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The Creole Crawl 3

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here is a little story about coming home and finding everything to be the same while realizing how much had changed.

(Note: This ain’t no Daddy-n-BabyGirl story.)


Instinct – 

May 18
Dominique smiled warmly while standing in the receiving area at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. Sweet Louie Air, as it was known locally, was only a half hour west of the French Quarter and a quick trip. She was there to pick up Winnie, her beloved BabyGirl and sudden inspiration in life. But it wasn’t the ease of the quick trip that had Dominique smiling so warmly. Instead, it was the sight of an exuberant Winnie, jumping up-n-down, waving and sprinting towards her from the walkway of Corridor B.

The spring semester at LSU had only finished ten days ago and Winnie had only been gone for that long, having traveled back home to Kansas to spend a little time with her family and friends before returning to the Big Easy and to LSU for both summer sessions – the first one beginning tomorrow.

Winnie skipped the rest of the way, then running into Dominique’s arms and giving her an enormous full-bodied hug.

Well, hello there,” Dominique said, embracing her sweetly. “Miss me much?”

“Much … Very much,” Winnie said with a softened voice that dawned on shakiness from forthcoming tears.

“How’s your family?” Dominique asked, moving the girl in the direction of the baggage claim and trying to distract her away from crying through the emotions of return.

“They’re fine,” Winnie said, a little smile forming on her face as she was suddenly able to focus back in on thoughts of what had become her new home.

“How many bags did you take with you when you left? I can’t remember,” Dominique asked as they stepped onto the escalator, riding it down to the baggage floor.

“Two, but I left a lot of stuff with my parents. So I’m only coming back with one,” Winnie said, her attention being drawn to the baggage claim belts as they turned on and fired up.

“I hope you brought the pink bag back with you and left that gray one at home,” Dominique said with a grin at her never-ending desire to draw as much femininity out of Winnie as possible.

“Of course,” Winnie said with a sassy Southern Belle tone as she smiled back. “But oh my goodness. Let me tell you about the ordeal I had at the airport back in Kansas.”

Dominique closed her eyes and lightly shook her head, knowing Winnie was about to go into a unnecessary rant. But she grabbed the girl’s hand, leading her in the direction of the bags before the rant really got underway.

“They took my nail polish,” Winnie said, matter-of-factly. “Can you believe that? They took my nail polish. And not just some of it. But all of it. AND they took my nail clippers, too! What did the security guards think? That I was some sort of trouble maker, somebody who was going to run around the plane, giving everyone a pedicure and then painting everyone’s toe nails? Nail polish and toe nail clippers are not weapons of mass destruction or of minor destruction or of any destruction at all.”

Dominique eyed up Winnie’s pink bag as it appeared on the belt and began rolling towards them. But Winnie wasn’t done ranting yet – even as they stepped up to the side of the metal belt and awaited her bag.

“They didn’t take my conditioner. And it had the word Infusium on the side of it. That sounds more lethal than Laura Mercier’s Coco Suede,” Winnie fussed, Dominique beginning to notice that this rant wasn’t helping Winnie to let anything go, but rather, to work her into a greater fuss – complete with the accompanying fidget of frustration. “I understand they want us to be safe, but really … my nail polish? Come on.”

Dominique reached into the front pocket of her purse, Winnie having almost worked herself into a full-pout about the security measures of airports. This wasn’t the first time Winnie had gotten gripped up by something that happened to her that she didn’t like, but it was first time Dominique had detected it so quickly – before Winnie went into a bigger tantrum about it.

And before the girl uttered a syllable about how TSA’s policies deprived her of traveling with skin lotion, Dominique took Winnie’s hot pink pacifier out of her purse and plunked it between her BabyGirl’s pouty lips.

“And there’s nothing we can do about any of that now,” Dominique said with a stern but loving tone. “And what do we do with worries we can’t find answers to? We do we do with things we can’t fix?”

Instantly, Winnie stopped fidgeting. She stopped ranting and she stopped fussing. Her irises softened from a look of heated irritation and melted into contentment – along with a wonderfully familiar sensation of littleness that hadn’t accompanied her visit home to Kansas.

“That’s my little girl,” Dominique whispered, gently touching the side of Winnie’s face. “We let those things go.”

As they stood there looking at one another, both of them felt a return of more than just physical presences – but also, of something new … instinct. For Dominique, it was obviously maternal and for Winnie it was something she had been missing in her life. Though the brief trip home to see her family and friends had been meaningful and heart-warming, Winnie had found something in the French Quarter that she had been looking for without even knowing it.

