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The Birth of the Dream Elf Connection

Taken from the ABDL ebook: Lily
(a prequel story to the Zeke and Lily Saga),

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here is a little story about an imaginary friend who was anything but imaginary.


The Birth of the Dream Elf Connection

(Start with Breaking From From What Holds You Back)

Moments later …

“An’ dat was jest dis mornin’, a daydream she had,” said a little elf, sitting along the edge of a lake in the middle of a clearing in a wooded area – the landscape giving it a countryside feel.

In the surface of the lake water, Lily could be seen – still laying in her bed in her apartment, still looking out the window and now thinking back on the daydream that had just finished.  This was what she did every morning, lately.  And the daydream of this morning was one of a heart-pounding trip to a mall that had transformed itself into a wonderful benefit of freedom.

Lily was a BabyGirl, indeed.  But she had no Daddy.  Not anywhere except when in her fantasies.  So it made sense that she was reluctant to do anything but fantasize.

That was what kept Lily laying there and not getting ready for work yet, despite the fact that she would be late to work if she didn’t get up soon and get ready.  But it was a Monday morning.  So the desire to go to work was at its weekly low.

That little elf of the woods watched Lily’s actions in the surface of the lake water.  Sitting next to him was another woods elf, a bit older and a female.  For him, the visions remained in the water.  For her, the visions disappeared from the water’s surface.

“What happened?” the female elf asked.  “Where did she go?”

“She’s still der,” the male elf said, mesmerized by Lily.  “But ye can’t see her anymore because she’s not dreamin’ anymore.”

“If I am understanding you correctly, you are telling me that this girl, this human named Lily, has a special connection with you and you alone,” the female elf said, looking for clarification.

“Dat’s correct,” he said with a cheeky grin.

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20 Years

I just realized two days ago that I began writing my very first story on January 1st, 1999.  So I’ve been at it for 20 years. 3,679,310 words and 10,502 pages later, I believe I’ve only scratched the surface of what our four-letter common interest can provide us.  And I’m merely one fish in the sea, a member of a school I take pride in being a part of.

That first story was entitled: “The Diapered Female”.  Real creative name, huh? LOL  The story was about a college girl and boy who got together to spend a weekend trying out a fetish that the girl accidentally revealed to him when very drunken at a frat party.

I would post it online and would rewrite it for years as I kept exploring this new thing I had found called ABDL.  Years later, that story would be retitled: “When Fantasy Became Her Reality”.  Nowadays, that story appears in the book: Gabriel & Gina.

But I never believed I would keep writing stories.  Yet, they kept coming to mind and I kept typing them out, next posting a story entitled: “Overnight”.  This would later become book two in The Zeke & Lily Saga series.

Through the paperback-only era and right on into the ebook era, I have poured my heart into what I write.  Through relationships and the eventual massive growth of the ABDL community, I kept writing and writing and writing.

Some of the stories were based on real events in my life.  Others were the product of fantasies.  Others were the requests of people.

From romance to pure-n-innocence to dark BDSM themes – stories of sexuality, humiliation, diapers, spanking, diapers, little headspace, diapers, discipline, correction, bondage, forced regression, submission, relationships, love, hatred, marriage, public outings, medical fetish additives, encounters with zombies, futuristic sci-fi, dream elves, celebrities, fairy tales, diapers, bedtime tales, choose-your-own-adventures, demigods, nymphomaniacs, horror, pet play, Daddies-n-BabyGirls, Mommies-n-BabyBoys, Mommies-n-BabyGirls, babysitters, diapers, apartment scenarios, Lily, Mia, Rose, Penny, Lucy, Aria, Chelsea, Trisha, Dakota, Daisy, a girl named Love, Britney, a girl named Boo, Gina, a girl named Peaches, Sharon Lockett, Gabriel and Zeke …  the journey has been amazing.

I recall days when I would sleep for 6 hours and write for the other 18, nights when I would give up sleeping so I could finish a book by dawn and send it off into the publishing process to meet a specific deadline, conventions I would read the stories at, phone calls when I would read something to a dear sweet angel who was sent down to me from God Almighty at the absolute most-needed moment in my lifetime … and I wouldn’t change a single thing about it, looking back on it all now.

Well … perhaps I would have started sooner.

I thank each and every one of you for having been a part of my journey.  And this website will always be available for you to peruse.