The Selfless BabyGirl

Selfless (self·less – adjective /ˈselfləs/)
1. concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one’s own; unselfish.

“Selfless” is often seen as a pipedream … as no one could possibly think of others all the time.  But it’s not a label of absolutes.  It’s a declaration of intentions and of actualities.

The Selfless BabyGirl loves what she has and dreams of what may come.  She lives in the moment, absorbing all she can like a sponge while allowing you to see what is ahead at the next block.

But she never does anything without your benefit in mind.  She realizes that she has a wonderful life as a single person and she loves who she is.  But her dream, of what may come, is no longer a dream to her – but rather, a reality.  She is no longer a BabyGirl.  She is now your BabyGirl.  And she doesn’t take this for granted.

Your possession of her enables her to defeat crippling thoughts that keep trickling into her mind.  Thoughts like:

You weren’t supposed to show up yet.  I was supposed to have this all worked out before you arrived.

Being selfless has no timetable.  And like so many things in life that happen when we’re not expecting them to, a selfless soul can embrace possibilities – seeing clearly the ones that are probabilities.  And this sight is made clearer still because she loves what is already there more than what might be there in the future.  She doesn’t see him as a stepping stone along the way to where she wants to be.

She is more interested in seeing how she could fit into his life and seeing how he could fit into her life – than seeing how she could change everything to make it suit.

And the selfless approach is not only highly addictive, but it is also highly contagious – encouraging everyone involved to aim to please others.  It’s a healthy way to start anything, to persist and to remain.

This leads to the concept of “give and receive”.  Not give and take.  When two people give and give of themselves selflessly, then “receive” is the only appropriate word to follow.

And when you see that she is so very much about you, you will so very much be about her.  It’s a natural reaction to kindness.  And it screams “Be-All End-All”, “Quintessential”, “Selfless” and possible “Soulmate” all at once.

She will cling to you.  You will cling back.  Then you will sprawl out and she will do the same.

She will abide in that which already exists, seeing it as something she wants not something she wants to change.  You will pamper her, seeing her as the other half of you – that dot of the I … that cross of the T … that ache for purpose now fulfilled.

She will want.  She will need.  She will desire.  She will fuss.
You will hunger.  You will yearn.  You will lust.  You will spoil.

You will tend to every inch of her body.  You will bathe her with such gentleness as you would use when handling fragile China glass.  You will diaper her and dress her and hold her.  Your world will grow very small, forming laser-precise focus on her to accommodate her instinctive longing for white-hot attention.

And how easy it will be to give to someone who isn’t trying take from you.  She is a selfless BabyGirl, her heart and nature encouraging you to give all that you’ve got.

But she’ll fuss and you will be waiting for it.  She will make a mess of herself and you will tend to her.  And it will be your hands that soothe the creature of tender touch inside her.  Insentiently, you will run your hands up and down her almost completely naked body.

And she will react to your touch, shifting and arching and heaving her frame to follow the glides of your fingertips.  She is enjoying the moment and what is being done to her.  She isn’t wishing it away for something other.  Every action leads to another actions, creating a journey – leading somewhere that both of you not only crave but covet with unremitting impulse.

The Daddy BabyGirl dynamic will be lively and entertaining.  It will be quiet and peaceful.  It will be so natural and ever-present that you won’t even know you’re doing any of it.  It will become as natural and as relied upon as breathing.

But you will also get aggressive, and she will become submissive in matters more sexually aligned.  The arousal will make for fervent passion, dismissing the tummyflies temporarily and replacing them with a writhing urge to continue to bond.  All the breathy whispers, the restraint of being pinned down, the slickening and the swell, the stiffening and the thrust will arch spines, connect pelvic bones and send you both to the stratosphere.

And all the while, she was a Selfless BabyGirl.  This means that you have to be a Selfless Daddy too, all the time – the same as her to equal the devotion.

When two people give, there is no take.  There is only give and receive.

I cannot say this enough.

It begins with two people individually and evolves into one.

And selflessness will lead the way.

The Dynamic Writings


The Dynamic Story

Sometimes, the best fiction to write isn’t fiction at all.


TThe Dynamic Storyhis is the story of Adam, a guy with a tale to tell.  Hank, an author and screen play writer, walks into The El Bandito Bar & Grille, led by an anonymous caller to meet with Adam and to hear his story – one that Hank learns is more than the usual and quite dynamic.

Taking notes along the way, Hank learns of the story of Adam & Eve, two perfect strangers who fell in love and lived a lot of life quickly.  Along the way, Hank learns the meanings of The Daddy & BabyGirl Dynamic of Love, ABDL and Age Play as Adam intertwines these things into his recollections of his time with Eve.

But not even Hank, a seasoned story line creator, could’ve seen the twist at the end of this dynamic story.

Perhaps you will.

Samples:   Dynamics  –  A Tale of Dreaming Minds and Dreaming Hearts

Kindle or Kindle Unlimited


………………….. The HodgePodge Series 

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From Sun Up to Sun Down: The ABDL 3-Way Experience
Johnny and the Princess
Deja Vu: Inamorata to Illuminati
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A Girl Named Love




Free The Kink Interview with Mommy Kuri and Little Philly

Guess who did a podcast episode on Free The Kink?

Mommy Kuri and Little Philly visited with the Free The Kink crew and dropped a whole lot of information about TeddyCon 2021.  If you’re an inquiring mind, it is well worth the listen!

And here’s the episode description:

Free the Kink presents Dynamic Discussions, where we interview those who are or have made significant contributions to the advancement of BDSM, kink, relationship dynamics, and the freedom of sexuality and alternative lifestyles. In this episode, we are honored to have the opportunity to speak with Little Philly and Mommy Kuri, the founders of TeddyCon.  TeddyCon is a fun filled hotel takeover designed for AB/DL’s, Age Players, Littles and Bigs.  It features classes, workshops, play space and nursery, crafts, vendors, pageant, and so much more.  Learn more at

Visit the FreeTheKink YouTube Channel
Visit the FreeTheKink Website


That Nuk

The “25” Collections

For ten years, I have enjoyed posting ABDL pictures on my website that I found online.  It has been a wonderful experience to put to words what the pictures said to me.  Along the way, I’ve put links to the websites where the pictures came from and did my best to acknowledge who was in the picture … when I knew who the person was and when I knew what website the picture came from.

In recent years, a lot of ABDL models have risen from the masses and they have put out wonderful content … pictures, videos, gifs, you name it. But I’ve seen a lot of models getting irritated when their pictures appear online without their permission.  And this is completely understandable and supported.  Their pictures are their intellectual property.

The problem is: a lot of pictures have no markings that identify who they belong to.  And it’s so easy to accidentally post something that may upset the person in the picture.

So, as to avoid making this mistake, I’ve decided that I will no longer post pictures on this website, giving them stories and content.

But you will always have the 12 lists of picture stories I’ve written over the years, 300 photos with words.

25 Unforgettable Sets

25 Breath Takers


25 Dream Makers

25 Charm Sakers

25 Fields of Gold.

……………………….. 25 Nothing Buts

…. 25 Out-n-Abouts

…. 25 LLWs

….  25 Precious Pacifiers


25 Priceless Moments

25 Little Thoughts

25 Humiliations



Blessings to you all,
Zorro Daddy


Athena has just become unemployed, the company she faithfully worked for having gone under.  When a virus shuts down the world for a year, this is what can happen.

Through a chance meeting, she chooses to reinvent her life when she meets a guy who has a very specific interest in common with her … ageplay.

How uncanny is that?  And how unlikely is it to meet someone who loves ABDL the same as she loves it?

It really isn’t all that hard to believe … for soulmates.

His name is Harrison, a hard-working sports agent who needed to find a cure for his workaholism.

He is a Daddy and she is a BabyGirl and they both need the dynamic in their lives in a way that neither of them could have imagined.

Getting her a temporary job at the office where he works, Harrison has her move in with him.  And suddenly, their lifestyle turns into the Daddy-n-BabyGirl dream.  Almost like a real-life fairy tale.

But in all good fairy tales, there is a struggle … a villain to defeat.  The villain in this story is a secret that Athena keeps from him.  And in doing so, the very survival of a soulmate match made in Heaven, weighs in the balance.

