Small World

There’s nothing quite so intriguing as a story that is either real or seems so realistic that you can relate to it – either as a whole or perhaps just relating to a character in that story.

I’ve written entire books that were storylined from real events in my life and quite a few more that were based loosely on real events in my life.  The rest of what I’ve written is fantasy … or fantasies that I have.

But what I write to you in this posting is a true story.  It is not based on anything.  It is an actual account of something that happened to me recently.  And Stranger Than Fiction doesn’t even adequately describe it.

A few days ago, when in conversation with a vanilla female acquaintance, a most unexpected thing caught me off guard and made me think: “Wow.  What a small world.”

Let me start from the beginning …

This conversation with VFA (Vanilla Female Acquaintance) was one of playful flirting.  She asked me if I had ever been married.  I told her that I was engaged twice, but that both engagements taught me exactly what engagements are supposed to teach people … whether or not we were meant to spend the rest of our lives together.

Then she asked if I had any kids, to which I jokingly replied: “Not that I’m aware of.”

Following that, she said this:
VFA: Okay, Nate.  You and I are going to have a kid.
Nate: Are we really?
VFA: Yes … no, wait. We’re going to have 10 kids.
Nate: If we have 10 kids, I’m certain your uterus will fall out.
VFA: Maybe.  But 5 of them will be girls, 2 of them will be boys and 3 will be ducks.
Nate: Okay.  And what are we gonna name all of them?
VFA: Well, the girls will obviously all be princesses.
Nate: Okay. So how about … Aurora, Belle, Jasmine, Elsa …
VFA: … and Cinderella.
Nate: The ducks we could name Huey, Dewey and Louie.
VFA: Perfect.

Now this girl is the kind of person who can take a joke and who can dish a joke back out.  She understands the boundaries of decency and she expects others to understand those boundaries as well.  I really don’t run into people like this very often anymore.  Or if I do, they don’t present themselves as understanding boundaries.  This is what makes this girl such a joy to be around.

VFA: Now, what about the two boys?

With a smirk, I replied.
Nate: I’ve always been partial to the name Zeke.
VFA: Zeke … that’s a neat-sounding name.  What are some other names that start with Z?
Nate: Let’s see.  Well, there’s Zack.
VFA: No.  Zack is a boring name.

Are you ready for this?  She looked directly at me and said:
VFA: I’ve always liked … Zorro.

That was a very random name for her to have suggested.  And there is only one correlation I know of that would connect the name Zeke to Zorro …………… me.

At that moment, having heard the name Zorro as a suggestion that she made, a friend who was standing nearby contorted his head and looked back at me – raising an eyebrow.  Now, this friend knows that I am an ABDLer with a username and author name of Zorro Daddy.  He himself is BDSM natured. But like me, he never lets on to his less-than-vanilla interests … not in public, not in open discussions and not in how he dresses.

Nate: How about that?  She just came up with the name Zorro, unprompted.
That Friend: Yes.  She most certainly did.

Time progressed for a few minutes with no further discussion.  But whenever VFA and I had another dull moment in close proximity to one another, she would look at me and say:

VFA: Zeke and Zorro.  Zeke and Zorro.

By this point, I had already done the female mind trick of analyzing the situation, having come up with 50 different explanations (none of which having any proof to back them up but with good circumstantial evidence to suggest their validity), having then disproven all 50 explanations and finally … have chalked the whole thing up as being coincidence only.

In all honesty, how many names can you come up with that start with the letter Z … especially with a quick response expected?  There really aren’t that many.  And besides, I was the only one who was truly spooked.  However, having been an actor in 70-some different productions in my career, I was able to hide my reaction.

After all, it was just simple coincidence, right?

But a short while later, she asks me:
VFA: Okay, Nate.  So, which one are you … Zeke or Zorro?

Aaaaaaaaand NOW I’m on the spot.

I will occasionally receive messages and emails from people who are putting out, what I call, “feelers”.  These are messages that are sent to me with the cryptic purpose of trying to get information out of me or are trying to see how I will react to something specific.

On occasions, I will get messages from people who have written to me from other accounts, now sending me the same message from a catfish or sock puppet account.

This girl wasn’t one of those people.  Or so I believe to be the case.  So, I replied with a simple answer.
Nate: Well, I guess I’m both of them … sort of.
VFA: Hmm.  So, you’re both.  That must not be easy.

