The Dream Elf Connection: When Mr. Woody took Lily to the Stars

Mr. Woody is a dream elf and the creation of Lily, an AB Girl with a vivid imagination. As she dreamt more and more, Mr. Woody became her counselor, her friend and her creation.

This is the story of the night he took Lily to talk meet the stars in the Heavens.


Hours later, Lily awoke quietly and sat up in the bed while rubbing her eyes. She looked around the room.  The television was the only light in the room and it strobed over everything in the cabin.  Softly in the background, she could hear snoring, but it wasn’t Zeke.  She leaned over top of him, and bent her ear down to his mouth.  All she heard was his breathing.  She sat up and touched her finger to her chin, pondering where the snoring was coming from. 

She slipped out of bed, using the flickers of the TV to waddle her way to the bathroom.  No one was there.  No one was anywhere in the room, just she and Zeke.  A frown formed on her face as she got frustrated. 

Then she saw the faint moonlight behind the curtains drawn in front of the windows.   So she waddled over to the windows and peered through the curtain.  Asleep on the ledge on the other side of the window was Mr. Woody.  She smiled and opened the window.  The sound of his lumber-sawing snoring filled her ears.  She giggled uncontrollably.

“Mr. Woody, Mr. Woody. Wake up,” she said while excitedly shaking him like a little girl.

“Huh? What? Who?” he said while awaking and looking around, a little confused himself before seeing Lily. “Oh.  Der ye are, LilyGirl!”

“You were snoring, Mr. Woody,” she said as he climbed into the room and to the floor.

“Oh.  Ha ha. Well, when yev got a big sniffer like me, ye tend te do dat,” he said stretching his arms out and hopping up on the second bed to get a better view of Zeke.  “So, dis is yer Zeke fella.”

“He’s my Daddy,” she said proudly.

“He’s a good-lookin’ fella,” Mr. Woody commented.

“He is, but I love his heart the best,” Lily replied.

Mr. Woody smiled and winked at Lily.

“Dat’s what I meant, LilyGirl.  I’m not lookin’ et his face.  I’m lookin’ et his insides, what he’s made of, who he is,” he said while walking to the edge of the bed to look at Lily.  “Now, let Mr. Woody hev a look et ye.  We’re headed te a very special place tonight.  I tink dat night shirt will do ye just fine. Let’s get goin’.”

He hopped off the bed and took her by the hand to the door.

“Will I need shoes or slippers?” Lily asked.

“Not in yer dreams,” he said. “But ye will hev teo open de doors.  I can’t do dat. It’s yer dream.”

Lily opened the door and they walked out of the cabin and down the hallway.

“Are you sure no one can see us?” she asked a little concerned that the night shirt barely covered her diaper at all.

“No one can see us, not even if we wanted dem to,” he said.  “But what a pair we’d make, huh? A six-inch elf an’ a five foot girl!”

Mr. Woody laughed.

“So what if Zeke wakes up right now?” she asked.

“Den Zeke wakes up,” Mr. Woody replied.  “Ye’ll be right next te him asleep.  It’s only when he wakes ye up dat dis dream would end, but we’ve been lucky so far.  Dat hasn’t happened.”

They made their way through the main dining hall and passed the boardwalk shops.

“Oh, I have to show you this,” Lily said while grabbing Mr. Woody’s hand and running over to the jewelry window.  “There, that one.  Daddy bought me that glass elf.  It reminded me of you.”

“It does look like me,” Mr. Woody said.  “What a pleasant surprise an’ he bought dat fer ye, ye say?”

“Yup, and it’s setting on the nightstand next to where I sleep,” she said with a smile.

They made their way up to the observation deck. The ocean made little noise on this night.  It was very calm. 

“Hev ye ever seen any Disney movies?” he asked.

“All of them.  Many, many times,” she said with a hint of anticipation.

“Good.  Very good.  Den ye’ll know what dis is,” he said while snapping his fingers and looking to the sky.

Lily looked to the sky as well and saw a carpet flying down to them.  Her eyes grew big and she clapped her hands while jumping up and down.  The carpet swooped down to them and flew right passed them.  Mr. Woody rolled his eyes up in his head and placed two fingers in his mouth to whistle to the carpet.  The carpet heard the whistle, looked back, and then turned around, flying back to them.

“He can get a little over-excited sometimes,” said Mr. Woody.  “Hop on, LilyGirl!”

They got on the carpet and had a seat.  The carpet took off and they went up into the sky, up above the clouds.

“Carpet, dis is LilyGirl.  Say hello,” Mr. Woody said to the carpet.

