Game On: The Impulses

Taken from the twisting and turning pages of the journey in the ABDL ebook:



here is a little story about a shopping spree that had more than was bargained for.


Game On: The Impulses

Jessica excitedly drummed the top of her steering wheel when she found a parking space just three spots away from the entrance to the Slo-Mart, a big box store where she often shopped that wasn’t too far away from where she lived.  She had just had the best day ever where she worked, her department receiving a really nice bonus for their productivity in the last quarter.  Going straight home from work, she changed into something a little more comfortable and, checking her now-flushed bank account balance, decided she was going to indulge herself a bit that evening.  She had earned it and was going to reward herself accordingly for her good fortunes.

Jessica worked for a fulfillment company that had just been bought out by a major online shopping site.  Suddenly, there was more work than they had ever seen before.  Jessica and her co-workers had risen to the challenge and were outperforming all other departments.  And in a rare case when her company actually compensated her for the increased efforts, she had received a quarterly bonus that was now encouraging her to set a few things right in other aspects of her life.

Walking towards the entrance to the Slo-Mart, she smiled widely – not just from thoughts of her good fortunes but also from the feel of the flowy short dress she put on when she got home from work.  It felt good to be dressed like a girl, for once – being as her work clothes were practically the polar opposite of what was perceived as being feminine.  In addition to that, she was diapered – a most wonderful little indulgence of her own.

Getting a shopping cart, she walked into the Slo-Mart, the size of the store always giving her that little feeling when she first entered – yet another indulgence she favored and craved so very very much.

Now in her mid-20’s girl, Jessica had gotten a late start in finding her independence.  For a few years, it was a financial impossibility for her to be on her own – the only available jobs being ones that didn’t provide her with anything gainful.  And for as long as she could remember, she had been a closeted BabyGirl who promised herself she was going to start living life a lot more when she finally moved into her own apartment.  Having just moved a few weeks ago, she was there to buy groceries but also a few baby items for herself that she had long wanted to have at her disposal. 

Now strolling down the grocery aisle, she took labored steps – still smiling and enjoying the tummyflies she was giving herself.  The dress was long enough to cover her diaper, but a little swishing of the dress material made the visibility of her diaper an occasional sight – should anyone be paying attention.

And, of course, there were guys paying attention.  She was a girl and by default, always received attention – whether she wanted it or not.  A simple trip into a convenience store to buy a pack of hamburger rolls was a public appearance for her.  It was life and she had learned to accept it.  That “F” on her driver’s license not only denoted her gender but also that she would experience many moments that were white-hot with notice.  But it wasn’t always a bad thing.  That’s why she bought that short flowy dress, to begin with.  Sometimes, attention was a good thing and thusly warranted flirting.

Jessica made the usual grocery selections, her diet opting for salads and vegetables and rice – keeping the meat down to fish and chicken and the like.  But she really didn’t need to many groceries on that night, still – she partially loaded up her cart with them … to aid in the masking of the real purpose she was there.

Pushing her cart over to the baby section, she walked up and down the aisles, eyeing up all the baby stuff and tingling from head to toe.  No, she didn’t have baby fever, instead: a fever to be the baby herself.  And as she knew well, babies needed all kinds of stuff. 

How else could an inundating little headspace be achieved?

Beginning in the first baby aisle, she finally decided to buy a baby bottle cleaner – this long, spongy wand contraption.  She already had a baby bottle but had rarely used it.  That was now changing and having a proper baby bottle cleaner made good sense.  However, there were three different kinds: one that was pink, one that was purple and one that was lime in colors. 

How was she supposed to choose just one?  Was it even possible to make such a decision as that?

But the fates were smiling on her as much as she was smiling herself and she found a three-pack of all the colors.  Putting that into her cart, she thought of what else she could get, lowering her chin as she saw someone walk past the end of that baby aisle.

Oh, my.  That was certainly a heart-pounding moment, though it probably shouldn’t have been.  How odd was it to see a female in the baby aisles?  Nevertheless, Jessica fidgeted for a moment.

And the incident didn’t deter her from picking up other baby items.  Selecting at least a dozen pacifiers from the various cute options in front of her, she put them in her cart – stashing them under a loaf of bread.  Then, someone walked past the end of the aisle again – this time quickly and in the opposite direction as before.  Turning her head to the side, Jessica stood motionless for a few seconds – waiting to see if there would be yet another passer-by in just a moment.  For as much as she wasn’t outwardly concerned, this was a store she shopped in on a regular basis.  And maybe, just maybe, it was someone she knew.  But no one walked by.

