From Sassy to Classy

KatherineTaken from the book:

The Pathway of Legacy

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here is a story about struggle, literally and figuratively.

Warning:  This ain’t no Daddy/BabyGirl story.


From Sassy to Classy –

Katherine strolled across the campus she had known and had conquered for the past four years.  For as much as she was sad to see her time there end, she was happy to have graduated.  Skipping the pomp and circumstance of ceremonies and parties, she focused in on getting two things that had eluded her in her final semester.  And looking up to the top floor of Curtis Hall at the end of the sociology quad, she was determined not to leave this campus until she had what she wanted.

Katherine had aced college and would get whatever job she wanted in her field upon her completion of grad school.  Yes, it was another three years of schooling, but she had intentions of getting done in two.  Good grades came to her easily.  But her effortless approach to scholastic excellence left her with free time – literally and also of the mind.  Katherine had always been a girl who got what she wanted, when she wanted it.  From money to boys to girls to whatever she desired, she never had to wait long until others fell at her feet.  So when Katherine eyed up one of her female professor, Miss Latimore, she was shocked when she discovered that for the first time in her life, she would have to work for what she wanted because Miss Latimore was just as confident as she was. 

Maybe it was the similarities that Katherine between herself and Miss Latimore.  Maybe it was how she was a strong and no-nonsense female professor who had found a way to succeed in a man’s world that initially caught Katherine’s attention.  Maybe it was the way Miss Latimore carried herself or how she had taken notice to Katherine’s obvious brilliance.  Whatever the reason was that made Katherine fall in love with Miss Latimore, the girl just couldn’t get her professor to crumble – like everyone else would do when Katherine said to.

Walking into Curtis Hall, she walked over to the elevator and pushed the up button.  Rarely did she wait for anything, but the elevator was one thing she would wait for.  There was no reason to take the stairs and tire herself out when convenience was available.  She walked into the elevator, pushing the button for the top floor before turning to face the shiny interior paneling.  She checked her make-up and her hair, unbuttoning  the top two buttons of her dress shirt – just enough to send out a signal but not so much as to give a free look to anyone.  She straightened her skirt as she did the same with the shoulders, lifting her chin and creating the presence and the poise that made people pay attention.  Katherine had learned quite a bit from Miss Latimore, going so far as to emulate how her favorite teacher carried herself.

The elevator doors opened on the top floor and Katherine walked out with graceful steps that were even and separate.  Walking down the hall towards Miss Latimore’s classroom, she inhaled deeply and exhaled just the same.  Katherine loved power and it was power that stirred something within her every time she acquired it from someone new.  Once she knew she had control of someone, she was done with them.  They were no longer a conquest to her and therefore, had lost their purpose in her eyes.

But Miss Latimore hadn’t given in to any of Katherine’s sexual advances and all semester long, she kept trying harder and harder to impress her favorite teacher.  She even went so far as to write her a letter of intent, but not a typical intent.  Her letter was rejected and Miss Latimore, her criminal justice professor, told her that such behavior was inappropriate – dawning on harassment, even if she was joking around.  Such a warning would’ve cooled the jets of any flirtatious soul, but all they did for Katherine was make her want her teacher even more.

Listening to her heels clicking down the hallway, Katherine took in the thought of Miss Latimore, closing her eyes as she reached the classroom door and taking a moment to envision her before opening:

Miss Latimore was an early-40’s woman who had done a triple-major at Harvard University, followed by a 4.0 performance at Yale.  Her career took her many places to teach before she wound up at MIT and in the course of three short years, Miss Latimore had worked her way up to being the Head of the Psychology and Sociology departments.  There was always a bit of mystery that surrounded and no one knew her first name.  She even challenged her criminal justice students to try to discover her first name – stating that the reward would be an automatic A for the semester.  But her name didn’t appear in the faculty registry, nor did it appear on any subscription she held, from cable to electricity to stock to anything else.  The whole point of such a contest was to show how difficult it was to trace someone who didn’t want to be traced.  It was a small exercise to show how the minds of certain criminal elements worked.