This was the moment when I decided to do something that has often been done to me.  I put out one of those “feelers”.
Nate: Yeah.  And you know what the only thing is that comes between Zeke and Zorro?”
VFA: What’s that?
Nate: Lily.

She opened her mouth widely and then laughed.


That really didn’t give me any kind of answer.  But it was certainly the first time in my life that both of my worlds collided, marrying themselves together in an engagement that, this go-around, I had no control over for a short time.  And also, for once, this great big world suddenly felt very small and more close-knitted than I had ever believed it could be.

I truly wish I could continue this true story and give you a conclusion to it that ties up loose ends while revealing what I myself would like to know.  But I can’t continue the true story – because that’s where it ended.

And all I can say is:  “Wow.  What a small world.”


Don’t You Forget the Diapers

Don’t You Forget The Diapers
(To the tune of Billy Joel’s ”We Didn’t Start The Fire”)

Click here for the lyrics


A picture theme that, surprisingly, is quite powerful is that of the faceless BabyGirl – making her anonymous and giving her the ability to be anyone.

You see lots of these types of pictures on people’s profiles, displaying a comfortable safety in their unrevealed identity while still expressing the passions of something a bit less common.

This set of photos began with my discovery of one … this one.

For myself, its powerful appeal is that it leaves as much to the individual imagination as possible. And not only is she faceless, but the additional distinguishing feature of her hair is cropped out as well. 

This one picture led to a search for more like it and what I found were several from a series – the source of which I never found out.  But this set remains as one of the more captivating ones I’ve found.

When imagination is allowed to run wild, we often find ourselves filling in the blanks, embracing the unknown features and adding the missing details.  I can’t tell you how many times I have mentally put Keira Knightley in these pictures – in that light blue t-shirt and that diaper.

Our eyes are redirected, being allowed to find a new focal point – whether that is the diaper or the navel or the very pose or something else … allowing the peripheral to satisfy the rest.

25 “Unforgettable Sets”
The Pictures Stories


The Waddling Dead, Season Two – On Kindle Unlimited

After having received a few requests from people, asking if I was going to publish The Waddling Dead Season One Story, I put it up on Kindle Unlimited.

So, following that same decision again, I have published The Waddling Dead Season Two on Kindle Unlimited as well.

This will give people the opportunity to read them in an ebook format, if they so choose.

The Waddling Dead Season One on Kindle Unlimited
The Waddling Dead Season Two on Kindle Unlimited

But if you aren’t subscribed to Kindle Unlimited or if you don’t have an ebook reader, you can find this story in two other places:

  1. There is a Waddling Dead group I started on FetLife where you can join and/or read the gruesome, crinkly tales:
    The Waddling Dead Stories on FetLife
  2. Or you can read them here on my website:
    The Waddling Dead Stories

So what is the Waddling Dead?

Each season is a 30-episode ABDL zombie tale that follows a group of college sorority girls as they battle the undead … while wearing diapers, of course.

The season two story picks up where the first season left off with Britney and all the sorority girls being taken to the nearby Harris Regional Hospital.  Unbeknownst to all, the virus uncovered at that campground is also transported to the hospital.

The sorority girls are admitted and within a half hour, the zombie virus resurfaces – quickly spreading all over the hospital, infecting patients and re-infecting the sorority sisters – so recently admitted.

The Center for Disease Control is contacted.  The hospital is locked down as police, CDC agents and military surround the building.  Britney, her sorority sisters and a nurse named Rikki weave throughout the building, avoiding and sometimes fighting the growing zombie masses – in open areas, stairwells, elevators and finally on the roof of the hospital in a climax when Britney re-defines the meaning of self-sacrifice in a last-ditch effort to save her friends.

The Waddling Dead Season One on Kindle Unlimited
The Waddling Dead Season Two on Kindle Unlimited


………………….. The ABDL Twisted Books

The ABDL MedFet Book   The ABDL MedFet Book 2   The ABDL MedFet Book 3   The ABDL MedFet Book 4   The ABDL MedFet Book 5  
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The ABDL Nympho Book 1   The ABDL Nympho Book 2   The ABDL Nympho Book 3    
Nym 1       Nym 2      Nym 3      Dead       Dead 2

The ABDL Horror Book   The ABDL Pet Play Book   The Voice   Tales With A Twist   
 Horror    Pet Play     Voice       Twist       3some

If you like these books, you may want to check out:

The Dark Age Play Series

The 1-on-1 Podcast: Episode Six – Mike, Misty and LKB

On Soundcloud
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Episode Six welcomes OnaMistyDawn and Thermofax, the owners and operators of Lil Kink Boutique – an ABDL company by ABDLs, for ABDLs.