So, she walked her cart into the next baby aisle, swaying her hips side-to-side as she looked at all the cute little bathroom supplies for babies.  Crinkling up a storm, she nibbled her lower lip as she loaded her arms with little baby washcloths and soaps and shampoos. 

In her mind, she was deciding where all of these things were going to go in her apartment bathroom – a room that wasn’t very big but did have some minor shelf space, here and there.  In fact, there was going to be a new theme all over her apartment … a babyish theme and one that would make her feel little.  No matter what room she waddled into, the little diaper girl would feel like a baby.

Bending at the waist, she looked at some of the options of skin lotion on the lower shelves.  Then, she saw a flash to her left, like that from a cell phone that was taking a picture … from a distance.  Looking to her left, she then stood up straight – unloading the items in her arms into her shopping cart and facing in the direction where the flash came from.  It was over in the grocery side of the store.  Squinting her eyes, she saw no one standing there.  But she did see the lights that were shining over top of the meat cooler display on the very far end of that side of the store.  And when people walked in front of those lights, they obviously blocked them for a moment.  That must’ve been it.  She was getting herself worked up over nothing.  An idle mind tended to make things up to occupy itself.  And that’s what was happening to her.  So, she refocused in on her mission:  More Baby Stuff!!!

Pushing her cart into the next aisle, she eyed up the high stacks on the shelves to her right.  And on the top shelves was a most adorable little treasure she just had to have.  It was a little princess potty cushion – one that could be put on the existing seat of her toilet.  So, even when she was using the potty like a big girl, she would still get those little feelings.  What fun!!

Standing on her tippy toes, she reached up and grabbed one of the little pink princess potty cushions.  And that was the moment when she saw a flash come from behind her.  Spinning around quickly, she saw what looked like a dark shadow at the end of the baby aisle she was in.  Putting the potty cushion in her cart, she quickly walked to the end of the aisle – crinkling up a mighty storm as she did so … then quickly walking into the next aisle to see if someone was hiding there.  But there was no one.

What on Earth was going on here?  This was really getting weird.  It was like someone was watching her and would duck out of sight when she approached them.  Was it a co-worker?  A relative?  Or was it absolutely no one at all?  Just another phantom of an overactive mind, designed to distract her and take her away from her shopping spree of indulgences.

But once again, the fates were smiling on her and her attention was capture by the strollers and carriages and mobiles in the baby aisle she was now standing in, shiny object syndrome now captivating her.  It was particularly the mobiles that caught her eye.

While standing there, looking up at them, she grinned at how the danglies on the mobile were Christmas themed.  And in her mind, she saw the perfect place to put such SOS devices … directly above her bed.  Maybe she could get different mobile danglies for each holiday.  That way, the view would change throughout the year.  If by chance she couldn’t find mobile danglies for each holiday, she would make them.  It was too good of an idea to pass up.

Placing one hand on the shelf, she reached up and touched the one mobile, the danglies being little Christmas trees and what looked like little elves.  Once again on her tippy toes, she balanced herself as she made the mobile spin.  Then grabbing a half dozen mobiles from the shelves below, she went back to her cart in the baby aisle prior and put them into the cart.  Resting her hands on the side of her shopping cart, she stared down at the items inside it – wondering what else she could buy.  Then it hit her like a ton of bricks …

She needed baby food and things to feed herself with.  Such items were on the other side of the baby section, past all the cribs in the middle.  Walking her cart over to the other side, she glanced over at the cribs.  Oh, my.  What a dream it would be to own one of them.  But it made more sense for her to have entered into a mortgage for a house first.  Having a crib but living in just an apartment seemed a bit strange to her.  But who knew?  Maybe she would change her mind about that, as well.  Her independence had changed everything.

Getting over to the other side of the baby section, she came face to face with an entire endcap of stuffed animals.  Stuffies were something she had a lot of already.  But these stuffies were different.  Some were tiny and could be put on little shelves.  Others were medium in size and could line the wall as she intended to push her bed into a corner of the room – giving it at least half the feel of a crib.  Much like pacifiers, BabyGirl could never have too many stuffies.