The carpet waved its front tassel at her.

“Hello, Mr. Carpet,” she said while giggling.

“I thought t was horrible dat dese clouds rolled in an’ et got chilly as ye an’ yer Zeke fella were stargazin’,” Mr. Woody explained.  “So I said to meself: ‘Self, ye need te take LilyGirl te de stars.’  Would ye like te see dem up close?”

“Yes!” she exclaimed.

“Get ready!” said Mr. Woody as he whistled very, very loudly.

All the stars disappeared.  The sky became pitch black except for the moonlight which dimmed considerably.  Then a shooting star shot across the sky from the left.  Another shot across the sky from the right.  Soon shooting stars were flying across the sky from all over.  All at once they shot towards the moon, and formed an enormous heart around the moon.

Lily was clapping and squealing with glee at the light show.  The stars began forming pictures of unicorns, dolphins, butterflies, fishes, teddy bears, even Mr. Woody, and the list went on.

“I love all those things!” she said with amazement.

“Dey are showing pictures of everythin’ ye love in yer heart,” Mr. Woody said.  “An’ here’s a special one.”

The stars then formed a picture of Zeke’s face.  Lily held her hands together over your heart.

“Try wishin’ fer somethin’ in yer heart,” he said.

She touched her finger to her chin. Then she closed her eyes, squinting her face up, deep in a wish.  She opened her eyes and looked up to the sky, hopeful she would see her wish.

A picture of her face was formed next to a picture of Zeke’s face; both faces were then surrounded by a heart.  Her heart began pounding and she closed her eyes, making another wish from her heart.  She then looked to the sky again.

Two rings formed.  On the one ring was the word “Lily”.  On the other ring was “Zeke”.

“Marriage is yer wish?” asked Mr. Woody.  “Could ye see yerself with him forever?”

“I not only see it, but I also dream it, too,” she said.  “It’s in my heart.  He is in my heart.”

“And de stars in de Heavens hev spelled out yer names,” he said.  “Wave goodbye te de stars, LilyGirl.”

“Goodbye stars!” Lily shouted out while waving.  “Thank you!  Thank you so much!”

The stars flew back to their places in the sky and began pulsing.

“I like them,” she said.

“I tink dey like ye, too, LilyGirl,” Mr. Woody said as they flew back down through the clouds to the observation deck.

They hopped off the carpet and waved goodbye to the carpet as it flew away.

“Mr. Woody, do you know of the girl that Daddy met in third grade?” she asked.

“Yes, I heard de story as he talked of her,” Mr. Woody. 

“Will he always have her in his heart?” she asked.

“I tink so,” Mr. Woody said.  “I looked into his heart an’ I saw how dat girl changed him.  But I didn’t see a love for her.  I saw a love for ye.”

“You saw a love for me in his heart?” she asked.

“Yes, LilyGirl.  A love like no other,” he said.  “Ye needn’t worry anymore about dat girl.  He just wants te know dat she is happy.  He wants te spend his life with ye.  Don’t fret.  Ye’ve found a good fella, an’ he’ll only get gooder.”

“Better,” she corrected him.

“Huh?” he asked.

“Never mind,” she said while laughing.

“Now, LilyGirl.  Ye need te get back te bed.  Ye’re goin’ te hev a wonderful day.  I want ye te close yer eyes, an’ tink of him.  I’ll see ye in yer dreams again soon,” Mr. Woody said.

Lily closed her eyes and thought of Zeke.  In that instant, she was back in bed.  She felt a set of hands go behind her body and lift her up.  Opening her eyes, she saw Zeke’s smiling face.

“Good morning, Princess,” Zeke said warmly through a morning voice.  “Did you sleep well?”


This Dream comes from:

Zeke and Lily (Book Three): Making a Memory

Zeke and Lily - Making a MemoryZeke and Lily have bonded their hearts. Their common interest in infantilism has grown into a love for each other. As they head off on a Bahamas vacation, that love deepens. But trouble is on the horizon.

Lily, still letting go of her troubled past, has a secret she deliberately kept from Zeke. Her fear that he will no longer love her increases and she begins to get sick over the decision to tell him the truth.

Zeke has a question to ask Lily. It is a question that is weighing on his heart.

As they enjoy their time in the Caribbean, they both struggle within to overcome their fears. But something happens while in the Bahamas that delays their chance to get the truth out, and they may not recover.

Do Zeke and Lily come home together or did their fantasy love just die in the Bahamas The answer lies within these pages.

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We all have a favorite vacation from our memories.
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Also attached to this series is:

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Zeke’s cousin finds his Daddy side.

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