Pretty, Powdered & Pampered

02That day, she spent the whole morning doing some Christmas shopping for her nieces and nephews.  Finding the gifts they wanted always seemed to be the most time-consuming and the most difficult – especially her nephews.  She was a girl.  Getting her nieces gifts was easy.  But what did boys want for Christmas?

At lunch, she met one of her former roommates from college – spending the time gabbing about that one night at that sorority party when they threw the mixer with the frats.

The afternoon was busy for her too as she ran errands for every relative who knew she had the day off from work.  And by the time she got home, she knew that dinner was going to be late and that her Daddy would be waiting for it a bit longer.  She had just simply lost track of time.  She had been shopping for others and running around with a to-do list that seemed like it would never get done.

But when she opened the front door, she got the most wonderful surprise in the world.  Standing there in an apron and a chef’s hat was her Daddy.  And he had begun making dinner for them.  Right away, she knew dinner that night would be spaghetti.  It was the only meal her Daddy knew how to cook on his own.

But a Daddy meal of spaghetti wasn’t just about the sauce and the noodles.  It was a whole experience.  And as the noodles softened in that kettle of boiling water, her Daddy whisked her away – taking her straight back to her nursery and stripping her of everything she was wearing.

In a matter of a few seconds, he had tied her hair back with light blue ribbons and put that terry cloth bib with the teddy bear designs around her neck – the one that was super-thin but super-soft.  She smiled brightly and lifted her arms up to him as he picked her up and lied her down on her changing table.

Laying there and lifting her legs up, she thought about how wonderful it was to have done things for others on that day – though they seemed like tiring tasks at the time.  But now, feeling that cool touch of powder to her bottom, she was basking in the comforts of being … pampered by her Daddy – literally and figuratively, for the rest of her day off.

Snuggly fastening the tapes of her diaper at her hips, he set her down on the floor of her nursery, then kissing the top of her head and whispering sweetness to her before returning to the kitchen to finish preparing dinner.

“You’re very pretty, BabyGirl,” her Daddy whispered, melting her little heart.

Occupying her time with a toy for the few minutes she knew she would be there, she thought again about how having given all day lead to being given back to.  But she never gave with the intent of receiving – which is what made it extra special when someone did something unexpected for her. There would be a high chair in her very-near future and certainly a bath to follow as a spaghetti dinner, eaten with her fingers, always left her as a mess for him to clean up.

Being Pretty, Powdered & Pampered wasn’t anything more than the garnishments she wore.  But it was those Daddy hands that had babied her up that gave everything meaning to her.  Yes, being Pretty, Powdered & Pampered was a wonderful gift indeed.


25 “Little Thoughts”

One Hot Night (The Story of a Girl Named “Love”)

One Hot NightHow far would you go to show someone how much you loved them?  What sacrifices would you make and what obstacles would you overcome … in the name of Love?
One Hot Night is the story of a girl named Love and the soul mate she calls her Daddy, Alex. In an effort to avoid the heat wave of the year, Alex and Love go on an all-night out-n-about adventure. On this night, they learn things about each other, about themselves, about the power of the dynamic and about how high her legs can be raised while lying on the back seat of his car.
But what began as a trip to gather some thrills-n-chills on this one hot night had become so much more than humiliating stops, incredible sex and dodging raindrops. And by dawn, Alex and Love will have their dynamic bond tested in a manner that neither of them could’ve possibly imagined.
One Hot Night is a tale of sexual energy, of human connections and of the strength in survival that we all possess.

Sample: Scorcher

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The Big Little Podcast – Episode 104: Writing AgePlay Fiction & Erotica

BLP-LogoAt the beginning of October, I had the pleasure of being a part of podcast I truly hoped would happen some day. But, being as it felt self-serving to ask Spacey and Mako to do a podcast about writing erotica, I only dropped subtle hints, every now and again.

However, from this podcast, I learned that it really wasn’t self-serving at all. But rather, fulfilling in ways I hadn’t imagined.

Episode 104 of the Big Little Podcast is entitled: Writing AgePlay Fiction & Erotica. And it included a panel of guests who were as endearing with their vocal words as they are with their written ones.

First, there was Bella Bryce – a Brit girl in America who is most-notably known for The Waldorf Manor Series. She would be what I call a pure-n-innocent writer. There’s no BDSM in her works, per se. But her character of Alice is well known and she has been flooded with communications from readers who thanked her for sticking to a purer storyline.

Bella’s literary beginnings came from a very personal place within her and her personality shows the presence of what truth looks like – if you remain true to what you know and, if you’ll pardon the cliché, to where you came from. She was and is an absolute sweetheart and I was blessed to have been able to talk with her during that podcast.

Bella is also proof that pure-n-innocent writing, though it possesses nothing BDSM-ish harsh, is the kind of erotica that appeals to masses of people.

Next was Maren Smith – A lady who writes under three names: Maren Smith, Darla Phelps and Denise Hall. Marin has perfected how to market her stories and she keeps three different author names to prevent confusion from her readers.

