The Waddling Dead: Episode 30

Episode Thirty: Sleeping Dogs … For Now

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Sunday night, 9:45 pm

Britney heaved for air more deeply, her right hand gripping at her sternum as Angelina held her in her arms.  Angelina didn’t know what to do.  There was nothing she could do.  And for as much as she didn’t want to let Britney go, she knew she had to as Britney was now one of the waddling dead.  Or was she?

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Who is she?

I don’t know how many times someone has sent me an email asking that question. What they are asking is who the ABDL Girl is in the stories I write.

Some are asking for a literal answer. Others want the figurative.  Whether I give her the name of Lily, Mia, Gina, Lucy, Penny, Daisy, Rose, Sidney, Violet, Dakota or whomever … she is based on real people.  So, at her core, she is more real than fantasy.

But to describe the nature of whom she is:

She is perfect yet flawed. And because she makes mistakes, you can relate to her. No one is perfect, but people like her have perfect intentions all the time. (And there is nothing flawed about having such intentions.)

She is complicated yet simple. There are so many levels to her persona lity that getting to know her is a lifetime pursuit, and one that you can’t help but love. And she’ll often realize that she is searching for a solution to a problem which doesn’t exist. That’s when she goes “simple” again.

She is fun-loving yet serious. A giggle, a bounce and a smile can not only make her moment and her day, but yours as well. And all those around her benefit from her cheery outlook on everything. It is her personal mission in life to make the world around her as happy of a place as possible. But when the time comes to be serious, she can answer that calling because she realizes that the world is a great, big place and she will have a lot of work ahead of her to change it. Until then, she recognizes when she needs to be serious.

She is affectionate. And she shows how she feels, longing to be touched and held and loved back with the same passion she has given. Touch is very important to her. From the forehead to the neck to the lips to the tummy to the bottom to the legs to her toes. Her skin is a receptor and the closer she can be to a beating heart, the more affectionate she becomes. Sure, she’ll wander off, but that’s only because she wants him to take her by the hand.

She is impulsive and spontaneous. And she does what comes to mind and heart without always weighing the outcome of her actions. It is her nature to listen to her first instinct, believing that it is the best one to follow because it was the first one.

She is adaptable. And she hates the fact that she ever needs to act differently or become someone else for a short time when the situation calls for it, but she does it, just like everyone has to. She has a free spirit and an open heart. And it is because of her innocent nature that she believes everyone should be able to be exactly who they are all the time (which is also part of her mission to increase the happiness of the world.)

She is sweet. And everyone around her sees how pure her heart is. She’s got the nature to be happy and to paint rainbows in the clouds when the rain finally breaks, to see the opportunities that present themselves only by candlelight when a storm knocks the electricity out, to see long lines at a Wal-Mart as a chance to say the things you meant to earlier, to relive a kiss over and over in her mind until she receives the next one, to hug someone with the intention of giving her love to them, to wipe away someone’s tears before they stain the cheeks but not before they served their purpose, to think of what others need while she thinks of what she wants, to ask a question without fear of ridicule or judgment, to listen to the advice of others while also deciding what is best for her and to possess a motherly love in the mind of a BabyGirl.

What intrigues me about the typical ABDL Girl from my stories is that she’s real and that’s why I keep writing about her.

She is a character born from reality, nurtured through the events of storylines, and brought to life through imaginations.

She is a dream, but one that is tangible and unforgettable. And when you meet her, you’ll know who she is.

The Waddling Dead: Episode 29

Episode Twenty-Nine:
The Kismet of A Gold Digger

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Sunday night, 9:30 pm

Landing right in front of Britney, Ursula threw a right-hand punch.  But Britney side-stepped the swing, slashing at the bicep and wrist of Ursula’s arm – though producing little to no blood.  Ursula punched again, Britney side-stepping again and slashing Ursula’s other arm, but again – little to no blood coming out.