Flashback is a tale of diaper changes, nighties, sippy cups, spankings, short skirts, the business of sports, tummyflies, sex between the sheets, sex on the kitchen table, crinkling, whimpering, moaning, health, stitches, contracts, flying blouse buttons, flying baby powder, soulmates, premonitions and the future being discovered in the present.

It is a sexual, emotional, intellectual, affectionate and fetish-laden read.

Join Athena and Harrison as they move swiftly to learn if soulmates are real and if there is such a thing as a skirt that is too short to hide her diaper at the office.


Into the Palm of His Hand

KindleNookSmashwordsPDF EbookGoogleKobo


………………….. The HodgePodge Series
The Dynamic Story From Sun Up to Sun Down Deja Vu Lucy BabyLove Climax  
Crimson Snake Eyes The Crinklebury Tales Sad girl holding a teddy bear
The Dynamic Story
From Sun Up to Sun Down: The ABDL 3-Way Experience
Johnny and the Princess
Deja Vu: Inamorata to Illuminati
Snake Eyes
The Crinklebury Tales
60 Degrees and Down the Crack
The ABDL Any Time Reader
Forever Young
A Girl Named Love

Everybody remembers their first love, right?


MeganMegan.  Oh, my. Megan.

Everybody remembers their first love, right?

Well, though I was never in a relationship with Megan and though I never met her in person, she was my first BabyGirl crush.  Her photos were also the first sets of AB pictures I found online.  I had found individual AB pictures before her, but she was the first sets of pictures I found.  Much like Melysa and Brock, Megan came from a time before ABDL-themed pictures and such content had only begun to find its way onto the internet.

Megan 02I stumbled across these pictures before they could even be “tumbled” as Tumblr was years away from starting.  And I was drawn to Megan’s pictures for several reasons.

Firstly, I had never met another ABDLer, not yet.  So the visual of a BabyGirl in a t-shirt and diaper, nursing on a pacifier and hugging an enormous teddy bear was not only appealing but also the stuff that fantasies were made of.  The realities of it were still years away as well.

Secondly, though no detailed story was being told in these pictures, what was represented visually was exactly what I found personal interest in.

Megan 04For as much as I write about BabyGirls who exist within a pure-n-innocent “little headspace”, my personal preference has always been for a BabyGirl who was more of a diaper lover than an adult baby.

Don’t get me wrong.  ABDL is wonderful, but I’ve always sought DLAB.

Megan 05So these pictures were right up my alley.  Megan portrays a BabyGirl with the basic garnishments and she does it so perfectly that I always believed it came to her naturally.

Thirdly, the diaper was white, all white – gleaming, thick and gloriously white.

Megan 09I think it’s wonderful that so many different kinds of ABDL diapers exist, with more designs than can be imagined – some decorating the landing zones for the tapes and some covering the whole diaper … front and back.

But the gleaming white diaper just seems to stand out so much more.

Megan 08A fourth reason would be that the diaper is disposable, giving her that signature crinkling noise that she can only lessen in volume with careful movements but can never eliminate completely.

Cloth is wonderful, too.  But, as we have discovered a lot, the type of diaper that was most prevalent in use when we were young is often the one we favor.

Megan 07The charms of these photo sets are plentiful.  And while these pictures were most likely taken in a studio of some sort, prepped and posed with good lighting, the photographer (whose name was Gordo, if I’m not mistaken) allowed a few moments that happened between the camera clicks to become a part of the finished product.  These are the ones that show Megan’s smile, her laughter, her personality.  And seeing these traits gives us the ability to have a small glimpse into who she is.

Megan 06Nowadays, it is a very common practice to want to know everything about a celebrity.  And celebrities have embraced this heightened interest from their fans, getting onto social media and posting pictures of what they had for breakfast, what new clothing they just bought, what their views are on an issue and so on.

In fact, a lot of the more widely known ABDL models tend to do the same thing these days, going so far as to indirectly promote the diapers they favor as well as other things non-ABDL in nature.

    Megan 11    Megan 12    Megan 22

Megan wasn’t filling out an interests chart when she posed for these pictures.  And I can’t really say for sure if she was an ABDLer or not.  But the beauty of pictures is, in fact, the story they tell.

Megan 19Okay. Okay.  I wasn’t going to, but I guess I’ll use the cliche:   A picture is worth a thousand words.  For all the viewer knows, Megan could have been a life-long BabyGirl who slept in a crib every night, her bedroom being a wall-to-wall nursery and her lifestyle consisting of a high chair, a car seat, a changing table, bibs, baby bottles, baby food and powder puff diaper changes when they were needed.

Or, she might have just dressed in the diaper for these picture sets only.

But this posting wouldn’t be complete without the statement of at least one rumor about where Megan is at now and why she no longer does the pictures.

MeganA rumor I heard was that she and the photographer (whose name I do believe is Gordo) got married and then eventually divorced, going their separate ways.  This was why she stopped doing pictures … or so the rumor mill says.

But no one really knows and that’s okay.  Privacy isn’t a privilege.  It’s a right that everyone has.

Wherever she is, I do hope that she’s happy.  Everyone remembers their first love.  And I will always remember my first BabyGirl crush … Megan.

25 “Unforgettable Sets”
The Pictures Stories



Into the Palm of His Hand

Taken from the ABDL romance:


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here is a little story about some foot work that led to a wonderful place.


Into the Palm of His Hand –

Monday – 7:45am

Today was the day … day one of Athena’s temporary job.  She would become the fill-in mail girl at the office of SMI – a sports agency, the usual mail girl being on maternity leave.  Athena would answer to Harrison, her boss for the next two weeks and her Daddy … hopefully for the rest of her life.

Traveling to the office in his car, Athena glanced over at Harrison.  He was dressed so sharply and looked so handsome.  His hair was combed perfectly.  He was clean-shaven, a close shave without the slightest trace of razor burn.  She liked his scruff too, but clean was also good.  His necktie had been tied into the perfect business triangle at the front of his neck.  The collar of his white dress shirt was stiffened and without a blemish.  His dress shoes were black wing tips, polished to a high mirror shine.  And he wore a charcoal-colored Tom Ford Windsor suit, costing him probably close to $5,000.  It was tailor-made and gave him a slim fit look.  Not only did he look sharp, but he also looked authoritative.  It was an appearance that was necessary, given the responsibilities of his job.  It was also an appeal she enjoyed about him, being his BabyGirl.

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Taken from the ABDL romance:


KindleNookSmashwordsPDF EbookGoogleKobo

here is a little story about what souls look like.



It was a beautiful spring Saturday, the kind of day when the sunshine just kept pouring down out of the sky and a slight breeze could be felt all around – just enough to keep the humidity at bay.

Athena strolled along – past the rows of vendors at the arts and crafts festival, an outdoor affair that was reaping the benefits of absolutely perfect weather.  She was in no particular hurry to get anywhere, her schedule having become very free and open just yesterday.  And while change often jarred her, this particular change had encouraged her to open her mind and breathe a bit more deeply.

She was a fanatic of things like arts and crafts, of antiques and of historical places.  It was just a hobby to discover new things that were old.  Longevity always enticed her.  This may well have been the reason why she brought her sandal-cladded feet to a screeching halt when she saw an old man sitting by an easel with a sketch pad on it.  In front of him was a sign that read: Portrait Sketches … $1

He was an artist – one who could draw, apparently.  He looked like he was in his 70s, maybe even in his 80s.  It was hard to tell.  He just sat there quietly, not trying to draw people over to him.  And while other vendors were charging top dollar for their services, he was only asking for one dollar.  This intrigued Athena and she walked up to him.  He was a handsome man, much older than her, but still handsome.  Though he had a wrinkled face and thick glasses, he still had a posture to him that was as strong as his jaw line.

Athena loved a strong jaw line on a man.  It shaped his face and directed the expressions he would have.  Looking down at the easel, she saw several small chunks of charcoal on its ledge.  Intrigued even more, she smiled at him.  Squinting his eyes in protection from the early afternoon sun behind her, he looked up and smiled back.

“Would you like a portrait, Miss?” he asked with a tone that was clear and robust, but also tender and inviting.

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Here’s to them

Melysa and Brock were their names.  And to the best of my knowledge, that is still what their names are.

These two were a very popular diaper couple way back when such content had only begun to find its way onto the internet.  I don’t believe they ever belonged to any ABDL picture pay site.  Although, they would’ve been scooped up quickly, if that was what they wanted.

