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The 1-on-1 Podcast: Episode One – Mako

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How do you react to people who don’t see things the way you do?  Do you accept their opinions or do you attack them?

I contacted Mako Allen (of the Big Little Podcast, DC Munch and other endeavors), asking him if he would like to do a podcast episode where we talked about a list of different topics – some of which being topics we didn’t have the same opinions about.

Ranging from discussions of terms like “community” to the ever-intriguing question of “Can ABDL and Age Play be sexual sometimes and non-sexual at other times?” to other topics about munches and conventions to other topics of how we relate to one another,  Mako and I duked it out for three hours on this first episode of a podcast that stated opinions … opinions, not facts.

But, to my surprise, our talk delved into discussions about ourselves and about others, our experiences and the all-too-important question of chunky peanut butter or creamy peanut butter.

Yep.  We got to talking about stories and about why we write them.  But we also began to discuss other places on the internet and resources that were of age play interest:

DPF.com – which no longer exists.
Middle America Littles
Love in Brief
The Big Little Podcast
The Crinkle Cast
The Ultimate Directory of FetLife ABDL Groups
Jenn Solo
When Things Fall Apart

You can find Mako Allen all over the place.  Here are several ways:

email: mako.allen@mac.com
Twitter: @makoallen

His books:
Auntie Eva’s Border (In Print) (In Ebook)
Concerning Littleton

The 1-On-1 Podcast: Episode One – Mako
The gloves are off, but both opinions are still heard.

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But being as The 1-On-1 Podcast is not the only ABDL podcast, we felt it important to mention some of the others, aisde from the above-listed ones:

abdlcastABDLCast – This podcast is catered to adults who just like the diapers.  Has a wordpress blog with polls, questions and more. ABDLCast on Twitter

Dream A Little PodcastDream A Little – Interviews and How To’s, Overcoming Shyness, Real Life Stories.  On Tumblr     Subscribe to their newsletter

Just Another ABDL PodcastJust Another ABDL Podcast – A lot of great content on here, from diaper talk to reviews, how to tell others to experiences. Subscribe to their podcast here.

Family Affairs PodcastABDL Episode on Family Affairs – Dr. Rhoda Lipscomb (talkaboutsextherapy.com), an attendee and presenter at TeddyCon 2016, leads a conversation about ABDL, the difference in sexual fetish and non-sexualized behavioral play. Learn more about what ABDL participation looks like, common misconceptions, underlying emotions and challenges for both adult babies and their partners, and the effects it can have both causing and treating anxiety and shame in participants.

Tina Horn PodcastAge Play Episode on Tina Horn Podcast – An indie podcast created, produced, and hosted by Tina Horn. Each episode focuses on a subject of human sexuality and non-judgmentally asks the question: Why are people into that?!  Website

Padded Paw PodcastPadded Paw Podcast – A podcast for Ageplayers, Furries, and Kinksters. Started in July 2016 and aims for monthly episode releases.  On Twitter

Weimerica Weekly PodcastAge Play Episode on Weimerica Weekly – Hosted by Ryan Landry and touching on the cultural, political and sexual topics that fill the mindspace of our United States of Weimerica. The politicization of all cultural and social degeneracy is examined with a focus on how it fits together.  Website

The Dark Side PodcastAge Play Episode on The Dark Side – An adult educational podcast, focusing in on the BDSM Alternative Lifestyle and related aspects of Human Sexuality. Website

It Girl Rag Doll PodcastAge Play Episode on The (It Girl. Rag Doll) Podcast – Hosted by writer Molly Moore and author Harper EliotWebsite On Twitter


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The Big Little Podcast: “Origin Stories” (Episode 101)

BLP-LogoEvery story has a beginning – even the ABDL ones. “How did you know?”  and  “How did you start?” are two questions I eventually ask of people I meet.  And their answers are always fascinating.  I have yet to meet two people who had identical or quite similar origin stories.  But I’ve also never met anyone who had no origin story at all to tell.

Our beginnings are as individual as we are.  But they often lead us together, to places like CAPCon.  And that was where Mako & Spacey, our ABDL Podcasters and friends, held a recording session on the subject of origin stories.

I was fortunate and blessed to have been asked to sit in on the panel of guests.  And as with every one of their podcasts, I learned a little something about others, but also a little something about myself.

CAPConBig Little Podcast from CAPCon 2014:
Episode 101: “Origin Stories” 
Big Little Podcast from CAPCon 2013: 
Episode 77: “Age Play Leadership”
CAPCon Website
CAPCon FetLife Group
Big Little Podcast Website
Big Little Podcast FetLife Group
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Say What?

BLP-LogoYou all know that ABDL Podcast, right?  The one that’s by about and for age players of all kinds?

Along similar lines of thought as to why there will always be a need for paperbacks in this world as opposed to an exclusive ebook takeover,  the Big Little Podcast – that show we all know and love with Hosts Spacey & Mako – whom we all know and love, also offers transcriptions of their shows.

