Signs of Something Special

TeddyCon 2014As I stood in the enormous convention space that would attempt to hold the even more enormous TeddyCon Convention, I got the feeling that, from the big end of the room to the nursery on the other side, there would be a little something special about the weekend to come that would forever remain.

At the Pre-Con munch on Thursday, I could feel the buzz of everyone and got the feeling that the magic that CAPCon possesses would be gracing TeddyCon, too, with its presence.

The convention space held two classrooms, an activities area, a social area, diaper and changing rooms, and then of course, that amazing nursery. But let me see if I can break all of this down …

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The ABDL MedFet Book 5

The ABDL MedFet Book 5This is definitely the darkest of all the ABDL MedFet books I’ve written. And in these pages, you will find several stories about circumstances that were unexpected. These BabyGirls find themselves at the mercy of a few guys with too much knowledge of medicine for their own good. But perhaps, if these BabyGirls can learn quickly what they need to know, maybe it will be for their good.

Sample: Getting to the Point

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The “Littles” Express

Lil XHave you ever taken a train ride before?  I’m not talking about the subway trains in big cities or the trains that connect one city to another.  Those are the commuter kind.

I’m talking about are the train rides that only carry passengers who Dream Big.  And, in this case, passengers who Dream Big about Being Little.

No, this isn’t the intro to another one of my stories.  LOL  But instead, it’s the intro to something that, hopefully, will be a once-a-year engagement.  But first things first.  The “Littles” Express is ready for its inaugural journey.

On Saturday, November 22nd, board this magical train ride in York, PA.  It’s one hour journey to The North Pole (wink, wink) will include hot chocolate, cookies and some storytelling from, none other than,  ABDLer, Podcaster, Author and Friend – Mako Allen! ( At The North Pole, a very special guest will board the train – full of cheer and presents for all who believe.

But fear you not!  For here is an experience that refutes the cliche: All good things come to an end.

After the train ride (which will wind us up back where we began), all are invited to Paesano’s for a bite to eat.  It’s a local restaurant near the train station.

For overnighters who may have to journey a bit to get to this journey, there is a Hampton Inn just a few minutes from the train station.

Tickets are limited and going fast.  So to  read up about all the details of The “Littles” Express, visit here first.  Then go here to get the tickets.  And we’ll see you aboard on November 22nd!

If you are attending TeddyCon in October, you get to meet the creator of this unique and amazing train ride!

The Littles Express Website
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“Concerning Littleton” by Mako Allen
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Daddy’s Eye

03The little princess had grown used to the nightly routine:

Her Daddy would get home from work and she would cuddle on his lap for a good half hour.

Then they would make dinner together and talk about the day.

After that, they would go for a walk.  And then they’d watch a little TV together.

At 8pm, she received her bath.  Her Daddy would dress her for bed and then feed her a night time bottle as he sat on the nursery room rocking chair, cradling her across his lap while reading her a bed time story.

Some nights, she fell asleep before he was done with the story.  Other nights, he read her two stories before she got sleepy.  Still other nights, he put her in her crib, giving her another bottle of warm milk because she just wasn’t sleepy yet.

But the more she delayed her bed time, the smarter her Daddy got.  He set up a baby monitor system in her nursery so he could hear if she was still awake.  And he also set up a little camera to see if she was trying to sleep or if she was playing.

And her Daddy told her that the little camera would always be watching.  So she needed to be a good baby, even when he wasn’t in the room.

That camera she began to refer to as Daddy’s Eye – because it always watched her to make sure she was okay.


25 “Little Thoughts”

Getting to the Point – All Three Parts

Getting to the PointTaken from:

The ABDL MedFet Book 5

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here is a little story about getting to the point … and then getting beyond it.


Getting to the Point

Thursday Night
“Yes, Robert. I know your last name is Smith, just like the lead singer of The Cure,” Taylor said, picking up her drink and walking out of the kitchen. “You tell me this at least once a week.”

Looking over at Jessica, Taylor rolled her eyes as she walked away from the kitchen, into the living room.

Robert was one of those co-workers who had no social graces to his personality at all and he also had no hope of ever finding said-given graces. It just wasn’t in his genetic make-up. And whenever one of the co-workers threw a private party, they always felt obligated to invite him. Robert would attend the party, usually held in someone’s home, and get so drunk that all he could do was talk about himself.

“Congratulations, Taylor,” Roger the office flirt said, walking up to her and winking with that creepy look on his face that always made her skin crawl. “I hear you were the top salesman of the last quarter. Or I guess I should say you were the top saleswoman.”

“Thank you, Roger,” Taylor said, trying to get away from him, but giving up on her fast-pace steps when he started walking alongside her.

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The Fervent Need



25 Humiliations

Country Rose 2

Country Rose 2Rose and Emmitt have fully embraced their dynamic and there is no longer any “play” to their age play. It is now as natural to their relationship as breathing and fast heart beats. Taking a trip up to Boston to meet her relatives, Rose allows her over-active mind to blurt out the truth her over-active imagination has discovered. In short: Rose tells Emmitt that she wants him to help her find her limits and then to push her beyond them.

And thus begins a series of events, from humiliations in public that make her tingle in all the right places to so much more – starting in Boston and ending back home in Southern Pines, N.C. Rose learns the truth about his Big Hands. Emmitt learns the truth about her tears. They touch the sky in a hot-air balloon, avoid the horns at a rodeo, make videos at a baseball game, tempt fate at a gas station and prepare to lay roses in a garden.

Join Rose and Emmitt in this, the continuing story of a city girl from Beantown who moved down the east coast and became a Country Rose.

Riding on Wings
What They Can See
The Secret Binge

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Read more about Emmitt and Rose in book one:

Country Rose

Country RoseRose is a simple girl who walked the concrete streets of yesterday to find her golden fields of today. And along the journey, she had falls in love with a cowboy who could easily be the “Daddy” she had dreamed about.  Country Rose is a story of redemption, of renewal and of new beginnings. Join Rose and Emmitt as their saga begins.
The Great Unknown
“What She Set Her Mind to Do”
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