The BabyGirl Philosophies: Elliot to Penny

The Pajama BabyGirl - Part 1  The Pajama BabyGirl - Part 2  Penny 3 - BeachTown  Penny 4 - SnowBunny 

Knowing what we feel in our hearts is a blessing. 
Knowing what to do with that feeling is better yet.

A BabyGirl hears the desires of her heart and even when they’re far-fetched, looks to find a pathway to seek them in her life.  But sometimes a BabyGirl not only needs a guiding hand to follow her dreams, but also someone to help her take that first baby-step forward.

Penny is one such little soul and the hand that leads her is one which is as kind and as unassuming as she is.  Because of this connection, the Big World around her, gets smaller each time he visits.  And she couldn’t be happier about it.

To offer up a few examples of the BabyGirl mindset, I thought I’d write about a few BabyGirls which I know pretty well in some couples I know pretty well.

What couples?

Zeke and LilyGabriel and GinaEric and MiaElliot and PennyEmmitt and Rose


Elliot to Penny

Ellliot had no idea that the shy, sweet girl he met at the beach last summer would become that missing piece of the puzzle in the game of love.

Her name is Penny Jordan and make no mistake about, she is an off-the-wall free spirit who, when she warms up to you, also opens up to you, revealing the little heart of a BabyGirl which so longingly has searched for the Daddy-ever-after.

That first weekend led to a fall season of memories and adventures – all of which Penny enjoyed while wearing her footed pajamas.

And every step of every waddle along the way was her Daddy, Elliot.

Penny might be the shyest-looking girl in the world, but her insides are always bouncing with the possibility of one day becoming who she truly feels she is.  Elliot is her guide and the direction she has always needed.

Elliot and PennyThe heart-warming adventures of Penny Jordan – the Pajama BabyGirl and Elliot – her Daddy.



The BabyGirl Philosophies, one couple and one BabyGirl’s thoughts at a time.

Zeke and LilyGabriel and GinaEric and MiaElliot and PennyEmmitt and Rose


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