Scenes from a Fetish Fair Flea Market – Both Parts

Taken from the ABDL sequel:

The BabySitter Crush 2

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here is a little story about patience and the value of moving at the right pace.

(Warning: This ain’t no Daddy/BabyGirl story!!!)


Tuesday, June 9th – 2pm

Krissy pulled into the downtown parking garage and started going in circles as she drove up the levels.  Parking was at capacity on the lower three levels and it wasn’t thinning out as they went higher.  When she told him they were going to meet Meg and Lisa at a fetish fair that afternoon, he had no idea that it would be downtown!  He also didn’t think she was going to dress him in such an obvious way.

He was wearing a white t-shirt and blue cotton shorts.  She had tucked the t-shirt inside the shorts but not before diapering him, of course.  And when she did, she fastened the tapes very tightly at his hips, but left the diaper a bit loose between his legs.  This was always indication to him that they would be doing a lot of walking and she wanted to give him the ability to walk comfortably while not chancing his diaper coming undone along the way.

Krissy would drive the whole way up to the top level, putting them back in the sunlight.  Thankfully, there were a few spaces left up there.  Turning the car off, she looked over at Joe and smiled brightly – then taking the pacifier out of his mouth and tucking it down into her cleavage.  She was inventing even more reason for him to be staring at her chest.  Looking in the back seat, she debated bring the diaper bag along but then decided otherwise.

Thank goodness for that!  At least now he wouldn’t be fearful of that diaper bag being put to its use – the number of cars in that parking garage making him believe there would be no private areas in this fetish flea market where he could be changed in peace.

Getting out of the car, she walked around to the passenger’s side and opened his door – then leaning in and placing her cleavage in his face as she unfastened his seatbelt.

“Now we’re going to meet Lisa and Meg out front of the flea market and I don’t want you to be shocked when you see them,” she said, tucking his white t-shirt into his shorts a bit more deeply before making him stand up out of the car.  “I’ve told both of them that I’m bringing my little titty boy with me and that I would appreciate if they gave him something pretty to look at.”

Then she took his hand and they walked towards the stairs.

That statement from her explained why she had dressed as she did – in a flowy black skirt and a white top with a low-cut front.  Her breasts were bulging out of her bra, as if they were reaching out to him.  She had also made her hair pin-straight, flattening it before putting on some flirtatious make-up.  Every bit of her was sending out the signals that she was feeling playful and wanted people to notice her, given the feminine wiles that were emitting from her just then.

And if people were going to notice her, they would notice him right next to her.  To say the least, they looked like an odd pairing – a jovial girl who was fresh with a bounce and an oddly dressed guy who had a curious waddle to his steps.

They walked into the stair well and began heading downward, the stairwell being a megaphone for all sounds.  And with each step downwards, Joe was crinkling up a mighty storm – made louder still by the closeness of the walls around him.  Thankfully, he was still a bit weary from his drinking binge last night.  So, some of his senses were numbed.  But that didn’t mean his mind wasn’t absorbing it all quite clearly, just then.

The only other noise that filled that stairwell was the clicking of her heels.  Krissy didn’t often wear high heels but when she did, she rose four inches in height.  And with the nude nylons she was wearing, making her legs stand out with sheen, she would certainly be noticed.

The real purpose of this outing was just simply to get him out into the sunshine and fresh air … to help him shake off some of that sick feeling he had that morning.  At least this was what Krissy told him when she fed him a grilled cheese sandwich and some rice pudding for lunch an hour or two ago.  She had intentions of keeping his diet simple for the next day or so, until he got better, outside and in.

But, being the newbie entrepreneur, Krissy also took advantage of this out-n-about opportunity – agreeing to meet with a FemDom at the fetish fair who would hopefully become the first mistress listed on her new website.  This might well have been another reason why she femmed it up a bit with her appearance, wanting to show the wiles off to a potential peer.

