Lil Goldie’s Sparkles

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ABDL BedTime StoriesThe Tangled Fairy Tales

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here is a little story about how to sparkle in the sunshine and how to “bear” the unexpected.


“These quizzes are dumb,” Kaitlin said, tossing the magazine aside and yawning.

Taz kissed her forehead and got up from the bed.

“Let me go get you a nightshirt,” he said, walking back to the bedroom.

Kaitlin lied there and reflected on the past few minutes, how tingly she was to be a naked BabyGirl as he diapered her and how good it felt to be naked in front of him. Then her sweet sentiments of thought led into the fresh memory of how funny he sounded reading from that magazine. Thought it hurt to laugh, laughing felt good. And he always knew how to make her laugh, even when he had no idea how he was doing it. But either way, she felt better. The fever was gone and though she was still sick, she had made it through the worst of it and was heading out of the woods.

The woods! The thought of the woods brought to her mind the tangled fairy tales he had told. Grabbing the ibuprofen, she willfully swallowed two more – figuring that he was getting her a nightshirt so she wouldn’t be cold when she slept. Yawning again, she nestled down – waiting for his return and hoping he would tell her another tangled fairy tale before she drifted off to sleep again.

“Here’s a quiz question for you,” Taz said, returning from the bedroom with the tiniest, pinkest baby-t he could find. “What is it about an Irish Girl that is so enchanting? Perhaps the long hair?”

“But you’d like another color than red, huh?” Kaitlin asked, sitting up and raising her arms as he gathered the baby-t in his hands and brought it down over her frame.

In the process of being dressed, her head began to spin and as soon as he saw her swooning, Taz put his hand behind her neck and eased her back down onto the pull-out mattress.

“I don’t care what the color is … so long as it’s long,” he whispered sweetly, brushing her bangs off her forehead. “So long as I can run my fingers through it and smell the shampoo you used.”

“You wouldn’t want these locks to be blonde?” she said, holding up the ends of her hair.

“You would look just as beautiful as you do now,” Taz said, the lightbulb coming on inside his mind suddenly. “Do you want your hair to be blonde?”

“I wouldn’t mind trying out the Goldilocks thing,” Kaitlin said, giving him a wink.

The gears began to crank in Taz’s mind, his eyes showing how he was already cooking up another story. Kaitlin grabbed her pacifier, plunked it in her mouth, flipped over on her tummy and covered herself with a blanket. Resting the side of her face on her pillow, she awaited the next tangled fairy tale to begin. Taz sat next to her on the bed and she shifted her head over on to his thigh, using it as her pillow instead. He tucked her curly red hair behind her ear and ran the fingers of his right hand through it.

“Once Upon A Time,” he began, Kaitlin wiggling uncontrollably with excitement.

Oh, what would the fairy tale be this time? How would he tangle it and twist it? How would it begin? How would it end? The questions in her heart were endless.

“Once Upon A Time, there was a girl with long golden locks of hair that sparkled in the sunshine. She was a Fairy Tale Girl in training – not old enough to wear a short dress yet. In fact, she was so little that she still wore a diaper,” Taz said, reaching back and patting Kaitlin’s diapered bottom through the blanket. “Her name was Goldie, but everyone in FairyTaleLand called her Lil Goldie. And she had an amazing imagination, wild as it was sometimes. Her little house set at the edge of the great golden hay field. And on the far side of that hay field was the magical forest.”

Taz’s eyes opened wide as the full storyline finally came to him.

“Because she was only a Fairy Tale Girl in training, she wasn’t allowed to go into the magical forest – not for necessity or for curiosity. But, being as Lil Goldie was a girl, her curiosities about the magical forest grew and grew to the point where they had become necessity to find out about,” Taz continued. “So, one bright and sunny afternoon when she was supposed to be taking a nap in her little golden bed, Lil Goldie snuck out of her nursery window, into the back yard. She ran across the great golden hay field, the sunlight sparkling her long golden locks and she ran directly into the magical forest – never once looking back. But perhaps she should have looked back – so she would know how to get back out of the magical forest.”

