The BabyGirl Philosophies: Zeke to Lily

Spending so much time inside the head of the BabyGirl can sometimes make the dynamic between a Daddy and a BabyGirl seem a bit one-sided.  But there are deep thoughts on both sides.  And understanding the emotions in a BabyGirl’s heart can form a wonderful story and a tremendous bond.

When a BabyGirl realizes that a Daddy is taking the time to get to know what’s in her heart, she feels the urge to open up to him more.  But she is always cautious, as anybody would be.  Trust is paramount in exposing one’s soul.

So to offer up a few examples of this mindset, I thought I’d write about a few BabyGirls which I know pretty well in some couples I know pretty well.

What couples?

Zeke and LilyGabriel and GinaEric and MiaElliot and PennyEmmitt and Rose


Zeke to Lily 

Her name is Lilian Paddington, but goes by Lily to her friends and family. She’s a sweet, trusting girl with a heart as tender and as open as can be.  And because of this, she has been hurt by her own trusting nature.  If you ask her Daddy, Zeke, he would say she was the most trusting person he had ever met. 

Sometimes, it’s hard to not be so open for Lily because, as she will be the first to admit, she can’t control the things which bother her sometimes.  And there’s a specific reason for this.

You see, Lily has an illness and needs a Daddy who can take care of her physically when she feels weak and emotionally when she feels insecure. She is a loving and sweet girl who knew all along that she had the littleness of a BabyGirl in her heart. And when she met Zeke and discovered he was a Daddy-at-heart, her world was opened up to a reality she could only have dreamed of otherwise.

They’ve faced many struggles together and are learning what a happily ever after can feel like with a little patience and a little work.

Lily is the type of BabyGirl who is a jumble of constant emotions and worries that if she reveals what’s wrong with her, then people will be upset with her.  So she says nothing until she bursts at the seams.

Lily requires someone who has a lot of patience.  And Zeke fills her needs.  It is his touch and care of her, with gentle hands, which keeps her grounded when she needs it the most.

She’s a lot to handle and is sometimes really hard to take, but Zeke realizes she is the other half of that concept called Perfect.  He is a believer in Chivalry and Lily is his Princess.

Zeke and Lily’s SagaThe story of a Daddy and BabyGirl – from the moment they met into the lifetime together that followed.


The BabyGirl Philosophies, one couple and one BabyGirl’s thoughts at a time.

Zeke and LilyGabriel and GinaEric and MiaElliot and PennyEmmitt and Rose


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