And suddenly, her relationship with Dominique was ushering instinct into their dynamic – far deeper than before. It had never been more telling than at that very moment as Dominique picked up Winnie’s pink bag off the conveyor belt. Taking hold of Dominique’s hand and lowering her chin as to not draw attention to herself for the hot pink pacifier that she now nursed on, Winnie regressed back into shyness for the first time since she left New Orleans ten days ago. As they walked to the parking garage, Winnie kept revisiting that moment back at the baggage claim over and over in her mind.

She had been nearing a full-blown tantrum and she hadn’t even contemplated calming down. Even if she had, she likely wouldn’t have been able to figure out a way to calm down – much rather exploding for reasons that, now in hindsight, seemed illogical to her. But at the time, they seemed to make all the sense in the world.

Instinct. That was the lone thought on Winnie’s mind as Dominique drove them back to the French Quarter. And she might well have kept silent, thinking about instinct the whole time – had Dominique not asked her a bit more about the visit back to Kansas. Winnie opened up about how she had a long talk with her parents about her relationship with Dominique. Smartly, Winnie left the Mommy-n-BabyGirl aspect out of her explanation. But she hadn’t omitted this to hide it from her parents. Instead, it became a natural filter for information that other people didn’t necessarily need to know.

Yes, Mike the bouncer at The Creole Crawl – knew. And Crystal, Trixie and Dixie, Winnie’s bargirl co-workers – knew. Lady Gemini, Dominique’s psychic friend – knew. And certainly, many other people in the French Quarter suspected there was something a little unique about the way Dominique treated Winnie.

But the difference between all of those people and everyone she knew back in Kansas was easily defined with one word … judgment. And that was a word Winnie had to face, time and again, already in her life. What she had learned was the meaning behind the cliché: Sometimes, less is more. It wasn’t a requirement of Winnie to tell anybody anything about her private life. What this meant was: if Winnie had said something to say to you, it was because she trusted you and you meant more to her than others did.

Winnie truly loved her family and friends, but there were things they didn’t need to know. Because of this information filter, she had not only found happiness in her life but also, balance and place where she finally felt she belonged … in the French Quarter, working at The Creole Crawl and living in Dominique’s heart.

They pulled into the French Quarter and then onto Common Street, Winnie’s fidgetiness returning as she suddenly recognized where she was. Without being told to do so, she plunked the hot pink pacifier back between her lips, nursing on it with familiar happiness. At first sight of The Creole Crawl, Winnie’s heart began to beat very rapidly as a plethora of happy memories filled her mind … of the night in that bar when she met Dominique, of the many nights in that bar that she found herself and of the past few months she spent with Dominique in that apartment directly above the bar.

Dominique pulled into her parking space alongside the building and reached into the back seat of the car.

“Lay down, baby,” Dominique whispered with sweetness, bringing Winnie’s diaper bag up from the back seat.

As obedient as always, Winnie lied down – not knowing why Dominique wanted to diaper her right then and there but suddenly realizing the reason when she saw the tiniest little wet spot on the front of her jean shorts. Winnie tried to relax on the front seat, but whimpered nonetheless into her pacifier. It had happened again.

“Shush now, baby. What do we do with problems we can’t fix?” Dominique asked, unfastening the girl’s jean shorts and sliding them down her legs.

But letting go of certain problems was easier said than done. And though Winnie’s slight bladder condition hadn’t been too terrible – especially since Dominique was able to comfort the problem away from her with a little maternal care – recently, her bladder condition had worsened. Not only did she wet the bed on certain random nights, but she also had begun to leak when overly-stressed or overly-excited.

Perhaps Winnie should’ve been grateful for not having wet herself when she caught first sight of Dominique back at the airport. But as she lay there on the front seat, looking up at the early evening sky of the French Quarter through the sunroof, Winnie accepted her need for protection and counted the blessings of being in a situation where a weak bladder didn’t make her feel worse. In fact, it made her needy in a very rewarding way.

Dominique slid the girl’s wet panties down and off her legs before setting one of Winnie’s diapers on the dashboard and picking up a pack of wipes. At first sight of the diaper, she smiled – welcoming back all those regressive feelings she had dearly missed while away from Dominique. And, following the newly-discovered power of instinct, Winnie bent her legs and touched her knees to her chest.

“Lady Gemini has invited us to party at her house this evening,” Dominique said sweetly, taking a wipe to Winnie’s bottom.

Oh my. Winnie practically melted right away, not from talk of a party but from that gentle touch of her Mommy’s hands. Though she and Dominique had texted every day and spoke on the phone a few times, Winnie still felt as far away from her as they actually were. But my, how easy it was to return home to Dominique and to pick up everything as if she had never been away at all.

