The Scent of a BabyGirl

The Scent of a BabyGirlTaken from:
The Mia Series: Book Eight
“The Weekend of White-Hot Attention”
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here is a little story about letting go, right when you needed to the most.


The Scent of a Baby Girl

Saturday Morning

Mia held her left hand out, spreading her fingers and slightly turning her wrist as the morning light pouring in from the bathroom window and the light from above the mirror made that rock on her ring finger twinkle back at her.  Oh, what a wonderful feeling and what a wonderful day.  As Eric often said: “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”  And while it was always good to have surprises awaiting her down the road, it was better to know that she was traveling down the right road.  And it was best to know that Eric was driving her.

Just a few minutes out of the shower, she was preparing for what would be a busy day, but one she had been looking forward to.  And while milling about in that bathroom, enjoying the warmth of the air – made by that hot shower, she thought about all the blessings life had given her and how they all seemed to appear at the same time, in the form of a person – Eric.  Her eyes and her world had been opened up and the greatest coincidence of all, if not irony, was that she often dreamed about waking up with ultimate happiness, pursued it with a passion befitting of her dreams – but never found it, despite her best efforts, until she stopped looking for it.  And that was the moment when Eric appeared.

Picking up the hair dryer, she wiped the fogginess off the bathroom mirror with a towel as she thought back to the night she first met him.

The name of the bar was called “The Jukebox”.  And it was actually so much more than just a bar.  There was a dance floor in the middle of the main room with elevated restaurant seating all the way around it.  The Jukebox was first built to be an open-air theater-in-the-round.  But when the original owners could make no money on it, they sold.  New owners came in, bought the building, put a roof on it, renamed it and had people swing dancing in it inside of a month.  It had been a quite popular place ever since.

The mirror fogged back up quickly. So she opened the bathroom door to let some of the hot air out, returning to blow-drying her hair as she also returned to her thoughts of the night Eric walked into her life.

Mia wasn’t looking for any knight in shining armor to appear, at least not on that night.  Perhaps she had become more than just a bit jaded by disappointment.  She had truly hoped a life-changer would have appeared before she turned 25.  But it seemed he wasn’t looking for her.  So she had decided she wasn’t going to look for him either.

And that was the moment Eric walked up to the bar and sat on the stool next to her.  From a few drinks at that bar to their eventual move to a booth, they spoke of everything that life had been for them, neither looking for anything more than just friendly conversation.  But by the end of that night, they both had learned that “looking” wasn’t just something that could be done with eyes.  Eric would invite her back home with him as their discussion had turned a bit too non-vanilla for public ears.  And as Mia stepped into his kitchen, her life would change.

Seeing Erica behind her, leaning up against the door frame, she felt the first of many tingles rippling throughout her.  He always had a way to make her heart flutter, simply by being there and smiling and showing that knights don’t always wear shining armor.

She wasn’t just his fiancée and his BabyGirl.  She was his best friend and his partner on this, the first day of the rest of her life.  And tomorrow, he would be the same as he was today.  Eric was her rock, in more ways than one – which made her feel good, in more ways than one.  And regardless of whether she was confident or insecure today, tomorrow or for the rest of her life – Eric would always be her rock.

“I just love the scent of a BabyGirl,” Eric said with that morning timbre she knew well.

It was a timbre she heard even when he wasn’t there and it always made her weak in the knees.  Setting the hair dryer down on the bathroom sink,

“That scent of her, fresh out of the shower,” Eric whispered as he walked up behind her and reached around her to place his hands on top of her hands as he breathed in her scent.  “So clean, so rich with … Herbal Essences, so perfect.”

Mia laughed softly at his flirting reference to the shampoo she used, a daily standard she had used since Britney Spears began advertising for it years ago.  This wasn’t something she revealed to many people, but something that remained the truth.

“And you even put yourself in a diaper before you dried your hair,” Eric whispered into her ear as he drew her arms up to her belly and crossed them, sharing a gaze with her eyes in the mirror as he rocked her back-n-forth gently.

His left hand traveled down to the front of her diaper, patting her with a gentleness that made her tingle.  Oh, it felt so good to be wrapped up in a sensation that meant more than just physical touch, but emotional as well – traveling into the center of her heart.  Before meeting him, she never would’ve believed that she’d ever be comfortable with a guy who took all her privacy away – even those moments when a girl needed her privacy most. 