But instead, they were simply a couple who took pictures, primarily of Melysa in diapers … but also a few of Brock.

What made them so appealing, aside from being photogenic, was how their pictures showed a very down-to-Earth approach.

There were cutesy outfits she wore and a few pictures with girly toys in them.  And they were priceless, filling the fantasies full.

But what the pictures showed was their interest in being Diaper Lovers.  And it was this set of pictures that enabled me to bring greater detail to what my own interests were.  And from this, I was able to state that I was looking for a girl who was a diaper lover (with AB inclinations).  In other words, DLAB … not ABDL.

Back then, people actually put up classified ads on sites like DiaperSpace.  And being able to summarize one’s interest in a mere sentence was helpful.

It just seemed so much more realistic, especially in a time when there weren’t massive hotel-wide conventions and munches all over the place.

We all still felt scattered and distant.  But those days would pass.

Melysa and Brock, however, kept visually showing how diapers could be factored into one’s life as opposed to taking one’s life over completely.  They were very balanced and very real.  And they always seemed to have a theme to each set of pictures they put out, like …

Home Repairs






Game Day Attire

The need for a diaper change


And of course, the adorable diaper changes themselves.  It’s one of moments that is unequaled by any other. A most intimate experience between a big and a little that combines vulnerability with care and with love.  And Melysa and Brock are no exception to this.

Plus, Melysa’s ever-present cheeky grin is heart-melting.

And Brock was even quick-thinking enough when they got home from the bar to pick up the camera (yes, an actually camera as back then there were no camera phones yet) to take a few pictures of his drunk wife who was about to be diapered while passed out.


And there was even a Christmas set

But they weren’t just homebodies.  And when they went out-n-about, they never missed an opportunity to capture the moment.

Whether they were visiting a horse farm


Enjoying a day at the tennis courts


Satisfying their need for speed




Or just swinging along

And whenever it was needed, Melysa was always prepared to make adjustments to keep the love of diapers from falling off her.  Though I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a backseat diaper change photo set from them, they certainly took comfort seriously and allowed their diaper loving nature to enhance their lives.

When last I heard, Melysa and Brock not only stopped taking diaper pictures and posting them online.  They also stopped the DL lifestyle altogether as they decided it was time to start a family.

So the diapers got smaller.  LOL  And while it was sad to see them just up and disappear, I was happy for them.  And it wasn’t surprising to see them go.  After all, they had always displayed a balance in their lives.

They were very inspiring to all, including myself as I loosely based a Daddy-n-BabyGirl couple from one series of books that I write on the two of them.

Wherever they are nowadays, I hope they are enjoying life as much as they can.  And who knows?  Maybe some day, Brock will put her back in diapers again … that is, of course, believing that he ever stopped.

Either way, here’s to Melysa and Brock.

25 “Unforgettable Sets”
The Pictures Stories

Awaiting to Feel It All

Everything begins subtly and slowly, allowing those first moments of those first sentiments to be shared. It isn’t always words that are required, but rather just the ability to convey to someone that you have taken notice to them.

There are a whole lot of questions you’ll ask, a whole lot of experiences you’ll have and a whole lot of life you’ll live. Pray to God that you’ll face challenges together along the way because they’ll make you stronger with each success, but Pray to God that some of the time you fail together so you realize from that standpoint why you need each other and where real strength comes from.

And as you grow, do so together, helping each other along the way when a weakness is discovered. This will make clear to both of you why it is important to give just as much as you take.

When you arrive at the point where you love someone’s faults as much as you do their qualities, then you will have discovered something which could be everlasting.

Everyone has basic needs in life. Learn what their basic needs are, memorize them and commit them to your soul because they will look to you to fulfill those needs.

Give all that you can – be it time, energy, money, support, tears, laughter, a pair of arms to hold, passion, intensity, respect, devotion, a ride to the airport, a moving truck trip and a strong back, but be bold enough to ask the same in return.

Take time to talk, but also take time to listen. And at other moments in time, don’t say anything at all because the bonding of hearts and the connection of souls doesn’t always make sound.

Enjoy the journey. Don’t skip any steps. Fall in love and remember:

There are always – 
Dreams to be Dreamt,
Fairy Tales to be Told, 
“Happily Ever Afters” to be Pursued,
Memories to be Made,
That Constant Yearning to Find Completion,
The Greatest Passion Yet to be Found,
That Deepest Love Yet to be Discovered, That Perfect Story to be Written,
A LifeTime to be Spent Together
and the Opportunity
………………..Awaiting to Feel It All.

I have an assignment for you!!

Don’t worry.  The assignment will not be to write 500 sentences.  LOL

But I think we might be getting tired of this COVID isolation thing.  Possibly, right?

I know the question you want to ask me right now:

“Zorro, does the word DUH! mean anything to you?”

Of course, we’re tired of all of this!  I know I am.  There was no TeddyCon last year.  And that felt really weird, almost like we had been robbed.  It’s also been almost exactly a year since the last LLAMA munch here in Lancaster, PA.  Those munches were every other week and very much a part of the routine for all of us locals.

In addition to being tired of this, we’re also tired of hearing how better days are ahead.   When!?!?!

Thank goodness we have the instant connection of the internet, huh?

So, along those lines, I have an assignment for anyone who is interested in doing it.  It is designed to say hello to as many people as possible while bumping a bit of content back up to the tops of the heaps.

Broken down, here is the assignment:

Get onto every FetLife group of which you are a member.  Start a new thread, saying hello to everyone or reply to another person’s thread.  The topic of the thread doesn’t matter.  It’s about remaining connected.

Do this on every FetLife group.

In addition to that, also do this on every ABDL site of which you are a member.  If you aren’t a part of any ABDL sites, here are a few of the ones that are active these days:


Certainly, there are more sites than that.  But there’s a starter list of them.

If you want to go to a second level with all of this:

For every reply you put on an existing thread, gives yourself 1 point.

For every new thread you start, give yourself 5 points.

See how many points you can get.

Can you reach 50 points? 100 points?

But regardless of how many points you get and how many replies you type, maybe this will help us all to remember that yes indeed, there is an end to all of this.  When will that happen?  I have no idea. 

But until then, we’ve got a lot of connecting to do.

Blessings to you all,
Zorro Daddy

How Powerful the Feeling

I always set these pictures of Felicity aside from all other ones I have of her.  At the time they came out, I think my brains oozed out of my ears when I first saw them.  Being a straight guy, I was suddenly looking at pictures that spoke almost exactly to the fantasies I had.  Prior to this, there were random pictures and a few sets online but certainly nothing like the influx we have nowadays.

Felicity along with Megan (who is still come up at the end of this list) were the two BabyGirls that I actually fantasized about being a Daddy to.  It wasn’t about their hair color as I have always had a thing for girls with black hair.  And it wasn’t about their height or their figures or anything of that nature.

It was about their eyes and how they carried themselves (figuratively speaking as Felicity is being carried in most of these pictures).

But this specific set spoke of so many things that gripped my imaginations.  And at the time this set came out, I hadn’t met any ABDLers yet as there were few-to-none munches and gatherings and the like.  So the findings online were all I had to go from.

This set shows an Out-n-About experience.  Felicity is in a diaper and little-to-nothings clothes.  She is incapable of hiding her BabyGirl status, even if she wants to.  And because of this truth, she isn’t trying to hide it.  Instead, she embraces the helplessness and looks to her caregiver with dependency.

As opposed to being someone who thoroughly enjoys the fussiness of being little more than anything else, Felicity happily remains inside the blissful keep she knows as her entire world.

And the backseat diaper change.  Oh, my.  Maybe the ultimate experience for littleness.  She is being patient and is fully aware of the exposure that is going to happen.  And how it melts her from within, pushing her further into a babbling regression that must be given a constant watchful eye.  She has no idea how regressed she is and provided she has a caregiver with her, she is happy to never know how much of a BabyGirl she has become.

What she is feeling is all that’s likely on her mind.

Being carried around gives her ample time to learn what it feels like when her feet don’t touch the ground.  Being carried and how a fresh diaper springs her back to life, producing bubbliness anew inside her that just pours out without a filter.