Lil Goldie’s Sparkles –

Passing through the outer line of trees and staring directly into the magical forest with wonderment, Lil Goldie stopped dead in her tracks, bouncing up-n-down with excitement – her diaper crinkling and her heart pounding. Oh, what wonders would there be in the magical forest? She could hardly contain herself. And, knowing she wasn’t old enough to be in the forest, she was even more excited to see what she, otherwise, would’ve been made to wait to see.

Slowly waddling through the forest, she looked up at the canopy of leaves. The trees were so tall she felt even smaller still. Squirrels jumped from limb to limb and the wildlife scurried about. Everything seemed perfect, like it all had been laid out in an exact manner with everything fitting together seamlessly. The magical forest didn’t seem scary at all. It seemed … magical.

Lil Goldie began running down the dirt trail, waddling her crinkly hips as fast as she could go. The birds of the forest swooped down to join her sprint, happily flying alongside her and chirping with glee. Most of the Fairy Tale Girls who entered the forest did so with apprehension, as if they didn’t want to be there. But Lil Goldie, a Fairy Tale Girl in training, showed how much she wanted to be there and how much she had always wanted to be there.

Coming to the bank of a small stream, she knelt down and caught her breath. And all the little fishes of the magical forest swam up to her. Each of them seemed to smile at her, making their round mouth faces at her. Lil Goldie sucked in the sides of her mouth and gave herself fish lips, making round mouth faces back at them. She was having so much fun that she really couldn’t understand what the grown Fairy Tale Girls had told her about the magical forest. This place was great! And she was having such a good time in it!

On the far side of the little stream was a deer with great big antlers. This deer was rubbing its antlers up against the bark of a nearby tree, but the deer seemed distraught – as if it was having trouble doing something. Being the kind-hearted and sweet Fairy Tale Girl in training that she was, Lil Goldie crossed the stream and crinkled her waddle up to the deer.

“Hello,” Lil Goldie said sweetly. “My name is Goldie. What’s your name?”

“Rufus,” the deer said, looking at her with a forlorn gaze.

“What’s the matter, Rufus?” Lil Goldie asked sweetly. “You seem upset about something.”

“My antlers get this velvet covering to them and I’m supposed to rub my antlers on tree bark to get the velvet off, but I’m having trouble doing it and my neck is starting to hurt a lot from trying,” Rufus admitted.

Lil Goldie thought about it as she watched the poor deer trying to rub his antlers on the tree bark again. Then she snapped her fingers with the solution. She picked up a stick and began to rub the stick against the deer’s antlers, freeing them of the velvet covering. And when she was done, the deer stood tall, shaking its head for a moment and then proudly presenting its freshly-cleaned antlers.

“Thank you so much, Goldie,” the deer said. “I have to get going to catch up with the other deer, but I hope to repay you some day for your kindness. Good bye.”

“Good bye, Rufus!” Lil Goldie called out, waving bye bye to the deer as it pranced off into the magical forest.

Oh, how wonderful it felt to have been able to help that deer! And maybe Lil Goldie had just discovered her purpose in life – to help others.

But before she could think any more happy thoughts, she saw a tiny little cottage in the near distance. Well, that was peculiar. She didn’t know that anyone lived in the magical forest, other than wildlife and a mean witch lady that some of the grown Fairy Tale Girls had warned her about.

Could this be that mean witch lady’s cottage? No, it couldn’t possibly be hers. The Fairy Tale Girls told her that the witch’s cottage was deep in the woods, in the center where the canopy of leaves overhead was so thick that the sunshine was blocked out. And Lil Goldie was only a short distance into the magical forest. So who’s little cottage was this one? Well, there was only one way to find out.

Lil Goldie walked into a trickle of sunshine that had made it through the leaves above and she stretched her arms out from her sides. Her golden locks began to sparkle in the sunshine and she closed her eyes, concentrating on where she wanted to be. And when she opened her eyes, she was standing in front of the door to that little cottage.

It didn’t look like a witch’s cottage, at least not from the outside. So, she knocked on the door, but no one answered. Then she knocked on the door again and still no one answered. Curiosity was getting the best of her. Who’s cottage was this? Walking over to the front window, she looked in the cottage. And it certainly didn’t look like a witch’s cottage on the inside, from what she could see. She knocked on the door a third time and after no one answered, she turned around and looked out at the magical forest. No one was nearby and her curiosity was too great to ignore. So, she turned back to the door, opened it and walked in.