So, she loaded her cart with stuffies, her groceries now buried by the baby stuff – the opposite of what her initial intention was. But she couldn’t help herself.  And when she got into the baby food aisle, she grabbed the yummiest flavors she could find: strawberry banana, apple sauce, mango, peach oatmeal, mixed berry yogurt, mild cheddar crunchies and whatever made her mouth water when she looked at the names.  She also picked up some plastic princess plates and little silverware that was wrapped in a protective rubber. 

After all, a princess should have all the proper tools to reign.

Looking down at her cart, filled almost to the top, Jessica sighed – the feeling of indulgence not being fulfilled within her yet.  So, she decided to take everything to the next level, following her impulses blindly.  Pushing her cart back to the front of the store, she got a second shopping cart.  When at the front, she could see that more and more people were coming in for some evening shopping.  Turning to push both of her carts back to the toy section in the back-left corner of the store, she saw the lengthy line of shoppers at the checkout.  Of course, there were 52 registers at the front but only one of them was open and also, the self-checkout area was closed too.  That would certainly lead to a most intense conclusion to this shopping spree when she was ready to go.  Ugh!

On the way to the toy section, she passed by the pharmacy – then stopping in her tracks as she thought about whether she needed anything from the health and beauty section.  Raising an eyebrow, she thought of one particular item she had just recently run out of.  Walking into the health section, she crinkled past the condoms and pregnancy tests, picked up a container of petroleum jelly and crinkled back to her shopping carts.  Smirking at her naughty thoughts, she put the petroleum jelly into the first cart and moved on towards the toy section – now knowing that her night was going to feel as good for her on the outside as it already felt on her inside.

But before she got to the toy section, she passed by the furniture section – stopping in her tracks again as she eyed up a few things that would add to the new babyish theme of her apartment.  Walking over to this cute little wicker hamper, she smiled brightly when she saw the picture that was on its lid – one of a little girl picking up her clothes that were all over the floor.

Well, that just solidified it.  She scooped that hamper up and took it over to her second cart.  She just had to have it.  It was obviously meant to be.  And besides that, hampers were currently on sale.

Wandering back to the furniture again, she picked up a firefly table lamp and a butterfly nightlight.  It was like everything was meant to be found by her, including the cute white wicker vanity set that would match her new hamper perfectly.  She put the lamp and nightlight in the second cart and turned to look back at the vanity set.  In turning, she almost fell over as she stepped on one of her shoelaces that had become untied.  Bending over to tie it, she gave it a double-knotting.  It was at that moment that she saw another flash that came from behind her.

Standing up and spinning around, she did indeed see someone with a cell phone … or at least, she thought she did.  The figure ran into the toy section and she sprinted after them as fast as she could while holding down the lower hem of her short dress in an attempt to keep it from floating upward and flashing her diaper to anyone nearby.  But her waddled sprint didn’t keep her diaper from crinkling loudly.  Thankfully, no one was nearby to hear it.  But unfortunately, whoever was taking pictures of her had gone into hiding again.

Crossing her arms and tapping her foot, she waited there for the person – certain they were in the next aisle over or were just waiting for her to walk away so they could come out of hiding.  This game had gone on long enough already.  No more!

But a few seconds turned into a few minutes and no one came out of hiding.  This put her back into a state of mind where she second-guessed herself.  For whatever reason, she was allowing her imagination to control her a bit more than it usually did.  Giving up and turning to walk back to her carts, she saw an entire shelf of baby dolls.  They all were so cute and looked so real that she took a moment to view them more closely.  But it was one particular baby doll that drew her to it more than all the others.  And the reason why was because the baby doll’s arms were reaching out to her … as if the fates had, once again, directed her towards something she needed to purchase.  Not only was the baby doll adorably cute but it came with its own cute little diapers.

Jessica reached up towards the arms and took its tiny hands in between her thumbs and pointer fingers, matching the cheeky smile on the baby doll’s face.  There was a moment of connection between them, as if they shared so many things with each other.  Picking the baby doll up, she held it to her chest and gently embraced it.

Walking back to her carts, she put the baby doll in the little seat that was for babies, by the cart’s handle.  How perfect that doll would be, giving her the chance to satisfy those mommy urges when they arose within her.  This would be a baby doll she would take to bed with her each night – along with a growing mound of stuffies.

Heading towards the checkout line, she took a shortcut through the women’s clothing section.  The line was so long she knew she would be there for a while.  Getting out her cell phone, she began to add up the cost of everything she was about to buy – smiling widely at how there was plenty of bonus money left over.

Perhaps it was time to order a case of those ABDL diapers she had seen online.  But which company would she order from?