The playfulness abounds and the silliness abounds as she looks to find something to do with the happiness inside.  And ever-present is that gaze in her eyes, being the windows to her soul that show a glimpse of how she is feeling.

Whether on a blanket for a picnic or playing on park equipment or being returned to her car seat for the return trip home, Felicity is without the possibility of being anything but sweet and adorable. She is able to (and has always been able to) visualize the heart and soul of littleness.

Even if she is just a model and not an ABDLer/age players, she has always done more than just nurse on a pacifier while crinkling around in a diaper and bouncing happily in a cute little baby dress.  Or crawling around in a nursery before being made naked and put into the bathtub.  Never to be forgotten are the pictures of her in a high chair.

She has played the part as much as she has worn the look.


And then there’s the realization that all good things come to an end.  Felicity is scooped up and carried back to the car.  But this doesn’t mean they won’t return again.

I have been fortunate to have orchestrated several back seat diaper changes and a few similar trips to parks as a Daddy.  And rest assured, the charm that the little is feeling in these pictures is just as powerfully felt by the caregiver.

And oh, how powerful that feeling is.

25 “Unforgettable Sets”
The Pictures Stories

Isolation Storytime – A Friday Night Affair (Every Friday Night)

And that includes tonight as well!

So what is it? 
What is Isolation Storytime?

It is a weekly online meeting of ABDLers and ageplayers, designed to help folks through the isolation that COVID-19 has put so many people in.

This is a connection type like zoom, I think.  You’ll have to forgive my limited technological knowledge.  But it’s extremely easy to become a part of.  So easy, in fact, that even I was able to figure it out.

I was made aware of these isolation storytime gatherings right before the New year by some close friends from the community.

Here are the particulars on it:

Isolation Storytime takes place every Friday evening at 9pm EST.

They get together for storytime, sing-a-longs, special presentations and so many other fun things to help everyone remain connected.

And this has been happening every Friday night since March of last year!

But there’s more to it than just a gathering for stories and fun.  It has a purpose and a mission that goes straight to the heart of what kindness truly means.

Read about their mission here.

And hopefully, you can join the online gatherings on Friday nights!

For more information on Isolation Storytime, visit their profiles:








The story line in this book is a bit more challenging to describe than the story lines in the other ABDL books I’ve written.  That’s because this story is very …… “partially”.

What that means is it’s: partially humiliation, partially fantasy, partially reality, partially BDSM-oriented, partially discipline, partially sexual, partially romantic and partially pure-n-innocent.

To give it a fun little rhyme, this one is a twisty, turny, tryst-y journey.

Layers is the story of an internal journey, taken by a girl named Jessica.  She finds herself in situations that were created by decisions she made as well as the events of her life.  It’s a story not of self-discovery, but rather, of self-invention and the journey she takes leads to self-reinvention.

And as the circumstances mount up for her, a conclusion is on the horizon that will alter the direction of her life.  But only a wise decision on her part will answer the questions she has and show her the clear pathway to take.

Yes, Jessica does get crinkly in this story.  She is a BabyGirl and adores the diapers.  But there are darker chapters in this book as well that may lead to triggers for you the reader, if you are sensitive to uncomfortable happenings.

If you enjoy a story that twists as you turn the pages, then Layers is right up your alley.

Game On: The Impulses


………………….. The HodgePodge Series 

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Forever Young
A Girl Named Love

Who is she?

I don’t know how many times someone has sent me an email asking that question. What they are asking is who the ABDL Girl is in the stories I write.

Some are asking for a literal answer. Others want the figurative.  Whether I give her the name of Lily, Mia, Gina, Lucy, Penny, Daisy, Rose, Sidney, Violet, Dakota, Britney, Kelly, or whomever … she is based on real people.  So, at her core, she is more real than fantasy.

But to describe the nature of whom she is:

She is perfect yet flawed. And because she makes mistakes, you can relate to her. No one is perfect, but people like her have perfect intentions all the time. (And there is nothing flawed about having such intentions.)

She is complicated yet simple. There are so many levels to her persona lity that getting to know her is a lifetime pursuit, and one that you can’t help but love. And she’ll often realize that she is searching for a solution to a problem which doesn’t exist. That’s when she goes “simple” again.

She is fun-loving yet serious. A giggle, a bounce and a smile can not only make her moment and her day, but yours as well. And all those around her benefit from her cheery outlook on everything. It is her personal mission in life to make the world around her as happy of a place as possible. But when the time comes to be serious, she can answer that calling because she realizes that the world is a great, big place and she will have a lot of work ahead of her to change it. Until then, she recognizes when she needs to be serious.

She is affectionate. And she shows how she feels, longing to be touched and held and loved back with the same passion she has given. Touch is very important to her. From the forehead to the neck to the lips to the tummy to the bottom to the legs to her toes. Her skin is a receptor and the closer she can be to a beating heart, the more affectionate she becomes. Sure, she’ll wander off, but that’s only because she wants him to take her by the hand.

She is impulsive and spontaneous. And she does what comes to mind and heart without always weighing the outcome of her actions. It is her nature to listen to her first instinct, believing that it is the best one to follow because it was the first one.

She is adaptable. And she hates the fact that she ever needs to act differently or become someone else for a short time when the situation calls for it, but she does it, just like everyone has to. She has a free spirit and an open heart. And it is because of her innocent nature that she believes everyone should be able to be exactly who they are all the time (which is also part of her mission to increase the happiness of the world.)

She is sweet. And everyone around her sees how pure her heart is. She’s got the nature to be happy and to paint rainbows in the clouds when the rain finally breaks, to see the opportunities that present themselves only by candlelight when a storm knocks the electricity out, to see long lines at a Wal-Mart as a chance to say the things you meant to earlier, to relive a kiss over and over in her mind until she receives the next one, to hug someone with the intention of giving her love to them, to wipe away someone’s tears before they stain the cheeks but not before they served their purpose, to think of what others need while she thinks of what she wants, to ask a question without fear of ridicule or judgment, to listen to the advice of others while also deciding what is best for her and to possess a motherly love in the mind of a BabyGirl.

What intrigues me about the typical ABDL Girl from my stories is that she’s real and that’s why I keep writing about her.

She is a character born from reality, nurtured through the events of storylines, and brought to life through imaginations.

She is a dream, but one that is tangible and unforgettable. And when you meet her, you’ll know who she is.

Anyone’s BabyGirl

Most likely, everyone has seen these girl’s pictures, at one point or another.  Present day ABDL pictures have notable people in them.  But at one point in time, this girl, Felicity, was a regular at

That site is still up and running.  And they are still creating great content, but Felicity seems to be out of the loop, nowadays.   I don’t know of any ABDL/model who has remained throughout. 

People do the pictures for a while and then either stop for lack of further interest or move on to something else for some other reason . 

Why Felicity stopped doing photos?  I have no idea.  Perhaps she was potty-trained and finally got out of diapers.

(Hopefully not!)

The pictures that seem to stick around and get frequently reposted on websites are the ones that stand out for some specific reason.

Pictures of …      

Folks in public (risky but intriguing)

Crib shots

Embarrassing situations

In Car Seats

In High Chairs

Getting bathed

Being fussy during a diaper change

Being spoon fed

Being breastfed

Being spanked

In a unique pose or unique location

Because she is an ABDLer/model with a following

The reasons are an endless list of possibilities.  But what makes them specific and what draws our attention to them are how they speak not just to our individual fantasies but also to the images in our minds that appeal to us. 


With less flowery and confusing wording, they show the things we like.  And sometimes, the more specific these pictures can be, the more memorable and endearing they are for us.

The number of ABDL photo and video sets Felicity has been in is 8 bazillion and 4.  I counted them and can confirm that number.  (Okay, I’m lying but she has a lot!) 

But every collection is different, with its own charm and appeal.  The model herself is able to display a mindset and a personality that is obvious in the videos but is also very apparent in the pictures.


From alone time to bottle time to crib time to bath time to play time to diaper changes to dress-up to feedings, she covers a wide range of interests and gives so much variety of choice that there is bound to be at least one photoset that speaks to you directly.

(Even I have my favorite.  But that comes into play a bit further down the list.)

For as shallow as it may sound, if Felicity has a photo/video set that practically anyone can call their favorite, then that makes her Everyone’s BabyGirl.


