asked, Athena nodding – Harrison then beginning to whisper to her.  “Good girl.  Now show Daddy what a good baby you can be.”

 And with that, he knelt down in front of her, placing his hands on the sides of her legs – sliding his palms upwards, under the lower hem of her double-breasted blazer dress and up to her panties.  Taking hold of the waist band, he slid the panties down her legs to her ankles – Athena’s eyes growing big-n-wide again as he made her step out of the panties.  He went straight to the button on the front of her blazer dress, unfastening them up to her waistline and then reaching into the back of his suit coat and taking something out he had tucked in the back of his pants.

Athena clenched her core muscles when she saw the diaper that suddenly appeared in his hand.  She didn’t want to pee all over the floor, and she didn’t want to pee all over him, either.  But as he unfolded the diaper, making it clear he was going to diaper her, right then and there, she worried her bladder clench might not hold out.

Placing the diaper flat to the floor between her feet, he took hold of the front and the back of it, slowly sliding it upward between her legs and then up under her unbuttoned blazer dress.  Standing to his feet, he took his time opening the tapes and wrapping the sides of the diaper tightly around her before fastening the tapes at her hips.

“Daddy is so proud of you.  You’re being such a good girl,” he whispered with that deep but syrupy-sweet Daddy Voice – Athena tingling all over as she felt her mind turning to mush.

She hoped, for her sake and for his, that she would still be able to perform the tasks given to her well.  The blazer dress, already forming fairly close to her shape, was now tight to her body – given the padding she now adorned.  And as he refastened the buttons at the front of her dress, he kept pulling it downward to make it fit even more snuggly.  Oh, this changed the game completely for her.

“Now, be a good little mail girl and …,” he started, then pausing as she laughed at what he just called her.  “… and deliver one copy of this memorandum to every associate in the building.  And then you and I are going to lunch.”

With that, he took the pacifier out of her mouth, returning it to his dress shirt pocket and embracing her as he patted her now-diapered bottom.  Then he walked out of the copying room.

Athena stood there for a moment, allowing all her faculties to return to a calmer, more normal state.  Looking at the stack of memorandums, she thought about the task she now had to complete … delivering a copy to every associate in the building, eight floors – including the executive top floor.

She picked up the stack of memorandums and held them with both arms, taking in a deep breath and then letting it out as she turned to face the door.  Taking one step forward, she suddenly stopped again.  Oh, no.  Not only was that one step anything but graceful, even in a hurried fashion.  It was also noisy, crinkly to be more descriptive about it.  She took another step forward, this one much smaller than the first one.  But the crinkle was just as loud.  The diaper, keeping her dress tight to her at the waist, just barely hidden underneath the lower hem, was making a noise that sounded deafeningly loud in her ears.  And mixed with a head that was still slightly buzzing from the Daddy-treatment she just received, it was unraveling every bit of her.  And her mind spun now for a whole different reason.  She took another step forward, hearing more crinkling.  And then she envisioned how the next hour or so of her life was going to play out.

She thought about how much walking she would have to do to put one copy of the memorandum on every single desk in the building, going up flights of stairs and walking down aisles of cubicles, crinkling every step of the way.  If she walked slowly and kept her legs tight together, she would crinkle.  If she sprinted past people quickly, she would crinkle – and people would also wonder why she was running.  She certainly couldn’t get away with the take one and pass the rest back method of handing papers out.  There didn’t seem to be any way out of this, aside from just simply leaving.  And there was no way she was going to do that.

So, she accepted what was going to happen.  Opening the door, she stepped out into the open area and prepared to face the music … or in this case, to face the crinkles.  But the facts were unavoidable: 

  • Everyone was going to hear the crinkles of her diaper. 
  • Everyone would know that something was up, even if they didn’t know what that something was. 
  • She was terrified but strangely, also aroused by the possibility of discovery, like a naughty secret was being let out.

Holding the stack of memorandums in her arms, she calmly walked forward – her heart pounding so very fast as she made her way over to the elevator.  Starting on the first floor made the most sense.  She would work her way up from there.

Getting closer to the elevator with each crinkly step, Athena kept looking straight ahead, despite the noise.  And what luck!  At that moment, the elevator doors opened – making her move even more quickly to get there before those doors closed.

Indeed, she did make it to the elevator, getting on and pushing the button for the first floor.  She stood in the middle of the elevator and breathed.  But before the elevator started moving downward, the doors opened right back up again, three more people from the seventh floor getting on.  This forced Athena to step to the side, crinkling up a storm as she did so and then making her freeze in place – staring down at the floor as they finally started moving.

On the way down, she worked up a plan of attack of how she was going to hand out these memorandums in a manner that kept her moving.  But before they got to the first floor, the elevator stopped on the fifth floor, three more people getting on.  This forced Athena to take a step backwards, crinkling some more and this time, there was a noticeable silence in the elevator as everyone looked around at each other.  This gave Athena a very untimely case of the nervous fidgets.  And with fidgeting came more crinkles.

