The Mommy Grats: The BabySitter Crush 2

Warning:  This ain’t no Daddy/BabyGirl ABDL book.  But it still speaks of the dynamic of love that an age play couple knows well.  

This sexually-charged age play story continues the tale of a cougar and of her younger match.  Her name is Krissy and his is Joe.  Twenty years ago, when Krissy was in college, she was Joe’s babysitter.  Now, twenty years later, Joe is the college graduate – new to the working world and struggling to overcome the stereotypes about his generation.

A month ago, he bumped into Krissy quite unexpectedly at a kink munch.  They got caught up and she learned he hadn’t found a job yet.  Giving him work fixing things around her house for a week, she lets him spend the night.  Along the way, she discovers his age play interests and explores them with him – finding enjoyment in it from the caregiver side.

Book two begins a few weeks later.  Joe found a job, got hired and then was laid off for a reason that wasn’t his fault.  Added to that was the fact that his relationship with his parents was faltering as they saw him as a failure.

He crumbles to pieces and Krissy picks him up, determined to put him back together again and to teach him how to handle disappointments without collapsing.

Along the way, Krissy and Joe go much deeper with everything, a mixture of rewards for successes and punishments for tantrum outbursts. 

At the end, Joe is faced with a crucial decision to make that will alter his life as he presently knows it.

This story is extremely sexual, over the top with sexuality at points, has moments of humiliation and moments when regression is the only mindset that truly separates twenty years of growth.

The roles and names may be different but the age play dynamic remains intact and The BabySitter Crush 2 shows that there is no greater love than that shared between a Mommy and her BabyBoy.

Sample: Scenes From a Fetish Fair Flea Market
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Are there more than 239?

Well if we’re talking about bones in the body, the answer is yes.  There are around 266 bones in the human body, although I just read that the number of bones in the body decreases as we age.  But it’s not because we lose those bones.  It’s because certain bones fuse together over time.  Go figure!

If we’re talking about books in the Holy Bible, then the answer is no.  There are 66 books in the Bible, 39 in the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament.  But even that number changes, dependent on which version of the Bible you’re looking at.  And we’re not even factoring in the Dead Sea Scrolls.  (Wow, it must have been a challenge being in the Council of Nicaea.)

If we’re talking about countries in the world, the answer is no … at least not right now.  Presently, there are around 195.  But that could even be inaccurate.  Maps keep changing more than diapers do!

No, I’m talking about kinks and fetishes.  Let me explain …

Years ago, a dear sweet angel (sent down to me from Heaven Above at the absolute right time in my life) suggested that I take ABDL and twist it with this other kink called MedFet (medical fetish).  I hardly knew much of anything about MedFet and had to research it thoroughly to come up with storylines.

But what I discovered was something that was not only a lot of fun, but also strengthened a belief I had.

Simply stated, I have always believed that ABDL mixes well with practically all other fetishes.  Much like O- blood is viewed as the generic or default blood type as it can be mixed with all others.  Or much like the Catholic Schoolgirl fetish can be mixed with practically all other fetishes.

So I tried it, combining MedFet and ABDL … 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 times!  LOL

Then I tried ABDL and Horror. 1, 2
ABDL and Pet Play
ABDL and Nymphomania
ABDL and Zombies 1, 2, 3
ABDL and Ménage à Trois
ABDL and Abduction
and of course, ABDL and Frogs …… Oh wait!  I haven’t written that one yet.  😉

But suddenly, I had an entire series created from twisting ABDL with something else.

So I ventured onward, writing about ABDL and Demons.

It’s been quite enjoyable, twisting ABDL with other things.  And I truly believe ABDL can be the cream in so many different cups of coffee.

And while doing a search of curiosity, looking for other fetishes and kinks that might blend well with the crinkle, waddle and babble of ABDL, I came across a site called:

They have a podcast, a wealth of guides and studies and DIYs, course offerings (if you want to become a member), a discreet newsletter, a blog, and … well, you get the idea.  This website has 26 different categories of interest.

AND!! ……

They also have a comprehensive list of 239 different kinks and fetish which I found to be most interesting.  Rest assured, ABDL and Age Play are on the list.