Inside, she saw a small fireplace with a small burning fire. There was a kitchen table, three chairs, a comfy looking couch in a living room and then another door at the back – probably a bedroom door. The cottage looked cozy, as if a family lived in it. But where were they now and why hadn’t she ever heard of this family in the woods before?

She waddled over to the kitchen table and reached under the back of her dress, slipping her fingers under the elastic edging on either side of the back of her diaper and pulling out the little diaper wedgie she had given herself when her hair sparkled in the sunshine and she magically transported herself over to the cottage door. Hopefully, someday she would learn how to not give herself a wedgie when transporting. But she was still a Fairy Tale Girl in training and was so little that she still wore diapers. So she knew that she would have time to learn.

On the kitchen table were three bowls of soup, each steaming as if they had just been poured. Lil Goldie looked around, confused as to where the family was that should be eating these bowls of soup. Sitting on the big chair, she tasted the first bowl of soup. And though she didn’t like its flavor, she knew that this soup was the Papa’s soup. It was French onion soup and tasted super yucky.

Sitting in the medium-sized chair, she tasted the second bowl of soup. And while it didn’t taste so bad, she knew that it had to be the Mama’s soup. It was Italian Wedding soup and she remembered having tasted it once when Jack and Lil Red were babysitting her. This soup was Lil Red’s favorite.

Sitting in the smallest chair, she thought how fun it was that the chair sat up so high. This must’ve been the high chair that the Baby of this family sat in. It made it easy for her to reach the third bowl of soup and taste it. This soup was chicken noodle soup, her favorite! And Lil Goldie gobbled up every piece of chicken and every strand of noodle in the bowl. Then, looking around the cottage and making sure no one was there, she picked the soup bowl up and drank the broth down – a very unlady-like thing to do and one that she had been told not to do, should she ever hope to become a grown Fairy Tale Girl someday. But she didn’t care, just then. She was merely a Fairy Tale Girl in training and so little that she was kept in diapers at all times. So, she didn’t have to follow all the Fairy Tale Girl rules yet.

Hopping down from the high chair, she burped – then giggling at herself as she crinkled her way over to the comfy couch in the living room. In front of the couch was a coffee table and on the coffee table were three drink containers. She picked up the first one, a brown bottle, sniffing at the top of it – then immediately setting it back down. It was beer and was certainly intended for the Papa of this family.

She picked up the second one, a white mug and took a swig of the liquid inside. It was unsweetened tea and though it didn’t taste bad, she knew it was intended for the Mama of this family as it was a grown-up taste. Then she picked up the third one, a sippy cup with a lid on it and a small spout to drink from. Drinking from it, her eyes lit up as she knew it was chocolate milk, her favorite!

Tilting her head back, she lied down on the couch, knowing that the baby of this family liked chocolate milk, too. But she stopped herself from drinking it all because she wanted the Baby to have some when this family got back. On the other side of the coffee table were three more items that made Lil Goldie sit up. Then she waddled her diapered bottom over to the other side, kneeling down and picking up a strange wooden object. It had a long stem to it and a round part at the end with a hole in it. Quickly, she put the item back down when she realized it was the Papa’s pipe.

The next item was an easy one to figure out. It was a pack of chewing gum – an item that Lil Goldie had learned was not a good item to chew right before she was laid down in her crib for her nap or for the night. And she had learned this the hard way. Thank goodness that Lil Red and Gretel were so patient as to work the gum out of her golden locks without having to cut her hair. And besides, this kind of gum was the sugar-free kind – certainly intended for the Mama of this family.

But the last item was too much fun for Lil Goldie to stop herself from using. It was a pacifier and certainly belonged to the Baby of this family. Lil Goldie picked it up and plunked it in her mouth, nursing away on it and promising herself that she would return it to the table when she was done with it.

What a wonderful little cottage in the woods and how wonderful the family seemed that lived there. But what was that door in the back? Was it really their bedroom? And what did it look like? Curiosity got the best of her and she tottered back to the door, opening it and walking in. The Papa-n-Mama bed was huge! She crawled up on it and started jumping up-n-down. Oh what fun this was!