She was a woman of stature and opinion.  She believed feminism was a wonderful concept that had been ruined by women who didn’t truly understand what it meant.  She believed liberalism was a wonderful concept that had failed, time and again, because of people who didn’t care what it meant – only that it made them feel good about themselves.  She believed capitalism was a wonderful way to manage money that had failed because no one ever took the time to disperse the results equally.  She believed the greatest challenge that people faced in life was themselves.  She believed racism was a term that had ruined the natural progression towards civil rights.  She believed abortion was an issue that made the government deem itself worthy to tell women what to do with their bodies.  She believed marriage was what people did when they couldn’t figure out what to do next with the relationships they were in.  She believed global warming was a fact, not a myth – but that Al Gore had no idea was the cause of it was.  She believed guns were harmless but intentions were lethal.

Needless to say, Miss Latimore was someone who had clear and succinct opinions that no one challenged for lack of an equaling rebuttal.  Because of this, she was a very effective teacher and when her students entered her classroom, they dropped all excuses and listened to her.  Katherine was mesmerized by the power this woman possessed.

“Hello, Katherine,” Miss Latimore said, packing up her satchel as the girl walked into the classroom.

It was the final day of the semester and Miss Latimore’s final class has ended.  She told Katherine to stop in at the end of this day for a recommendation she would write Katherine for grad schools to consider her for the upcoming fall semester.

“Brenda?” Katherine asked, still trying to figure out Miss Latimore’s first name.

“The semester’s over and you’ve already earned you’re a,” Miss Latimore stated.  “But I left the recommendation I wrote for you down in my car.  So you’ll walk with me to the car.  There’s something else I want to talk to you about.”

Miss Latimore was actually quite impressed with her, having taken the time to explain to her how highly intelligent she was – though she didn’t always show it, how pretty she was – though she often showed too much of it and how she could have a wonderful relationship with anyone she wanted to – if she would accept that relationships needed to remain secondary in importance.

“I was thinking about you last night,” Miss Latimore as she locked the classroom door and they headed down the hallway towards the elevator.  “Do you know what I was thinking about?”

“How wet I make you?” Katherine asked with a smile, thinking of how she had fingered herself last night to the thought of Miss Latimore.

“That’s another issue you and I are going to discuss,” Miss Latimore said coldly.  “Last night, I was thinking about how you have grown as a young lady since you first sashayed into my classroom as a sophomore.  But in all that time, I never once stopped to realize how much you remind me of myself when I was your age.”

Katherine rolled her eyes at her comment as the elevator doors opened.  She walked in and turned around to see that hand-on-hip, raised eyebrow pose Miss Latimore often used to oppose attitude she didn’t like.  She walked into the elevator and glared Katherine down as the doors closed behind her.

“I know why you’re a defiant little thing,” Miss Latimore said with monotone.  “Because you’ve always gotten what you wanted.”

Without turning around and looking, she reached behind and pushed the first floor button – keeping her glare on Katherine.

“Let me give you a little more understanding of what entitlement truly means,” Miss Latimore said coldly.  “Entitlement will give you just enough to survive and nothing more.  If you want to excel in this world, you have to actually work for something, not expect it to be handed to you, like a baby.”

Katherine’s brow wrinkled into a frown.

“Speak up,” Miss Latimore said, not feeding to Katherine’s scowl at all.  “If you have enough conviction to look disgusted with me, you certain have enough conviction to open your mouth and be a woman for once in your life.”

Katherine stood silent.

“You’ve written me love letters, strolled into my classroom with an air about you that reeked of undeserved attention and clearly shown me how this university failed to teach you the one thing you needed to learn more than anything else,” Miss Latimore continued as the elevator doors opened and they walked out.

“And what’s that, Miss Latimore,” Katherine asked, a little hurt.  “That I’m not you?  That I don’t profess to have an opinion about every single fucking thing in this world?  That I haven’t grown my femi-nazi wings yet?”

Miss Latimore smiled as they walked to the main entrance.

“No,” she stated simply.  “I would hope you’re not me because you can make me look like a joke.  You have the potential to succeed in a man’s world far more easily than I have.”

Miss Latimore opened the front door, ushering Katherine out of the building as they crossed the parking lot.