“Lady Gemini missed you, too,” Dominique said with sweetness, her voice becoming song-like in quality as she took another wipe to Winnie’s front and then down between her legs before picking up the diaper from the dashboard and beginning to unfold it. “Everyone has missed you, including the guys from LSU who only come to the bar to be waited on by my little Winnie girl.”

Oh, it all was music to Winnie’s ears. People missed her. People adored her and people loved her – for who she was, for how she treated them, for her disposition and for her smile. Kansas would always have a place in her heart, but it would be the French Quarter that would put the beats in her chest. She didn’t ever want to leave again.

“Now that I’ve heard the update about Kansas, let Mommy give you the updates from back here,” Dominique said, Winnie looking up at her and wondering what could’ve possibly changed here inside of ten days. “And it’s a good thing you’re laying down as I tell you all of this.”

Dominique placed her right hand on the back of Winnie’s left thigh, Winnie instinctively rocking back ever-so-slightly to lift her tailbone in the air for her diaper to be placed on the front seat and slid up to the waist line at her lower lumbar.

“Trixie and Dixie are now redheads,” Dominique said, reaching into the diaper bag and taking out the container of baby powder.

Really? Trixie and Dixie were both platinum blondes! They often remarked that their hair color could attract guys from clear over on the other side of any room. They prided themselves on this.

As Dominique took the silky, cool powder to Winnie’s bottom, caressing it evenly with gentle fingertips, the girl nursed on her pacifier – wondering what made The -Ixie Twins go red.

“Mike is going on a carb diet,” Dominique said, Winnie’s eyes growing big-n-wide as Dominique lowered the girl’s legs and parted her thighs. “I think he’s starting to take his health a bit more seriously – though I’m sure he’ll still order enough wings to try to put me out of business. Some things will never change.”

As Dominique took the silky powder between the girl’s legs, Winnie closed her eyes taking in the sweet scent as well as certain other sentiments that would never change, either – no matter how much else changed around her and her Mommy. Some things in life were built to last, allowed to grow naturally and thusly, had grown to become instinctive. That was the sweetest thing of all, not the powder or the treatment or anything else but rather, just knowing that Dominique loved her enough to be able to read her thoughts.

Opening her eyes, she looked back up through the sunroof to the New Orleans skies – seeing the images of the wild horses on the front of her little white t-shirt. She remembered when she dealt with her own wild horses inside. And she remembered how she had set them free.

Dominique folded the front of the girl’s diaper up and into place, fastening the tapes snuggly at her hips – enveloping her BabyGirl in a softness and thickness she had been missing as well. Winnie curled up into a tiny, little ball – beginning to fully bask in her return. And my, oh my, how good it felt to be back.

But nothing was ever without surprise. Sometimes, it was a bad surprise from which Winnie learned a lesson. And other times, it was a good surprise that Dominique had set into motion.

This time, it was the latter of the two.

Lying there on the front seat of that car, in nothing but her diaper and her little white t-shirt, Winnie watched Dominique reach into the back once again – picking up a shopping bag and taking out of it … yet another cutesy little outfit. The top was a soft white cotton shirt with poofy short sleeves. It had gathered hems at the collar, the sleeve cuffs and the bottom. Winnie sat up and lifted her hands into the air, Dominique taking the wild horses t-shirt off her and replacing it with the cute white top.

The bottom was a matching white skirt, made of the same light cotton material and flouncy with movement. Winnie lied back down, not resisting her Mommy at all as she was dressed in the skirt.

Dominique picked up the diaper bag, opening the driver’s door and getting out. Then she extended her hand to her beloved little BabyGirl, diapered and dolled up for the party. Winnie climbed out of the car and stood up, Dominique taking a few moments to straighten out the girl’s appearance and outfit.

Holding Dominique’s hand, Winnie quickly readjusted her movements to the returned waddle in her steps – made present by her diaper. Oh, she crinkled. Oh, she tingled. Oh, she blushed.

As they walked down Common Street, past the entrance to The Creole Crawl and headed to Lady Gemini’s party, Winnie knew that there was no place like home – though this time, when she clicked her heels, she found herself in a place other than Kansas. And instinct now led the way.

Lady Gemini’s house was just a short walk from the bar, but one that was long enough to warm Winnie back up to the friendliness the French Quarter kept. Being such a tourist attraction, it was important for the locals to keep tabs on each other, to take care of each other and to remember the familiar faces that remained – as opposed to the vacationing ones that were often there-n-gone in a flash.