At the time I typed this blog posting out, there were 99 episodes of the BLP, but only 23 of them have been transcribed.  A need exists for people to step up and transcribe the episodes still waiting to be put into words.  Having done one myself, I will tell you there is no greater feeling of accomplishment than when you finish it and proudly put your stamp on it.

If you’re interested in transcribing an episode, please contact LTD.  That’s his Fetlife profile name.  Learn more about how here.
For podcast info, when they record & how to listen live, visit their website.
Write to the podcast at hosts@biglittlepodcast.com.
Connect on Twitter @biglittlepdcast
The FetLife group: The Big Little Podcast
Signup to be notified by email about new episodes, recordings and more.

And lastly, but not leastly – When you’re done transcribing an episode, check out Mako’s book:

Auntie Eva’s Boarder

This is the second edition release. It has been updated by the author, Mako Allen, edited by Pene Princess, and includes photography by Bob Spacey. It’s available now as an e-book or paper back through lulu.com.

Auntie Eva's BoarderNeil, a college sophomore, decides to stay in town for the summer and get a job. He needs a room, and the ad sounds innocent enough, “Widow with large house near campus seeks student boarder. Sex, race, unimportant.”

Neil discovers that Eva is no ordinary landlady. He soon realizes he might not be as mature as he’d thought after the first time she spanks him bare-bottom over her knee.

When Eva starts putting him in diapers, he learns he’s a lot more than just Auntie Eva’s boarder.

Zorro Daddy

The CAPCon 2013 Experience: Sunday

Begin with CAPCon 2012CAPCon 2013

At a Hotel near Chicago in April,  the Chicago Age Players held an annual convention that showed what happens when you Dream Big about Being Little.

The CAPCon Experience: Sunday

Sunday began a bit earlier for me than Saturday and it required an even quicker wake-up.  Jumping in the shower and racing down to grab a bagel and cup of coffee from the Continental Breakfast in the front lobby, I headed back to the convention area, walking into Classroom A to see something that I was quite excited to hear would be happening at CAPCon this year. 

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The CAPCon 2013 Experience: Saturday

Begin with CAPCon 2012CAPCon 2013

At a Hotel near Chicago in April,  the Chicago Age Players held an annual convention that showed what happens when you Dream Big about Being Little.

The CAPCon Experience: Saturday

Saturday morning opened with more classes and  the open play area was busy with a bunch of littles who had the time of their lives … or at least, that’s what I was told had happened on Saturday morning.  I wasn’t actually there.  LOL  I, myself, was fast asleep still up in my room and it wouldn’t be until the afternoon that I would wake up.  Surprisingly, I had made it through two days without the usual constant stream of Turkey Hill Iced Tea I consume.  Waking up is usually a quick thing for me.  But without the iced tea, it can take a bit longer.  With a bit of Mt. Dew from the bar downstairs, I built up my energy and went into the convention space to see ABDL-ers everywhere, enjoying the experience of simply “being”.  And as I made my way to Classroom B for another story time reading, I thought back to the words of a gentleman from New Jersey I had befriended a few years prior. 

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The CAPCon 2013 Experience: Friday

Begin with CAPCon 2012CAPCon 2013

At a Hotel near Chicago in April,  the Chicago Age Players held an annual convention that showed what happens when you Dream Big about Being Little.

The CAPCon Experience: Friday

Thankfully, the hotel room mates kicked me a little around Noon on Friday.  We had quite a bit to set up before the convention opened registration later that day.  First on the docket was setting up the ball pit.  Pulling the vehicles around to the back of the hotel, we made short order out of the task of carrying about 5000 ball pit balls into the convention space.  And instantly, we saw the feel of family in action.

What would have taken two or three people quite some time to accomplish became a quick task as a caravan of people lent both of their hands.  In a few short minutes, the ball pit walls and its balls were safely inside the convention space.  And a group of about 15 people went from one room to another within the convention space, setting everything up.  And many hands showed the growing feel of family.  Not only was CAPCon a “coming out” party for so many newbies, but every step (or crawl) of the way, the acceptance of one and all wasn’t just felt but also shown.

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The CAPCon 2013 Experience: Thursday

Begin with CAPCon 2012CAPCon 2013

At a Hotel near Chicago in April,  the Chicago Age Players held an annual convention that showed what happens when you Dream Big about Being Little.

The CAPCon Experience: Thursday

What’s the longest road trip you’ve ever taken?  And where were you headed?  In the past 6 years, I’ve made more road trips than I can recall.  Yesterday, while headed to the Charm City, I looked down at my odometer and saw the miles.  Smiling, I thought about how my car had visited ever state east of the Mississippi – except for Louisiana, Maine and New Hampshire.

But the longest of all of those road trips was one that took me to Chicago.  And though it lasted 14 hours, it flew by.  But fast or slow, where I was headed was worth every second of the travel.

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