The Feeling She Had Inside

the-feeling-she-had-insideTaken from the second edition release of

Aria and the CountrySide

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here is a little story about what the right thoughts can make you realize about yourself.


The Feeling She Had Inside –

Neph at patiently on the very same tree limb where he watched Aria and Mr. Woody float up into the Heavens a short while ago.  The entire CountrySide hadn’t quieted down a bit with the setting sun, the sounds of the festival continuing to fill the air around him as if they wouldn’t let up until dawn.

It was his uncle – Mr. Woody who had founded The CountrySide, another world separate from the human realm where dream elves resided, waiting for their human counterparts to fall asleep and dream.

There were many dream elves who lived in the CountrySide, but none more mystical than Aria – the shy little elf girl who was born with braided hair.  There was something special about her because of her braided hair but she had no idea what it was.  She also had no idea who her human counterpart was and because of this, she lacked self-esteem. 

None of the dream elves knew who their human counterparts were and upon birth as an elf, attended classes in the treetop schoolhouse to learn how to discover who they were connected to in the human world.

Her name … Aria, had been given to her by Mr. Woody, a slightly older elf who spoke with an accent. It was he who had given every elf a name, having realized the importance of having a name – an understanding given to him by his human counterpart.

Everybody remembered the day of Aria’s birth vividly. It was only a few months ago. She was nestled inside a flower by the edge of the lake in the middle of the countryside. Curled up in a ball, she remembered the very moment Mr. Woody peeled back the petals and allowed the moonlight to beam upon her. It was that moonlight which contained the dream of a human and when the beams touched Aria, she was connected to that human for life.

Now, she just had to figure out who that human was.  And as she returned from the Heavenly flight with Mr. Woody, Aria was filled with such new excitement.

“Okay,” Aria started, turning to Neph and being so filled with questions she didn’t know where to begin. “So I met Lily and your human connection is somehow related to her, right?”

“Yes,” Neph answered. “Lily has a sister named Taylor who is pregnant and due to give birth very soon. I will be the Dream elf of Lily’s niece.”

“If Lily’s niece is anything like her, you are going to be busy, yes, but so incredibly lucky to get to help her through life,” Aria began excitedly. “I don’t even know if I’m making any sense. I’m still emotional from what I saw.”

“Emotions can be intense, can’t they?” Neph asked. “Just imagine how Lily must’ve felt.”

“I can’t even imagine how wonderful Lily must be made to feel by the Man. What’s his name? Zeke, right?” Aria asked with such animation. “I would give anything to feel that loved by someone. The safety, the security, the comfort. Oh, it must be amazing.”

“Would you like to find out?” Neph asked her bluntly.

“Huh? How?” Aria asked, perplexed.

“Never mind. Just follow me,” Neph asked as they climbed down out of the tree.

They walked back into the noisy celebration of elves at the festival.

“ARIA, TAKE MY HAND AND DON’T LET GO. OKAY?” Neph yelled, trying to be heard over the noise around them.

He extended his hand to her and she looked at it for a moment, grinning playfully and then finally decided to take it in her hand.

When she did, Neph took off running and he led her through the dancing elves, across the grass fields and down to the lake’s edge. They both were out of breath and Aria sat down for a moment, watching Neph reaching out to one of the plants floating on the surface of the water. He grabbed at some of the greenery around the plants and yanked it free.

“What are you doing, Neph?” Aria asked.

“You’ll see. Come on,” Neph answered, grabbing her hand and taking off running into the woods.

She did her best to keep up, but his strides were longer than hers and he eventually picked her up and sprinted to the middle of the woods to the center clearing where the trees stopped and the moonlight shone brilliantly. He collapsed to the ground in exhaustion and she lied next to him as they caught their breath while looking up to the Heavens above.

And as their breath returned, Neph sat up, sliding her into position on the softest patch of grass in the clearing. He knelt next to her and ran his fingers down her face delicately. Her attention was suddenly drawn to his eyes.

He leaned in and whispered in her ear.

“To understand human emotion, an elf must first understand why the emotion is important and how that emotion makes a human feel inside,” he said softly.

He traced her eyebrows with his fingertips and then held up a sweet berry with its stem still attached. She smiled and he placed it between her lips. She slowly drew the sweet juice from its center.

Parting her legs, he slid her green elfling dress up above her waist, lifted her legs and placed underneath her the lily pad leaf he yanked out of the lake. He lowered her down onto it and wrapped it around her like a diaper, tying the tips of it together just under her navel.

Without a word of explanation between them, her mind went “little” instantly. She relived in her thoughts what she had seen Zeke do to Lily earlier and as Neph lifted her up onto his lap, she began to identify with why a longing to be cared for was so captivating. His tenderness, his kindness, the look of absolute love in his eyes – all began to touch the emotions within her that Lily must’ve felt all the time. His caring heart was evident in his actions, his words, his intentions, his being.

He cradled her in his arms and began rocking her back and forth whispering those sweet words into her ear that she heard Zeke say to Lily when he bottle fed her. Soon, she found herself incapable of even dealing with the thought of living a life without someone to guide her through her emotions and insecurities.

Her eyes welled up with tears of happiness and told the tale of what was going on inside her heart. Her emotions, deep and fulfilling, nurturing and caressing, encompassing of her soul and enchanting her senses, filled her completely. She didn’t know how to handle any of it, but knew she didn’t have to so long as he was there to make her world as perfect as it needed to be for her to thrive with a happiness she had never known.

“What did Mr. Woody say Lily was?” Aria thought to herself. “A BabyGirl?”

Is that what this was? Was that the feeling she suddenly had inside?

“And that is why emotion is so important,” Neph said, seeing the process she was going through.

Aria finally chomped down on the center of the berry and took the stem out of her mouth.

“Please show me more,” she whispered to him as she handed him the stem. “Please?”

He took the stem from her and closed his hand around it.

“This is only the beginning, Aria,” he said sweetly as he kissed her on the forehead.

aria-and-the-countryside. Aria and the CountrySide

Kindle Nook  PDF Ebook Smashwords Kobo

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