Winter Storm? Pssht!

A winter storm?  No problem for a BabyGirl.  And if there’s anything that is known for sure, it’s:                 When she wants to go, she will go.

If you’re stuck inside right now, here are a few stories to occupy your time and your mind:


Angels and the Signs of Love
What Penny Needed to Become a SnowBunny
Shaking Tail Feathers

The Yellow Sunglasses
Fast Times at the Monte Carlo
Pampering Penny
The “Streaks” of Sunrise

The Daddy Charisma

25 “Humiliations”

The Pictures Stories

The Mommy Grats: The BabySitter Crush

Warning:  This ain’t no Daddy/BabyGirl ABDL book.  But it still speaks of the dynamic of love that an age play couple knows well.  

This sexually-charged age play story tells the tale of a cougar and of her younger match.  Her name is Krissy and his is Joe.  Twenty years ago, when Krissy was in college, she was Joe’s babysitter.  Now, twenty years later, Joe is the college graduate.  And he bumps into Krissy quite unexpectedly at a kink munch.

As they catch up, she tells him of the recent loss of her husband and how she is putting her life back together.  He tells her of his graduation and how he has dragged his feet in taking the first step into adult life.

With no job and serious problem with hesitancy, he is doomed to remain under his parent’s roof for the foreseeable future.  So, Krissy hires him for a week of work at her house, not only painting and repairing her place, but also putting his IT skills to use in helping her set up her at-home business.

Krissy discovers his age play interest and he learns of the natural dominance she has repressed within her entire life.  They connect.  They bond.  And along the way, they discover that age is never a reason to not live life … nor is it a reason to not begin living life again.

This story is sexual, has moments of humiliation and moments when regression is the only mindset that truly separates twenty years of growth.

The roles and names may be different but the age play dynamic remains intact and The BabySitter Crush shows that there is no greater love than that shared between a Mommy and her BabyBoy.

Sample: The Greatest Tease of All

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 The Mommy Grats

Mommy Grats - Boy Toy 1 Mommy Grats - Boy Toy 2 Mommy Grats - Boy Toy 3 Mommy Grats - Boy Toy 4 Mommy Grats - Boy Toy 5
….. Boy Toy …….. Boy Toy 2 …… Boy Toy 3 …… Boy Toy 4 …… Boy Toy 5
Mommy Grats - Girl Power 1 The Mommy Grats - Girl Power 2 The Mommy Grats - Girl Power 3 Mommy Grats - Girl Power 4 Mommy Grats - Girl Power 5
  . Girl Power …. Girl Power 2 .. Girl Power 3  . Girl Power 4  Girl Power 5
The BabySitter Crush

“Super” Preparations & One Last Thing

JerseyBabyGirlStacy finished straightening the last garnishment to turn around and greet her Daddy’s arrival home.

It was just a few minutes before the pre-game festivities began.  Her Daddy, who had begrudgingly gone into work on this Sunday, had raced home afterwards so that he wouldn’t miss any of the Superbowl.  But because he was called in to work on this day, he and Stacy’s plans of that evening had to be cancelled.

Stacy decided to not let the sudden change ruin Superbowl Sunday for him.  After all, her Daddy was upset  that his team didn’t make it to the big game anyway.  There was no need to wreck anything else.

So, she prepared an entire spread of food and placed it all in perfect display on the coffee table, centering that table in front of the couch which gave them bird’s eye view seats of the big screen TV and surround sound system he had set up.  She put her favorite blanket and stuffed animals on one side of the couch, got out her coloring books and crayons, her mad libs, her crossword puzzles and her diaper bag – arranging it all perfectly for her to sit alongside him as he watched the game.

Then she hopped in the shower, drying her hair and putting it into pigtails afterwardds before slipping into the BabyGirl necessities and one of her Daddy’s favorite team jerseys.

She bounced on her tippy toes, proud of the “super” preparations she had made.  Her Daddy stood there with a dropped jaw and it was that stunned reaction which made her giggle.

“All ready to go, Daddy!”  she said with a tiny, chipper voice.  “Except there’s one last thing …”

Her Daddy looked at her with confusion.  She had prepared every conceivable thing that could be needed for watching the Superbowl.  What else was left to be done?

With a playful twinkle in her eyes, she lowered her chin and smiled.

“I need my diaper changed, Daddy,”  she said softly as she blushed.