Holding his hand and moving him along, she got to the ground floor and shot straight out onto the sidewalk.  She was moving with a good bit of hustle.  This was something Joe wasn’t used to, but also wasn’t going to complain about.  Any time she took him shopping, she usually moved at a snail’s pace, enjoying every single solitary second of the shopping experience.  So her fast pace at the moment was something he was shocked by but also quite happy to see.

However, he was aware that her quickness wasn’t going to last, once they were inside the fetish fair.  And with Meg as well as Lisa there, he knew they would slow down to shopping pace before long.

The fetish fair was being held in the old Watt-n-Shand building, just off Market Street in the downtown area.  The building had been abandoned for years after the now-defunct business pulled out of it.  Then a businessman came along and scooped it up, turning it into a charming little shopping mall with unusual stores inside.

So, a fetish fair flea market being held there made perfect sense.

Turning the corner of that block, Krissy saw Meg and Lisa at the entrance – all but instantaneously slowing her step to a crawl.  And she was wise in having alerted Joe to not be alarmed by their appearance.  Both Lisa and Meg were also dolled up, Lisa in a dress with a low-cut front and Meg in a skirt and blouse she had unbuttoned part-way down.

Both of them looked at Joe and then lowered their chins to hide the grins that were forming on their faces.  As they got closer, he saw both of them hold up pacifiers and then slip those pacifiers down into their cleavages.  It was Titty Day for Joey.  The fems had decided and the mere possibility of having a pacifier pulled out of one of their bras – to the be plunked in his mouth – right there in public … oh my.

All three of them were dressed to the nines and Joe was dressed to the one … the age of one, that is.  But it was what was hanging off Lisa’s right shoulder that made him blush a deep shade of red and lower his chin as well.  She had a diaper bag with her, an obvious one – light blue pastel in color and all the outside pockets were filled with some sort of baby supply … bottles, wipes, teething toys and more.

“Hello, baby,” Lisa said, walking up to him and hugging him – smashing his face down into her cleavage.  “You be a good boy for us today, okay?  Krissy told me what a rough night you had last night.  But it’s a new day and all you need to do is be a good little titty boy, okay?”

With that, she reached behind him, patting the back of his cotton shorts, the thud on his diaper sounding clearly.  He could tell that Lisaa was not only going to be in shopping mode that day but also in babysitter mode as well.  Taking Lisa’s hand, he followed her as well as Krissy-n-Lisa inside the building.

At the front door, they showed their IDs, the attendant looking at Joe’s ID and then looking at him … then looking at Joe’s ID again and looking at him again.  Giving his ID back to Krissy, the attendant allowed them to enter.  And the moment they got through the front door, Joe’s eyes grew big-n-wide at everything he saw in front of him.  There had to be 50 or 60 different vendors there, each with a booth that was packed to the gills.  There was an outer ring of vendors that formed a rectangle along the walls of the main floor, all the way to the back.  And then there was a second rectangle in the center of the room with vendors on either side of it.  This fetish flea market thing was no small affair at all, some of the vendors having traveled from quite a distance away to be there.  These eight hours would be profitable for them.

And what these people were selling was just as eye-opening as the whole set up, from leather to latex to scary looking toys to bondage equipment to bondage furniture to floggers to whips to paddles to electric toys to cages and harnesses and clothing and robes and books and photography and chairs and school girl outfits and gimp hoods and hats.  But certainly not to be overlooked were the lingerie booths with bras and nighties and negligees and babydoll dresses and bras and nylons and stockings and garter belts and silk and satin and high heels and boots and chokers or the organic booths with incense and musks and perfumes and plants and herbs and spices and …

Well, it was needless to say that this flea market lacked very little, if not lacking nothing at all.  It was also equally needless to say that this place was indeed packed with people, some dressed in such a provocative manner that Joe wondered how they didn’t draw attention to themselves, if not cause a scene right there on the streets outside.