“I would hope you don’t voice your opinion about everything like I do.  You’re not a teacher and it’s not your job to push anyone towards the potentials staring them in the face,” Miss Latimore said, aiming her keys at the car and unlocking her SUV.  “And you’re not supposed to grow wings that identify you as anything, especially since you don’t know who you are yet.”

Miss Latimore opened the front passenger’s door and set her satchel on it before opening the back passenger’s door, picking up Katherine’s recommendation and motioning for the girl to sit down on the back seat.  Katherine sat down, a bit dejected at how it didn’t seem she was going to win Miss Latimore’s affections.

“I want you to read this, but know that you have a long way to go,” Miss Latimore said, handing her the letter of recommendation before walking around the back of the vehicle to the other side and opening the other backseat door.

“So, what’s the one thing I still need to learn?” Katherine asked, turning round and looking across the backseat at her.

After receiving a glare, Katherine turned back and started to read the letter.  But only a few moments went by before a gathered bandanna came down over her head and worked itself into her mouth.  Miss Latimore held the bandanna ends at the back of the girl’s head with her right hand before covering Katherine’s eyes.  Katherine screamed, but only a muffled mumble became audible.  And in seconds, Katherine collapsed backwards onto the backseat.

Katherine had horrible vertigo issues and serious equilibrium trouble that multiplied when she couldn’t see.  Her condition was so bad that when she lied down in bed at night to sleep, it became a chore and a half to settle herself to actually fall asleep.  And if she wasn’t able to fall asleep in a few minutes, she developed migraine headaches.

Miss Latimore was aware of this condition she had and now used it to subdue her, shutting both of the back doors with her feet and pinning Katherine to the backseat until the vertigo set in.  Tying the bandanna ends at the back of the girl’s head, Miss Latimore reached into the back pockets of the driver’s seat, pulling out a pair of handcuffs and restraining Katherine’s wrists at her lower back.  Then she pulled out a blindfold from that same pocket, covering the girl’s eyes with it and tying it behind her head as well.

She jumped into the front seat, took a split second to collect herself, scanned the parking lot once more to make certain it was empty and then sped off with Katherine crying in the backseat.

“I bet you wish you hadn’t revealed that little condition to me in your last love letter, huh?”  Miss Latimore said, turning out of the parking lot and heading off campus as quickly as the road would allow her.  “By the time I’m done with you, you’ll be thanking me instead of cursing me.”

Katherine had been struggling to free her arms, but her growing dizziness had disoriented her considerably more.  She still had a presence of where she was in the vehicle to force her feet up between the two front seats, attempting to kick Miss Latimore.  But the crafty teacher, removed Katherine’s heels with ease and pinned the girl’s ankles to the front console until she pulled up to a red light.  Turning around and kneeling up on the driver’s seat, she yanked Katherine’s skirt off.

“You won’t be needing a skirt until you learn how to be lady,” Miss Latimore said with scorn as Katherine’s screams had turned to whimpered sobbing.  “And I suggest you calm yourself down.”

But Katherine started kicking again, trying desperately to get the blindfold off by rubbing her shoulder on her temple to loosen it.  Miss Latimore clenched the girl’s ankles, held them up and struck Katherine’s bottom so hard with her hand that the girl could feel welts forming where the back of Miss Latimore’s rings had connected with her skin.  She struck the girl’s bottom a second time with an even harder blow than the first.  Reaching into the back pocket of the front passenger’s seat, she took out a small wooden paddle she used to use as the pledge mistress at her sorority at Harvard.

Striking Katherine’s bottom with the paddle three times, she released the girl’s feet allowing her to fall back to the backseat.  And when she did, Miss Latimore grabbed at the cuffs pinning the girl’s arms behind her and delivering another barrage of paddle blows, continuing to spank Katherine until the girl stopped struggling.  But in the process, Katherine’s bladder have given way, not from an y real need to pee but from fear of what had just happened and what else was to come.

“Katherine, Katherine, Katherine,” Miss Latimore said, turning around and speeding off through the red light.  “I trust I have your attention now.”

Katherine sobbed softly, her bottom feeling as if it had been blistered.  The pain was so severe that it shot down into the back of her legs and up into her back. 

