What She Found in the Front Seat

Zeke and Lily - Ever AfterZeke and Lily: Ever After

Spend your winter with Zeke and Lily, in this, the 5th story in their saga.

Knowing for certain has never felt so good.


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What She Found in the Front Seat

Part One: The Penultimate Level

Lily clung to Zeke’s side as they made their way back to the car. The feel of Christmas was in the air and she was a Yuletide cheerleader. Happiness abounded and this was no time to be poopy about things.

This was never more the truth than right at this moment. Luckily, her diaper didn’t need changed for that reason, but in an effort not to dampen the spirits of the Christmas shopping day they had planned, there was an unexpected change in their plans. Unexpected until Zeke asked her.

Lily recalled his words before they left the house that morning:

“As we are out and about today, I don’t want you to hesitate to tell me that you need your diaper changed. Okay?” he stated and asked as she nodded timidly, feeling herself being readjusted back into the BabyGirl state-of-mind. “That’s a good girl. If you tell Daddy that you need changed, then Daddy won’t have to check your diaper as often.”

The thought of being stopped and having the leggings lowered and her diaper exposed as he checked her for wetness or messiness was a heart-pounding one. Realizing his words just coursed through her senses, he continued.

“And I don’t want you to be embarrassed when I change you,” he said, slowly dusting the powder over her bottom with his hand. “Your sister will be right there to keep you comfortable and distract you when the BabyGirl butterflies get so intense in your tummy that you can’t control them.”

Oh my, if he only knew that those butterflies were all ready too much to handle for her!

And now she was headed to the car in the shopping outlet parking lot for a backseat change.

Mere thoughts of where they were headed and what they would be doing when they got there had her mind spinning with smaller thoughts of bottle feedings and nap times. She also kept her head lowered a little, making certain not to forget this time that she had a pacifier in her mouth.

She was grateful he wasn’t upset; especially since he had given her instructions to tell him when she was wet and needed changed. All that seemed unimportant now as they made their way back to his car. Whether she was prepared for it or not, she would soon find herself lying on the front seat, staring up at the roof as he changed her diaper.

Walking towards the car, she kept quiet and tried to not draw attention to herself for the first time today. She thought back to all the other times she got her diaper changed in his car. Never once was she caught or discovered. There were certainly some close calls and some risks taken when cars and people were nearby, but the danger of being discovered had never been as great as that of what she was about to experience.

In the middle of a parking area at an outlet shopping center on a somewhat chilly morning, where there wasn’t an empty parking space anywhere to be found, she was about to go through an emotional blend of AB feelings and the penultimate level of the public thrill.


Part Two: Clinging to Assurance and Familiar Facets

They neared the car and she neared paralysis, taking baby steps quite befitting of her state of mind. Sensing her hesitation, he lifted her up into the one free arm that he had. She closed her eyes, rested her head on his shoulder, sucked on her pacifier, wrapped her arms around his neck and clung to him for dear life.

Her heavily-pounding heart signaled a quickening alarm within her which bounced back and forth between excitement and panic. Unable to get enough composure to even whimper, she began peeing again and continued to do so until her bladder was completely empty.

She heard two cars being unlocked. The first was Taylor’s car as he opened her back door, put her Dressbarn bag on the back seat and shut the door, re-locking it and placing her keys in his pocket.

The second was his car. He opened the back door, set her Dressbarn bag on the back seat, picked up her diaper bag from the back floor, shut the back door and opened the driver’s door.

He set the diaper bag on the driver’s side floor, pulled her baby blanket out of it, covered her back with it and then entered the car, taking time to ease her down on her back on the front seat.

He sat in the driver’s seat, shut his door and started the car, putting the heater on full blast. She lay there, silently and timidly. He reached into the diaper bag and took out a few things, setting theme all on the dashboard, one at a time: the travel pack of wipes, the small bottle of powder they took with them on outings and her next disposable Bambino teddy bear diaper.

He reached under her and slid her red leggings down off her bottom and hips, drawing them down to her mid-thighs before bending her knees up.

She could feel the cool air inside the car beginning to warm from the heater, probably the main reason why he hadn’t taken her wet diaper off yet. And when the temperature inside the car had warmed enough, he began to unfasten her diaper tapes.