As the elevator continued downward to the first floor, everyone turned and looked in the back left corner of the car – at Athena who was clearly making some sort of crinkly noises.  Her face went ghostly white for a moment.  Then she thought up a most brilliant way to fix the uncomfortable situation. 

“Hi, everybody!” she said cheerfully, two of the ladies in the elevator already looking down at her waist and raising eyebrows at her.  “My name is Athena and this is my first day here.  I’m covering for the lady who went on maternity leave.”

No one said anything.  So, Athena started rustling the stack of memorandums in her arms and made other noises to justify the crinkles they were hearing.  Then she sold the noise a bit more.

“I’m supposed to hand one of these out to every associate in the building on all floors,” Athena said, handing the memorandums out to everyone in the elevator.  “I guess I could just give you all yours right now.  It will save me time.  My boss is demanding.”

Everyone laughed, then looking at the memorandum.  And Athena smiled brightly at how well she had just handled a situation where she was physically trapped and almost mentally defeated.  Straightening her shoulders, she waited until everyone got off the elevator and then she walked out onto the first floor.  Adjusting her pace to find the stride length that made the least amount of crinkly noises, she got to work.  Placing a memorandum on every desk she found, she kept moving.  People would look at her as she passed by, guys nonchalantly leaning backwards in their chairs to stretch while doing their usual guy staring at her as she walked away.

And while she was able to keep moving most of the time, there were points when she had to come to a halt to hand several copies out in a short distance.  Keeping her posture of lowered shoulders and a lowered chin, she tried not to make any eye contact.  But that was an impossible goal.  Eye contact was inevitable.

There were a few occasions when she got several looks from people who had time to study her a bit more thoroughly than if she had just passed by with crinkling speed.  One older lady, stared at Athena over the top rim of her glasses while scrunching up her lips like a blow fish.  Another lady smiled brightly, being friendly but constantly looking down at Athena’s waist and then back up to her eyes, then down at Athena’s waist and then back up to her eyes, repeatedly.  This lady was friendly, but not very convincing in being anything other than a busy body. 

Then there was the self-professed Don Juan, that guy who always looked at women with a gaze in his eyes that suggested he believed he was God’s gift to the female gender.  Athena contemplated sitting on that guy’s lap and drenching her diaper to the point where she leaked.  Perhaps this would make clear to him that regardless if he was God’s gift to women or not, any woman to could mark her territory whenever she pleased.  But she thought better of that decision and finished the first floor, then moving to the staircase.

Walking into the staircase, she crinkled over to the railing. Looking up and seeing that this stairwell went all the way to the executive floor at the top.  Yes, the staircase was a much better choice than the elevator to move upward.  Walking up the first flight of stairs, she shook her head at how much louder the crinkles seemed in that stairwell.  It echoed off the walls, almost as if the walls were deliberately magnifying the crinkling sound.  But Athena was already chalking up her heightened worries to a vivid imagination she had always been cursed with.  However, walking up past a few people who were coming down the stairs would ensure that her  vivid imagination would remain at a fevered-pitch high a bit longer.

On the second floor, she was starting to her groove figured out, made possible by how noisy that floor was and how many distractions were aiding her transparency as she started handing out the memorandums.  Most everyone was either on a phone call or an online face chat and thusly, weren’t really paying any attention to her as she crinkled by.  The second floor she was done with in a flash, and she went straight to the staircase to keep heading upward.

In the stairwell for a second time, she tried skipping every other step up the next flight of stairs to the third floor.  This never would have been possible in heels.  Though it did cut the number of leg movements in half, thusly cutting the amount of crinkle noises in half, it was very tiring on her hamstrings.  Still, it was worth it.

The third floor posed a new challenge for her.  That floor didn’t have straight aisles of cubicles, but rather, randomly placed desks.  So, she wasn’t able to walk in a straight line.  There was music playing on that floor, but not a lot of noise otherwise.  There were, however, a lot of cute guys there – most of them with scruff and strong jaw lines – turn ons for her.  Keeping her task at the forefront of her thoughts, she kept herself moving – knowing they would be watching her exit but also knowing that she would shortly be headed into the stairwell again and up to a new floor.

There was a bit of fun she was having with this as no one had called her out yet and she had survived an unexpected trap in the elevator.  Skipping every other step again in the stairwell, this time, she pushed off harder with her back leg and decreased the crinkle echo a little more.  She was getting the hang of this.

Onto the fourth floor she went with all the confidence in the world, putting memorandums on desks and even placing them right in peoples’ hands as she worked her way along.  But there, in the center of the open area on the fourth floor, was where everything good came to a screeching halt.

She got that internal pain in her center again and this really threw her for a loop – right when everything was working out.  Ugh!  Being female really sucked sometimes!  And the daggers, oh those stupid twisting daggers!  Why did it always hurt so bad?

Freezing in her stance, she locked her knees and inhaled deeply, trying not to double over in agony.  And to finish the floor, she had to go back to slow careful movements – shuffling along at a snail’s pace.  Suddenly, the looks she was getting from people had nothing to do with any crinkly noise she was making, but rather, everything to do with the horrific look of discomfort on her face.