“I can’t even begin to tell you how much I have been looking forward to this day.  I have waited all semester long to get the chance to slap the sass out of that mouth of yours, to tan your tight little ass and to teach you how being a difficult little whore-seeking wench is inappropriate behavior for any girl who ought to know better,”  Miss Latimore said with a eerie tone of evilness.  “You have a sass to you that needs to be removed.  And in all my years of teaching, I have never met a student with more promise than you have.  I will not allow you to ruin your future because you’ve become content with taking the shortcuts I taught you to despise and ignore.”

Katherine’s kept sobbing into the gag.  Not only did her bottom ache with stinging pain, but her head had developed a migraine more painful than she had felt in a long time.

“This summer, we’re going to turn your sass into class,” Miss Latimore said.  “And if you want that letter of recommendation from me, you’ll start listening.  Get over the pain you feel right now.  You’re a woman.  Pain is a way of life.  Get used to it.  But I would like to answer your question.  I’d like you to know the one thing you still need to learn because it will explain the summer you’re about to go through.  I’ll wait, however, until you decide that the pain you feel isn’t bad enough to limit your future.  And I can drive all night.  So keep crying until you’re ready to listen.”

Katherine could do nothing but whimper.  Blindfolded, cuffed and suffering from a conditional migraine, she couldn’t even sit up.  And even if she had, even if she was somehow able to get out of that SUV, what would she do then, aside from collapse to the ground and hope that someone was nearby to rescue her before Miss Latimore put her back in the SUV and drove away?  Whimpering was all she could do and she just kept crying.  At moments when she paused to try to collect herself, visions of horror filled the quiet moments and sent her back into hysterics.  What else could she do but whimper?  What other frightening things would she experience at the hands of a teacher she admired up until a few minutes ago?

Miss Latimore didn’t say another word for what seemed like an hour.  And eventually, Katherine did stop crying.  It wasn’t because she suddenly saw it better to be quiet so much as it came from honest exhaustion.  But her whimpers silenced and she rested the side of her head on the backseat, feeling enough relief from the migraines to attempt to sleep.  But no sooner did she enter into those first moments of dormancy than Miss Latimore spoke up again.

“I waited until now to do this to you because I couldn’t do this when you were my student,” Miss Latimore explained, jarring Katherine back to an alert state.  “The university has a strict policy prohibiting teachers and students from dating one another during a semester where the student is taking the professor’s class.  Well, the semester is over now, isn’t it?  And you are no longer my student.  But we’re not going to be dating.  Instead, you’re going to spend all summer long learning how to be a lady.”

Then she stopped talking, awaiting a response from Katherine, but when she received none, she continued.

“Good,” Miss Latimore praised.  “You’re starting to get the idea already.  I knew you’d come around.  But if, by chance, you think you’ll comply for a short while and run at the first opportunity.  Let me make something clear to you:  If you run to the police, I’ll show them your love letters.  And as I taught you in my class this semester, all it takes for a hand written note to be admissible evidence in a court of law is a sample of someone’s hand writing and fingerprints.”

Tears began to stream from Katherine’s eyes again, but this time, she kept quiet as the realization set in slowly that getting away from Miss Latimore wasn’t going to be easy.  She was a highly educated instructor who had obviously planned Katherine’s abduction to not only go off without a glitch but also to be nearly- impossible to escape from.  Katherine still didn’t understand why Miss Latimore was doing this, but luckily wouldn’t have to wait long for explanation as Miss Latimore continued, fully revealing what was to come.

“Today is May 15th, your graduation day,” Miss Latimore started.  “But for the next 3 months and 2 weeks, you’ll be attending my summer school.  And there will be no cutting classes, no lateness on assignments, no excuses and no bell curve.”

Miss Latimore turned sharply off of the main road she was on – to a dirt road with a whole lot of bumps on it.  Katherine did her best to keep from bouncing up and down on the seat, but was tossed back and forth like a rag doll.  Little did she realize how much of a rag doll she was going to feel like, until she got it right.

“Katherine, you need an attitude adjustment and I would be remiss, I would be a professor without purpose if I allow my brightest student to fail because she didn’t believe in herself,” Miss Latimore said, parking the SUV suddenly as Katherine rolled off the backseat and hit the floor.  “This summer won’t be so much about learning things as it will be about unlearning the things that hinder your opportunities.”