The line moved forward, painful with slowness – giving all the proof that was needed as to why this place was called: Slo-Mart.  And because the line was moving at a snail’s pace, it gave her time to look at all the products around her – the line being so long that it went the whole way back into the women’s clothing section.

As Jessica moved forward with the line, she now found herself eyeing up the jewelry nearby.  Ugh!  Why?!  Jewelry was her biggest weakness … aside from diapers and baby stuff.  And before the line moved forward again, there was suddenly a jewelry making kit in her second cart, the impulse of the purchase getting the best of her.

There were lots of people in that line and lots of noise all around, but Jessica had been spooked so many times by her imagination that she now believed that the crinkling of her diaper was deafening in volume.  And with the thin material of her short dress being the only filter of sound, there was no way she could hide that the crinkling noise was coming from her.

Nervousness took her over and when she got nervous, she fidgeted.  And with enough fidgeting, she became uncomfortable.  And when uncomfortable, even the tiniest of sensations grew exponentially.  So, her need to pee from anxiousness, though miniscule, quickly grew urgent for her.  Thankfully, she was prepared for this.  But there was a decided difference when relieving herself in circumstances that were calm as versus this.

Standing in that line, with all of those customers who were just as tired and frustrated as she was, was not a calm circumstance.

The line inched forward, Jessica finding it difficult to let it go.  It required a moment or two of relaxing and then a bit of time to remain relaxed before she could open the flood gates with ease.  But the line kept moving forward and she never got the chance to relax enough to fix the growing ache in her bladder.  The lone open register was getting closer for her, but it wasn’t close enough for her to make it out to her car before a simple tinkling became more like the breaking of a great dam.

Adding to the moment was how the ache to pee was giving her a knot in her center to deal with.  At first, she was able to fight it off but eventually started to feel herself doubling over.  Either she was going to drench herself very soon or she would wind up on the floor.  And how utterly embarrassing would that be … in a diaper and with multiple purchases of baby items in her cart?  It all might seem fine and that she was just in pain.  But having that many people surrounding her would be the kind of attention she didn’t want.

And what if, by crazy chance, this phantom person who kept appearing and taking pictures of her, only then to disappear like an apparition, actually was a real person in that store right now?  What if that person was there … standing in that line?

She contemplated begging the people in front of her and behind her to save her place in line as she ran to the bathroom.  But absolutely everyone was irritated in that line.  If she ran off, no one was going to save her place.  And she would have to get in the back of the line and start all over with the wait.  This seemed like a less-than-desirable option as it would keep her in the store even longer.

The line moved forward again, every step becoming the provider of excruciating pings of pain for her.  Her eyes began to well with tears.  And for a few moments, she thought about abandoning her carts and just leaving the store altogether.  But the whole purpose of going there was to binge a celebration of her bonus check and indulge herself with some kinky fetishy stuff she had been deprived of forever.  It was time to live life like she wanted to live it, not how relatives or accommodations or anything else wanted her to live it! 

If only this stupid checkout line would move at a reasonable pace, that would be helpful.  It was almost like all the fortune of good finds she had made were leveling the playing field by slamming the brakes of this stupid, friggin’ checkout line!

But the fates, for the umpteenth time, heard her silent plea.  No, the line didn’t move forward any quicker.  And no, the others in the line didn’t lend a hand.  Instead, her pelvic floor muscles – those responsible for holding in pee – gave way.  She flooded her diaper and it all came rushing out of her so quickly that she grew dizzy from the abrupt relief.  Gripping the handle of the one shopping cart, she closed to eyes to keep the dizziness from growing worse.

Oh, my.  It felt so wonderful to no longer be in agonizing desperation.  But when she opened her eyes, she saw the line had moved forward again.  Trying to move two carts forward while seeming to be in control of herself with graceful movements, her mind went wild once more.  And that weird sense that she was being followed turned into paranoia.  It was unfounded but that didn’t stop her from tossing her head left and right, searching frantically for anyone who might be pointing a cell phone at her just then.

When her bladder finally emptied completely, she felt herself beginning to sweat, as if a fever had broken within her.  The swell of material between her legs gave her the constant reminder that her bodily motions would now need to be very carefully orchestrated to avoid any and all disasters from bringing her world crashing down.

And now she had the added concern of whether the swell of her diaper was drooping low enough to be visible from under the hem of her short dress.  It wasn’t like she could pull the material down.  It was a short dress.  Usually, she didn’t need to worry about her diaper dropping below the hem and into visibility because she never emptied her bladder so fully and quickly as she had just done.  She always had escape routes, always had ways to find privacy when needed to address her appearance.