They are also Daddy and BabyGirl. 

Along with the derailing assistance of PA_Daddy and the truths of life from Star_Platypus, we got to know this couple … a couple whom we actually already knew as they are regulars at our LLAMA munches, here in Lancaster, PA.

But, as is the case with these podcasts, we learned a few things about them we didn’t know.  And it was most intriguing to find out who  it was that planted the seed in OnaMistyDawn’s mind that made her create Lil Kink Boutique.

It was an ABDLer.

The topics of this episode included (but definitely were not limited to): The good thing that 50 Shades did, what we all were doing six months ago,how to uncrink the cranky moments, the 9 sizes of a full size chart, 3000-4000 items, the only place where Thermofax is allowed to purchase chocolate almond chip ice cream for his wife, things you find on the inside of a bottle cap, explanation of a jibbitz bracelet, communication and compromise, accessorizing with your stuffie, brick and mortar, the ‘cons, what happens at 7am every morning, the adult toys and of course … crunchy or creamy peanut butter.

If you are going to CAPCon, there is information in this episode that will not only save you money but also give you a surprise to look forward to – out in Chicago.

I hope you enjoy listening to episode six as much as we enjoyed recording it for you.

Here are some links you may find useful after listening to episode six:

The Lil Kink Boutique Website
On FetLife: OnaMistyDawn, Thermofax,
On FetLife: The Lil Kink Boutique FL Profile, The Lil Kink Boutique FL Group
Lil Kink Boutique on Tumblr
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Lil Kink Boutique on Instagram

The 1-On-1 Podcast: Episode Six –
Mike, Misty and LKB
On Soundcloud
On Stitcher
On iTunes


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But being as The 1-On-1 Podcast is not the only ABDL podcast, we felt it important to mention some of the others, aisde from the above-listed ones:

The Big Little Podcast – Mako and Spacey present the granddaddy of them all … a podcast by, about and for ageplayers of all kinds.

The CrinkleCast – There are many long, late night conversations that occur between the hosts on a regular basis. While hatching plans for the next TeddyCon, sometime ideas pop up that are just too crazy not to pass up. The Crinkle Cast is a podcast for the AB/DL, Ageplay and Littles Community dedicated to telling our stories, education and all things crinkly.  On FetLife

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Family Affairs PodcastABDL Episode on Family Affairs – Dr. Rhoda Lipscomb (, an attendee and presenter at TeddyCon 2016, leads a conversation about ABDL, the difference in sexual fetish and non-sexualized behavioral play. Learn more about what ABDL participation looks like, common misconceptions, underlying emotions and challenges for both adult babies and their partners, and the effects it can have both causing and treating anxiety and shame in participants.

Tina Horn PodcastAge Play Episode on Tina Horn Podcast – An indie podcast created, produced, and hosted by Tina Horn. Each episode focuses on a subject of human sexuality and non-judgmentally asks the question: Why are people into that?!  Website

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Love In BriefResonantYes and RoadNotTaken’s ABDL advice podcast focused on love: love of self, love of others, and romantic love.  A quick listen with each episode, perfect for when you have a few minutes and can only listen to one episode.

Happy Listening!
Zorro Daddy

Sweetie Pie

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then a photo set could likely speak millions.

Like so many others, the sight of a girl in a diaper is something most definitely easy on the eyes.  But I always look for a story in pictures.  (There’s a big surprise, huh? LOL)

And being as I am one of those daddies who has little to no interest in physical dominance or spanking or anything of that like, stories that show the sweetness of the gentler approach always jump out at me.


This particular photo sets shows the innocence inside the BabyGirl and the complete trust she has placed in her caregiver.  My take on the set was that the caregiver was a babysitter.  And the sweetness she returned was just as precious as that which she received.

