Country Rose 5

Country Rose 5Rose Bedford, a city girl who moved to the country to find her place in this world, has done just that.  She has overcome tremendous adversity and paved her own pathway to a life worth living.  She has found a Daddy, a career she literally built from the ground up and has embraced the dream come true.

All the fairy tale stories always ended with: “… and they lived happily ever after”.

Well … the Happily Ever After has been found.  Roll the end credits.

But wait.  There was a little something Rose hadn’t thought about up to this point.  And she was able to summarize this new thought with a single question:

What happens “after” the Happily Ever After?

Country Rose 5 continues the story of Emmitt and Rose, seeking to answer that very question.  From a honeymoon with a mesmerizing view to bouts of baby fever to the fastest ride Rose has ever made on horseback, her dreams not only come true, but also teach her that Happily Ever After is merely the beginning of everything that is yet to come.


Thinking Out Loud
The View … With A Happy Ending
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Country Rose
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Country Rose 5
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