The reality of it is that she is just a representation of a BabyGirl many may like.  The face will be different.  The body type will be different.  The race and ethnicity may be different.  The hair color and hair length and eye color and all those details may be different.

But she still appeals to us, not because of her physical attributes.  It isn’t because of what she is.  It’s because of who she is being.

I like to think that stories also paint pictures in the mind.  (At least I hope they do! Not that I’m prejudicial or anything.  LOL)  But the visual still reigns supreme.

I’ve always assumed that Felicity was so popular at the time that her photos and videos sold like crazy.  And that was why she had so many.

But maybe the label of Everyone’s BabyGirl isn’t a fair assessment.  Perhaps she is Anyone’s BabyGirl.


You just have to find something about her that speaks to you.

The random offerings of Felicity pictures in this posting are merely the tip of the iceberg.  There are tons of pictures of her out there, even all these years after she has stopped modeling for the ABDL masses.

Google the words: adultbabysource felicity and you will have more pictures to view than you have fantasies to fulfill. 

Don’t believe me?

25 “Unforgettable Sets”
The Pictures Stories

Game On: The Impulses

Taken from the twisting and turning pages of the journey in the ABDL ebook:



here is a little story about a shopping spree that had more than was bargained for.


Game On: The Impulses

Jessica excitedly drummed the top of her steering wheel when she found a parking space just three spots away from the entrance to the Slo-Mart, a big box store where she often shopped that wasn’t too far away from where she lived.  She had just had the best day ever where she worked, her department receiving a really nice bonus for their productivity in the last quarter.  Going straight home from work, she changed into something a little more comfortable and, checking her now-flushed bank account balance, decided she was going to indulge herself a bit that evening.  She had earned it and was going to reward herself accordingly for her good fortunes.

Jessica worked for a fulfillment company that had just been bought out by a major online shopping site.  Suddenly, there was more work than they had ever seen before.  Jessica and her co-workers had risen to the challenge and were outperforming all other departments.  And in a rare case when her company actually compensated her for the increased efforts, she had received a quarterly bonus that was now encouraging her to set a few things right in other aspects of her life.

Walking towards the entrance to the Slo-Mart, she smiled widely – not just from thoughts of her good fortunes but also from the feel of the flowy short dress she put on when she got home from work.  It felt good to be dressed like a girl, for once – being as her work clothes were practically the polar opposite of what was perceived as being feminine.  In addition to that, she was diapered – a most wonderful little indulgence of her own.

Continue Reading …

The Best Things in Life

Bytemine 1997.  This one I also remember where it came from.  And it was one of the first sets I stumbled across when I made the ABDL discovery online.

As usual, this one stands out to me because it tells a story.  But this set was also one of the first real picture sets that showed exactly what my interest was in age play.  A lot of the pictures at the time were pasties (as I’ve mentioned in other postings).  But these were real.

I was in my early 20s at the time, if you can imagine that 😉.  And she looked to be of a similar age to that.  But the ABDL community hadn’t shifted to an active online presence just yet.  And for that reason, I didn’t realize that there was an ABDL community at all.

This was years before DiaperSpace.  Years before FetLife.  Years before munches and conventions and other gatherings of the like.

Online ABDL was still in … babyland, so to speak.

But this girl and this set was the confirmation that there actually were BabyGirls out there … happy to be the crinkly little angels that they were.


And at a time in our lives when the present-day world is crazy with chaos and disease and all sorts of horrific things that can affect our abilities to enjoy all that life has to offer, a photo set like this speaks so very loudly and very clearly.

And it is just as relevant now as it was when it was released in 1997.

It depicts a BabyGirl who is enjoying the sunshine of the day, dressed in a super-comfy outfit that makes the smile on her face glow just a bit brighter.  And when you feel good on the inside, about yourself and about life, it tends to show in how you move and in what you do and in the decisions you make.

The best things in life are the things you defend more passionately than anything else.  Though you may not always be able to express them, you will never lose them.  And you will always have them inside you.

This photo set always made me believe that the best thing in this BabyGirl’s life was being happy with who she was.

That’s a wonderful way to view things.

25 “Unforgettable Sets”
The Pictures Stories






2021 has now begun!  It’s a brand new year.

And may this year be the best year of your life!

Blessings to you all!
Zorro Daddy

The Run-On Sentence that Just Kept Running

If you’ve ever been in an age play relationship, whether you were the big or the little, you probably recall how it felt the very first time you met the other person, the very first time it became a “dynamic” encounter for you and also the seemingly unending chain of emotions, sensations, scents, sounds and sights that inundated you – making that exchange one of the most vivid memories you have ever had … all in a single instant of time.

How’s that for an introductory run-on sentence?  LOL

Now … everyone’s experiences have been completely different and there is a plethora of reasons why it is something unique for each of us.

We all have different starting points, different fantasies, different interests, different abilities to retain such memories, different incentives, different reactions, different levels of creature of touch syndrome, etc.  And this list could go on and on.  But in an effort to not go run-on crazy again, I will leave you the reader the responsibility of filling in what that etc. at the end of the sentence means to you.

After all, you are the foremost authority of how something made you feel.

And with all these differences swirling around, there are only two likely in common results that I can think of:

  1. What you liked.
  2. What you didn’t like.

Both are of equal importance.  Both are prone to remain within your memories always.

I’ve always seen myself as having the DLAB interest.  And my heart has always leaned towards the girls who are diaper lovers first … with a sprinkling of adult baby inclinations as garnishments.

And I guess that’s why these pictures stood out to me when I first saw them.  They spoke then, and still now speak directly to my unique age play interest.  I don’t believe they came from any ABDL picture site.  I also have reason to believe that some of the pictures might be fake (you know … those ones where a fake diaper is put on the girl in the picture).

But none of that really matters as it doesn’t make anything seem less real to me, nor do the blurred faces of the guy.

What they do show is a girl who is kept in a diaper, dressed as a BabyGirl with pigtails and of course, being cradled and bottle fed.

At the time I first saw these pictures, close to two decades ago, I hadn’t met another ABDLer yet.  I hadn’t yet been blessed with the opportunity to be that guy with the blurry face.  Those days were ahead for me, but they were still a little ways off.

So visuals such as these captivated what I found to be at the heart of my own brand of the fetish (or interest … or kink … or lifestyle … or … whatever you’d like to call it).

I remember when I met that first BabyGirl.  It was this set of pictures that came to mind.  And as I diapered her, set her on my lap and touched the rubber nipple of that first baby bottle to her lower lip, I realized that I wasn’t actually recreating the pictures.

Instead, the pictures were finally living up to what was in my mind all along.  And that was a really good feeling … although, I couldn’t devote much time to thinking about just then as I had a BabyGirl in my arms that needed tending to.

But there are two specific pictures in this collection that I constantly reference mentally when writing stories.

(Warning: I believe this posting is about to end with yet another run-on sentence … or two … or three.)

Whenever I write about changing a BabyGirl’s diaper in a story, that segment will almost always include:

He raised her legs in the air, lifting her bottom ever-so-slightly off the mattress and sliding her wet diaper out from underneath her – the BabyGirl staring up at the ceiling and nursing on her pacifier as she felt her mind turning to mush from listening to the crinkling noise of him unfolding the new diaper that would soon envelop her.

Placing the new diaper flat to the mattress, he slid the back waistline up to meet her lower lumbar before taking a baby wipe to her bottom – the BabyGirl whimpering for a second at the coolness of the wipe but then mellowing out into a girly little exhale as she felt the wetness leave her cheeks … going through the same reactions again as he took another baby wipe to her front before reaching for the container of baby powder.

The silky feeling of the powder coated her bottom as its strong, sweet scent permeated the air, her Daddy caressing the powder out evenly with strong hands that somehow understood the true meaning of the word gentle – then coating her front and caressing the powder out again in the exact same manner … making her whimper for a whole new reason.

Lowering her bottom into the inner softness of the diaper, he brough her legs back down to the mattress – the BabyGirl instinctively bending her knees and parting her legs as he drew the front of her diaper up and into place … fastening the tapes snuggly at her hips, giving her that overwhelming and intoxicating feeling of being enveloped in a crinkling-n-softness that would certain keep her regressed until the next time she found herself staring up at the ceiling while listening to her diaper tapes being unfastened for her next change.

It’s the kind of sentence, and also the kind of thought, that I happily have never found another way to better describe than as a run-on … that just keeps running.