Ursula unsuccessfully delivered several round house kicks, Britney dropping to the floor and then slashing the Achilles’ tendons at the back of Ursula’s ankles.  But the demi bitch showed no reaction of pain, not even when Britney stabbed the knife into Ursula’s left thigh – twisting it around and around and around.  Though Britney’s kneel gave her a bird’s eye view of further kicks from her opponent, it didn’t afford her the vision to see the punch coming from Ursula’s left fist.

Connecting with Britney’s sternum, Ursula punched her so hard that the Eclectic went flying across the entire length of the dining hall to the other end.  Britney flew through the air the entire way until she slammed into the lower front panel of the piano at the far end with her left shoulder lead.

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The West Coast is on Fire!!

Tickets are already selling very fast for The West Coast Jungle Gym 2018 Age Play Conference.

As with all conventions of this type, there is a limited number of registration spots available.  So, if you’re ready for the crinkly journey to San Diego, don’t hesitate in registering.

Once the tickets are gone, they’re gone.


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Listen to The Crinkle Cast: Episode 11 (The West Coast Jungle Gym)

The Waddling Dead: Episode 28

Episode Twenty-Eight: Karma For A Backstabber

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Sunday night, 9:15 pm

From behind the kitchen service window, Britney watched the battle of Hillary and Ursula as she dipped Ursula’s baby bottle in the bucket of diluted pee water, filling it and screwing the nipple cap back on it.

Ursula and Hillary were still grappling with each other, each having taken a turn throwing the other one across the dining hall.  And it seemed neither of them had the advantage.  Their strengths were equal.  Britney couldn’t really decide which one of them she liked less.  But she clearly knew which one she wanted to see win this fight … Ursula, hands down.  Britney knew how to defeat Hillary.  And all it would take was a little pee water.  But then again, Hillary had consumed the well water too and maybe she was now indestructible.  Either way, killing Hillary wouldn’t fix the zombie problem.

Ursula had to win.  It was that simple.  And if Ursula didn’t win, Britney was as good as dead.  And though how to kill Ursula was still the ultimate mystery, it was the only chance anyone had of making it to Monday morning.

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The Full Force Series

Dakota is girl who led a hard-working life.  But little has worked out for her.  Staring down a bleak future, she unwillingly is made to accept an intervention that begins a journey she will take … at full force.

Full Force I: Dakota

This is an age play tale of forced regression.  Dakota, nearing the age of 30, has spiraled out of control and become very self-destructive.  In an effort to help her, Dakota’s older sister schedules an intervention … a most unconventional intervention.  For two weeks, Dakota is engaged in an internal battle that will either steer her back on the right pathway or derail her permanently.

Sample: No Turning Back

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Full Force II: Dream Land

This is an age play tale of forced regression, but it’s a little more than just that.  It is the continuing journey of a girl named Dakota, who has begun to look for the one thing she wants more than anything else in this world … a Daddy. Looking at the profiles of a few other BabyGirls online, Dakota becomes obsessed with becoming perfect.

Scheduling another regressive therapy session, this time with a dominatrix, Dakota learns no one is perfect and that the pursuit of perfection is futile.

Sample: 99.44

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Full Force 3: Extreme – Due out in August 2017


The Full Force Series

Full Force I: Dakota  

Full Force I: Dakota
Full Force II: Dream Land
Full Force 3: Extreme – August 2017

The Waddling Dead: Episode 27

Episode Twenty-Seven: Do or Die

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Sunday evening, 9:00 pm

Britney dragged Hillary into the dining hall by the hair, Ursula following behind them.  Angelina ran up onto the side porch of the dining hall, Georgia following behind her.  The side porch of the dining hall wrapped around three sides of the building, the fourth side being the attached kitchen.  And with that bucket of diluted pee water in hand, Angelina took off in a sprint – pouring a line of pee water around the wrapping side porch and thusly forming a barrier between the dining hall and the waddling dead.

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