Zeke and Lily (Book 11): Ten Years Later

Zeke and Lily Williams have enjoyed ten years of marriage.  They’ve started a family and have done the one thing they always promised each other they would do … evolve together through life.

As family responsibilities had long-since become a routine of daily life, they still retained their dynamic bond, but had put it second in importance.  Family came first always, as well it should.

Sometimes, they had merely existed – feeling the dynamic but not being able to act on it.  Other times, they could live life fully – doing what they wanted and being who they wanted.

But now with a week to themselves, kid-free and with the sky being the only limit, Zeke and Lily decide to rekindle the dynamic that first brought them together.

Join Zeke and Lily for this 11th installment of their romantic saga, ten years later, and see what gifts remain after Christmas day.

The Things That Change.  The Things That Don’t.
The Princess of Infantilum 2

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The Zeke and Lily Saga
Zeke and Lily: Once Upon a Beginning Zeke and Lily: Overnight Zeke and Lily - Making a Memory Zeke and Lily - Her Diary Zeke and Lily - Ever After Zeke and Lily - Dream Catching Zeke and Lily - Resolutions Part One Zeke and Lily - Resolutions Part Two Zeke and Lily - By Summer's End Zeke and Lily - For A LifeTime

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Also attached to this series is: Aria and the CountrySide

Taking place simultaneously with the end of book 6.

And: The Story of Lucy

Taking place years later.

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The Christmas Wish

The Christmas WishThink of the greatest wish you have ever made after seeing a shooting star in the sky or after the rare miraculous find of a four-leaf clover or when blowing dandelion seeds off their stem or when blowing out the candles on your birthday cake.

Chances are, the wish you made was something that came directly from the center of your heart. The reason why is, when you have a real chance to acquire it, you will make the wish count by asking for something that really matters to you.

But wishing on things like candles and clovers and stars is just a make-believe thing, right? It couldn’t really happen … could it?

That’s what Holly believed, a mid-twenties girl who decided to write a letter to Santa on Christmas Eve. And when she did, she didn’t believe that her wish would come true the very next morning.

But when she awoke in a crib, Holly’s Christmas day would become the wish she never truly believed in … until that very moment.

The Christmas Wish is a tale of innocent dreams and of living life not for the future or from the past, but rather, for the present moment and for everything it could possibly hold.

And all Holly had to do to receive her Christmas Wish was to believe … again.

Sample:  Twas the Wish Before Christmas

This is a free ebook, my Christmas gift to all of you.  And the links below will take you to the ebook format of your choice.

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Merry Christmas, ABDLers of this world.

Zorro Daddy

The Night It Got Real

25 “Humiliations”

The Pictures Stories

The Princess of Infantilum 2 – All 6 Parts

Taken from the ABDL Saga romance:

Zeke and Lily (Book 11): Ten Years Later

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here is an ABDL fairy tale bed time story that would make The Princess Bride blush.

(Start with The Princess of Infantilum 1)

The Princess of Infantilum 2

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl named Isabella.  She was the Princess of the Kingdom of Infantilum, but she wasn’t just any Princess.  She was an AB Princess because her heart never wanted to leave infancy.  So … she never left infancy.

Isabella had met and married Malcolm, a simple stable boy with a heart of gold who bravely led the charge that saved the Kingdom of Infantilum from an attacking army.  But not only was Malcolm brave.  He was also a natural Daddy at heart.

There was nothing Malcolm wouldn’t do for her.  And there was nothing Isabella wouldn’t do for him.  They were a happy husband and wife, a happy Daddy-n-Babygirl and soon would become King and Queen of Infantilum when her parents stepped down from the throne for her.

Her parents were getting older and it was soon time for them to hand the crowns down.  Isabella was as happy and as free-spirited as ever, but she took the forthcoming responsibilities seriously.  And with a husband who could keep her grounded to Earth while still allowing her to float in the clouds, she would remain the happiest AB Princess in the world – long after she became the Queen of Infantilum.

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Instant Wet Diaper

25 “Humiliations”

The Pictures Stories

The Things That Change. The Things That Don’t. (All 6 Parts)

Taken from the ABDL Saga romance:

Zeke and Lily (Book 11): Ten Years Later

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here is a little story about what remains the same when everything else changes.

The Things That Change. The Things That Don’t.

Monday, December 25th – 7:30 p.m.

Zeke walked in through the front door of their apartment and opened the front of his winter coat.  Lily stepped out of it, laughing out how her husband could still be the silliest goose in the land.  Locking the front door, Zeke directed her through the apartment – back the skinny hallway and into their bedroom.  And without missing a beat, he lifted up the back of her dress, cupping his right palm on the underside of the back of her diaper and playfully patting her a few times.  Lily all-but gushed at that moment.  For as much as she believed she had him wrapped around her finger, the truth was: he controlled every emotion within her.  What a beautiful bit of power for both of them to give up. 

The stage was set, but what this kid-free week between Christmas and New Year’s would hold was a total mystery to her.  All she knew, from the onset, was that she wanted, if not needed, whatever was ahead.

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The Waddling Dead on Kindle Unlimited

After receiving quite a few emails from people, asking if I was going to publish The Waddling Dead Story, I’ve decided to put it up on Kindle Unlimited.

This will give people the opportunity to read it in an ebook format.

The Waddling Dead on Kindle Unlimited

But if you aren’t subscribed to Kindle Unlimited or if you don’t have an ebook reader, you can find this story in two other places:

  1. There is a Waddling Dead group I started on FetLife where you can join and read the gruesome, crinkly tale: https://fetlife.com/groups/127965/group_posts/10759142
  2. Or you can read it here on my website: The Waddling Dead

So what is the Waddling Dead?

It is a 30-episode ABDL zombie tale that follows eight college girls to a sorority retreat in the woods of upstate New York.

For one weekend, from Friday night until Monday morning, 64 sorority pledges from eight different New York colleges will be isolated from the world to finally complete what has been a month-long pledge.  This campground is in a valley where no cell phone signals can reach.

But when a virus is discovered and an evilness is unleashed, being cut off from the world proves detrimental.  One by one, they are picked off as sorority sweethearts become crinkling zombies.  And the sorority girls new pledge is to find a way to stay alive until unbeknownst help arrives on Monday morning.

The Waddling Dead on Kindle Unlimited


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