25 “Unforgettable Sets”
The Pictures Stories

Stranger Than Fiction: Fly on the Wall … or Statue in the Aisle

There’s nothing quite so intriguing as a story that is either real or seems so realistic that you can relate to it – either as a whole or perhaps just relating to a character in that story.

I’ve written entire books that were storylined from real events in my life and quite a few more that were based loosely on real events in my life.  The rest of what I’ve written is fantasy … or fantasies that I have.

But what I write to you in this posting is a true story.  It is not based on anything.  It is an actual account of something that happened to me recently.  And Stranger Than Fiction , though catchy in sound, really doesn’t even adequately describe it.

For purposes of timeline, the following true story took place in September 2020.


I love going to Wal-Marts.  Most often, I just simply go there for the soul purpose of going there and with no intention of purchasing anything at all.  Some of the more interesting times to go there are in the middle of the night when you get to see the most unique human beings on this good Earth. 

But 2020 has thrown a monkey wrench into the works in more ways than one.  And Wal-Marts have reduced their hours down from being 24/7, giving themselves the nighttime to sanitize the store and protect us all from this global virus epidemic.

The Wal-Marts local to me have since broaden their hours to closing at 11pm.  But at the time of this true story, they were closing at 8:30 pm EST.  And this specific trip there, unlike most others, actually had a purchasing purpose.  I was looking for the Director’s Cut version of Rambo: Last Blood.

Being a Sylvester Stallone fanatic, such a purchase was surely necessary for me to make.

So, at about 7pm that evening, I walked into Wal-Mart and made my way back to the electronics and entertainment section.  And I am concentrating hard on every display that has DVDs on it.  I’m finding James Bond movies and Harry Potter movies and other Sylvester Stallone movies, but no Director’s Cut version of Rambo: Last Blood.  Not giving up, I make my way back to the aisle displays inside the entertainment section where they keep older movies and TV show DVDs. 

Maybe what I was looking for was mistakenly put in that section as it was a new release and should have been in the new release section but wasn’t.

Finding the shelves with movies that started with the letter R, I knelt down to the bottom shelf and began to look through the DVDs.  To my right, a guy appears – on the far end of the DVD racks.  This means he was probably at least 10 or 15 feet away from me.

Paying him no attention, I continue my Rambo search from my squatted position.

Just then, a second person comes running up to this guy.

“Daddy,” she says while bouncing up-n-down on her feet.  “Can I get this one?”

Assuming she is holding a movie she wants, I smile at the playful pet name of Daddy that she has called him.  In my mind, I’m thinking: Wow, that name has such different meaning for me.

At this point, I’m beginning to give up hope on finding the Director’s Cut of Rambo: Last Blood.  But I give the shelf of movies in front of me one more look-over before I call it quits.

Then the guy says to the girl: “I don’t know.  Do you feel you’ve been a good girl today?”

Sucking in my lips, I try not to laugh.  These two are really playful with each other and I instantly recognize how I’ve not only written about this very scenario in ABDL books but I’ve also been playful with a BabyGirl myself in this fashion … although, I recall being a little quieter about it in public than what these two are being.

Nevertheless, they are playful with each other and it’s been fun to listen to them as I silently remark to myself how perfect their banter is … if in fact that are a Daddy and BabyGirl couple.

But they’re not such a couple ……………………… or so I thought.

I’m getting ready to stand up when I hear the guy say something that makes me freeze in my squatted position.

“Is your diaper wet?” the guy asks her with a quasi Daddy Voice, my eyes growing big-n-wide as I stare straight ahead at that bottom shelf of DVDs in front of me.

It is at that moment I realize that they’re not aware I am a mere 10-15 feet away from them and well within earshot of what they are saying to each other.

I contemplate standing up and walking away quickly so as to not embarrass them.  But if I do that, I will ruin the sweet moment they are having.  So I decide to stay put and remain frozen in squat, figuring they will soon be done and move on.

“Noooo,” she says as she begins to sway back-n-forth, the swish of the lower hem of her skirt catching my peripheral vision.

But I’m looking straight ahead at the DVDs.  So I don’t really have much peripheral vision to see with.  And I will tell you that curiosity was beginning to kill the cat, not just because he asked her if her diaper was wet but also because she replied back to him.

She was in a diaper?  This couldn’t really be happening, could it?  I mean … I understand that people are bolder these days than ever.  But there is no way that this is actually happening – practically right next to me in the middle of a Wal-Mart!

Then I think that perhaps they are people who know me, maybe folks who have been to one of the local LLAMA munches.  And they were doing this deliberately, perhaps to get my attention.  That just seems too conceited of me to be the truth, though.  If that was the case, the only way to know for sure would be to turn my head to the right and look at them to see who they are.

However, if I turn my head and look at them, only then to find out that I don’t know them, my invisibility will be lost and this could become quite awkward, if not also embarrassing, for them.

But then I think that perhaps he asked her if her diaper was wet just because she was acting like a baby about getting the movie.  It could then be chalked up to playfulness and nothing more.

But I’m human and curiosity now has the best of me.  So I begin to turn my head to the right very, very, very slowly.  And at that rate, it will take me a good five minutes before blurry peripheral vision gives way to any clarity of sight.

Still, I toss my eyes to the right as much as I can without moving my head any faster than half the speed of smell travels, preparing for the first moment I will have even a partial glimpse of who they are.  And what I can see is her still swaying back-n-forth, the lower hem of her skirt swishing as she does so and a familiar crinkling sound that confirms she is indeed wearing a diaper.  A plastic-backed one.

I’ve changed quite a few diapers in my time.  I know what that sound is coming from.

“Let me check,” the guy says with a Daddy Voice much more so than just quasi this time.

My eyes are now bulging out of their sockets like two hard boiled eggs.  He didn’t just say that, did he?

Though still too blurry to help with identification purposes, my eyesight is now able to make out the rough outlines of their bodies.  And I can see him take hold of her left forearm with his left hand as his right hand reaches down to the back of her skirt.

“No, Daddy.  Not here,” she says with a pouty softened voice that was too perfect for this to be casual playfulness.

“Sweet Pea,” he says with kindness but assertiveness in his tone.  “Do you want that movie or not?”

“Yes,” she says with a now-calmer voice of surrender as she stops swaying.

“Then you will let Daddy check your diaper whenever he wants,” the guy replies, reaching down to the lower hem at the back of her skirt.

I so very much want to snap my head to the right quickly so I can see if I know them.  Maybe they won’t see the quick motion and I’ll remain invisible.  But I’m more concerned with not upsetting them at this point.

He lifts up the back of her skirt and from what I am able to see, the diaper is white on the back.  I can’t make out if it has different colored side panels or not.  But she is most definitely diapered and he just checked her, right there … in the electronics section of a Wal-Mart at 7pm.

He lowers the skirt and pats her backside, with a most familiar thud sound as he makes his decision.

“Okay,” he says calmly.  “You can have the movie.”

“Thank you, Daddy,” she says with a cutesy voice as they walk away.

I remain right there for a minute or two, trying to contemplate what had just happened.  There are moments like this when my two worlds collide right in front of me.  And for as much as I believe these situations seem bigger to me than what they actually are – due to an active storytelling mind – I can’t help but wonder if it’s literary fates that are causing this … telling me to keep writing.  LOL

I eventually stand up and walk back to the coolers over in groceries to get a gallon of Turkey Hill Iced Tea.  Some people take drugs or smoke pot or do other things like that to ease their nerves at times.

Me?  I chug my favorite kidney stone causing beverage and begin to write a story outline in my mind.

The rest of the time I was at that Wal-Mart, I didn’t see them.  Well … being as I never really saw what they looked like, I can’t say that for sure.  But I can say I wasn’t looking for them from that point forward.

As I drove home, I thought about how things truly can be stranger than fiction.  But there was another thought that trumped that one:

There are points in time when I struggle to find new story lines to turn into stories.  I always try to write something that is new or at least slightly different than what I’ve written before.

But then I have experiences like at that Wal-Mart – when I pretended to be a statue while that Daddy-n-BabyGirl got dynamic with each other … just a short distance away from me.  And I’m reminded: No, don’t reinvent the wheel.  Just keep writing what you know and writing what you dream about.

Wanna hear another Stranger Than Fiction true story?