Presently, she was in a situation that was indeed uncharted territory.  She couldn’t even nonchalantly look behind herself with a glance down at the back of her dress.  She would be observed.  She couldn’t even feel for the underside of her diaper without being watched.  All she could do was just stand there and waddled forward vulnerably.  She most certainly felt helpless … like a baby.  She had gotten her wish.  But this wasn’t quite what she had in mind.

The register was now in sight and it would only be a little while longer.  The worse was over.  It had to be, right?

Finally getting to the very end of the conveyor belt, she reached for her groceries first.  But then she froze in horror at the sudden thought that all of the baby stuff was going to be on display when she placed it on the conveyor belt.  She hadn’t really thought about this before.  It made good sense to hide the baby stuff under the groceries because that would keep them out of sight while she was shopping – even though the baby stuff eventually outnumbered the groceries.  But she hadn’t contemplated what would happen at the register.  It couldn’t possibly be as bad as she was making it out to be in her mind.  All sorts of things were put on that conveyor belt each day … multiple times.  This wouldn’t be abnormal … right?

It wasn’t strange at all to see a female putting a bunch of baby stuff on a conveyor belt at a store.

And if she would have believed that she might not have shaken like a leaf as she fished through the first cart to take out all her groceries.  It felt like everyone was looking at her, so intently that they were following her every little movement.  And given the fact that she had two carts of purchases, there was an air of disgust people had.  Two carts worth of items meant her turn at the register would take a while.  Plus, the slower she moved, the worse this reaction got.  Thankfully, there weren’t very many groceries.

But the conveyor turned on, and it was time to put the baby stuff on the belt.  Keeping her chin lowered and her eyes on the items in the cart, she got straight to the task at hand.  Grouping together all the like items, she aimed to make the scanning of everything run more smoothly.  One item after another was placed on the conveyor.  She could hear the groceries being scanned and placed in shopping bags.  Glancing down the length of the belt, she saw nothing but her indulgence purchases.  This made her heart pound very quickly.

If she could just get out of this store without having a heart attack, then the memories of all of this would be worth something.

Another time-saving thought came to mind and she grabbed the second cart with the larger items in it, pushing it up to the register so they could be scanned without having to be taken out.

Back to the first cart she went, pausing for just a moment to collect herself as she had to reach down inside the cart – knowing full well that the back of her dress would lift up in the process.  There was no avoiding it.  And whoever was looking would get a nice view of a diaper that, by feel of how wet the underside of her bottom had become, was certainly swelled out to a puffier appearance than usual.

Ugh!  Why wasn’t she any taller?! 

She had to bend over the side of the cart several times to get all the items, her diaper most assuredly having been viewed several times as well.  And this likelihood had blushed her face red with embarrassment as she pushed the now-empty first cart up to the register and began to fill it with the bagged groceries.  It was imperative, from this point forward, that she kept her mind occupied until she got out of the store.  Actions and tasks were key in accomplishing this.  She was almost there.  It was almost over.  If only the cashier would scan the baby items quicker and bag them, then Jessica would be on her way.

And though the cashier was moving with swiftness, it still seemed like it was taking her forever to bag up pacifiers and baby food and all of it.  This only added to the anxiety that was rippling throughout Jessica’s soul, knowing that everyone was watching.

Getting out her bank card, she stood ready to pay – then to move at the first chance she got.  The cashier bagged the last of what was on the belt and then scanned the items in the second cart with that little electronic gun scanning thing and the total came up and Jessica swiped her card … feeling instant relief.

“Diapers?” the cashier asked, Jessica looking at the woman like she was the cruelest species of creature on this good Earth.

“What?” Jessica asked, trying to fight back tears.

“Did you mean to also get diapers?” the cashier asked.  “It looks like you have everything else needed … for your baby.”

Jessica looked at the bagged purchases and then smiled, realizing what the cashier was referencing.

“Oh!  No, I’m good on diapers for now,” Jessica said, trying to sell the lie convincingly.  “I get them online … in bulk amounts.”

“Have a good evening,” the cashier said with a smile, handing Jessica the receipt – Jessica taking it, grabbing her two carts and heading for the exit with haste.

On the way out to her car, she relived everything that had just happened to her during her shopping spree of indulgence.