People waved to Winnie, saying hello as they always did. Winnie waved back, crinkling as she always did and becoming accustomed to that slightest little bit of embarrassment that she not only wore very well but also would’ve felt undressed for – had she not blushed just a few shades of pink.

It wasn’t that Winnie really wanted people to know about her personal business. In fact, she was a proponent of keeping her private life private while still tempting fate whenever possible. But at the same time, she wanted to know that people were taking notice of her – as opposed to just seeing her as a passer-by, or worse, as a vacationer. It was the difference between people seeing her and people seeing right through – as if she wasn’t even there or didn’t really matter to them.

And such a belief that people didn’t care about her seemed more hurtful than anything else. To avoid being hurt like that, Winnie would gladly be put in an embarrassing situation if it meant that she wouldn’t be overlooked.

When Dominique and Winnie got to Gemini’s house, they could tell the party was already well underway from the noise in the back yard. And from the amount of noise, the party sounded well-attended.

The worst moments of all for Winnie were those brief seconds before anything began – whether it was sitting in a classroom and waiting for the professor to walk in or sitting in a movie theater and waiting for the movie to begin … or standing outside of a house – about to attend a party with strangers.

No, not everybody at Gemini’s party would be a stranger to Winnie. Mike the bouncer would be there and he was practically her big brother. Crystal, Trixie and Dixie would be there. And they were practically her big sisters. Perhaps it was Winnie’s desire to see them that kept her from running away from the situation … well, that and Dominique’s control over her. But the double-edge sword with meeting those people at the party was the innate urge to compete for attention and more, especially with the bargirls. Dominique had certainly leveled the playing field for Winnie, dolling her up to cuteness that would remain unparalleled. But a crinkle under Winnie’s skirt and the submission in her heart were the real deal-breakers. Winnie would plow straight through all anxiousness – because Dominique would be there to protect her and care for her in a manner no one else could possibly understand.

Dominique rang the doorbell and turned to Winnie – taking the last few seconds to straighten out the girl’s outfit and do one final bit of checking of her hair-n-make up. Winnie smiled softly, once again touched by Dominique’s care of her but also once again touched by how Dominique knew what to do to at least take the edge off Winnie’s nerves. It was those little checks of appearance and attention to little details that, if nothing more, served as distractions long enough to allow Winnie’s present moment of anxiousness to pass. And somehow, without saying a word, Dominique knew exactly what to do.


Crystal was the one who answered the door and, after having gushed over Winnie’s outfit and having welcomed her back with an enormous hug, Winnie suddenly felt a lot better. But Crystal was just one of many at that party. And no sooner did they walk through Gemini’s house into the backyard than Winnie became inundated with new faces to meet and new anxiousness to overcome. But Dominique once again cut to the chase, taking the wait out of the situation.

“Everyone, I would like you all to meet Winnie,” Dominique announced to the 20 or so guests that sat at the picnic tables – enjoying a mighty impressive spread of food. “She’s my baby and when I take her home with me tonight, she’d better be as sweet as she is right now. If not, I’ll be finding you people tomorrow. And with Lady Gemini’s help, I will make certain you all get voodoo-ed.”

The guests laughed, Lady Gemini smiling as she got up and walked over to Winnie. Dominique gently patted the back of Winnie’s skirt, encouraging the girl to walk forward and say hello to Lady Gemini. So, with shrunken shoulders and a shy demeanor, Winnie crinkled a few small steps forward and walked into Lady Gemini’s arms. What she enjoyed most about a Lady Gemini hug was that they were both the same height. Lady Gemini was older and had reached the age where height was beginning to be lost. And Winnie wasn’t very tall to begin with, not like Dominique was.

“Winnie, leaves shake. You don’t need to be leaf,” Lady Gemini said, placing her right hand on Winnie’s sternum, just above the girl’s heavily beating heart. “Be at peace.”

And as if Lady Gemini was able to draw the anxiousness out of her, Winnie took a deep breath in and then exhaled just a deeply – another hefty edge of the nervousness suddenly gone. Then, she was able to join everyone at the picnic tables just in time for the spread of appetizers to be taken away before Dominique and the bargirls brought out the Cajun feast.

Dominique had closed The Creole Crawl early that night so everyone could attend this party. Trixie sat on one side of Winnie and Dixie sat on the other side. And as Winnie got into a conversation with the twins about why they changed their hair color so dramatically, she didn’t quite understand yet why sitting between them would wind up being an even greater blessing beyond friendship.