Suddenly, Joe didn’t feel so awkward with his appearance.  And this enabled him to relax some as there was quite a bit to see.  And it was assured that the fems weren’t going to be in any hurry at all to leave.  As it turned out, Joe wouldn’t be bored … for a little while, at least.  And there were so many things that caught his eye, he felt like he was dealing with a case of shiny object syndrome.

But the one thing, out of a bazillion things, that caught his attention fully was the age play booth that was right inside the door – the first booth on the left.  The moment Lisa saw the booth, she alerted Krissy and Meg to it while grabbing Joe’s hand and leading him straight over to the booth and leading him right into the middle of it all.

They could’ve gone right past it and began their shopping spree, but they opted to include Joe in on the experience – a gesture of kindness he truly should have not taken for granted.

Age Play R Us was a fairly sizeable space and it was packed with so many products that Joe stood there like a deer in the headlights.  There wasn’t a square inch unused in that booth with stacks of clothing to go through, bins of toys and pacifiers and bottles to rummage through.  And the entire back wall was an eight-foot-tall shelving unit that had more different kinds of diapers displayed than Joe even knew existed.  It was an age player’s wonderland.

There was even a literature and video section by the register.

“Joey, go back there and get a pack of diapers – whichever ones you want,” Lisa whispered to him, then patting him on the backside and encouraging him to go to the back wall – Meg capturing his waddled steps on a phone video and immediately sending it to Lisa and Krissy.

And that he did, waddling adorably and crinkling the same as Megan then began snapping quite a few pictures of him and sending them all to the girls’ phones … for posterity’s sake, of course.

Standing there in front of the wall of diapers, he scanned the variety – organized by size … the smallest size being on the bottom shelves and the largest size being all the way up at the top.  This wouldn’t be an easy decision and it wasn’t because he was picky.  It was more because he was fascinated by all of these diapers he had never heard of or even seen before.  They all had designs on them of critters and animals and moons and stars and hearts and skulls and … you name it, it was there! 

As he stood there, a girl walked up beside him.  She was in her 30s, perhaps her late 30s.  And she was most definitely a BabyGirl, indicated by her adorable outfit and the fact that she crinkled with every little movement she made.  And it seemed, given by her actions, that she had the same task in front of her as he did.

“Hi!” the girl said cheerfully to Joe, giving him a little wave.

“Hi,” Joe said back to her, smiling at how cheery sweet she was.

“Are you looking at the diapers?” the girl asked him, then pausing before both she and Joe laughed.  “I guess that was a silly question.  Of course, you’re looking at them.  Do you know which ones you want?”

“There’s so many different kinds.  It’s hard to pick one,” Joe answered.  “But I’m allowed to get a pack of whichever one I want … whichever one that turns out to be.”

“I know what you mean,” the girl said, looking up at the top shelf and then down to the bottom one.  “My Daddy told me to do the same.”

The two of them stood there, looking at the wall – not knowing what to pick.  Finally, Joe looked at the girl and asked a question that might help both of them in deciding.

“What kinds of diapers have you tried already?” Joe asked.

“I’ve only ever worn white ones,” the girl answered.  “I like the all-white ones.  They just speak diaper to me more than all the others.”

“Me too!” Joe said, happy to hear that someone else saw it the same way.  “But, looking at all these designs and colors, now I’m thinking differently about it – like I’m missing out on endless opportunities.”

“Right!” the girl said excitedly.  “Do any of them seem fun to you?”

“Well … I’m looking for something that says … me,” Joe answered.  “But I like how you put it.  It still has to speak diaper to me, too.”

Looking at the diapers, the girl tilted her head to the side and smiled – having made up her mind and squatting down to pick up a pack of all-pink diapers in her size.

“I love pink,” the girl said, showing off the cutesy little baby pink dress she was wearing.  “So, what on this wall says … you?”

“I don’t know,” Joe said with a laugh.

“Do you like stuffies?” the girl asked.