And wow, the fresh memories felt just as intense as the experience itself had been!  Her paranoia in the store suddenly seemed like the silliest thing she could have thought.  Somebody was following her?  Taking pictures of her?  Come on!

But as she loaded her trunk with her groceries, she got that weird feeling again that she was indeed being watched and this spooked her worse than it did in the store.  This was really alarming to her.

It was over.  Why did she still feel this way?

Quickly getting into her car, she locked the doors and started the engine – slamming on the gas and peeling out of the parking lot.

Okay, maybe that was a dramatic exit but at least she was in her car, on the way home and away from the whole situation.

Turning right at the red light, she got onto the highway and picked up speed.  But another car peeled out from that same red light and started to follow her.  Looking in her rearview mirror, she saw those high-beam headlights quickly catch up to her.  If she hadn’t completely emptied her bladder in that checkout line, she likely would have drenched herself again, just then.

The car got right up on her bumper, forcing her to drive faster and faster to stay ahead of it.  She switched lanes and so did the car behind her.  This went on for several miles, Jessica growing more and more worried that she would eventually drive past a hidden police car who would most certainly pull her over.

That’s what happens when you go 90 in a 65.

But the fates protected her again and after a few miles of Hellish pursuit, the car finally backed off and turned onto another road.  Jessica slowed down and turned in the direction of her apartment.

No one else tailed her home.  But to make certain, she took the craziest winding way home she could – traveling back roads she had never been on before and going all over the city before getting to her apartment building.

Loading that hamper full with her groceries and as much of the baby stuff as she could fit inside it, she moved quickly to get upstairs – only having to make one trip back to her car to get the table lamp and whatever few remaining baby items were left to be brought up.  And when she got into her apartment, she locked the door and closed the curtains – with no intentions of leaving for the rest of the night.

Her trip to the Slo-Mart had been enough activity to satisfy her for quite some time to come.  Setting everything in her living room, she went straight to the bathroom and stripped out of the soaked diaper – then stepping directly into the shower.

Oh, yes.  A hot shower was exactly what she needed.  It gave her time to wind down while also giving her the opportunity to finally process everything that had taken place at that store.  The bladder desperation she felt in the checkout line was something she could have done without, but it did serve as a new memory that made her laugh when she thought about it now.  And also, the thought that someone just might have seen the underside of her diaper when she bent over the side of her cart to get all the items out … well … that was a reflection that did a little more than just make her smile.

Getting out of the shower, she dried herself off, thinking about how her mind had tried to play tricks on her.  She was absolutely convinced, at points, that someone was watching her in that store … that someone was even taking pictures of her … or worse, taking videos of her.  She found herself chasing ghosts that didn’t exist into aisles.  And maybe she might have still believed that someone had indeed been watching her at the Slo-Mart, if she hadn’t found herself in a car chase with someone who wasn’t even chasing her.

Walking into her bedroom, she got out a little white nightie, just another indulgence – slipping into it along with a diaper.  And just like that, she was ready for bed.  But she wouldn’t be going to bed for a while yet, not with all these wonderful new things to decorate her apartment with.  There would be no way to go to sleep yet.

Emptying the hamper first, she put her groceries in the fridge and all the baby food into a corner cabinet.  Taking the hamper and the potty cushion into the bathroom, she found a place for the hamper and attached the cushion to the toilet seat.

The nightlight went into an outlet in her bedroom and the lamp went onto an end table by the couch in the living room.  The stuffies joined the rest of her collection on her bed.  She did indeed push her bed into the corner of her bedroom, giving her the ability to have a heaping mound of stuffies.  Looking above her bed to the ceiling, she thought about how many mobiles she could hang there at once.

And that little baby doll?  Tucking it under her arm, she made her way out to the kitchen to make dinner, deciding that the baby doll would always be with her when she was at home.

Though a fairly unconventional dinner choice, Jessica just opted to have some of the peach oatmeal.  There was no better time to start eating the baby food than the present.  Taking a seat on the couch and turning on the evening news, she dug the little baby spoon into the peach oatmeal container – sitting Indian-leg style and basking in the joyful feelings of having all this baby stuff now.

Life was good.  It was really, really good.

Lifting the spoon to her mouth, she heard her cell phone chiming an alert of a new text.  Getting up and waddling over to the kitchen counter, she reached into her purse and got out her cell phone.  Opening the new text message, she pulled the spoon out of her mouth and swallowed the first amount of peach oatmeal.