Miss Latimore opened the back seat door on the driver’s side and stared at the wet spot on the backseat of her SUV.

“I can see you’re taking me seriously,” Miss Latimore said, turning Katherine over to reveal her soaked panties.  “Now, you’re going to prove to me that you can listen.”

She sat Katherine and took the blindfold off her.  Kathryn squinted her eyes, incapable of avoiding the dizziness.

“I’m going to take this rag out of your mouth,” Miss Latimore said, calmly.  “And you’re not going to make a sound until we get inside.  If you do, I’m going to assign you some extra credit this summer that you won’t be able to handle.  Look at me, Katherine.”

Katherine did her best to focus in on Miss Latimore’s face, but all she could see was a blur.  Still, she was hearing everything clearly.

“Have I ever lied to you?” Miss Latimore asked as Katherine shook her head no in response.  “You’re going to hate me all summer long, but if you listen to me, on the first day of your grad school in the fall, you’ll thank me.  Right now, you are a sassy little girl – content to flirt with success.  When I’m done with you, you’ll be my classy little angel – able to make me look as ridiculous as you look right now.”

Miss Latimore stood Katherine to her feet and walked her around to passenger’s side of the SUV, making her stand – facing the doors as she grabbed the girl’s heels and skirt from the front floor as well as her satchel.  She put the satchel over her right shoulder and grabbed hold of the girl’s cuffed wrists with her right hand, shifting the satchel behind Katherine to hide the hand cuffs as she guided their steps.

Everything was blurry to Katherine and her head bobbed side to side as the migraine just seemed to be getting worse.  There was a lot of darkness and then a lot of light spots – all of which adding to the sound of people talking and that sound growing louder and getting closer.

“Hello,” Miss Latimore said to the passers-by.

“Well, hey you.  Who’s this?” a male voice responded.

“This is Katie, my niece.  She’ll be spending the summer with me,” Miss Latimore answered me.

“Is she okay?  She looks sick?” the male voice asked with concern.

“She’ll be fine.  She just a got a little drunk,” Miss Latimore replied.

“Do you know that wet herself?” a female voice asked.

“Yes and I got my skirt off of her as quickly as possible before it got wet,” Miss Latimore answered with a bit of sweet laughter.

“Oh, how embarrassing,” the female voice said.

“I’m sure it, but hopefully she’ll learn the lesson,” Miss Latimore said.  “We’ll see you two later.  I have to get this little inside and cleaned up.  Take care.”

And suddenly, they were moving again, now through a courtyard of some sort and then up a flight of stairs.  Miss Latimore got out her keys and opened a door, ushering Katherine inside.

“Where are we?” Katherine mumbled softly.

“We’re in my summer home,” Miss Latimore, shutting the front door and locking it before she unlocked the handcuffs and guided the disoriented girl into the kitchen and onto a chair.

Katherine could see a paper lying direct in front of her on the table.

“Pick up the pen and sign your name on the last line on the lower right hand corner,” Miss Latimore instructed.

“What am I signing?” Katherine asked, picking up the pen.

“I can tell you were paying attention in my class,” Miss Latimore replied.  “But there are no witnesses present to testify that you were coerced into signing this paper.  So, therefore, the defense you’re trying to mount is hearsay and not admissible evidence.  But I’ll answer your question.”

Miss Latimore steadied the pen in Katherine’s shaking hand and guided the pen point to the line.

“For all intents and purposes, this document is the same as an adoption paper,” Miss Latimore answered.  “Now sign it.”

“Why are you doing all this to me?” Katherine asked, dropping the pen.  “I’m not signing anything until you start making sense.  You can’t make me do anything I don’t want to do.”

Miss Latimore grabbed the back of Katherine’s hair and stood her up, kicking the chair away, ripping the front of the girl’s dress shirt open and yanking it off her before unfastening the girl’s bra strap with a painful snapping.  She yanked Katherine’s wet panties down to her ankles, pushed the paper into the middle of the table and forced the girl to bend down onto the table a split second before she inserted a syringe into Katherine’s left bottom cheek.

“Ouch. Owwwww,” Katherine squealed with a mouse’s voice before bursting into tears.  “Okay, okay.  I’ll sign it.”