Continue on to: 

Small World
The World Will Still Keep Turning

Order Up … with a Crinkle

As I’ve stated before, when I first discovered ABDL, I was in college and it was an online discovery – a simple word search with high hopes that yielded heart-pounding results. 

Being a typical college guy, I was all about the girls.  But I hadn’t yet perfected the art of taking a look at her chest without making it obvious.  (That’s actually one of the classes offered up to you that doesn’t require a classroom or a teacher.)

I found the random BabyGirl pics online, a lot of them being “pasties” … aka fake pics with the diapers being digitally put onto otherwise vanilla girls.  Then I stumbled across these waitress pictures, taken from an Asian magazine and put up online.  And what drew me to them, as has become theme here, was the story they told.

I lost track of how many times I walked through campus, mentally putting the girls I saw into diapers.  It became a bit of an unspoken obsession for me and one that would ensure I’d never date another vanilla girl in my life.

So when I found these pics, showing a waitress who was not only diapered but also without any hope of hiding the fact that she was diapered, new fantasies ran wild in my mind.  And this was one of the first times I began to make up stories of my own.  It would eventually lead to me writing ABDL paperbacks and down the road, ABDL ebooks when the media emerged to prominence a decade later.

But my internet searches started to move in the direction of themed pictures of a girl not only in a diaper but also in some other sort of outfit. 

French maids in diapers, Stewardesses in diapers, Secretaries in diapers, Waitresses in diapers, Cashiers in diapers, Businesswomen in diapers, Celebrities in diapers … these became the more elaborate search engines queries I typed in.

In this set, quick and only a few, the waitress is diapered.  She is also shy for obvious reason, submissive because of how the customer is babying her … or at least reminding her that she is diapered.  There’s also a sexual element to it and thusly, an eroticism.

And I began to wonder what it would be like to be a customer in an ABDL restaurant. 

Just imagine it. 

What the inside would look like, the decorations on the walls.  What the booths and seating may look like.   The plates and cups and silverware and … who knows?  Bibs, maybe? 

And think of all the possibilities of what would be on the menu!

The mommy would be the hostess and would seat you.  The BabyGirls would be the waitresses.  And Daddy would be the cook in the back, putting the food on the serving counter and ringing a bell as he shouted out: “Order up!”

Or in this case: Order Up … with a Crinkle


25 “Unforgettable Sets”
The Pictures Stories

No More Hiding: Permission to Love Your Sexual Self

Get ready for a discovery of self but also a discovery of so many things you may have always had questions about … and perhaps a few you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

After all, knowledge is power.

Dr. Rhoda Lipscomb is a therapist with a whole lot of impressive credentials. She is (get ready for all of this): an alternative sexuality specialist, a certified sex therapist and a clinical sexologist with a PhD in clinical sexology. 

Aside from counseling people, she has also attended multiple CAPCons and TeddyCons over the past few years – having led several classes and presentations.

Though not an ABDLer herself, she has embraced the existence of age play and has shed more positive light on the fetish/kink/interest (choose your label) than has ever been shed before.

ABDL has been the sometimes brunt joke on TV talk shows, sitcoms and even some documentaries that were supposed to be informative but often wound up being presented as sensational only.

In this regard, the importance of Dr. Rhoda’s research is paramount.

She wrote her dissertation on age play and has contributed more information to the therapy universe about age play than was understood.

In other words, she cares.  She cares about us and about our decision to make age play who we are.

No More Hiding: Permission to Love Your Sexual Self is a book she wrote that references ABDL a few times but tackles the bigger discussion of choices.

In a day and age when people are not only opening up to what they feel inside but exploring the possibilities of something more, this book is a gem … of explanation, of resources, of love and of understanding.

She devotes a lot of chapters to recognizing, if not also overcoming the roadblocks in our lives that have prevented us from opening up.  One chapter in particular, she deeply addresses what she terms as The Big Four emotions:
Fear, Shame, Embarrassment and Guilt

And who hasn’t felt at least one, if not all of those emotions at some point in life?

Available in ebook and paperback formats, I cannot encourage you enough to read this book.  Dr. Rhoda gives you countless examples of how people were able to find greater happiness and fuller lives because they opened themselves up.

She also writes of how to introduce these feelings and questions to a significant other in a productive manner that enables you to take your partner’s opinions and emotions into account.

Load with researched information and good sense, No More Hiding: Permission to Love Your Sexual Self is a must-read for anyone who has ever grown tired of unanswered question marks.

Dr. Rhoda on The 1-on-1 Podcast
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Her dissertation:
Her book (in ebook format and paperback):
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Blessings to you all,
Zorro Daddy

The Upside to Not Wearing Pants

I have no idea where this set came from … or if it even appeared on an ABDL picture site at all.  But I can tell you it was from years upon years ago, when few to no real ABDL pictures were online.  Given how many ABDL pictures are online now, can you imagine that?  It may seem hard to wrap your head around, but it was the truth of the time.

Luckily, that’s no longer the case.  But there was an upside to having few options.   (That may seem even harder to process in thought.) It made every ABDL picture you found something that you took notice to.  With an endless supply of pictures, one can easily overlook such gems as this picture collection – especially when there are more pictures to look at than there is time to view.

I’ve always believed that this was a collection of pictures someone took on their own.  And as always, the pic sets that catch my attention are the ones that tell a story. 

And the particular story line in this one is something I’ve put into a great many stories I’ve written.

It’s of that chance of being noticed when trekking into the unknown.  But even with the chance, she retains the understanding that caution is not only a proper thing.  It is also a necessary thing.

A girl takes a daring venture out-n-about in a button-down shirt, a pair of jeans and her diaper.  She has such a desire to open up to the world and be who she is freely, without any reservations.  But she knows that certain people won’t understand, or worse, will refuse to understand. 

So she goes to a playground that is empty and cautiously plays on a jungle gym, free of her pants and free of so many thoughts that now dictate her life, dictate who she is and who she ought to be … according to others.

For her mind, it is a thrill ride of that danger of discovery – of being seen in her diaper.  For her heart and her soul, it is a return to a point in her life when the least of concerns on her mind were: how she was seen, what she looked like, what standards she was expected to follow, if she was winning the competitions with other girls and whether or not she was able to get the boys to like her.

Filling someone’s mind with so many things would make anyone want to break free.

So, one could see caution as having both an upside and a downside.  But there is only an upside to not wearing pants.

25 “Unforgettable Sets”
The Pictures Stories

TeddyCon 2021 – Where the Party Just Don’t Stop

A new home.
A much larger convention space.
A bigger experience (or a “littler” experience, if you please.  LOL)

My, what exciting times are upon us.

Season’s greetings, everyone!  Blessings to you and yours.  TeddyCon has a new home (And the party don’t stop) and we are now bigger and better than ever.

This move and growth has been in the works for several years.  It was a matter of finding a new location that was ideal and a new facility that would meet the needs of the convention: vendors, classes, presentations, activities, special events, the Build-a Buddy experience, enormous play space, talent show. But there’s even more in store.  And the new additions will fill the convention space with more to do than you can wrap your dreams around.

TeddyCon continues to create a wonderland for littles, middles, bigs, age players and everyone who embraces the simpler pleasures in life.

Yes, we’ve grown and we did so in a manner as to not grow like a weed.

And now, TeddyCon 2021 is well underway in preparations.

But, as always, the time to get your ticket is before they run out.  When TeddyCon opened its ticket sales on Black Friday, it sold more inside of a 24-hour period than in any year prior.  And the truths remain the same as before:

  • When the available tickets are gone … they’re gone.
  • When the hotel rooms get filled … they’re filled.

So the time to act is now.  Apply for your TeddyCon 2021 ticket so you don’t miss the party that just don’t stop.

Dates: Thursday, November 4th – Sunday, November 7th, 2021
Registration Link:
TeddyCon Website
TeddyCon Group on FetLife
TeddyCon Event Link of FetLife
Email TeddyCon:

Once you register and are confirmed, get onto the TeddyCon 2021 Event Link and let everyone know you will be there by selecting “Going”.

Blessings to you all and stay safe,
Zorro Daddy


This is the story of a little headspace fanatic, a romantic exhibitionist, a masochist in search of sadism and a sexual fanatic on the verge of nymphomania – four BabyGirls who met at age play conventions and became fast friends.  They stayed in touch with each other and engaged in length phone conversations, some doing so on a daily basis.

