Gratification: Volume Two

Gratification - Volume TwoThe Gratification Series is a collection of stories about roleplay, fetishes, submission and domination, bondage and discipline.  Each story entwines foreplay, intercourse, adult language, explicit sexuality, domination and public humiliation into storylines about adult relationships that defy convention and don’t just walk on the wild side, but rush into it without caution or modesty.

Dealing with themes of mind games, guilt, power trips, pleasure, want and need – this second box set takes the stuff that fantasies are made of and speaks the unspoken. This collection of 26 dark age play erotic short stories will tie you up, pin you down, drain your heart, open your soul, push you to the edge, bruise your guilt,  ravage your senses, get your number, ring you up, unravel your defenses, make you question your decisions, make you face the consequences, watch you  squirm, make you feel regret, make you regret what you feel, make you beg for correction … and then make you do it all again

Needless to say, it is a book intended for the mature reader who has a mind that craves the exotic and the erotic.

Warning: Delving into these pages will leave you gratified, over and over again.

Melting an Ice Queen
Her Time Between Big and Little
25 Strokes to Midnight
The Euphoric Touch
The Voice on the Phone
The Double-Sided Guilt – The Blitz
The Double-Sided Guilt – The Aftermath
The Nympho’s Lesson (Another Fine Mind Fucking Story)
The Green Switch
Letting a Whisper Lead the Way
All You’ve Got
She Never Made a Sound
There’s Nothing More Important … – Memories
There’s Nothing More Important … – The Remedy
In the Dog House
What We Exhibit
The Texas Terror
Friday Night’s Knight
Friday Fingers
Saturday Morning’s Surprise
Saturday Surrender
Sunday Sass
Sunday Sitting
Monday in the Mind
Tuesday Tomorrows

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If you’re a fan of the darker age play, I would also recommend reading:

The VoiceThe VoiceA tale of horror, unavoidable consequences and possible redemption of self.

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