“Yeah,” Joe answered, then searching the wall for stuffies.  “I might be able to live without diapers but I could never life without a stuffie.”

“Then I suggest the ones with the teddy bears on them,” the girl said, pointing to the diapers that had little teddy bears on them.  “They were the first kind my Daddy put on me.” 

Turning and facing towards her Daddy, who was over talking with the guy at the register, she held up the pack of pink diapers she had selected and called to him.

“Daddy?” she called but with a voice that was too soft for him to hear – then calling to him louder.  “Daddy??”

But still her Daddy didn’t respond to her.

“Zeke???” the girl said, nice and loud – her daddy then looking at her as she held the pack of pink diapers up high for him to see – the guy then smiling at her warmly.  “Can I have these?”

“How did I know you would pick the pink ones?” her Daddy asked.

“Is that a yes?” the girl sassed at him, playfully.

“Yes, Lily,” the guy answered, then motioning for her to bring the pink diapers over to the register.

“See ya!” the girl said to Joe then crinkling over to her Daddy.

Joe reached up and pulled down a package of the diapers that had those little teddy bears on them, version two the package said.  Out of curiosity, he looked around from version one but didn’t find it.

Taking his package of diapers over to Krissy, Joe presented them proudly – having accomplished the impossible task of making a decision … given the plethora of options he had to choose from.

“Aww.  They have little teddy bears on them,” Meg gushed, looking at the package.

“Yes, and he’ll look adorable in them, too,” Krissy said, motioning for Joe to take the package of diapers over to the register.

And there he stood, a bit fidgety as Krissy bought the diapers – just like a Mommy at a grocery store.  This fidget was something that caught Lisa’s attention.  Lisa had happily accepted the task of keeping an eye on Joe that day, which would be of utmost help to Krissy when she met and talked with her first FemDom client.

The guy behind the counter started to put the diapers in a bag, but Krissy stopped him.

“We don’t need them bagged up,” Krissy said to the guy, then looking at Joe.  “He’ll carry them just fine without a bag.”


Without objection but with the happy buzz of humiliation coursing throughout him, Joe picked up the package of diapers and followed the fems out of the age play booth.  Lisa took hold of his right hand, making him tuck the diapers under his left arm.  Oh, what a rush – to be with the fems at that place, made to carry his diapers and submit to anything asked of him.  It was no wonder his shiny object syndrome was in full force as he tried to keep his mind in the present.

They walked along, slowly as the girls were now entering shopping mode and needed the more casual pace to spy those little sales of things tucked into corners that only their highly trained peripheral vision could pick up on – but also only when moving at a slow pace.

The next booth they walked into didn’t nearly have as much stuff for sale as the age play booth.  There were racks spaced out to allow people to mill about.  And the only thing they were selling was leather clothing.  The scent of leather was heavy in the air, only drawing greater attention to the clothing.  And they had quite an assortment, for all the more that was there – from biker jackets to halter tops to short skirts to tight pants to even panties!  And wow, did this stuff come with high price tags, making Joe’s $25 pack of diapers seem like a bargain.

At the far end of the booth were three changing stalls.  And it didn’t take the three fems very long to make the decision to purchase matching outfits.  The three of them were similarly sized and had pretty much the same height.  And by the look in their twinkling eyes, these purchases were going to happen.  But first … they were going to try them on.

Joe stood there, holding his pack of diapers, all three of their purses and Lisa’s diaper bag as he watched Krissy, Lisa and Meg walk into the changing stalls.  The outfits were tight skirts with tight halter tops and coats – all leather, all black.

“Joey, come over here for a second,” Krissy said from inside her changing stall – Joe waddling over, then Krissy sticking her left arm out … her left hand holding her bra with his pacifier dangling down one of the shoulder straps.  “Hold my bra, baby.”

Joe took the bra, his face turning beet red from embarrassment.