Miss Latimore didn’t remove the needle point, instead, simply holding it there.

“Sign it, Katherine,” she said calmly.

With a shaking hand, Katherine picked up the pen and scribbled her name onto the line she was told to.

“Good girl,” Miss Latimore said with an eerie sweetness as she depressed the plunger on the syringe, inserting its contents into Katherine’s bottom cheek.

“What was that?” Katherine asked, sobbing.

“A sedative,” Miss Latimore said, standing the naked girl up and beginning to guide her down a dark hallway, leading to an even darker room.  “It’s a rather powerful one, too.  It’ll take the edge off your nerves.”

The room was quite warm and quite dark.  No sooner did Katherine take two stumbled steps into it than her head began to spin for a new reason.  Miss Latimore eased her down onto some sort of cloth on the floor and held the girl’s head as her eye lids lowered to half-mast.

“You’ll be okay, Katherine,” Miss Latimore said.  “I’ll be here when you wake up.

And with that, Katherine passed out.

An hour later, maybe two hour later, maybe days later – for all Katherine knew, she awoke in that same warm, dark room.  She was still naked from the waist down, but now found herself in a straight jacket.  Trying to wiggle her arms free, she rolled off the cloth she was lying on and attempted to stand up, only to fall back over as her feet had been fitted with restraints that connected her ankles.

“Miss Latimore!”  Katherine called from the dark.

In seconds, Miss Latimore entered the room, flipping on the light and rushing to Katherine’s side.

“Shush yourself.  It’s okay.  I’m here,” Miss Latimore said softly.

“Where is here?  And why am I tied up?!” Katherine screamed, beginning to struggle again to break free.

Miss Latimore sighed and retrieved the bandanna from the bed across the room, returning it to Katherine’s mouth and tying it behind her head again – much to the girl’s chagrin.

“I was hoping we might be able to skip ahead a few chapters, but I can see now that you need to start at the beginning,” Miss Latimore said, grabbing Katherine’s hair and making her crawl over to the bed on her knees before the girl was then bent over the side of the bed.

And before Katherine had the chance to protest at all, she felt the sting of a leather strap across her bottom.  Leaning up onto her knees, she squealed into the bandanna gagging her with a tightness that kept her lips slightly parted open.  Little ripples of pain traveled up and down her bottom.  That leather strap struck her squarely across the middle of both cheeks.

“Ahm Far-eee!” Katherine mumbled, doing her best to recover from the strike, but having no idea how much worse the pain would get.

“Oh, you’re definitely going to be very sorry, young lady,” Miss Latimore replied with coldness that made Katherine shudder.

She pushed Katherine back down onto the bed and the straight-jacketed girl tried to wiggle away, getting nowhere before she felt five slow and even deliveries of the strap.  The first made her stop trying to escape and each successive one brought more force and more pain.  Katherine squealed, then tried to mumble another apology, then squealed again and finally froze in place.

You obviously need correction and it begins now,” Miss Latimore said, seeing Katherine’s rigid grimace as the girl tried to get through the next wave of agony.

But the ache spread and Katherine began heaving for air as she suddenly feared what Miss Latimore meant by correction.  Her bottom  felt swollen already and it throbbed, but only across that strip where the leather had connected with her.  From the feel of where it was on her bottom, Katherine imagined that any more strikes would make sitting down a painful and difficult endeavor.

“You are going … to learn to be … a sweet … little … angel …,” Miss Latimore said, planting her deliveries of the strap across that same stripe on Katherine’s bottom, each stroke having more force behind it that the one prior.

Katherine remained as still as could be, straightening her knees, and clenching the muscles in her bottom tighter with each landing of the leather.  She tried to bite her lower lip, but couldn’t for the tightness of the gag.  So she closed her eyes and bared the growing soreness.

“When you are behaved and compliant, you will be rewarded, but when you’re sassy attitude makes you disobedient …,” Miss Latimore said with a winded tone, making evident how much might she was swinging with before she planted another five leather strikes across that same strip on Katherine’s bottom.

Katherine began to twitch a little through the landings of Miss Latimore’s offerings, but remained silent again … until all five had been given.  And then the pain turned into an excruciating spread of stings that made her skin burn so unbearably it feel like it was on fire.  And as the throb swelled in her nerve-endings, her silence was broken as a steady whimper turned to bawling.