The gentler approach isn’t for everyone.  For myself, I have found it to be intoxicating to melt a BabyGirl’s mind with a few soft whispers, to hold her heart with firm yet reserved hands and to captive her attentions with a touch so  tender she becomes putty that would make anyone gush.

And when you can gush just by looking at a photo set, you know that those pictures have truly spoken a complete story.  A gentler one … of a sweetie pie.

25 “Unforgettable Sets”
The Pictures Stories

The 101 Document

No, this is not a posting about the basics of anything … other than yourself.  It also is not a DIY, for as much as it actually is that very thing.  LOL  Cryptic enough?  Let me explain …

A 101 document is a document you write about you, about who you are and what you like and what you don’t like.  And that’s pretty much it, except that it can be so much more … if you want it to be.

I’m sure this is not a new concept, but I first heard about it when doing a podcast episode with Little Philly last month.  He called his document The LittlePhilly 101 Document.  It is a constantly-growing and constantly-changing writing about his little side.  And it goes very in-depth, explaining everything someone would want to know about his little side.

So far, you may be thinking “Okay.  And what is your point?  Why are you writing about this?”  But if you think about it, writing such a document about one’s self has multiple purposes and multiple benefits.  Consider these questions for a moment:

Have you ever had trouble filling out an about me section in a profile?  It should be a simple task.  You are writing about you.

Or have you ever had trouble limiting what you write about yourself?  I am guilty of this one, myself.  It is an art form to write enough words to encourage someone to contact you but not so many words as to leave nothing to talk about when messaged by others. 

Have you ever had trouble describing yourself and your interests when messaging with someone, perhaps someone you found interest in?  That is an “on the fly” problem, not being able to come up with the words when in a situation where it would be beneficial for you to be able to do so.

Have you ever wanted someone to do certain things with you or for you, but were fearful to ask?

Have you ever wanted someone to refrain from doing certain things with you or for you, but were fearful to ask?

Do you have trouble communicating with people about yourself?

Do you have anxieties in social settings or anxieties about conversing with others?

Or just simply … Could you put to words who you are?

A 101 document could help with, if not solve, a lot of the problems the above questions raise.  It would also help with clarity, if you give details – not just a broad, bulleted list of what you like.  Without clarity, confusion can ensue.  Let me give you a personal example about this.

I have often stated that: “I don’t like BDSM or anything that is painful like that”.  A more descriptive answer would be: “I have a weak stomach and can’t be near anything BDSM-like that is (or looks) physically painful.  It is to the point of my own discomfort to even be remotely close to it – whether it is spanking or clamping or torturous things like that.  The best I can do is to view those types of actions from a distance.”

You see how details make something clearer?  And as an acquaintance stated to me last year, there are tons of examples of BDSM that have nothing to do with physical pain.

So how would this benefit someone to create such a list about their little side?  By putting details along with statements like: “I like to be a baby.”  That’s a statement that really doesn’t explain much of anything.  And it could also lead to confusion.  Some people have no interest in acting like a baby, but thoroughly enjoy feeling like one.  This is a good thing to let a partner know.  If you don’t babble or like to communicate with baby talk or play with toys or … LOL … whatever being a baby means to you, a partner would be benefited a lot in having this information.  It would also clear up concerns a potential partner would have, right from the get-go.  Maybe that potential partner is looking for a diaper lover but not so much an adult baby.  And perhaps their reasoning for this is that someone who fully acts out the baby role can be exhausting to a caregiver.  If you explain to them that you are not someone who acts like a baby, it could eradicate that concern and lead to further discussions with that person.

That’s a very realistic scenario, right there.  How many times have you been messaging with someone and then they suddenly stopped replying?  Do you know the reason why they stopped replying?  Maybe this was the reason.  Maybe you told them that you like to act like a baby and they interpreted that to mean that you run all over the place like a toddler and misbehave.

To the flip thought of all of that … maybe a potential partner is looking for someone who really wants to be in the little mindset as often as possible.  If you are a diaper lover with no real interest in being an adult baby, this would be a good thing to let someone like that know early on.

If someone asks you: “What is it about being an ABDL that you like?” … that’s a very broad question.  But with a 101 document, you would have the ability to reply with an informative answer.  You would have details at your fingertips, at all points in time.