Still out of her mind with a gripping fear, she finally found her voice again and swallowed the lump in her throat before whimpering while trying to fight back her tears.

“Shh, Shh, Shh,” he whispered as he stroked her rosy cheeks with his left hand. “It’ll be okay. Daddy will make everything better. Don’t be afraid.”

His face and especially his eyes had that look of certainty and confidence which always settled her foreboding soul with a simple look. Under the current circumstances, she clung to his assurance more so than normal and like a lost child, she listened to him implicitly, believing that all would turn out fine if she simply followed his every direction.

He returned to unfastening her diaper tapes with a steady pace so as to not drag this out, but also to not speed it up. Keeping her calm was just as important as keeping her dry.

He folded the front of her diaper down and between her legs, taking a wipe to her front. The coolness of the wipe caused her to whimper again.

“It’s okay, BabyGirl. It’s okay,” he said softly, realizing it was cold but also realizing she was upset because she was now exposed for any one of the thousands of people there to see should they just so happen to be walking by.

Curling her legs up a little more and rolling her back up, her bottom was now showing. There was no further female exposure possible, save for her chest.

He slid the wet diaper away from underneath her and took another wipe to her bottom in his usual caressing manner of touch. She could hear the rustling and unfolding of her next diaper as he positioned it underneath her.

Then the sweet, sweet scent of powder filled the air, giving the experience the first of several familiar facets, each of which bringing her closer to comfort and all of which provided by him.


Part Three:

The Tingle, the Yearning & the Scent She Called ‘Daddy’

As he lowered her back down onto the seat, her bottom became nestled in the softness of the diaper (another familiarity) but also the specific shape of a Bambino (a new pleasure she had quickly come to adore).

He took to her front with the powder and dusted it across her hips (where the tapes would eventually fasten).  As he lowered her legs down and the front of her diaper up into place around her waist, she smiled through her watery eyes as warmth and dryness wrapped around her, another recognizable intimate that always meant the change was soon complete.

Finally, she heard the sound of the tapes being opened and fastened at her hips, giving the diaper that snugness to her from which she found comfort.

The leggings were slid back up into place.  He took a moment to bundle up the wipes and wet diaper into a ball before he placed her on his lap where she curled up for a few minutes of much needed cuddling.

She rested her head on his chest and gazed up at him with a look that made clear how little she was feeling.

“You did it, Princess!” he said excitedly.  “And you lived to tell people about it, too!”

She smiled behind her pacifier as she curled up tightly in his arms.  He placed his fingertips on her forehead and lightly drew them down to her chin.  Giving her a warming smile and a wink, he touched noses with her, wiggling them back and forth, and causing her to giggle before rubbing the tip of her nose with her hand.

She reached up and touched his cheek with her tiny fingers, feeling the roughness of his skin.  He closed his eyes and kissed her palm.  She kept stroking his face as she nuzzled her nose closely to his neck, taking in a deep breath of that scent which she called Daddy.  It was a scent that he left a trace of wherever he had been, on whatever he touched and on everything he wore.  It was mild, but still overpowering to her.  She could never quite figure out where it came from.  It wasn’t from his skin nor was it the cologne he wore.  It wasn’t a detergent in his clothes nor was it something he brushed up against. 

The scent came from within him and would often stop her in her tracks, regardless of where she was and what she was doing.  She would find herself paralyzed as it filled her nose and disrupted her otherwise modest way of carrying herself.   It was his pheromones and the scent grew stronger at random times for what seemed like random reasons.

Sometimes, it would make her tingle and she would fantasize about sex, evoking thoughts of how intense and passionate he was as a lover.  Other times, she would instantly begin craving her nightie, her crib, her nursery and the components of her AB life which she couldn’t bring into public.

At this very moment, his scent made her yearn for the little things about her life with him and the little feelings which only he could conjure up.  And if he would allow it, she’d spend the rest of this day shopping in her footed pajamas with pigtails in her hair and her teddy bear in her hand.  She would joyfully skip alongside him and remain happily captivated in her own little BabyGirl world, a euphoria which seemed so big it could’ve spanned the universe were it not for only being in her mind.  But she saw it as real because it felt real and therefore it was real. 

It was what she had found.  And it was all she needed.

Zeke and Lily - Ever After
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