Then her eyes grew big-n-wide with horror as she dropped the baby spoon, the baby food container and the baby doll before covering her mouth with her hands.

The new text message had come from an unknown number.  And there were no words to the message … just a picture of Jessica at the Slo-Mart earlier that evening.  The picture showed her face clearly and the fact she was wearing a diaper was pretty obvious as well.

Jessica remained frozen in horror as she stared down at the picture in the text.  She didn’t know what to do.  Her heart was pounding so hard that she could feel the thumps of each beat in her ears.  Blood rushed to her heart to aid in the reaction and she felt her body growing cold.  Getting dizzy, she grabbed the counter and held it for dear life, trying to keep herself from falling to the floor.  But she wasn’t having much success in reacting well to that picture.

Then she received another picture of her at the Slo-Mart.  This picture was one taken of her bent over the side of her cart as she unloaded it at the checkout conveyor belt.

A tightness formed at her sternum, like heartburn or acid reflux – only this felt much, much worse.  Who was sending these pictures?  How did they have her number?  Or was it someone she knew?

Yet another picture came through in text, this one of a close-up of her cart and what was in it.  Whoever was sending these pictures had gotten that close to her in the store to have taken them.

Heaving her chest, she tried to fill her lungs with as much oxygen as she could – breathing problems now adding to the dizziness she felt.  But with the influx of more oxygen, she grew dizzier still, now gripping the counter and trying to sink her nails into its surface – her legs no longer having the ability to hold her up.

Another picture came through, this one of her hands on the side of her cart with her looking down at the items in the cart.  They had to be literally right next to her when they took this picture.

Her eyes glazed over and then returned to focus several times, her mind trying to keep itself from unraveling as she tried to keep herself from falling to the floor.  But the battle was lost and as she fell to the floor, she grabbed for her phone.

Collapsing, she plopped down on her diapered bottom, the phone landing in front of her.  She scooped up her baby doll and wrapped her arms around it, her paranoia of earlier now proven founded.

Still another picture came through in text, this one of her reaching up to the mobiles and playing with them.

She began to tremble all over, the nerves in her body receiving flash traffic messages from her brain and trying to shut her down completely.  Reaching forward, she picked up her cell phone – not sure what she would type or if she should call the police or what she was going to do.  But then another picture came through and she dropped her cell phone when she saw what that next picture showed.

It was a picture of her reaching out to that baby doll on the shelf.

Tears welled in her eyes and she tried to cry out, but her voice made no sound – the mental functions needed to make noise escaping her for the time-being.

Several more pictures of her came through, of her in that hideously long checkout line.

Laying down on the floor, she twitched all over – trying to get a grip on herself.  But she began to drift in and out of consciousness, unaware of whether or not she actually passed out in the process.

While shaking, she thought about who was standing right there when she was in the checkout line.  Closing her eyes, she tried to focus on the memory of what she saw with her peripheral vision.

Who was that person standing there?  Was it a guy?  A girl?

Reaching for her phone, she picked it up and scrolled back up to that picture of her: bent over the side of her cart as she unloaded it.  The underside of her diaper was indeed swollen and reaching down below the bottom hem of her short dress, into the visible zone.

Jessica’s eyes dripped with frightful tears.  Meltdown had begun, and in an effort to fight back against a full mental implosion, she became pro-active.  Sitting up, she decided to text them back but paused before doing so as she thought about the possible repercussions of texting him or even giving any response at all.

She thought about asking this person who they were and why they were sending these weird pictures to her.  But it made no logical sense to play such games.  Playing stupid wouldn’t fix this.  The game was already afoot.  This wasn’t some friend of hers who was playing a joke on her.  She had told no one of her age play interests.

She thought about calling the police.  But if she did that, the pictures would certainly become evidence in any sort of investigation.  And this meant that lots of people would see the pictures.  This was the outcome she needed to avoid, at all costs.

She thought about flirting with this person, banking on the likelihood that this was a guy and thanking him for the pictures, pretending that she wasn’t bothered by them.  Maybe she could get to know him and agree to meet him somewhere, getting him to reveal himself and then screaming bloody murder when he showed up so the police would get involved.

But she knew she wasn’t that brave and this person had obviously seen her reactions of anger towards them in the store – which was the likely reason they kept taking pictures, then seeking to learn her identity and phone number.

That most certainly was not just some random road rager who was tailing her in their car, irritated that she wouldn’t get out of the way.  It was this person, this … stalker!