On this weekend, they all gather at a private residence for a BabyGirls Only get-together.  Through laughing and talking, they reconnect quickly.  Then they decide to tell each other their greatest fantasy story.  And in doing so, they delve into a bit of soul-searching that would make the weekend have lasting meaning.

Welcome to the Rest of Your Life

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An Orphan, A Stork’s Delivery or A Sorority Pledge?

“Where do babies come from?”   One of the toughest questions to answer, when not really wanting to give the truthful answer – usually because of who has asked the question.

And there have been many cute answers given over the years … dating way, way back.  One particular answer I always thought was absolutely adorable was: “Babies are flown to us by a stork.”

And this answer had led to countless cartoons and movies and more.  It’s such an endearing response, just as innocent as the question itself.

This photo set came from  I’m not sure anymore, but I think it was released somewhere between the years 2007-2011.  The mommy in these pictures is the owner of ABS and the BabyGirl was named Kylie, I believe.


This set is one of my personal favorites and it makes this Top 25 list because it tells a very sweet story.  (And as always, I love a good story.)  It’s also easily a choose-your-own-story scenario, which makes it even sweeter.

  Option #1: The Orphan –  A BabyGirl is left in a basket at a stranger’s front door, a pack of diapers left to be used on her.  The woman who answers the door feels bad for the baby and takes her in, deciding to care for her.

Option #2: Special Delivery – The stork delivered a BabyGirl in the way that storks do.  The woman, so very happy that her baby has arrived, falls in love with the sleeping girl and immediately kicks into maternal mode.

Option #3: Pledge Week – The girl is a sorority pledge, dressed as a BabyGirl by her sisters and left at the pledge mistress’s house.  She is instructed to be there when the mistress opens the door for the morning paper, and she is to behave like a good baby at all times.

Whichever option you choose, or if you make up one of your own, there are a few things that are constant in all of them.

The BabyGirl has a look in her eyes and demeanor about her body that speaks of something deeper still than little headspace.  She has a way about her that denotes a full regression of the mind.  She wants to be a good girl but doesn’t know how and therefore, is a little fearful and doesn’t want to upset the Mommy.

When taken inside, the BabyGirl grows shy and gets a little embarrassed when her diaper is checked. 

And then when her diaper is changed, she grows fussy – uncertain of what to do with the swell of emotions inside her.

With no shoes, wallet, cell phone, keys or any clothing beyond the diaper and t-shirt she is wearing, she is completely helpless.  And it’s that helplessness that I have heard so many ABDLers confess their love for over the years I’ve been in this community.

Though I have no idea what little headspace feels like, I have always believed that it was a sense of regression that went so deep it felt real.  And she appears to either be regressed or to be heading there rapidly.

And while this posting has a theme of choices, it is the total lack of other choices the BabyGirl has in these photos that makes them melt my heart every time I look at them.  She has a dependency on the love and caring the woman is showing her, just to survive.


So … which do you choose when you look at this photo set?  Is she an orphan, a stork’s delivery or a sorority pledge?

Or did you make up your own story when you saw the pictures?

The truth of the matter is:  This photo set touches on so many themes that are near-n-dear to so many hearts out there that its effect on you might only be limited by how much you want to be here.

25 “Unforgettable Sets”
The Pictures Stories

Welcome to the Rest of Your Life

Taken from the ABDL ebook:



Here is a little story about the fantasy of a masochistic BabyGirl who could use a little sadism.


Welcome to the Rest of Your Life

“Okay, so here’s a couple things you need to know before I tell you this story.  And I think I probably told you some of these things already.  But in case I didn’t …,” Jenna started, settling in as she placed her hands on the top of her thighs and slid her palms down to her knees.  “I’ve had quite a few daddies.  I know.  I know.  I’ve said this so many times before and you all know this, but I’ve also had a few mommies.  It was an exploration thing and I really enjoyed the attentiveness and the care.  It felt amazing to have someone tend to me for once with attention to the details.  You know what I mean?”

“Yes.  Some women are big on those intricate touches.  Other women have no idea what a detail is.  But the same could be said for men.  Some grasp the little things while others don’t even know the little things are there,” Flora said in her usual maternal way while signaling to switch lanes.  “You’re dawdling, Jenna.  And you know it.  Don’t worry what we will think.  Just get to the story.”

“Okay,” Jenna said, inhaling and exhaling deeply as she collected herself.  “Being little brings out of me emotions of anger and hurt and rage.  So you wouldn’t think that anyone would want to be little, if those are gona to be the reactions to it … unless they crave feeling miserable in some sort of masochistic way, I guess.  I don’t know.  But it’s the opposite for me.  It makes me want to be little all that much more because it gives me the opportunity to purge those emotions in a constructive way.  That probably sounds crazy.”

“No.  That makes sense,” Flora said, Lexi and Dani keeping their eyes on Jenna as they knew she was about to supply the why.

“But I’ve never been abused at all in my life.  So, it doesn’t stem from that.  I’ve just never had luck smile upon me.  And it gets me angry,” Jenna admitted.  “That’s why I’m bitter a lot of the time.”

Jenna’s set-up was making the forthcoming story that much more appealing, having made captive her audience before ever starting.

“Though being little brings out negative emotions, it still forces me to not only take a good look at myself but also to deal with those emotions,” Jenna continued.  “The problem is that it requires a guy who is willing to put up with more of my outbursts and tantrums and frustration and rageful anger than he should have to.  My fantasy isn’t fair to him and I know it.  And I do nothing about it.”

Flora raised an eyebrow, finding greater intrigue all the sudden.

“So, my fantasy deals with all of that directly, very directly,” Jenna admitted, Lexi and Dani staring at her wide-eyed as they had never heard this much explanation from her before.  “In my fantasy, I still don’t deal with what I do to him.  Instead, he deals with it as he deals with me … just not in the way you may be thinking right now.”

The car remained silent – Flora, Dani and Lexi enjoying the set-up thoroughly but hoping she would soon begin the story.

Luckily, the wait was over.

“For better or worse … here’s my fantasy,” Jenna said.

Continuing Reading …

The Case for Cloth

Cloth diapers have never derived great interest from within me.  I’ve always had a mindset that kept my focus on disposable diapers.  The crinkle has always captivated me.  When she waddles about, I know exactly where she is at – even when we’re not in the same room … and all because of that crinkle.

ABDLers I’ve spoken to who are older than me have voiced their love for cloth diapers, citing that cloth diapers were what they were put in when babies.  And that makes a lot of sense. 

The style of diaper that was popular and most commonly used when we were in diapers (the first time LOL) would logically be what our hearts are drawn to, now as adults.  It’s the same reason as why there are ABDL diapers now that are cloth-backed – being as the 90’s eliminated the plastic-backed variety.

And I guess this would apply to me as well.  Though I don’t wear diapers myself, the popular ones when I was little were crinkly … hence my desire as a Daddy to make BabyGirls crinkle nowadays.  But as I go back through some of these older photo sets, I’m reminded of moments when I gave cloth diapers a second look.  The process of diapering is similar, simply swapping tapes for pins. 

The thickness and the bulk are just as adorable.  And they still peek out from underneath any sort of baby clothing.  This has always been one of those sights that melts my heart every time I see it, that gleam of white that sticks out … and can stick out a lot if you’ve taken the time to dress her in something just short enough to hide nothing. (It’s one of those unspoken pleasures a Daddy has. 😉  )

But there are times when a cloth diaper would be ideal and possibly even more comfortable than a disposable:

  • A lazy day at home,
  • when she is put to bed or down for a nap,
  • when being dressed in nothing but her diaper for some priceless photos,
  • when she gets home from work – desperately needing to be wrapped in uber softness and babied until her brains are mush …

The list could go.  And we haven’t even factored in plastic pants yet!  Which is an important thing to get on her before she tinkles … or more!

I have only ever had one experience diapering a BabyGirl with cloth.  I can confirm that the cuteness and the shiny object syndrome and the glazed eyes and the innocence in disposition are all there when she is put in cloth – despite its absence of crinkle.

So, though my preference is disposables, I must admit there most certainly is … a case for the cloth.

25 “Unforgettable Sets”
The Pictures Stories