Powder-Puff Football

25As BabyGirls, there were always more things to “live for” than there was time to do them all.

But these four lil sweethearts always looked forward to Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  They were all the little end of Daddy/BabyGirl relationships.  Online is where each of them had met their Daddy.  And online is where they met each other.

They were four little lovers of practically everything, except for football.  But their Daddies devoted the weekends to countless hours in front of the TV, watching the silly guys on the screen who had dressed up in the silly outfits and kept running back and forth across the same field of grass.

This loss of time with their Daddies always upset the BabyGirl until they devised a plan that when football was on, all four couples would gather together and watch it.  This way, the BabyGirls would have each other to play with as their Daddies watched football.

On a warm, sunny Sunday afternoon in late September, the BabyGirls decided to join their Daddies in the TV room for the football watching.  By halftime, the endless silly questions the girls kept asking led to a demonstration of football in the back yard.

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I Never Really Asked

In all the years that I’ve been an author, I never asked a few simple yet specific questions that I probably should have long before now.  But, being as I am a story teller, I have to set the question up first … of course.  LOL

O negative blood mixes well with all other blood types and because of this, is known as the universal blood type – just like ABDL goes with so many other fetishes.  The Catholic school girl fetish goes well with other fetishes, too.

The sweetest angel to ever crinkle her crawl on this good Earth once suggested that I combine ABDL with MedFet, the medical fetish.  So, I took her advice.  Five ABDL MedFet books later, I’m glad I listened to her.  With the exception of The Zeke and Lily Saga, no other series I write has sold more than the ABDL MedFet books.

While sitting in the movie theater and watching Star Trek: Beyond in the summer of 2016, the idea of futuristic ABDL came to mind.  That fall, I would write The ABDL Sci-Fi Series.


I once got an email about writing a story of an apartment complex that was just for ABDLers.  This idea came up on an episode of The Big Little Podcast a few years ago.  Out came The ABDL Apartment Series.

95% of what I write is Daddy and BabyGirl in character theme.  But after a few emails that suggested other combinations, I wrote:

The Mommy Grats: Boy Toy Series
The Mommy Grats: Girl Power Series

ABDL Pet Play emerged. 

And because I am a fan of Stephen King, ……… The ABDL Horror Book was written as well as The Voice.

For the sexually ever-charged of the world came The ABDL Nympho Books.

ABDL Zombies was a recent edition in the sorority thriller: The Waddling Dead.

I wrote a book in choose-your-own adventure style called From Sun Up to Sun Down: The ABDL 3-Way Experience. A book with a multi-couples themes of varying orientations and preferences: 60 Degrees and Down the Crack.

I’ve written from personal experiences and have so many romantic saga series:

The Zeke and Lily Saga, The Mia Series, Country Rose, Gabriel and Gina, Climax, Crimson, BabyLove, Johnny and the Princess, Snake Eyes, Déjà Vu, Daddy Issues

A series about forced age regression entitled Full Force.

ABDL and dream elves in Aria and the Countryside.

Bedtime stories – some that are dirty, some that are clean and some that are tangled fairy tales.

I even had a go at Dark Age Play a few times in The Gratification Books.

And there is still so much more to write, a lifetime of topics and themes and storylines to explore.

But I have never asked a few simple but profound questions:

What is it you like in an ABDL story?

What in a storyline compels you to keep reading?

And what story theme would you like to see combined with crinkly endeavors?


The Greatest Tease of All – Both Parts

Taken from the sexually-charged ABDL Ebook:

The BabySitter Crush

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here is a little story about teasing.  In fact, it is the greatest tease of all … for him.

Warning:  This ain’t no Daddy/BabyGirl story.

The Greatest Tease of All –

Shutting the shower water off and stepping out of the tub, he reached for the towel and began to dry himself off, looking in the foggy bathroom mirror and still wrapping his head around everything he was thinking about.  Putting the towel on the towel bar to dry, he turned back around to realize that he didn’t have any clothing to put on. Seeing the sweaty t-shirt and semi-wet diaper, he contemplated putting them back on.  But instead, he wrapped the towel around his waist, intending to walk across the hallway and over into the guest bedroom.  Krissy had certainly put his bag of clothing in there.  He would simply apologize and excuse himself into the guest bedroom, if she saw him in the towel.

Opening the bathroom door and walking out into the hallway, he turned to walk into the guest bedroom.

“Joey, come here,” Krissy said from the upstairs living room.

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