Mind Over Matter

Mind Over MatterTaken from the forthcoming:

The ABDL Apartment Book 2

here is a little story about the strengths we have – even when we can’t see them about ourselves.


Mind Over Matter -

It was March 8th, International Women’s Day worldwide. And in theme of such, Violet proudly moved back into her first floor apartment – Sidney & Reece and Dallas & Dixie helping to carry her belongings back down from Dallas & Dixie’s third floor apartment in the building.

Violet took one step back into the first floor apartment and froze in horror as memories of the last time she was there flooded her mind. The others kept bring arm-fulls of her possessions back down to the apartment as she slowly walked around the living room, remembering all-too-vividly the night that Van, her ex-boyfriend, pinned her down in that room and choked her out – all while being high on whatever drug he had taken that night.

But the reassuring fact remained that these were just memories of the past. Van was gone, arrested and awaiting his day in court. And to ensure that he would never again set foot in that apartment or anywhere in that apartment building, Violet filed a restraining order against him. So, the next logical step to take, now that she had removed him from her life, was to remove him from her memories as well. That was a task far easier said than done, however. Yeah, he was abusive. But that hideous truth wasn’t enough to eradicate the happy memories she had with him. She and Van had been together for a few years and while moving on was a necessity for Violet, it still wasn’t enough to prevent her from thinking back happily on a lot of fond remembrances with Van. And this was her greatest challenge of all: To ignore the sparse happiness of her past in order to not refute the open possibilities of her future.

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ClimaxNina is a Midwest sweetheart. But as a recent college graduate, her forthcoming summer employment will teach her how much she still has to learn about herself, about others, about love and about life. With a head-full of fantasy and a heart-full of secrets, Nina travels up to Michigan – completely unaware of the life-changing events to follow.

For eight weeks, she will dance, sing, perform, jump off waterfalls, gaze up at stars, daydream of imminent fetish nights, take road trips, have sex in a cabin, have sex in a kitchen, have sex in the sand and sex in the water.

Bringing along a “suitcase of secrets”, her diapers will crinkle. Her heart will pound faster and faster. She’ll lose her breath and then catch it again. Her legs will raise up. Her thighs will part. She’ll spend time on her knees. And maybe, if the friend she meets on that golf course is right, just maybe … she’ll fall in love during her summer in Climax.

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Unexpected Opportunities
At First Sight
Fetish Nights
No Deeper Truth


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I Never Would’ve Known

You dream. You realize. And then you dream again. Eventually, if you keep dreaming, you find what you were looking for. And more importantly, you find who you were looking for.

Along the way, you encounter times that may be hard to deal with, but it goes to show you that what you felt, you felt so deeply and so unremittingly that your mind meant what it thought, your eyes wept for what they saw, your ears collected the echoes of what they heard, your lips spoke the truth, your senses were affected by your experiences, your hands cherished what they touched and what they wrote and your heart meant what it felt.

You cherish the things that mean more to you than anything else. You take the breath away from those whose attention and love you desire. You give of yourself until you feel drained, but you do so because you want her to be happy and you want her to feel loved.

I’m grateful for the love I’ve shared, the love I have and the love that will always remain.

I’m grateful for dreaming and for continuing to do so … because if I had never dreamed, I would’ve never known what that kind of love felt like.

Where You Were Meant to Be

I’ve lost track of the number of nights in my life which ended with me watching the sunrise. Nowadays, it is primarily by choice that I am up all night, but that wasn’t always the case.

When I was in middle school, I began to have trouble getting to sleep and it would be nearly midnight or 1 am before I would finally get to sleep. And it wasn’t until college that I was diagnosed with a sleeping disorder called Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome. It’s an onset insomnia in that I can’t fall asleep, but once I do, I’m out like a light.

I’ve learned to make the most of this condition. Nighttime is always a gift for the writer in me. It is the stillness and the calm of the nighttime which enables me to put the stories in my head down on paper, or I suppose into a computer, more literally.

But there are nights when I can’t find any words to type into this laptop, at least not in story format.  A lack of a story to write doesn’t stop me from thinking, however. I wish it did sometimes. It is now that I have time to reflect on the journeys for which I have taken and the future ones which I have yet to begin.

I think a lot of times we are so eager to get to our destination that we neglect to enjoy the trip it takes to get where we are going.  Or more importantly, where we began.

Everyone has their own story to tell and I have been fortunate in having communicated with quite a few ABDL-ers over the past few years. Each and every one of them was unique in their own way. And I find it fascinating how people discovered this little “interest”.