Miss Latimore put her right shin across Katherine’s lower back and raised the leather strap again, delivering a barrage of strikes that numbered more than 25 … at least that was the number that Katherine lost the count at.  And the only reason Miss Latimore stopped was from honest exhaustion.  By this time, Katherine had cried so hard for so long that she had run out of energy to make any more noise.  Her body was no longer tense and her legs were no longer stiffened in defense.  Katherine just lied there, shaking and too petrified to register an amount of pain too overwhelming to feel.

“You will listen, Katherine,” Miss Latimore said, breathing heavily through her own recovery.  “I trust you’re taking me very seriously now.  I don’t ever accept anyone who doesn’t take me seriously.  And the next time I feel you see this as a joke, I’ll tie you down to this bed and stop tapping when I spank you.”

Helping the quivering girl to crawl up on to the bed and onto her side to face the wall, Miss Latimore turned on the small lamp at the night stand.  Katherine’s bottom showed a raised and reddened strike zone that had already begun to form welts of deep purple.

“You will listen, Katherine,” Miss Latimore said as she walked out of the room.

Katherine blinked through her tears, still too jolted to feel anything.

“If you don’t listen, I won’t give you the letter of recommendation to that grad school you’ve been dreaming about going to this fall,” Miss Latimore said as she re-entered the room, continuing the explanation of her blackmailing threat.  “In fact, if you resist me at all, I’ll make certain you never get accepted to any grad school.”

She knelt down and looked at Katherine’s wounded bottom again before beginning to apply a thick layer of ointment across the blistering, affected area.

“Sass will serve you no purpose but to close doors,” Miss Latimore, lying Katherine flat on her belly as she kept applying the ointment.  “I taught you far better than your behavior shows.  And I’m very disappointed that my finest student has chosen to ignore me and continue taking things for granted.

The ointment didn’t burn at all.  In fact, Katherine still didn’t feel anything, but she knew that the pain would return before long and that she wouldn’t be able to sit comfortably for quite a few days to come.

“You know what happens to people who live with a sense of entitlement?” Miss Latimore asked, beginning to blow on the ointment to dry it more quickly.  “They fall victim to karma.  And once karma has control of you, those doors that your sass closed for you become locked.”

Miss Latimore parted Katherine’s thigh, spreading the girl’s legs apart.  Katherine didn’t fight back. 

“There’s nothing wrong with being seen as a hard-assed bitch who stops at nothing until she has proven her doubters wrong by doing what she said she would do,”  Miss Latimore said, rubbing a hand with sudden gentleness to the back of Katherine’s thighs.  “Imagine not being seen as anything more than just a bitch …  You need to choose your battles wisely.  I told you that repeatedly in class all semester long.  And the wisest of the wise, those who excel in career and life, are the ones who choose the battles they know they can win.”

Miss Latimore trailed her fingernails down Katherine’s left inner thigh, turning her palm upward and sliding her hand underneath the girl and between her legs.

“I don’t want to punish you,” Miss Latimore whispered with sudden gentleness in her tone.  “I much more desirous of rewarding you, for being a good little girl for me.”

Miss Latimore’s fingers reached the bottom of the outer lips of Katherine’s labia, parting them open and massaging an affectionate touch as she traced the length of the girl’s most tender area of all.  Katherine closed her eyes, absorbing the first acts of kindness Miss Latimore had shown her all day.  And the introduction of pleasure was what Katherine had always wanted, but she never dreamed to receive it like this.  And though she had fantasized about it endlessly since the beginning of the semester, she suddenly didn’t know how to react or what to do or how to feel.  Should she start rocking her hips and grinding her mound into Miss Latimore’s hand or should she remain still, instead focusing in on the meaning of her swollen bottom?

But Miss Latimore’s fingers were so gentle and so caressing with sudden, surprising care that Katherine whimpered again – this time for an absolutely wonderful reason and her favorite teacher was receptive.

“That’s a good girl,” Miss Latimore whispered with a soft and inviting tone as she untied the bandanna from around Katherine’s head and began running her other hand through the girl’s hair with the same caressing massage that was creating sensations of arousal.  “Doesn’t this feel better than being spanked?”

