The ABDL MedFet Book 4

The ABDL MedFet Book 4In this fourth installment of the ABDL MedFet twist, spines will quiver, “spots” will be hit just right and icicles will make helpless the little hearts of some BabyGirls who are just trying to be good, for a change.

Sample: Simon Says

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Open Roads …

open roadOpen Roads …

On Wednesday Night, April 9th 2014, I climbed into my car at about 9pm and began a journey that would last until the following Monday morning. It was a road trip to start that led to a Midwest location that, even after I got out of the car from 16 hours of driving, would still present to me … open roads.

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Simon Says – Both Parts

Simon SaysTaken from:

The ABDL MedFet Book 4

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here is a little story about dressing to impress, even when you think there’s no real reason to.


Simon Says -

Nadya slipped her hands through the armholes of the nurse’s dress, one those form-fitting kinds with the button-up fronts. It seemed kind of old-fashioned but that was the uniform she had been given and her name had already been embroidered on it above the left sternum pocket. This was a good sign, one that made her feel a bit more at ease. Maybe this facility would keep her on and not drop her for the next higher-qualified candidate who came along. But right away, her first impression of these care employers was that they were traditional. Along with a wrap-around and button-up nurse’s dress, Nadya was given one of those stiff, white nurse’s cap, the kind that often had to be held in place with bobby pins. She hadn’t brought any nylons with her and hoped the powers-that-be wouldn’t be offended. Stepping into her white clogs, she smiled a little, softly laughing at the thought of some really old guy in a doctor’s coat telling her how inappropriate it was that she wasn’t wearing leggings of some sort to cover her calves. Oh, Heaven forbid. And their old-school minds would certainly explode inside their skulls if she told them that she sometimes wore a sports bra instead of the usual kind. Oh, deary me.

Attaching the cap to the top of her head and using the bobby pins provided (a sign that these people understood that no one had bobby pins readily on hand anymore), she looked at herself in the mirror. The truth of the matter was that the nature of the job would be anything but traditional. There would be no old guy in a doctor’s coat and the reasoning behind this traditional nurse’s get-up was so that she would look good. Needless to say, there were likely a few perverts in the uniform department, but Nadya really didn’t care. This wouldn’t be the first job she had where people stared at her chest before they looked her in the eyes. And quite honestly, after a while, that sort of greeting could be taken as a compliment. She simply had to let it go, accepting that there were far more important things in this world to take up a battle flag over.

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Country Rose

Country RoseThis is the story of Rose, a city girl who needed a little country air and an opportunity to begin again. Dead ends weren’t the only pitfalls she had faced, but they were the ones that affected her the most, making her feel like her life was destined to spin endlessly in the same circle forever.

Determined to break her repeating cycles of life, she set out to find a new place in this world to call home. She had dreams, aspirations, secret fantasies, explorations and so many more things she had never had the chance to pursue.

All of that was going to change as she moved south, a simple girl who walked the concrete streets of yesterday to find her golden fields of today. And along the journey, she had falls in love with a cowboy who could easily be the “Daddy” she had dreamed about.

Country Rose is a story of redemption, of renewal and of new beginnings. Join Rose and Emmitt as their saga begins.

Sample: The Great Unknown

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Say What?

BLP-LogoYou all know that ABDL Podcast, right?  The one that’s by about and for age players of all kinds?

Along similar lines of thought as to why there will always be a need for paperbacks in this world as opposed to an exclusive ebook takeover,  the Big Little Podcast – that show we all know and love with Hosts Spacey & Mako – whom we all know and love, also offers transcriptions of their shows.

At the time I typed this blog posting out, there were 99 episodes of the BLP, but only 23 of them have been transcribed.  A need exists for people to step up and transcribe the episodes still waiting to be put into words.  Having done one myself, I will tell you there is no greater feeling of accomplishment than when you finish it and proudly put your stamp on it.

If you’re interested in transcribing an episode, please contact LTD.  That’s his Fetlife profile name.  Learn more about how here.
For podcast info, when they record & how to listen live, visit their website.
Write to the podcast at
Connect on Twitter @biglittlepdcast
The FetLife group: The Big Little Podcast
Signup to be notified by email about new episodes, recordings and more.