I have the fortune of being in a relationship with a BabyGirl who spins my senses around, takes my breath away, leaves me dizzy … and then does it all again.  The time I spend with her, brief as it may be sometimes, has yielded memories and new experiences that always remain with me … as does she in my heart.

I recall the first munch I went to.  It seemed like such an insurmountable challenge just to go to it and afterwards, how foolish I felt for not having gone to a munch sooner.

The people I have met and the friendships formed have been worth the time it took to get where I am.  Along the way, the toughest lesson learned has been that some things weren’t meant to be.  But there’s plenty of roads to travel and plenty of journey still ahead of me.  And though there have been dead ends, at last, I have someone who wants to sit in the passenger’s seat of my Volvo … for the journey and for the long haul.

Where am I headed? Hmm. Probably on a roundabout course which will lead to the place where I am supposed to end up. LOL But half the reward of the journey is not knowing where you are headed, just that when you get there, you’ll know it’s where you were meant to be.

A Summer in Climax: “No Deeper Truth”

No Deeper TruthTaken from the ABDL romance book:


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here is a little story about truth and how deep it goes.


No Deeper Truth

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The First Week of July –

Monday morning of week three of the summer schedule began with a chilly rain that finally broke at dawn. Early morning walks had become a part of Nina’s daily routine. And right after a fresh rain, the warmth of summer was always absent, making it easier to walk the grounds of the resort. Some mornings were swelteringly hot by 7am, but on this morning, Nina had raindrops on her side.

Every few days, she would wander over to the golf course and have yet another chat with Mr. Morgan, a grounds keeper and sweet old man who always knew what to say to calm her nerves. He had become a father-figure, of sorts, to her. He was very kind-hearted and never asked from anything, telling her that all he ever needed in life he had already received … and then some. Nina hoped that when her day came to look back on her lifetime she would have memories and experiences to give her the same peace of mind Mr. Morgan had found.

“Do you know what the two most common things are that appear after a rainstorm?” Mr. Morgan asked her, placing a golf towel on the bench at hole number one so Nina could take a seat.

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Classes and Crafts and Toys … Oh my!

TeddyConFollowing the Yellow Brick Road is not only one of the notable scenes from all of cinema history, but it’s one that speaks of an amazing journey. The illusion behind it is that if we follow this colorful road, our destination will be easy to get to and will yield us everything that we could’ve possibly hoped for … and more.

A lot of times we overthink things in life and while the Yellow Brick Road fills us with fantastic thoughts, it can sometimes be dumbed down and used as a tool to teach us not to dream.

Well … that just seems like a rotten way to look at something that was intended to enhance dreams and imagination. And how many times in our lives have we been discouraged about following after fairy tale endings.

The reality of it all may be that Fairy Tale Endings and Yellow Brick Roads are perfect examples of what we dream about. But it doesn’t mean that our journeys have to be anything less than fantastic. A lot of times in life, we set out in pursuit of something specific, only to find along the way, that our pursuit has changed. And we discover so much more of what we wanted that we wouldn’t have ever known we wanted … had we not taken the journey.

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A Summer in Climax: “Fetish Nights”

Fetish Nights
Taken from the ABDL romance book:


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here is a little story about how to climax in Climax.


Fetish Nights

(Start at the beginning:  Unexpected Opportunities)

The Fourth Week of June –

Week two of the summer season at The Village Resort was now underway. A few patrons had left over the weekend, having only planned to be there for a week. For the most part, however, the same patrons were still there. As with every week, the entertainment employees had Sunday off and another random other day throughout the week as their second day off. It was Monday and Monday was Nina’s other random day off that week, making Sunday and Monday actually feel like a weekend to her.

But she didn’t waste her Monday by doing nothing and detaching herself from everyone else or hiding away in her cabin. Instead, she got out-n-about, spending quite a bit of time at the pool as it seemed that she and her cabin mate Vicky were already unofficially holding a tanning contest between the two of them and Nina was in second place, currently.

After soaking in the sun’s rays all morning, she spent a portion of the afternoon watching Eddie as he led a class of patrons in a dance exercise routine. Richard Simmons certainly would’ve had to eat his heart out. For the rest of the afternoon, Nina walked the grounds of the resort, stopping to enjoy the scenery and to sit in shady locations to write in her journal. And the more she wrote in her journal, the more she fantasized about Eddie.

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