But no one knew her well enough yet to ask her if she was okay.  This was both upsetting to her as well as a blessing as she really didn’t want to spend any time talking with people just then.  Still, it would have been nice to have received some random kindness.

Getting to the stairwell, she rested up against the wall for a moment or two, trying to displace the deepest of pains.  Why did it hurt so much this time?  Oh, it was just as angering as it was frustrating.  Stumbling up the next flight of stairs, she went onto the fifth floor, suddenly more incensed than anything else.  And this, luckily, worked to her advantage.  Because it was her first day and no one really knew her yet, they certainly weren’t going to initiate any conversations with her if she had a look of anger on her face and a walk that seemed labored for some reason.

Her labored movements were because she was trying to fight the cramping and releasing muscles within her.  It wasn’t even time for her monthly visitor yet!  This is what really had her burned up!

But it was on the sixth floor that the situation came to a head for her.  She started getting those sharp pings of pain that always indicated the internal pain would soon be over.  But these pings were always the worst, like a bunch of wasps had flown up inside her and were stinging her insides.  This particular go-around with those pings was really bad.  In pain, she dropped the memorandums on the floor.

Squatting down, she began to pick up the papers as quickly as she could, but squatting had its consequence on her.  And she dropped to her knees.  This was when two associates nearby came over to help her.  She thanked them, laughing off how clumsy she was as a cover.  But out of the corner of her right eye, she caught glance of a few guys standing on the other side of the floor, watching her … enjoying the spectacle.  And that was when she knew that her diaper was now partially visible below the lower hem at the back of her blazer dress.  Hopefully, they would only think they were getting a peep show of her white panties.  That seemed like a fine alternative to the truth coming out.  And though she should have been miserable just then, kneeling on the floor and picking up papers while dealing with pain, there was an odd sense of enjoyment she was getting from the estranged attention being sent her way.

She couldn’t put it to words but would certainly reflect on it.

Finishing the sixth floor, she made her way into the stairwell and opted to walk all the way up to the executive floor at the top – before finishing on the seventh floor.  She skipped over no steps as she walked up the two flights to the top floor, thinking back on how embarrassing it was to have been on her knees, helpless.  But the embarrassment was the thing that had stayed with her, and it was the thing that was keeping fresh in her mind the memory of the sly grins those guys gave her after she stood back up.  It was a nice distraction from the pain she had been in, her female mind becoming overloaded and for once, aiding her in her situation.  Too often, she would overthink things and come up with all sorts of scenarios of what she believed to be the truth … only to find out she was wrong.

It was mentally exhausting for her, sometimes.  But there was never anything wrong with thinking ahead. 

For crying out loud, if guys thought ahead as much as females did, this world might not be in as much trouble as it is!

Getting up to the executive floor, she put on her best game face, producing a fake smile and moving as if she wasn’t sore at all on the inside from dulled pain.  The top brass was up there, and she wanted to leave them with a good first impression – if not just for herself, then also for Harrison’s sake as he had been the one who pulled strings to get her these two weeks of work.  She would look bad on him, if she didn’t live up to the expectations of the job.

Making her way back down to the seventh floor, she saw the light at the end of the tunnel.  It felt like she had home field advantage, all of the sudden.  Handing out the memorandum to everyone in the open area as well as both levels of the offices on the sides, she went back into the copying room and began to feed the remaining copies into the shredder.  This was the first opportunity she had to fully reflect on the task she had just completed, now deliciously relishing some of the moments that made her tingle.

Harrison walked into the copying room and shut the door, then walking up behind her and cupping his hand to the underside of her diaper.  He was expecting to feel wetness, but she was dry. 

Quite surprised, he wrapped his arms around her from behind and began to whisper in her ear as she needed to be told a few things.

“That memorandum normally takes several hours to hand out,” he whispered, reaching down to the front of her blazer dress and unfastening the lower buttons – Athena, fidgeting with a growing need.  “If you keep this good work up, they just might hire you on full-time.  And I just might never let you go back to your apartment.”

His voice had a semi-growling quality to it that was rippling all sorts of pleasant sensations throughout her and making her wobbly weak in the knees.  But as he opened the front of her blazer dress and slid his hand into the front of her diaper, she gasped – now directing her attention more towards what he was doing and less towards what he was saying.  His fingertips discovered the truth and then slickened her condition a bit more, Athena lustfully submitting.

It had been his hope that she just might find some arousal from her time as the mail girl.  Hope found and mission complete.

“This really isn’t an act for you at all, is it?” he asked with whisper, Athena softly whimpering at the feel of his fingers between her legs.  “You can’t help but be a good girl, can you?  And Daddy intends to make you this wet every day that you are my mail girl.”

Placing her hands on the copying machine in front of her, she braced herself and then grinded her hips just a little while lowering her chin with bashfulness from what he was doing to her and how she was reacting to it.

“Starting tomorrow, you will come to work diapered,” he said, encouraging her grinding.  “And maybe you’ll get this wet again.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she whispered softly, pushing her mound into the palm of his hand.

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