And lastly, but not leastly – When you’re done transcribing an episode, check out Mako’s book:

Auntie Eva’s Boarder

This is the second edition release. It has been updated by the author, Mako Allen, edited by Pene Princess, and includes photography by Bob Spacey. It’s available now as an e-book or paper back through

Auntie Eva's BoarderNeil, a college sophomore, decides to stay in town for the summer and get a job. He needs a room, and the ad sounds innocent enough, “Widow with large house near campus seeks student boarder. Sex, race, unimportant.”

Neil discovers that Eva is no ordinary landlady. He soon realizes he might not be as mature as he’d thought after the first time she spanks him bare-bottom over her knee.

When Eva starts putting him in diapers, he learns he’s a lot more than just Auntie Eva’s boarder.

Zorro Daddy

ABDL Events, Conventions, Gatherings & the Like – All Year Long

CAPConTeddyConCamp Abdulia

CampCrucibleUS Littles

& More!

This is a very exciting posting to make, for many reasons.  Listed below are the ABDL events, gatherings, parties and conventions of 2014.  And it’s very encouraging to see so many, popping up out of the woodwork.  Gone are the days of sparse communications and remote parties.  Now, you have opportunities around every corner, inviting you to attend and waiting for you.

I’m certain there are some events that I’ve missed.  In fact, I hope I missed some because that would mean there’s even more out there.  But just with what’s listed here, you can find something very “Diaper-ish” to attend that will fit your comfort level, road trip limits, budget, age, preference, darkness levels (a.k.a. Butt Whoopin’), innocent levels and how far away you can be from Turkey Hill Iced Tea without losing your mind!  Okay that last one mainly pertains to me, but the fact remains that diapered bottoms are travelin’ everywhere!

Hold on, everybody.  Here we go:


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The Great Unknown – All Three Parts

The Great UnknownTaken from:  Country Rose

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here is a little story about a city girl who boldly waddled somewhere she had never gone before … The Great Unknown.


The Great Unknown -

Rose took the Pennsylvania Avenue exit off of Sandhills Boulevard.  She was now less than a mile away and after 14 hours behind the wheel of a Budget moving truck, she was just as ready to see this trip end as she was to see everything else begin.  It was May 1st and springtime had been in full bloom for quite a while now.  Every year, she counted the days until spring, always seeing it as a time to begin a lot of things anew in her life.  And with the return of leaves and flowers, the whole world around her seemed to be thinking the same thing.  But this was nevermore her mindset than on this particular day.  Rose was headed into the Great Unknown.  And anywhere unknown was better, at the moment, than where she had been. 

Having lived her entire life in Boston, Rose had fallen in love with New England – its beauty, its nature and its history.  She knew that no matter where she went in life, she would always call herself a BeanTown girl, supporting the Celtics and the Red Sox with passion.  But she had to leave Boston, a truly painful decision.  The problem wasn’t that she had grown too comfortable there or that she had fallen in love with Boston too much.  It was because she had fallen in love … with Thorn.

Hindsight was always clearest, but it never made any regrets easier to swallow.  Maybe she should’ve thought about it a bit more before she started seeing him.  And at the time they met, she was already looking to break out.  So Thorn was merely a delay for what she needed to do.  But his name seemed to go so well with hers, it just seemed like they were meant to be.  Yet another bit of hindsight showed that Brett Michaels was right.  Every Rose did have its Thorn.  He made her feel horrible about who she was.  And that was no way to live.

So two months ago, she ended their song and began looking for a new place to live, to fall in love again.  But six blocks away in the city hardly seemed like the “start over” in order.  To leave him, she had to leave Boston.  It was time to go somewhere that she could call a new home, the kind of place that wouldn’t make her pull the lever and reset her life ever again.

Instead of just following an impulse and moving where the winds took her, she decided to move to the polar opposite of where she had been and what she had always called home.  It hardly made sense to start over in the same kind of place.  And the opposite of a bustling city like Boston was the quiet countryside … somewhere in the Great Unknown.

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