Sticky Situations – The Complete Box Set

Sticky Situations 1 - 5 FrontI guess the appropriate term would be an e-box set.

What would you do if you found yourself in a Sticky Situation? One where you were headed for danger or towards the danger of discover with no way of getting out of it.

The Sticky Situations Series was a collection of stories where the danger of discovery was not only felt, but actually realized.  For these BabyGirls, being discovered was the east part … until it got sticky.

Now in its completion, I’ve put all 22 stories into this second edition collection.

“Down” at the Drive-Thru
Silence of the Librarian
Hotel Humiliation: Broken Elevators
Hotel Humiliation: The Ice Waddle
A Midsummer Night’s Whimper
Vibrations in the Park
Desperate at the Mall
Revealed at the Rest Stop
With Nothing But The Core
The Lockout
Locked Out Again
The Chemistry of Trickle-Down
Honey’s Bar Crawl
Honey’s Visitor
Popcorn & Stilettos
The Office Girl – In Her Mind
The Office Girl – On Her Knees
Second Impressions
The Escort
The Bikini Bottom Girl
The Voice From the Grave 

Kindle or Kindle Unlimited


The Dark Age Play Box Sets

Sticky Situations 1 - 5 Front    50 Things

Sticky Situations: Books 1-5
Gratification: Volume One
Gratification: Volume Two
Gratification: Volume Three
50 Things To Do With Your BabyGirl On A Saturday Night


If you’re a fan of the darker age play, I would also recommend reading:

The VoiceThe VoiceA tale of horror, unavoidable consequences and possible redemption of self.

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