Taken from Zeke and Lily (Book Two): Overnight

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here is a segment from its pages:


Skinny-Dipping –

Lily opened her eyes and found herself staring at the ceiling. She sat up to realize she was in a bed covered with white sheets. Pulling the covers off, she saw she was naked. She looked around the room. Everything was white, from the dresser to the walls to the ceiling to the carpet to the desk to the closet doors. Everything was completely white.

“Zeke?” she called out, confused at where she was. “Zeke?”

Draped over a desk chair across the room was a thin, white silk robe. She walked over to it and put it over her shoulders. In front of her were two glass patio doors that were allowing golden beams of sunshine to enter the room and touch the floor. Through those doors, she could see a field of grass. There were trees lining the field. The flowers scattered throughout the grass were in full bloom.

She walked up to the glass pane touching it ever-so-slightly. The urge to open them and run out into the beautiful day overcame her senses. She slid the door open, and ran out into the daylight and the field. She closed her eyes, threw her arms out, and raised her chin to greet the sun. More golden beams of sunshine came from the heavens and splashed on her face. Butterflies twirled all around her, and singing birds flew down to her to join the moment.

She danced with them for a moment, and laughed as she took off into a full sprint across the field. She got to the summit of the hill, and stopped dead in her tracks when she saw a lake. It was almost too picturesque to believe. Ducks were floating across the water’s surface in perfect lines. School of fish could be seen just below the surface swimming back and forth. The lake water was crystal clear, and she could see all the way to the bottom.

She smiled widely and ran down the hill to the edge of the lake. The only things missing were two unicorns. She dipped her big toe in the water, and marveled over the warmth of the water. Like a little child about to do something that she knew she shouldn’t. She gracefully let the silk robe fall from her shoulders to the ground.

“This is naughty,” she said, but she couldn’t help herself.

She elegantly walked into the water, first to her knees, then to her hips then to her shoulders. Then she went under water and began swimming around, playfully. Underwater, the sunbeams were even more pronounced. They entered from the surface above, glistened down through the fish swimming about, and came to rest at the lake’s bottom.

She swam down to the bottom and began looking at the rocks that lay there. She picked up one oddly shaped rock and swam back up to the surface, as swiftly and as playfully as a mermaid. Now she could study the rock more carefully. To her amazement, it wasn’t a rock at all, but in fact, an oyster. She opened it and her eyes lit up. Inside were two pearls, perfectly polished, and as white as snow. She shut the oyster quickly and closed her eyes. Once again, she opened the oyster and then her eyes. The pearls were still there. She laughed herself into a giggle.

Just then a school of fish swam up underneath her and lifted her up out of the water. She splashed back down into the water, and accidentally dropped the oyster. Panic came over her face. She dove back down into the water to find the oyster again, but was cut off by that same school of fish which twirled all around her one-by-one. They swam up and down each side of her body, and it tickled her. She soon forgot about the oyster, and continued on playing with the fish.

Needing a break, she swam to the surface and then over to the lake edge. She got out of the water, looking for her robe, but couldn’t find it. Suddenly her entire body got a chill, but then the sun rose higher in the sky and it warmed her. She laid down in the grass to continue to let the sun warm and tan her beautifully smooth body. She closed her eyes, and felt sleepy once more.

Something soft touched the tip of her bottom lip. “Open,” a voice softly whispered in her ear.

She unquestioningly opened her mouth as a pacifier was placed between her pink, pouty lips.

From a quick and stiff breeze, she could smell the sweet scent of baby powder. She arched her back up, then her hips and her thighs to take in as much of the scent as possible. As she delicately lowered her body back to the ground, she detected the sensation of a diaper underneath her bottom. Then she heard the diaper tapes being opened. Her upper body felt the warmth of a shirt once more.

Then another stiff breeze came across her forehead. It was warm, but felt wonderful in her hair. Then something soft was placed in her hand. It was her teddy bear which she clutched and hugged closely as she was gently rolled over onto her tummy. A loving pat on her powdered and diapered bottom accompanied a soft blanket being placed over her body.