“It shows Daddy that you know who you are, where you belong and who you want to always be,” Eric whispered, tucking his thumb behind the waist band of her diaper.  “Is that right?”

“Yes,” Mia replied softly, tummy flies leaving her tummy and traveling all throughout, from her head to her toes.

She fidgeted in his arms, crinkling her hips as she tried to weather the influx of feelings.  She wanted to crawl up into his arms and be a blubbering mess.  But she also wanted him to pin her to the bed and make her submit to things far dirtier than she would’ve ever believed her interest to be in.  And hence, without knowing he had done it, Eric uncovered the trepidations she had begun facing recently.

Her current challenge, as she always seemed to need one, was how to deal with not knowing what to do next.  She knew that if she did the wrong thing, everything would still be okay.  But she just wanted to know what to do for once, instead of thinking she might know what to do but still not being sure.  It wasn’t easy living with that kind of uncertainty, especially since the signs were clear, otherwise.  Eric was the one, but she didn’t want to feel like she might ruin something by making the wrong move.

And as the concerns of her heart, poured into her mind, she knew she couldn’t say anything to him about it – despite the fact that he had repeatedly told her that she needed to tell him when something was wrong.  But how could she do?  In her mind, it also sounded like girly troubles that seemed to play out in her thoughts and then loop back around to the begin to start all over again – confusing her even more so as to what was actually upsetting her.  How could she pour her thoughts out and tell Eric something she couldn’t understand herself?  If only Eric could open up her head, take out his guy survival manual and figure out what she needed to think, then for once, she wouldn’t be worried that something was on the brink of going dreadfully wrong.

Then, Eric surprised her.

“You’re thinking about something, BabyGirl – something that’s making the twinkle in your eyes jump all over the place,” Eric whispered, continuing to gaze at her reflection in the bathroom mirror.  “Tell Daddy what’s troubling you.”

“I forgot to put powder in my diaper,” Mia said, grinning cheekily as she lowered her chin.

She couldn’t really tell him and it made sense to talk of something pleasant.  This was one of those little blessings about being with him.  He never pushed her, except when she absolutely needed to be pushed.  But regardless, she trembled and feeling her shaking, he guided back to the safety she needed.

Sliding his left hand down in the front of her diaper, he pressed his fingertips and then his palm over her mound, trailing down between her legs.  Closing her eyes, she reached up behind his neck and locked her fingers, heaving her chest out and arching her back.  She knew it was inspection time and every morning when he did this, she invariably became aroused.  It was a mixture of being touched and praised that always made definite reaction of the tingles that had been building within her in anticipation.

“You’re so smooth, Mia,” he whispered with a slight growl as she displaced her feet and bowed her thighs outward for him to keep rubbing between her legs.  “As smooth as a baby.”

Oh, that word.  That title, that role, that obsession, that existence.  It was the culmination of every insecurity she had ever felt, wrapped up in a safety she had only ever known because of him – her Daddy, her lover, her husband-to-be and her life.

“And you want nothing more than to be my little baby.  Isn’t that right?” he whispered with hot breath that ran down her naked chest.

“Yes, Daddy,” she whispered softly, fidgeting and placing her hands back on the bathroom sink.

This was a test of one of those moments when she didn’t know what to do – especially with her hands.  And though Eric still didn’t know of her returning insecurities, he pressed the moment forward, ever-so-gently parting the lips of her labia with a tease that not only went straight to her heart but straight to her knees.  She struggled to hold herself up as Eric began to morning warm-up.  All she wanted, all she needed and all she could think about was detailed in a lone image in her mind – one of him sliding his fingers inside her and taking her arousal away as she trembled in orgasm for him.  Arching her lower back with a deeper bend and heaving her chest out, she put her hands back up behind his neck again.  Leaning her head back on the side of his neck, she bit her lip until a small whimper of anticipation slipped out.

“That’s my girl,” Eric whispered, reaching behind her and patting her diapered bottom with his right hand as the fingers of his left hand kept making small circles on her labia.  “What does it mean when Daddy pats your diapered bottom?”

“That I’m a good BabyGirl,” she whispered faintly through growing heavy breath.

“That’s right,” he whispered into her ear as he began to making quicker circles over her labia, parting the outer lips and drawing her arousal to the surface.