“Joey,” Lisa said from inside her changing stall, also holding out her bra with one of his pacifier dangling down the shoulder strap.

“Joey,” Meg said, also holding out her bra and one of his pacifiers.

Joe waddled over and took Lisa’s bra as well as Meg’s.  Then he waddled back, the older lady behind the register delighting in the show.  He held the package of diapers in front of his waist, hoping to hide his stiffening condition – one that had come on so strongly and suddenly that it stuck straight out, being noticeable at the front of his shorts.

“Joey, don’t sniff those bras.  Just hold them,” Krissy said inside her changing stall, Lisa and Meg snickering.  “Joey are you sniffing them?”

“No,” he said, putting all three bras on top of the pack of diapers.

“No … what?” Krissy asked with a stern yet controlled tone.

“No, K’issy,” Joe said with a bit of fuss in his voice.

“Good baby,” Krissy said with contentment.

“Did you set your diapers down?” Meg asked from inside her stall.  “K’issy just bought them for you.”

“No, Meg,” Joe said, lowering his chin – humiliation doing a number on him and giving him an experience he would look back on very fondly in memory … if he could just survive it happening now.

“Do you need changed?” Lisa asked, the older lady behind the counter covering her face and trying not to laugh audibly.

“No, Issa,” Joe said with a lowered chin, his erection now growing to a rock-hard condition.

“Did you check your shorts?  Check the front of your shorts,” Lisa instructed, Krissy popping her head out to watch – an enormous grin brightening her face as Joe shifted the package of diapers to the side and held the bras on top of it as he looked at the front of his shorts – his stiffness sticking out prominently now.  “Are the front of your shorts wet, Joey?”

“No, Issa,” Joe replied, his entire scalp tingling as the humiliation rippled throughout him.

“Good boy,” Lisa said from inside her changing stall.  “If your shorts got wet, I’d have to take them off you and then you’d have nothing to wear.”

Joe’s eyes grew big-n-wide at the thought of walking around that flea market, wearing nothing but a white t-shirt and a diaper.  His heart pounded so heavily, he could see each thump through his t-shirt. 

Oh, did the fems know how to get the best of him.

With all three of them dressed in tight black leather, they stepped out of the changing stalls and admire each other’s look.  This was a few minutes of complimenting each other’s figures and having gushing girly things to say to each other.  Then they walked over in front of the mirrors and a sequence of primping, fluffing, scooching and sorting began as they put detailed touches on their looks.

Satisfied, they walked over to Joey, Lisa picking up her bra from on top of his package of diapers and drawing it across his face as she walked back to her changing stall.

“Thank you, titty boy,” Lisa said with playful tease.

“You are such a good boy for holding these for us,” Meg said to him, picking up her bra and holding it up to his chest.  “Hmm.  Maybe some night we’ll dress you up like a pretty baby.”

Then Meg walked over and back into her changing stall.  Then Krissy stepped up to him, picking up her bra and then grabbing the back of his head, smashing his face into her leather-cladded cleavage.

“I just want you to know that you may not be wet … but I am soaking right now,” Krissy whispered to him.  “Your timidness and obedience is gonna have me dripping by the time we leave here.”

Then Krissy walked back over and into her changing stall.  Joe stood there, blinking his eyes and feeling assured that he wouldn’t be moving the package of diapers away from the front of his waist any time soon.  The three fems had just made certain of that.

The girls got changed out of the leather outfits and then made the pricey purchases before leaving that leather vendor.  Joe was relieved of having to hold their purses and Lisa’s diaper bag but now had to hold three bags of leather outfits along with his package of diapers.

And back to that oh-so-slow shopping pace they went, wandering into but not purchasing anything at a jewelry booth and then an adult toy booth and then a pink booth where every single thing was that very color.  Fatigue set in swiftly and Joe was really starting to get irritated by the shopping pace.  He felt he had done an amazing job of holding it all together thus far, but Krissy didn’t see it that way.

