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The 12 Diapers of Christmas

Merry Christmas, ABDLers and AgePlayers of the world!

Here is the mp3 link, if you want it:

Call for Questions

Crinkle Cast CardThis is a time-sensitive posting, but don’t worry.  It won’t self-destruct in five seconds.  However, it is a mission you could choice to accept.

With TeddyCon 2016 now in the books, the TeddyCrew is jumping back behind the microphones to make more episodes of the Crinkle Cast.   And our next one, episode 11, will be a Q & A episode.

Throughout 2016, we have received a lot of questions from listeners.  We intend to answer the whole lot of them on this episode.  But we thought we’d also put out a call to everyone for more questions.

So if there is burning query you have, please tell us what it is and we will answer it on episode 11.

There are several ways you could contact the Crinkle Cast with your question, but the two ways that would make it easiest for us would be:

  1. Sending an email to: crinklecast@yahoo.com
  2. Sending a message to: Crinkle Cast’s FetLife Profile

But time is of the essence.  We will be recording this episode next week.   So please send your questions in now.  And then stay tuned for the release of the episode (most likely before Christmas Day 2016).

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