So now I pass the link on to you for your reading enjoyment …

The Complete List of 239 Sexual Fetishes and Kinks

Perhaps the next ABDL twisted book is among those options.

Zorro Daddy


Daddy Issues: The Fine Art of Give and Receive

Daddy IssuesTaken from the ABDL romance saga: 

Daddy Issues

(Available on:  Kindle and Kindle Unlimited )

here is a little story about a pursuit that was … long overdue.

“Long Overdue”

Sunday, 5pm

The Great American Diner. That was the meeting place agreed upon by both of them, Drake and Emma.

It was a comfortable setting for their first face-to-face meeting.  Oh, they had spent quite a bit of time in the past month  – exchanging emails, Skyping and talking on the phone.  But their schedules just didn’t seem to wanna line up … until now.  And The First Date was long overdue.  But unlike many shotgun decisions, they knew a lot about each other before that night.  So they weren’t strangers at all, but the physical meeting hadn’t taken place yet.  And it was time.

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Scenes from a Fetish Fair Flea Market – Both Parts

Taken from the ABDL sequel:

The BabySitter Crush 2

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here is a little story about patience and the value of moving at the right pace.

(Warning: This ain’t no Daddy/BabyGirl story!!!)


Tuesday, June 9th – 2pm

Krissy pulled into the downtown parking garage and started going in circles as she drove up the levels.  Parking was at capacity on the lower three levels and it wasn’t thinning out as they went higher.  When she told him they were going to meet Meg and Lisa at a fetish fair that afternoon, he had no idea that it would be downtown!  He also didn’t think she was going to dress him in such an obvious way.

He was wearing a white t-shirt and blue cotton shorts.  She had tucked the t-shirt inside the shorts but not before diapering him, of course.  And when she did, she fastened the tapes very tightly at his hips, but left the diaper a bit loose between his legs.  This was always indication to him that they would be doing a lot of walking and she wanted to give him the ability to walk comfortably while not chancing his diaper coming undone along the way.

Krissy would drive the whole way up to the top level, putting them back in the sunlight.  Thankfully, there were a few spaces left up there.  Turning the car off, she looked over at Joe and smiled brightly – then taking the pacifier out of his mouth and tucking it down into her cleavage.  She was inventing even more reason for him to be staring at her chest.  Looking in the back seat, she debated bring the diaper bag along but then decided otherwise.

Thank goodness for that!  At least now he wouldn’t be fearful of that diaper bag being put to its use – the number of cars in that parking garage making him believe there would be no private areas in this fetish flea market where he could be changed in peace.

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The Waddling Dead, Season Three – On Kindle Unlimited

After having received a few requests from people, asking if I was going to publish The Waddling Dead Season One Story, I put it up on Kindle Unlimited.

Then I put The Waddling Dead Season Two Story on Kindle Unlimited.

And now, following that same decision again, I have published The Waddling Dead Season Three on Kindle Unlimited as well.

This will give people the opportunity to read them in an ebook format, if they so choose.

The Waddling Dead Season Three on Kindle Unlimited

But if you aren’t subscribed to Kindle Unlimited or if you don’t have an ebook reader, you can find this story in two other places:

  1. There is a Waddling Dead group on FetLife where you can join and/or read the gruesome, crinkly tales:
    The Waddling Dead Stories on FetLife
  2. Or you can read them here on my website:
    The Waddling Dead Stories

So what is The Waddling Dead?

Each season is a multi-episode ABDL zombie tale that follows a group of college sorority girls as they battle the undead … while wearing diapers, of course.

The season three story picks up where the second season left off with Britney and all the sorority girls being taken away from Harris Regional Hospital by military escort.

They are transported to a military hospital for treatment and medical attention and then they are mysteriously taken away to another location.

It winds up being a secret military base in the mountains of Connecticut where the girls are used as lab specimens as the military tries to turn the zombie virus into a weapon.

And for a third time, Britney and the girls are forced to fight for their lives as the virus spreads across the base.  But the military has been experimenting with the virus and now a third strain enters the mix.

From military hangar holding cells to Connecticut woods to a mountain top climax where Britney enters a blood bath battle with multiple zombies, The Waddling Dead Season Three take the ABDL zombie story line and infects the situation worse.