The first few times he fussed, it was subtle – just a simple deep exhale.  But the longer they were there, the more obvious his displeasure became.  And Krissy had just about had enough of him.

This also couldn’t have happened at a worse time.  The FemDom lady Krissy was going to meet there had arrived and Krissy would have to put on a smile right after having a serious talk with Joe.

Walking up to Joe, taking him by the arm and pulling him into the nearest corner, she gave him a quick but stern talking to.

“Joey, I had no problem yanking your diaper down to your ankles and smacking your hiney when you acted up during our trips to the mall when I babysat you 20 years ago,” Krissy said with a low and controlled voice, Lisa walking over to them while Meg intercepted the FemDom lady to buy Krissy some time.  “And I have no problem doing the same to you, right here and right now.  The only difference will be: 20 years ago, I was teaching you a lesson.  Now, I would be reminding you of a lesson you already know.  Imagine how much worse it will be to walk around here with a blistered bottom.”

And with that, Krissy turned and walked towards the FemDom lady, throwing on a happy smile and engaging with her, right away.  Lisa stayed right next to Joe and tried to put reason back into his head.

“That was really mean of you, Joey,” Lisa said to him.  “You knew that K’issy was going to meet someone here and you knew we wouldn’t be leaving until K’issy met that person.  Shame on you.  I expect you to apologize to her and so help me, if you don’t apologize with all your heart, I am going to spank you myself.”

Seeing the anger on Lisa’s face and sensing the tension, Meg walked over to Lisa and Joe in the corner – taking the pack of diapers and the leather outfit bags from him.  His stiffness had gone away, the cause of it having diminished with the scolding.

“Did you wet yourself, Joey?” Lisa asked, trying to figure out what the catalyst of his pout was.  “Show Issa you can be a good boy.”

Reaching into her cleavage, she took out the pacifier she had stored in there and plunked it into his mouth – Joe lowering his chin and getting very still.  Pulling out the back of his cotton shorts and the back of his diaper, she peeked inside – relieved that he hadn’t pooped himself.  Then she lowered the front of his cotton shorts, feeling the front and underside of his diaper.  Joe kept his chin lowered, instinctively beginning to nurse from the pacifier.

 “He’s a little damp, but I think he’ll make it until we leave here,” Lisa said, then reaching into the diaper bag and taking out the little container of baby powder – Joe’s eyes growing wide as he fretted what she was about to do but still feeling too scolded to protest.

He whimpered slightly as he watched her take hold of the front of his diaper and pull it out, Meg stepping in front of him to block peoples’ view.  Krissy was still able to see what was going on, watching Joe out of corner of her eye as she talked with the FemDom and making certain he obeyed Lisa.  Joe knew Krissy was watching him, too.

“Shush yourself now,” Lisa said, sprinkling a few puffs of baby powder into the front of his diaper – she and Meg snickering at the limpness of his condition.  “Aww.  Did some little boy get all tiny and soft when his diaper was checked?  How cute, especially after you got all worked up back there into the leather store.”

“I guess that was because he was holding our bras, not because he was really a big boy at all,” Megan teased, pulling the front of his cotton shorts back up as Lisa put the baby powder away.

“He’ll always be our little titty boy, I guess,” Lisa said with a giggle before taking the pacifier out of his mouth and putting it back in her cleavage – Joe standing perfectly still, his eyes welling with tears as he then flooded his diaper with pee … the unavoidable release of a bit of humiliation that finally overwhelmed him.

A few minutes later, Krissy said goodbye to the FemDom client, exchanging information with her and then rejoining Meg, Lisa and Joe as they went to the food court, up on the second level of the building.  And it even had a balcony area that overlooked the first floor.  It was a really neat perspective to see the vendors and people from above.

Lisa found a table for four and they all took a seat, everyone looking at the menus.  Very carefully, Joe sat down next to Krissy – careful not just because he had upset her but also because he had drenched himself thoroughly just a few minutes ago and would be sitting in his wetness.