Maren is a level-headed lady who presented quite a few points of view that made me think twice about several topics. Much like with Bella, with Maren, the determination of success was evident in her poise. And though Mako and I sometimes yapped our gums a bit too much at points in the podcast, Marin waited patiently and then made simple statements with depths of meaning far more than just simple.

Not to be forgotten was Mako Allen – a podcaster, writer, ABDLer, friend and so much more. It is my belief that Mako is too humble sometimes for his own good. But, along with Spacey, he saw to it that opposing points of view were heard and common sense was never overlooked (despite my best efforts to make it so! LOL )

If you haven’t heard the podcast, I encourage you to download it and lend an ear. Here’s the link:
The Big Little Podcast – Episode 104: Writing AgePlay Fiction & Erotica

Bella Bryce’s website is:
Maren Smith’s website is:
Mako Allen’s website is:

Check them out. Check their books out.

Bella’s books on Kindle: Click Here

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Click here for Denise Hall
Mako’s book on Kindle: Click Here
(Auntie Eva’s Border is currently in rewrite.)

Blessings to you all and happy reading,
Zorro Daddy

Scorcher – All Three Parts

ScorcherTaken from:

One Hot Night
(The Story of a Girl Named “Love”)

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here is a little story about how to survive a heat wave.


Scorcher – 

1. an intense feeling of deep affection.
2. a person or thing that one loves.

1. to feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone).

11 pm

Love swiped a towel across the fogged surface of the steamed bathroom mirror, her baby blue eyes quite lively for the hour of the night. Though a shower usually gave her a charge for a little while afterwards, enough for the end of day engagement that always put her on her back and made her arch up to him, on this night – one hot night, fresh-from-the-shower would provide her no relief from the heat. And maybe she really didn’t want any relief.

The worst heat wave of the year had sweltered temperatures up to 105 degrees outside for several days. There were no reports indicating any break from it at least until the coming the weekend. And it was only Wednesday night.

Patting the excess water out of her golden locks as best she could with a towel, she picked up the hair dryer to find it already plugged into the outlet above the bathroom sink. Sitting next to the hair dryer were two hair ties and her white pacifier. Love smiled as thoughts of her boyfriend flooded her senses and her mind. Picking up the pacifier, she lowered her chin – thinking back to that morning when she awoke next to him in bed. Smiling even more brightly as she slipped the rubber nipple between her lips and looked up at herself in the mirror, she began rocking back-n-forth to allow the water on her skin to dry on its own as she began to blow dry her hair.

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Signs of Something Special

TeddyCon 2014As I stood in the enormous convention space that would attempt to hold the even more enormous TeddyCon Convention, I got the feeling that, from the big end of the room to the nursery on the other side, there would be a little something special about the weekend to come that would forever remain.

At the Pre-Con munch on Thursday, I could feel the buzz of everyone and got the feeling that the magic that CAPCon possesses would be gracing TeddyCon, too, with its presence.

The convention space held two classrooms, an activities area, a social area, diaper and changing rooms, and then of course, that amazing nursery. But let me see if I can break all of this down …

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The ABDL MedFet Book 5

The ABDL MedFet Book 5This is definitely the darkest of all the ABDL MedFet books I’ve written. And in these pages, you will find several stories about circumstances that were unexpected. These BabyGirls find themselves at the mercy of a few guys with too much knowledge of medicine for their own good. But perhaps, if these BabyGirls can learn quickly what they need to know, maybe it will be for their good.

Sample: Getting to the Point

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The “Littles” Express

Lil XHave you ever taken a train ride before?  I’m not talking about the subway trains in big cities or the trains that connect one city to another.  Those are the commuter kind.

I’m talking about are the train rides that only carry passengers who Dream Big.  And, in this case, passengers who Dream Big about Being Little.

No, this isn’t the intro to another one of my stories.  LOL  But instead, it’s the intro to something that, hopefully, will be a once-a-year engagement.  But first things first.  The “Littles” Express is ready for its inaugural journey.

On Saturday, November 22nd, board this magical train ride in York, PA.  It’s one hour journey to The North Pole (wink, wink) will include hot chocolate, cookies and some storytelling from, none other than,  ABDLer, Podcaster, Author and Friend – Mako Allen! ( At The North Pole, a very special guest will board the train – full of cheer and presents for all who believe.

But fear you not!  For here is an experience that refutes the cliche: All good things come to an end.

After the train ride (which will wind us up back where we began), all are invited to Paesano’s for a bite to eat.  It’s a local restaurant near the train station.

For overnighters who may have to journey a bit to get to this journey, there is a Hampton Inn just a few minutes from the train station.

Tickets are limited and going fast.  So to  read up about all the details of The “Littles” Express, visit here first.  Then go here to get the tickets.  And we’ll see you aboard on November 22nd!

If you are attending TeddyCon in October, you get to meet the creator of this unique and amazing train ride!

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