It also can clear up misconceptions people may have about you.  Here’s another personal example:

I have heard from folks who believed I was an avid fan of the actions that characters make in the stories I write.  If this was the truth, I would then have to be interested in BDSM-like activities (bondage, spanking, discipline, training, etc.), romantic and/or sexual encounters, pure-n-innocent encounters, humiliation, regression, forced regression, diapers, public embarrassment, cribs, nurseries, high chairs, car seats, late-night trips to superstores, 24/7 lifestyle, switching, BabyGirls, BabyBoys, Mommies, Daddies, AB, DL, AB and DL.

In truth, I like some of that. But not all of it.

Little Philly’s take on the 101 document and the reason why he wrote one for himself … well, let me just quote him exactly from that podcast:

So, there is a document that exists called ‘Little Philly 101’ which is basically everything there is to know about me as a little.  I wrote it a long time ago and I have since updated it continuously and doing something like that is really good because if you’re gonna get into a relationship with someone or you’re gonna play with somebody, take the time to sit down and create your 101.  Tell people what you like, what you don’t like.  Tell people your limits, what you’re afraid of, what you’re not afraid of, what your favorite snacks are, what are your favorite movies.  What type of diapers do you like?

 Be very specific.  “I like to be tucked in for naps.”  Put in as much information as possible.  Put this in an email draft or save it on your computer as a document.  And then when you’re talking to someone for a possible relationship, you can send that to them and they can read over it.  And they can actually see that, “Wow there’s all these things we have in common!”

 It’s sometimes easier to send that to someone than to sit down with someone and say it all.  You can even put things on there that would be too embarrassing to talk about with words.  So, it’s a good way to communicate.  And then ask the person that you’re communicating with to do the same thing.  And ask them to send you a 101 on what they’re all about.

So what types of things would go in a 101 document?  The possibilities are endless and the list will be personal to you.  But here are some suggestions:

  1. Items you like (diapers, stuffies, pacifiers, clothing, blankets, toys, adult toys, darker equipment, sippy cups, baby bottles, jewelry, etc.)
  2. The names of your stuffed animals
  3. The meaning of your username
  4. What you little name is, if it’s different from your everyday name
  5. What things you can’t be without, your must haves
  6. What things you love
  7. What things annoy you, your can’t stands or deal breakers
  8. What things are triggers for you
  9. Favorites (such as foods, movies, music, TV shows, hobbies, drinks)
  10. Fears
  11. Insecurities
  12. What makes you shy
  13. What brings out your personalities
  14. Your little personality as versus your everyday personality … if there is a difference.
  15. The first thing you think about when you wake up
  16. The last thing you think about before you go to sleep
  17. Things you dream about when sleeping
  18. Things you daydream about
  19. Your origin story, with regards to ABDL or perhaps something else
  20. How often you feel little
  21. How often you wear diapers – or maybe you don’t wear diapers at all

The list could be endless.

With a 101 document, you have absolute control of being able to communicate with someone.  If you struggle with it face-to-face, you can overcome that struggle by writing it down.

But don’t just write it and then that’s it.  Allow it to be a living document, one that changes as you change, one that will require additions and deletions in order to be an accurate representation of you, currently.

So keep up with it.  And let it evolve as you evolve.

But nothing is perfect and there are concerns that could rise from such a writing.  If  you write to someone and say: “Hello, my name is so-and-so.  Below, I have listed my 101 document.  Please read over it and get back to me, if interested.”

If someone was to send you that message, would you be inclined to reply back to them or even interested at all in reading that person’s 101 document?

With that thought in mind, I offer up these suggestions:

  1. Let  this 101 document be a garnishment to your conversations.  Don’t allow it to replace actual conversation and communication with someone.  Let it add to your interactions as opposed to replacing them.
  2. Do not assume that people will memorize your 101 document.  While it would be good for them to read, it would turn out to be the opposite for them if they then received a quiz from you about it.
  3. This document is an informational one about you, not a guidebook for how someone should treat you.  And it would be a good thing to foster further and more in-depth conversations. But don’t expect people, particularly folks you may spend time with, to read and then suddenly follow what is in your 101 document –  verbatim. 

There’s a level of down-to-Earth brilliance about a 101 document and hopefully, it will be something that some of you will find useful in your lives – if you haven’t already created such a document about yourself.

YOU are a very interesting subject to write about.  So, enjoy the endeavor.

Blessings to you all,
Zorro Daddy