“Yes,” Katherine whispered so softly she was nearly inaudible.

The only sensation she could feel was a pleasant build towards a wonderful fantasy turning reality.  Her mind ignored the returning throbs of pain on her bottom, instead focusing in on a different ache and one that would lead her to euphoria from a course heading to purgatory.

“Do you enjoy when I touch you like this, Katherine?” Miss Latimore asked, beginning to direct quicker, more concentrated rubs to the girl’s center.

“Yes,” Katherine whimpered, her hips involuntarily rocking to Miss Latimore’s poignant touch.

Her eyes welled up with tears again, but this time, they were joyful in origin and enabled the girl to release her returning emotions in a delightfully productive manner.

“Think of all those nights you lied awake in your dorm room, too frustrated to sleep because you had fingered yourself to climax with visions of me but still wanted more,”  Miss Latimore said with a soft, breathy tone as she coaxed Katherine along down the pathway to a zenith destination.  “Now think of an entire summer when you not only meet your dreams, time and again, but you also learn how to meet your future – prepared to conquer it.”

Katherine shuddered, feeling herself soak with wetness at Miss Latimore’s fingertips.  And then she softly moaned as the first wave of pleasure ripple out of her core and washed over her entire frame.  It was as gentle as Miss Latimore was being but also as intense as her dreams has built it up to be.  Lowering her guard, she opened her heart to vulnerability and began to shake.

“That’s a good girl,” Miss Latimore encouraged softly.  “Tell me how you feel.”

“….. wonderful,” Katherine whispered through her moans, searching for a way to summarize the sensations flowing out of her and making ecstasy of her moment.

“When you behave, this is how I will make you feel … every time,” she promised.  “I know you’ll challenge me a lot this summer.  And I’m prepared to keep teaching you for as long as it takes.  But for now, you’ve learned your first lesson.  And it’s times to for your reward.”

Miss Latimore’s fingertips began to rub Katherine’s hood with a feverish quickness and Katherine twitched her way from arousal to arrival, whimpering and seizing up as her orgasm arrived.  She felt paralyzed for quite a time as her pleasure heightened to an apex that spent her frazzled body and ballooned her down just as gently as she had risen to it.

But Miss Latimore’s fingers didn’t stop stimulating the girl after the orgasm subsided.  Instead, they gently rolled the girl into an afterglow that kept getting better.  Katherine always had to tease herself to stay within the pleasure of her afterglow, but Miss Latimore knew exactly where to keep rubbing between the girl’s legs and while doing so, coated the girl’s bottom with a heavily layer of sweet-smelling baby powder.  Katherine delighted into the silky, cooling feel as it joined with the continuing pleasure – mellowing and rippling between her legs.

Then a crinkling sound filled the air and Katherine felt a gentle softness being placed on her bottom.  Following Miss Latimore’s directing hands, she flipped over as Miss Latimore finished her finger tease before coating the girl’s wetness with another soothing layer of baby powder.  Looking up at her teacher’s gazing irises, Katherine continued following her lead, submissively and helplessly.  She was swollen on her bottom for correction and swollen between her legs for praise.  Her self-esteem, broken and shattered by a piece of leather, had been restored and strengthened with a kind of attention that could only come directly from the center of someone’s heart.

Then Miss Latimore folded up the front of the diaper that had been the source of that softness on Katherine’s bottom, fastening it at the girl’s hips.  Katherine had no idea what was going on, but didn’t question anything that Miss Latimore was doing.  Once in love with her criminal justice teacher, Katherine was now obsessed with her.

“We’re going to start back at the beginning,” Miss Latimore whispered delicately while gently patting Katherine’s diapered bottom.  “You’ll remain in that straight jacket tonight.  You’ll be a very good girl for me.  And by morning, I doubt I’ll have to put you back into it again.  For now, rest yourself and dream of accepting what you learn when you embrace the gifts that karma can accommodate.”

Miss Latimore dimmed the small lamp and Katherine closed her eyes with visions of what she would learn and overcome this summer.  She simply needed to change the right things about herself and that was the wisest battle of all.

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 The Mommy Grats

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