The Point of No Return (Part One of Two)

The surest path to loving someone else is to first love yourself.  But how do you convince someone to love themselves if they can no longer do it on their own?

If you were given one chance to pull someone back from the brink of their own collapse, what would you say to them?

Would you be strong enough to take a journey beyond yourself, to find her soul and bring her back?

Introducing the book:

Zeke and Lily: Resolutions (Part Two)

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Zeke learns of the journey he must make in order to bring Lily back from the threshold of her own destruction.


The Point of No Return Part One

 Zeke sat on the sofa of their living room.  It had been several days since he rushed Lily to the hospital.  What was wrong with her was still unknown.  And doctors weren’t able to improve Lily’s condition to the point where she could speak before she slipped into a coma.

Over the past few days, Zeke slept very little, staying by her hospital bedside and praying to God as he saw her vital signs drop and rise.  Seeing Lily struggling for life and knowing that no one knew what was wrong made worse the knowledge that she may not come out of the coma.

He remembered back to the last night of their Bahamas vacation and how she collapsed on the beach, entering a coma then which would last 12 days.  From that encounter, her illness was discovered.

Chemotherapy and other medical treatment since then had weakened her.  It only stabilized her condition, but now there was no guarantee she would even be the same should she wake up.

The helpless position he was in was the second most troubling thing to him for several days.  Helplessness, for a Daddy, was torture.  For a BabyGirl, it was ecstasy.  But now he could do nothing for her, aside from sit there and cling to hope.

Being urged by doctors and family members to go home and get some rest, he now sat in the living room.  Within moments, his exhaustion did finally take him over.  Leaning his head back, he entered into a dream:

Zeke opened his eyes to see the elevator doors open at the entrance to the apartment and out of the elevator stepped Aria, the dream elf girl with the red-braided hair he had met in his dreams several times that year since his car accident.

“Hello, Zeke,” she said calmly, sitting next to him.

“Hello,” he replied back, solemnly.

“How are you holding up?” Aria asked, cautiously.

“As best I can,” Zeke answered, staring at the wall across the room.  “Tell me something, Aria: Do bad things happen to people because of something they’ve done wrong?”

“Bad things happen to everyone, regardless of what they do,” Aria answered, honestly.

“Well, I’m not talking about everyone, am I?!” he snapped with anger understandable, but still alarming to her.

“I wish I had the answers for you, Zeke,” Aria said calmly.  “But I need you to focus with me now.”

Tears began streaming down his face.

“You know what I wish more than anything?” he asked, staring blankly across the room.

“Tell me,” Aria replied.

“I wish I could go to that hospital and trade places with her,” he whimpered.  “She’s going to die, isn’t she?”

“Yes,” Aria answered honestly. “But so are you … someday.”

“What?” he asked, a little confused.

“What you keep forgetting is that you are connected with Lily.  Her will to live comes directly from you,” Aria explained.  “It’s evidence that you and she are, indeed, soul mates.  And it’s the reason why I need you to focus with me right now.”

“Focus to do what?” he asked with exhaustion.

“Are you tired of feeling helpless?  Do you want to do something about it or do you want to sit here and let her die?” Aria asked.

“Aria, she’s in a coma.  Only Mr. Woody can reach her now, the same way you reached me when I was struck by that car.  I can’t do anything,” he stated.

“I reached you because you were in Limbo.  Lily isn’t in Limbo.  She’s on the edge of life and now, only you can reach her.  She doesn’t know who she is at the moment.  So Mr. Woody can do nothing for her,” Aria explained.  “Zeke, Lily isn’t dead yet.  You can still save her.”

Zeke sat up and looked at Aria in disbelief.

“The power of connections between soul mates can only sever because of death,” Aria continued explaining.  “I’m here now to bring you back with me to the CountrySide.  Lily is sitting by the Pearl Lake, lost in a world she created, but no longer knows. Take my hand and come with me.”

Aria grabbed his hand and led him into Lily’s nursery, up and through the same nursery window that Lily passed through many times to get to the CountrySide in her dreams.

As they passed through the window, the skyline of the Lancaster City Night turned into a field of grass.

“Come on.  We don’t have much time left,” Aria said, running to the forest at the end of the field.

Continue on to Part Two

Kindle Nook Smashwords PDF EbookKoboGoogle Lulu Paperback CreateSpace Paperback


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