Then everything got quiet, very quiet. And nothing else happened. She drifted off to sleep.

After what seemed like an eternity, a microwave “ding” broke the silence.  Lily opened her eyes and found herself laying on the living room rug.  Beneath her was a blanket.  Covering her was another soft blanket.  Her teddy was in her hand, and her pacifier was in her lips.  She looked around the room and then rolled over onto her back.  She was dressed in one of Zeke’s t-shirts (that was so large on her, it looked more like a dress.)  She was wearing a diaper, and her hair (which was wet) was drawn up in pigtails. 

Zeke entered from the kitchen.  Kneeling next to her, he spoke softly.

“Look who woke up,” he said in a sweet whispering voice.  “You were tired, Princess.”

He lifted her up in his arms.  She clung to his body, wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck.  He gently hugged her back, kissing her on the forehead and patting her diapered bottom.

“You didn’t even wet your diaper in your sleep,” he said.  “Soon you’ll be a big girl.”

Letting the pacifier (attached to her shirt with a clip and string) fall from her mouth, she replied.  “Not likely any time soon.”

“I hope not,” said Zeke who had carried her into the kitchen.  She saw the high chair set up and ready to receive a hungry BabyGirl.  Her eyes grew big and wide and she lowered her chin ever-so-slightly while shrink up her shoulders and burying her face in his neck.  The “little baby” feeling had come over her and put her in a bashful state of mind.

“Somebody just got really shy, didn’t they,” Zeke said as he opened the freezer above the fridge to retrieve a bowl of oatmeal he had placed in there to cool down.

He carried her over to the high chair, and guided each leg into the seat.  She hadn’t seen the bowl of oatmeal yet.  Zeke walked behind her and placed the bowl in front of her on the high chair table.  Her eyes lit up.  She plunged her right hand into the bowl and brought a handful of the oatmeal up to her lips.  Zeke was able to fasten a bib around her neck just in time.

She wasted no time at eating this oatmeal, and had little concern for keeping herself clean. 

Zeke sat down next to her and said, “You must have been having a wonderful dream.  You kept talking in your sleep about butterflies and fishes.”

Lily, who had just plunged a heap of oatmeal into her mouth, paused and looked at him.

“They were playing and swimming with me,” she mumbled with a full mouth.

“They must’ve kept you busy,” Zeke said. “I thought for sure you’d wake up when I put you in the bath water.  I thought for sure you’d wake up when I dried your hair with the blow dryer. But, as a pleasant surprise, you slept right through it all.  You looked like you were having a wonderful dream. I didn’t want to wake you up.  You even raised your hips when I was diapering you.  It was really sweet.”

Zeke smiled and winked.  Lily smiled back, piecing together what happened in her dream with what he was telling her.

Shortly after, she was licking the bowl clean.  Zeke got a washcloth, wet it at the sink, and tended to the sticky fingers that Lily was holding up for him to clean.  He cleaned her face, and lifted her out of the high chair.

“Do you wanna spend some time in your nursery?” he asked while setting her feet down on the floor and replacing the pacifier in her lips.

She shook her head enthusiastically.

“Go on in.  I’ll be right there after I put the high chair away,” he said.

Lily ran out of the kitchen, down the hallway and into the nursery, with her diapered bottom crinkling all the way.  She dashed back out of the nursery to the living room where she had left her teddy bear.  With bear in hand, she ran back into nursery.

She ran over to the toys that she had scattered on the floor earlier.  Then she felt a breeze come from the window.  She looked over at the window and saw it was cracked open about a foot.  Sitting on the window ledge was the oyster!!!!

She ran over the window, and threw it up completely, looking out into the pitch black backyard.  Then she opened the oyster.  In it were the two pearls and a little note, which read …

“Lily, thank you very much for visiting the countryside. Please come back and visit us again and often.”

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