It was quite an impressive bill of fare as was the fact that this food court had servers as well as menus to begin with.  But it made sense to pull out all the stops on a day so busy as this one.  The fems ordered salads and spring waters.  And Krissy order Joe a hamburger and a Coke, knowing full well he wasn’t going to eat salad.

And besides, she still needed to be careful about what he ate.

Then Krissy started right in on talking about the FemDom she just met, only to be cut off by Lisa almost immediately.

“Krissy, before you begin, I believe Joey has something he wants to say to you,” Lisa said, all three fems looking at him – Lisa with an extremely serious look on her face as well as a raised eyebrow.

Joe inhaled deeply through his nose and then swallowed the lump in his throat before turning to Krissy.  Humility was of the essence just then and he remembered clearly the warning Lisa gave him.  Having never been threatened by Lisa before, he took it seriously.

“K’issy, I’m very sorry for acting up earlier,” Joe stated, pausing to choose his words carefully.  “I was being selfish and I was out of line to think of myself.  I want you to know that I love you and that I will never behave like that again … or at least, I’m gonna try not to with everything I’ve got.”

Unable to say anything else without crying, he hugged her.  Krissy hugged him back and looked over at Lisa to share a wink with her.

“You are forgiven, Joey,” Krissy said, rubbing his back and consoling him.  “But you will be going to be very early tonight.  That is your punishment.  And if you give me any attitude or fuss about it, I’ll be giving Lisa a call to come over and deal with you.  Understood?”

Joe nodded, then sitting up and trying to compose himself.

“Now dry your eyes, sit up and be a good boy,” Krissy said with a compassionate but also authoritative tone.  “Here comes our food.”

The server brought their food and drinks, Meg paying for the meal with a credit card.  Everyone dug in and Krissy started again with her conversation about the FemDom client.

“So her name is, Sherry.  And she’s been in the lifestyle for 25 years.  She’s older and tells me that having age is advantageous.  Most submissive guys don’t care how old their mistress is,” Krissy said, patting Joe’s head while grinning.  “Sherry told me she has been a client of similar websites before.  But they all had flaws that made her leave.”

“Flaws?” Lisa asked with curiosity.  “Such as …”

“Well, some of the sites kept upwards of 50% of the money a submissive paid, making it anything but profitable for her,” Krissy answered, pouring Thousand Island dressing on her salad.  “Other sites did little to nothing to vet the people who signed up, some not even bothering with background checks of any kind.”

“Ish!  That’s really scary,” Meg said with alarm.

“I know.  Right?” Krissy agreed.  “She told me she likes the fact that I only take 10% of the money, that I do a full screening of everyone who signs up and that a face-to-face meeting is mandatory and that I offer up a location for them, if desired by either party.  I’m also going to go with my gut and look into bouncers … you know, big guys who will be nearby at all times … again, if either party wants it.  I’m leaving nothing to chance.  It may be overkill,  but it will be there.”

“You’ve really been thinking this through, haven’t you?” Lisa asked with a smile of approval.

“You betcha,” Krissy said with confidence.  “The last thing I wanna do is fail at this, like sinking right out of the dock or going down face first onto a hardwood floor.”

“Not to change the subject for a moment, but do you know of anyone who wouldn’t mind sanding and resurfacing the hardwood floor in my kitchen?” Meg asked, all three fems looking at Joe.

“Joey would absolutely love to do that for you, Meg.  Wouldn’t you, Joey?” Krissy asked, Joe looking up at all three of them with a mouthful of hamburger but nodding his head yes.

“You see that girls?” Krissy asked, laughing softly.  “All you have to do is put a man in his place and he becomes such a good boy again.”

“True,” Meg said with a grin.  “Though you can’t change him …”

“… you can always change his diaper,” Lisa said, completing Meg’s sentence – the three fems pausing for a moment and then breaking out into laughter.

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