Metal pails of shrimp and craw fish soon lined the center of the picnic tables and there was more jambalaya there than could possibly be finished. Along with the enormous pictures of sweet tea, an appetite would be needed for this meal. Thankfully, Winnie did as Dominique instructed of her and had only nibbled on small amounts of food all day. Now, as plastic bibs were passed around for everyone to wear, she understood why.

For Winnie, what began as anxiousness for meeting new people and for reconnecting with her friends had suddenly become yet another experience of white-hot attention for her. Everyone tried talking to Winnie all at once, question after question being directed her way. And everyone complimented her cutesy little outfit, even the twins who usually daggered her with female disdain. But the greatest bit of attention was just moments away and it would be so intense that poor little Winnie would nearly implode.

“Yes, it is a very cute outfit and when she wears it, it becomes even cuter,” Dominique said, walking up behind Winnie. “And I’m not going to see it get messed by a bunch of red spices from that table. Up, up.”

With a little heart full of submission, Winnie stood up – already blushing slightly before Dominique lifted the top of the outfit up and off her torso. But when Trixie and Dixie lowered the flouncy skirt as well, then making her sit back down quickly, the pinkish hue on Winnie’s rosy cheeks turned crimson as the girl was left sitting there in her diaper and her little white t-shirt. Oh, what embarrassment. But oh, how wonderful it felt.

“Do you like horses, Winnie?” one of the party guests asked, referencing the wild horses on her t-shirt and doing their best to help her through the humiliating moment of having a bib put around her neck – albeit a plastic one, just like everybody else was wearing.

Winnie nodded, her head spinning from the sudden influx of attention … or at least, a sudden influx she thought she was receiving. In reality, no one saw the skirt come off and for as dark as the evening skies were becoming – nothing was obvious. But Winnie didn’t know this and there was no way Dominique or any of the bargirls were going to clue her in.

Submission was a tricky thing sometimes. And then, at other times, it was quite easy. All it ever really took was a little judicial fanning from the right people. And, oh my. The little feelings just flooded back into Winnie’s mind. She hadn’t felt them once in the past ten days.

Everyone began to dig in and Winnie went along for the ride, feeling practically naked and loving it. The Cajun feast was followed up with banana split pie and chocolate coffee molasses cookies for dessert.

After the meal, the party guests began to leave, a couple at a time until all that was left was Dominique, Mike, Lady Gemini, the bargirls and Winnie. Winnie crawled up on top of the table and sat Indian-leg style as Dominique got down to business about the business.

“So I’ve been doing some thinking,” Dominique started.

“Uh-oh. Get ready, girls,” Crystal joked. “We’re about to be replaced.”

No. Nothing like that,” Dominique assured her. “You girls will always be the reason why The Creole Crawl is packed solid on the weekend. But I was thinking of adding a few things throughout the week to get people to come out.”

“Ooo,” Trixie said, quite interested as she was the bargirl who always worked Tuesday and Wednesday nights. “What did you have in mind?”

“I was thinking of maybe have The Creole Crawl join in on one of those dart leagues in the French Quarter,” Dominique answered. “That way, every Tuesday night, we’d have dart teams in the bar as well as the fans that follow them.”

“You could do the same with pool table leagues on Wednesday night,” Mike added, everyone looking over at Winnie when they heard a popping sound. “It would drum up local patrons for the summer since we always slow down after the spring semester ends at LSU.”

Still sitting cross-legged on top of the table, Winnie struggled to get the diaper tape at her left hip to refasten. Ugh, she hated it when they popped open.

“That’s a good idea,” Dominique said to Mike as she reached over to Winnie’s left hip and refastened the tape before placing her right palm between the girl’s legs to feel the underside of her diaper.

Winnie blushed, Dominique taking a pacifier from the cleavage of her dress and plunking it into Winnie’s mouth before the girl could start fussing.

“We’ll change you when we get home, sweetie,” Dominique said softly.

“Do you ever get tired of being a BabyGirl?” Dixie asked Winnie with a playful tease in her tone.

Winnie smiled brightly behind her pacifier, shaking her head no.

“No?” Trixie asked with the same playful tease. “Wouldn’t you like to spend a single night in panties for once?”

Winnie shook her head no. It was only honest answer she could give and maybe there was no way to describe the amount of affection that poured out of her – all because Dominique loved her in a manner that was more powerful than anything she had ever felt before. Maybe that was why Winnie had embraced the age play dynamic so tightly. The garnishments were just simply that … a lot of fun – from the pacifier to the clothing to the diapers. But, as if Dominique had become a mind-reader, she suddenly spoke to the exact thoughts in Winnie’s mind just then.