She gasped for air, wanting to follow the arriving-lust and wanting to erupt – but at the same time, not wanting to do the wrong thing, not wanting to ruin the moment.  It was pleasure of sentiment and touch, but torture to her mind and her esteem.  Why did she always get to that point when it seemed euphoria was eminent, only then to misstep and derail it?  Fighting her urge to make a slop wet mess of his left hand, she rocked her crinkly hips, trying her best to follow his tease as opposed to using it for a few seconds of something far less than what it was capable of being.

“You will tell me what’s bothering you,” Eric whispered, beginning to concentrate his left palm on her hood, that place where he could draw passion from her whenever he wanted.  “And until you do …”

And then he stopped, seeing her twitching from her fight against her own pleasure.  Removing his hand from inside the front of her diaper, he bent her over the bathroom counter, pressing her forward and pushing her diapered mound against the edge of the sink.  And with too much want to ignore, she willing welcomed in her own humiliation as she continued rocking her hips to allow the morning warm-up to make her tremble out the orgasm he started.

“That’s my girl,” he said, parting her legs and reaching between them to pat her front.  “And what does it mean when Daddy pats the front of your diaper?”

“That I’m a good girl,” Mia struggled to say with choppy breath.

“That’s right,” Eric whispered, placing his hand on her diapered bottom and pressing in, forcing her diapered mound that much more so against the edge of the counter.

She whimpered more erratically, continuing to rock her hips forward to reach the summit, the pleasure awaiting her.  But her knees had turned to jelly and her legs gave out, making her pelvic thrusts impossible to continue.  Her whimpers turned to tears as she damned herself for having once again made the wrong move.

Eric reached underneath her, sliding his left forearm and hand up the center of her belly, through her cleavage, across her sternum and up to her neck before he suddenly yanked her up.  Pressing her against his chest, he made eye-contact with her as he plunged his right hand back into the front of her diaper – his fingers becoming wet with her arousal.

“There will be no collars this weekend, no wrist cuffs, no spankings, no marks,” he whispered with heavy breath as they looked their eye contact with their reflections in the bathroom mirror.  “Those are all trivial pursuits and ones that live nicely in memories but can’t take you to any summit until they happen again.”

He plunged his fingers inside her, opening her canal and welcoming back her whimpers.  Her arms draped limply at her sides, at long last having found their place.

“You will tell me what’s bothering you,” Eric whispered, beginning to thrust this fingers in-n-out of her rapidly as her frame trembled.  “Cum for me.  Show Daddy what a good girl you really are.”

And without another moment of hesitation, she succumbed her battle, submitting to the first wave of pleasure.  It initial tightened her up and then released as it poured out of her center and washed across her frame.  She was paralyzed to stop the orgasm and almost instantly, it intensified – one wave of pleasure after another arriving together and giving her mind something to focus on other than worries.

“All weekend long, I’m going to give you such white-hot attention that you’ll melt, over and over again,” Eric whispered, keeping his fingers in motion and thusly, her orgasm in full tilt.  “And when you’re incapable of resisting anymore, you’ll helplessly tell me what’s making you second-guess yourself, what’s making you worry so much that you won’t share and what’s festering inside your heart.”

“Yes … Daddy,” she whispered with a labored tone as her orgasm erupted to its climax.

She was reduced to twitches and moans as the muscles in her center tightened and released with no determined pace at all.  His fingers continuing to part her open and the summit she had reached kept her in limbo of the following-afterglow, helpless to arrive there until he allowed her to.

“We need to get you ready for a little shopping this morning, don’t we?” he whispered, pulling his fingers out of her canal and going to straight to the tease of her hood, making her gasp as her leg strength slowly returned.

“Yes … Daddy,” she whimpered, now basking in the warmth of afterglow as it washed over her frame.

“I love the scent of a BabyGirl, right after she has cum for her Daddy,” Eric whispered, taking his hand out of the front of her diaper.

Mia closed her eyes, reliving every twitch of the morning warm-up.

“What does it mean when Daddy agrees to go shopping?” he asked with a playful grin.

“That I’m in for a weekend of white-hot attention in ways I didn’t expect,” Mia answered with an equally playful grin as she opened the top right drawer under the bathroom sink, her make-up drawer.

“That’s my girl,” Eric said, kissing the top of her head and patting her diapered bottom as he headed to the bathroom door, turning back to her before he left.  “Mia?”

“Yes, Daddy?” she asked back, looking at him through the mirror.

“You will tell me what’s troubling you … when you’re ready to, okay?” Eric asked with kindness.

“Yes, Daddy,” Mia replied as he exited the bathroom and she took out her foundation.

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