But then she stopped jumping, plopping down on her diapered bottom and staring drop-jawed at the Baby’s crib that sat on the other side of the bedroom. It was huge! Far larger than hers was! This Baby must’ve been enormous! Getting off the Papa-n-Mama bed, Lil Goldie waddled over to the crib and crawled up inside it and under a blanket. The crib was filled with a whole bunch of stuffed people, not stuffed animals, but little stuffed … people. One was a butcher. One was a baker. And one was a candlestick maker. This was strange to her but she figured that every Baby was different. And good for them!

No sooner did she settle down in the crib than she fell asleep in it. She had no idea how long she had been sleeping, but suddenly she heard the front door opening and a family chattering with laughter walking in. But they didn’t sound like humans. They sounded like … bears! Oh my!

Standing straight up in the crib, she looked at the open bedroom door and silently panicked. She climbed out of the crib and waddled up alongside the open door. Not only was she trapped in the bedroom, but she had drenched her diaper in her sleep. Maybe she could hide under the bed until they went to sleep. Maybe she could hide in the closet until later. Ooo! What was she going to do?

Widely waddling her wet diapered bottom over to the bedroom window, she looked up at the canopy of leaves above. No sunlight was trickling down through the window. So she couldn’t make her hair sparkle and transport herself out of the house. She was going to have to do this the old-fashioned way. Opening the window, she wrapped her tiny hands around the lower sill, working herself up and getting her forearms over it. Oh my, this was a bit more difficult than she thought it would be and with a sagging diaper weighing her down, it wasn’t getting any easier.

Getting the top half of her torso onto the lower sill, she was getting exhausted, but she didn’t have time to take a break. The family of bears had already discovered that their soups had been tasted and that their drinks had been tasted. Leaning forward she squealed, biting down on the rubber nipple of the pacifier as she spread her legs apart – catching herself on either side of the window and preventing herself from falling out. Oh, what a predicament this was and what a sight she would be when the bears walked into their bedroom to see the wet diapered bottom of a Fairy Tale Girl in training hanging out of their bedroom window!

Hearing them remark about the pipe, the gum and the missing pacifier, Lil Goldie knew that her time was up. Closing her legs, she fell from the window, landing on a tree branch that bent down as it guided her to the ground. She took off in a wet waddled sprint, but then turned around and ran back to the tree that had saved her fall, giving the tree a little girl’s hug before she sprinted away.

Suddenly, there seemed to be trees falling down left-n-right, all over the magical forest. From what the grown Fairy Tale Girls had told her, only one thing could be happening if trees ever fell in the magical forest. And if they were right, then the entire magical countryside would be in danger of being destroyed. And if the magical countryside were destroyed, there would be no more Fairy Tale Girls. And if there were no more Fairy Tale Girls, then there would be no more Fairy Tales or reasons for people to dream.

As the trees began falling left and right, Lil Goldie dodged right-n-left as quickly as her soggy diapered waddles would allow her. Making it to the strong oak of the forest, the enormous oak tree that was older than any fairy tale ever dreamt, she stood there and watched the magical forest falling down.

In the far, far distance, she could see a Fairy Tale Girl in a red-cape, riding a wolf. It was Lil Red! Lil Goldie called to Lil Red but Lil Red couldn’t hear her. Then she looked the other way, seeing two other Fairy Tale Girls in short dresses running through the woods. The one looked like Gretel, but she had no idea who the other girl was or why that other girl only had one nylon on.

As the trees kept falling, Lil Goldie wished that she hadn’t allowed her curiosity to get the best of her. She could’ve been back home, safely asleep in her crib. Nursing on the pacifier, she began to weep as she didn’t know what to do. But when one tree fell close to the enormous oak tree, it produced a trickle of sunlight that had found a way through the canopy of leaves above.

It was then that Lil Goldie knew what to do and where to go. She ran into the trickle of sunshine and allowed it to make her hair sparkle. Closing her eyes, she imagined where she needed to be. And opening her eyes, she arrived there, safely out of the woods. But the horror of what she saw in front of her made her glad she was wearing a diaper as she wet herself again with fear.

ABDL Bedtime Stories - The Tangled Fairy TalesABDL BedTime StoriesThe Tangled Fairy Tales

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