“The diapers are becoming a bit more than just a fetish for her,” Dominique explained, reaching up and tucking Winnie’s locks behind her ears. “My little angel here has a bladder problem that just won’t quit.”

“Aww,” Crystal said with sympathy.

“It’s okay,” Dominique said, patting Winnie’s diapered bottom. “We chose to make something good out of lemons. It really wasn’t hard to do because that feeling was already there in her heart from the beginning. She just needed to embrace it first.”

Winnie lowered her chin with shyness, but then raised her chin back up on her own. She was definitely a submissively little soul.

“I was also thinking about scheduling some live entertainment, like a band or something,” Dominique said, getting back to business about the business.

“Yeah, maybe somebody local,” Mike suggested.

“Like The Stooges Brass Band or Zydepunks or The Wild Magnolias,” Trixie said. “Or maybe go bigger … like Better Than Ezra.”

“I have an idea that wouldn’t cost you anything at all,” Crystal said, a twinkle of brainstorming dancing across her eyes. “How about if I play the guitar and our little diaper girl here sings?”

Everybody paused in thought and looked at Winnie. Slowly, she shook her head no, her eyes filled with horror.

“Oh, come on, Winnie. You’re not scared to get up in front of people,” Crystal said, encouraging Winnie to jump on the idea. “You brought the house down a few weeks ago with your performance at karaoke.”

Winnie’s eyes grew big-n-wide as she slowly nursed on her pacifier, looking around at how everyone was beginning to warm up to the idea quite nicely. And right then and there, Winnie knew that she had been booked for the event.

But she still resisted the idea, continuing to shake her head no. The bargirls did their best to coax her innocence – to no avail. And it would be Dominique who put the matter to rest, making a final decision that Winnie accepted.

“You will do a wonderful job, Winnie,” Dominique said, motioning for Trixie and Dixie to help her clear the remaining dishes from the picnic tables.

Dominique and the twins gathered the dishes and took them into Lady Gemini’s kitchen as Crystal slid over to Winnie and kept the encouragement up.

“Winnie, you are the sweetheart of The Creole Crawl,” Crystal said, gently rubbing the top of the girl’s left thigh. “And you’ll be the sweetheart of that night, too.”

“Dominique gave me an update about everyone but you,” Winnie said as she took the pacifier out of her mouth and changed the subject.

Crystal smiled, sighing and preparing to make the admittance … yet again.

“I might be pregnant again,” Crystal stated bluntly. “After three boys, you’da thought I would’ve been smart enough to get my tubes tied. But no.”

“Do you know for sure?” Winnie asked, touching Crystal’s right shoulder and trying to figure out how upset Crystal was about this.

“No. I could possibly just be late. It wouldn’t be the first time,” Crystal said with optimism. “But if I am pregnant, it better be a girl this time. No more boys.”

“Boys are icky,” Winnie said with a smile, Crystal smiling as well.

“They are icky. You’re right about that,” Crystal answered.

“Winnie, come over here for a minute,” Mike called to her having moved from the picnic table to a lawn chair. “This icky boy has a question to ask you.”

“Well, it looks like everybody wants to talk to you,” Crystal said, helping Winnie down off the picnic table and continuing to clean the picnic table off as Winnie waddled over to Mike, taking a seat on his lap.

“Yes?” Winnie asked playfully.

“This bladder condition you have, is it because of weak muscles or something like that?” he asked cautiously.

“What if it was? Would you take me with you to the gym and bulk me up?” Winnie flirted, grabbing his left bicep and sizing it up to hers.

“That would be something else,” Mike laughed. “We’d certainly turn some heads.”

“Well … it’s more a stress thing than a weakness thing,” Winnie said, then shrinking up. “Please don’t make fun of me.”

“Winnie, why would I do that?” Mike asked, giving her a you know better than that look. “I’m glad you’re turning it into something you can manage, if not also enjoy.”

“Well, Dominique tried to make it seem like it became a fetish because of my bladder, but…,” Winnie acknowledged, only to be cut off by the rubber nipple of her pacifier as Lady Gemini had suddenly appeared and took the pacifier from Winnie’s hand to put it in the girl’s mouth.

“Come on, Little Miss Confession,” Lady Gemini said, taking her by the hand and leading her over into the middle of the back yard.

“Are you about to give me another prediction about myself that will spook me out when it comes true?” Winnie asked, taking her pacifier out of her mouth and nibbling on the rubber nipple.

“No, sweetie,” Lady Gemini answered, positioning Winnie to be able to see Dominque through the back window of the kitchen. “I’m going to make another prediction about Dominique that will make you happy when it comes true.”