Join Britney as she shows you how a few diapered girls can kick a virus’s ass.

The Waddling Dead Season One on Kindle Unlimited
The Waddling Dead Season Two on Kindle Unlimited
The Waddling Dead Season Three on Kindle Unlimited


…………………….. The ABDL Twisted Books

The ABDL MedFet Book   The ABDL MedFet Book 2   The ABDL MedFet Book 3   The ABDL MedFet Book 4   The ABDL MedFet Book 5  
   MF 1         MF 2         MF 3         MF 4         MF 5          MF 6

The ABDL Nympho Book 1   The ABDL Nympho Book 2   The ABDL Nympho Book 3      
 Nym 1       Nym 2       Nym 3       Dead       Dead 2     Dead 3

The ABDL Horror Book    The ABDL Pet Play Book   The Voice   Tales With A Twist   
Horror     Pet Play     Voice        Twist      3some       Stolen

If you like these books, you may want to check out:

The Dark Age Play Series

The Gamble for Indulgence

Have you ever met someone who was completely vanilla or at least didn’t mention anything about any less-than-vanilla interests who, upon getting to know them, you really wished was a kinky soul?

For a lot of folks, the answer is yes.  And for some, this poses a dilemma almost instantly:

Do you say something to her about the non-vanilla? 

The desire to is there, especially since you already mentally put her in a diaper when she smiled at you.

But common sense and human decency take over, or at least they ought to.  However, there is always that lingering desire to want to tell her.

This handful of pictures always reminds me of that very dilemma when I look at them.  I stumbled across these photos way, way, way back when there really wasn’t much of anything online about ABDL … or at least it didn’t pop up in internet searches.

The girl in these pictures represents that vanilla partner.  And it is a depiction of hope that, when the day comes that you let the truth out, she will be not only receptive but also indulgent. 

I’ve met a lot of kinky folks who had a vanilla partner.  And they chose to ease the subject onto them.  Some were very receptive to the idea and others not so much.

But of those who succeeded in conveying their kinky interests who delighted in seeing their partner join in, what they told me was they planted a mental seed and allowed everything to grow from there – with the understanding that maybe nothing would come of it.

In other words, they didn’t force the information onto their partner or overwhelm them with the non-vanilla.  They took the time to get to know their partner as a whole and enjoyed the full relationship before saying anything at all.

This, of course, brings up the question of dishonesty.  Is it dishonest to not be completely open with a partner?  Chances are that question will never be answered and truthfully, can’t be answered.

No one introduces themselves to a new person, then giving them a full rundown of every conceivable little interest, habit, desire, want, need, etc.

The real question is: What do you want to tell this new person about yourself first?

If your answer is … “The first thing I wanna tell her is that I want to put her in a diaper and turn her into my BabyGirl” … then you’re likely to see her running away from you as fast as she can.

And how smart was that?

In my own experience, I had been dating a girl in college for two years before planting the seed one day and telling her that I had a fetish.  She thought about it and asked what it was.  Then I asked her if I could show her instead of tell her.

She agreed and two nights later, she was in a diaper – with a smile that went from ear to ear.

The answer could have been no just as easily as yes.  That’s the unavoidable gamble.

However, if it’s important enough to you, you’ll find a way to convey it that not only works for you but, more importantly, works for her.

These pictures always remind me of situations that turn out right … because you took the time to allow them to come around.  And now, there’s nothing standing in the way of … the indulgence.

25 “Unforgettable Sets”
The Pictures Stories

The Torture of “Not Knowing”

Has any one ever asked you how you knew you were an AB or a DL or a Daddy or a Mommy (or whatever applies)?

Below are links to a two-part video of a speech I gave at NELIcon 2011.

This isn’t a fantasy or bed time story. It’s for real and one of the most pivotal things that ever happened to me.

When I Was In 3rd Grade … Part One

There’s a moment in life when you learn who you will become. This story was my moment.


When I Was In 3rd Grade … Part Two

Action isn’t as easy to take as it seems, but when faced with fight or flight, you learn who you are inside.


Here’s the complete story in writing: When Someone Touches Your Heart