After considering every option of what to do that she could think of, she opted to be honest with this person.  Maybe if they understood how damaging these pictures could be for her, they would have a heart about the whole thing.

So, she nervously texted a reply.

Jessica: Who is this?
Stalker: I’m your #1 fan now, just a guy who liked what he saw.

Okay, that response didn’t make her feel good at all.  In fact, it scared her tremendously.  What did that mean, anyway?  Her #1 fan?  Fan of what?  Of her in a diaper?

But at least, she had gotten a bit of information out of his first text.  It was a guy.  And maybe if she kept texting with him, she would learn what she needed to know, to end this game abruptly.

Jessica: I’m flattered but can’t understand why you kept hiding.
Jessica: If you’re a fan, then why didn’t you say hello.
Stalker: If I had done that, then you would know me.
Stalker: And maybe you wouldn’t have liked me.
Stalker: But I’m glad I got to know a bit about you.
Jessica: You don’t know anything about me!
Stalker: Yes, I do.  I know quite a bit about you now.
Jessica: Like what? That I’m incontinent?

She waited breathlessly for his response, hoping he would buy the lie she was feeding him.  Maybe if he believed her, he would back off and go away.  Although, it still wouldn’t have explained how he got her cell phone number.

Stalker: I see no record of you having any medical condition.
Jessica: What?  What does that mean?
Stalker: I’m looking at your medical records now.
Jessica: I don’t have any medical records!
Stalker: Sure you do.
Stalker: You broke your arm when you were 4.
Stalker: You were climbing a tree and fell out of it.
Stalker: At 11, you sprained your ankle while cheerleading.
Stalker: At 16, you were rushed to the hospital.
Stalker: You were believed to have alcohol poisoning.
Stalker: You learned drinking wouldn’t bring your mom back.
Stalker: Is that what the diapers are really about?
Stalker: Are you trying to go back to that time in your life?
Stalker: The time before you lost your mother?

Jessica stared at the texts in horror as they came in, one after another.  How did he know all these things about her?

Jessica: Congratulations.  You figured me out … asshole!
Stalker: Come now.  Do you really want to start on me?
Stalker: Think of who I could send these pictures to?
Stalker: Perhaps, Jessica Langhorne, age 26, has no friends.
Stalker: But you have family … right?
Stalker: What would they think of your little display tonight?
Stalker: Let’s see who I could send these pictures to.
Stalker: Roger Langhorne … your father?
Stalker: Jamie and Jennifer … your sisters?
Stalker: Your parents really loved the letter J, huh?
Stalker: Or how about just your co-workers?
Stalker: Ralph, Gary, Mike, Erica, Gina, Lauren?

Jessica now regretted having texted him at all.  Ugh!!!  Why hadn’t she just ignored him?  Now he was setting her up for blackmail.  It was obvious.  In response, she said nothing – hoping this problem would just magically go away.

But it didn’t.  And when this guy sent her the phone numbers of everyone he had mentioned, she knew she had to say something.  But what?  What could she say to him?

The guy then sent her the names of her ex-boyfriends and their phone numbers, followed by a listing of fetish websites she belonged to with the profile names she used on those websites.

Jessica: Why are you doing this to me? What do you want?
Stalker: I want you to show me some respect.
Stalker: Clearly, there is a lesson in manners you need to learn.
Stalker: So you are going to do everything I tell you to …
Stalker: … exactly how I tell you to … with no hesitation.
Stalker: And if you don’t …
Stalker: These pictures will wind up online.
Stalker: … as well as sent to every person I have mentioned.

Jessica wept uncontrollably.  Why was this guy doing this?

Stalker: I will refer to you as “baby”.
Stalker: And you will call me “Master”.
Stalker: No! You will call me “Daddy”.
Stalker: And there is only one response that is acceptable.
Stalker: Tell me what that response is … baby.

Jessica struggled to do so but typed in the obvious response he was talking about, then waiting to see what his reply would be.

Jessica: Yes, Daddy.

She covered her mouth, trying not to make any noise while crying – her voice now having returned … though she saw the necessity in not alerting her neighbors.  She lived in an apartment building with thin walls.  Privacy was hard to keep there.

Stalker: By the way, contacting the police would be bad for you.
Stalker: They’ll never find me.
Stalker: But when you contact them, everyone gets your pictures.
Stalker: Is that understood … baby?
Jessica: Yes, Daddy.
Stalker: Good girl.  I can see we’re going to get along very well.


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