“What is it?” Winnie asked, watching Dominique standing at the sink and smiling.

“Dominique has made a decision on this night. I saw it in her soul the moment the two of you arrived,” Lady Gemini answered. “Both of you suddenly seem to have some sort of positive energy between you that has just gotten more powerful.”

Winnie smiled, that thought of instinct between her and Dominique coming back to the forefront of her thoughts.

“Whatever it is that has happened between the two of you, don’t view it lightly, but rather, as that which you have been waiting for this whole time,” Lady Gemini said at the exact moment that Dominique looked out the back window of the kitchen and made eye-contact with Winnie – as if Dominique knew someone was talking about her.


The party wound down and Winnie began to do the same, her day having been long and jetlag beginning to drain her. But on her walk back to the bar with Dominique, Winnie found she had a second wind left in her – and one that would speak directly without need for words. But still, she spoke from her heart anyway. It didn’t seem right not to.

“Lady Gemini said you made a decision,” Winnie asked innocently, waddling alongside Dominique with lolly-gagging steps. “I wonder what she meant by that.”

“Hmm,” Dominique said coyly. “What do you think she meant?”

A good portion of the romance between Dominique and Winnie was that everything individual about them always leant itself to the other. Dominique was a little older and therefore had thoughts of IRAs on the mind. Winnie was still young and found greater importance in upgrading to the latest model of cell phone on the market. Dominique had a career and thriving business while Winnie was still trying to figure out what she wanted to do in life. Dominique loved to be in control and had no problem in making this clear to everyone. Winnie loved to be a fly on the wall while also enjoying her time in the limelight when the opportunities presented themselves. Dominique went out seeking life. Winnie waited for life to come to her.

Both had their reasons for everything they did and every choice they made. But both had found drawbacks to their methods … until they met each other. Now, addressing those finite details of which most people never gave any attention, they both understood that the little particulars were where the essences of life, of love and of everything else could be found. All they had to do was look.

And indeed, they discovered they had a lot in common – their similarities only sweetening the honey pot for them that much more. Somewhere in the middle of it all, they always found each other.

“I think Lady Gemini was trying to tell me that you missed me a lot,” Winnie said flirtatiously as Dominique unlocked the front door of the bar. “And I think Lady Gemini also knew that I missed you a lot, too.”

“So what’s this decision Lady Gemini foretold?” Dominique asked, opening the door and letting Winnie in.

“I have no idea. She didn’t say,” Winnie answered, walking over to a fallen chair in the middle of the bar and setting it back up. “But I’ve made the decision to never leave this place again.”

Winnie walked over to the pool table and picked up a pool stick that had been leaned up against the edge of the table.

“I don’t ever want to be that far away from you again for that long,” Winnie said, putting the pool stick back in the rack as Dominique walked over to the pool table and leaned up against the end of it.

“Then I think we’d better make sure you have no reason to leave ever again,” Dominique said, a lustful gaze crossing her eyes – Winnie instantly picking up on the mindset. “If only there was some reason that would keep you grounded, that would keep you here and would never let you go.”

Winnie walked over to Dominique, beginning to unbutton the front of the lady’s shirt.

“Oh, there are many reasons that could easily make me stay here forever,” Winnie said, opening the front of Dominique’s shirt and placing her hands on the inner curves of the lady’s hourglass. “But there’s only one reason I would listen to and look for … and crave.”

Winnie reached down underneath the front of Dominique’s skirt, placing her hands on the lady’s thighs and trailing her fingers upward to the lady’s panties.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Dominique flirted with question. “Hmm?”

“I’m looking for that reason right now,” Winnie whispered, a breathy quality taking over her words.

“Don’t you think Mommy oughta change you first?” Dominique said playfully.

Winnie reached to her hips, yanking all the tapes open and allowing her diaper to fall down between her ankles.

“There,” Winnie said proudly and playfully. “I’m no longer wet, but you …”

Reaching back under Dominique’s skirt, Winnie took hold of the lady’s panties, slowly pulling them down and off her legs while leaning Dominique back onto the pool table.

Winnie placed her fingertips between Dominique’s legs, her palm ever-so-lightly rubbing her labia and her fingertips keeping track of Dominique’s saturated arousal at her perineum. Leaning over, Winnie pecked at Dominique’s bare navel with the same gentleness that she craved. Dominique settled into the top of the pool table – as much as that was possible.

They were both happily helpless creatures of touch. And that was one similarity they thoroughly enjoyed. Sex between them required a full investment of emotions and of physical offerings as well as takings. When they gave, they gave all that they had and when they took, they took without desire to leave anything behind.

Winnie trailed her pecks down to Dominque’s waist line, opening her mouth and touching the tip of her tongue to Dominique’s labia. Teasing the soft tissues, Winnie awaited the shudder and swell that always meant Dominique had begun. And it really didn’t take long at all – Dominique taking in a deep breath and letting out a soft moan as she closed her eyes.

“That’s my girl,” Dominique said, smiling as Winnie took Dominique’s hood between her lips – bringing the lady’s swell more to her surfaces.

It wasn’t just about teasing and touching, kissing and pecking, smiling and sighing. It was about so much more. To invest one’s self fully, both would have moments of serious gazes, filling the atmosphere of that bar room with the sounds of sharing that would normally embarrass both of them when with any other company but each other. They would create sensations they would feel again later and emotions they would remember in reflections.

Winnie took the fingertips of her right hand to the outer lips of the labia, not making broad circles and trying to find those sweet spots on Dominique – but instead, going right to them because she knew them well and cared enough to memorize the course to find them. Dominique’s chest rose and lowered with rhythm as her hands worked their way into Winnie’s locks. Her fingernails gently scraped Winnie’s scalp as she directed the girl to begin to work the magic of her tongue into a rhythm as well.

“That’s a good girl. Just go slowly,” Dominique whispered, her voice still holding the caressing tone that always kept control while also keeping passion.

Sometimes they weren’t so gentle with each other, but those were only brief seconds at the arrival of orgasms – an intense exchange anyway and one that brought tender journeys to a powerful climaxes. Sometimes, they nibbled with little bites. Sometimes, they cried and breathed and sighed together as the intensity enveloped both of them.

Winnie parted the softened, swelled and wet tissues at the opening of Dominique’s canal with her pointer and middle fingers. Dominique’s chest heaved up in preparation, her lower back arching to extent as Winnie slid those two fingers inside her. Turning her palm upward, Winnie reached up to the roof of Dominque’s womb, sliding her fingers in and out with a slow but consistent pace. Dominique’s arousal heightened with the passing sensations, her core tightening and releasing with small pulsing contractions. Her hands began to make fists of Winnie’s locks, then releasing them as the contractions subsided each time.

Now kneeling on the floor, Winnie concentrated her stimulations on Dominique’s hood, her fingers traveling to the ridges on the front wall of her womb. It wouldn’t be long now as Dominique’s heaving breaths picked up along with her swell, her wetness and the ache that was making her hips rock in motion with Winnie’s laps.

And then, all at once, Dominique seized up – her chest heaving higher still and her lower back arching to extreme bow as she grabbed the back of Winnie’s head and thrust the girl’s face in between her legs and to her center. Winnie never winced or fought or struggled back at all, simply keeping her actions consistent until Dominique moaned her way to the summit. And it was at that moment when Dominique’s frame relaxed ever-so-slightly that Winnie pulled back and concentrated on the fingertip tease to Dominique’s hood. Winnie knew well that the threshold between wonderfully intense and too intense had been crossed. And though Dominique couldn’t bring herself to tell Winnie to slow down any more, Winnie knew that the intensity could be kept longer – if she allowed Dominique to slow balloon down with it.

A guy wouldn’t have ever thought of that. There was no way he could possibly know how she felt at each specific second in an orgasm. But Winnie knew, having lost that glorious intensity herself from treatment that wasn’t gentle enough when it needed to be.

And before Dominique fully came to rest on the top of the pool table again, Winnie had already entered her into the afterglow that every female lavished in – right after the view from the summit. As that warming sensation washed out over Dominique’s frame, she breathed in deeply and then sighed the same way – her heart rate beginning to slow down as intensity had been nurtured into mellowing bliss … all at the fingertips of a BabyGirl who actually understood a few things about instinct herself, it seemed.

Winnie sat back on her haunches, drying her fingertips with Dominique’s panties before she made the observation that would usher cuteness back into the moment.

“I’m wet again,” Winnie said playfully, trying not to giggle.

“Come upstairs,” Dominique said, slowly sitting up and taking a moment to regain her equilibrium while collecting herself. “I’ll take care of that for you. Oh, will I take care of that for you.”

As they walked up the stairs, Winnie looked back at the bar room, seeing her diaper and Dominique’s panties that still lay on the floor next to the pool table. They would get them in the morning. But for the night, and hopefully for the rest of her life, Winnie wouldn’t worry about anything other than her return, to Dominique and to instinct.

The Creole Crawl 3

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Dominique and Winnie’s story can be found in The Creole Crawl and The Creole Crawl 2.


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