What Happens Under the Stars, Stays Under the Stars

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The Mia Series: Book Seven
The Weekend of “Signs”
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here is a story about finally sharing secrets we never should’ve kept and about submitting to what we’ve wanted all along.

What Happens Under the Stars Stays Under the Stars –

…….. Mia gazed up at the stars, brilliantly displayed above Fetterman’s Park just outside the town limits, but more importantly – away from the street lamps that kept their dazzling sparkle hidden from her earlier.  Wrapped in her baby blanket and leaning back on Eric chest, she nursed from her baby bottle as he kept his arms and legs around her.  Her face beamed with the memories of her visits to him last summer when he brought her to this very park, climbed up on the hood of his car and cradled her just as he was doing now.  Stargazing was something she often did from her nursery window when she spent the night in her crib.  And being as the night sky was clearest on cold nights without cloud cover, Eric had positioned her crib right in front of the window.  But nothing could capture stargazing more fully than when at the park, with the Heavens spread out across the sky.

“Do you see the unicorn up there?” Eric whispered.

She nodded, not even looking.  It wasn’t about seeing the objects he would mention.  It was more about finding a way not to laugh at how ridiculous his examples would become.

“Do you see the cart on the 17th hole of the Augusta National Golf Course?” he asked as she nodded slowly, biting the nipple of her bottle and concentrating hard on finishing it before one of his statements made her laugh.

“Do you see the juggler on the end of the pier at Rehoboth Beach with the yellow hat and the green socks?” Eric asked, keeping a straight face.

Mia nodded again, but snorted a bit afterwards.  He was likely to say anything and there was no predicting what would come next.

“Do you see the purple rhinoceros running the decathlon against the blue mongoose, the orangutan with eczema and the stool pigeon that looks like it’s having an attack of vapor lock?” Eric asked as Mia finished her bottle, turned over and rested against his chest. 

She nodded, burying her face in his chest to hide her forthcoming laughter.  Eric patted her back as she snuggled herself tightly inside the baby blanket.

“Of course, I guess the rhinoceros and mongoose could also have gas since they turned purple and blue,” Eric remarked as she laughed into his chest.  “Sweetheart, that’s not very nice to laugh at them.”

She laughed again through her small burps, turning herself back around to face the sky above them again.  She was nearing a full outburst of laughter.

“Do you see the twin sisters playing Frisbee golf against Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin?” Eric asked, pointing to the sky this time as Mia instantly nodded, biting her lower lip.  “That doesn’t like a fair match up at all, does it?”

Mia shook her head no.

“Do you see the guy with the funny-looking fez hat, pouring the stale popcorn into the dumpster?” Eric asked as Mia just kept nodding.  “Well, I’m glad you can see all these things because I can’t see any of them, but I know they’re up there somewhere.”

Mia finally let loose and burst out into laughter.  And what made it funnier was how he kept a straight face through it all.  It was easier to make her laugh when she was bit tired.  And it was getting close to midnight.  Usually, by now, she was fast asleep.  But even if they were at home, she wouldn’t be able to sleep just then.  What she really wanted to do was dream and she was finding her dreams in life these days more than at night.  Wrapped in that baby blanket and stripped down to nothing but her diaper, she was regressing and dreaming with open eyes.  Perhaps that was what the true definition luck – taking her dreams from sleep and presenting them to her when awake.

But laughter soon turned her thoughts to their engagement and to her need to meet the risks she never had the courage to face before.

“I have a confession to make,” Mia said with a soft, small tone.

“Oh?  And what secret is that?” Eric asked gently.

“I used to fantasize about someone controlling me like you do,” Mia answered, shrinking her shoulders up as tummyflies danced their waltz inside her.

Memories could be quite powerful for her.  She didn’t just remember what happened, but she fully recalled how she felt when those memories were made.

“But I really believed I’d never tell anyone because I thought they’d judge me as being weird,” Mia answered in reflection of bygone feelings.  “So I put those fantasies in the back of my mind and didn’t think about them anymore … until the night I met you”

“I have a confession to make, too,” Eric said as Mia nestled back against him shifting her hips and crinkling into a more comfortable position.  “I remember you had submissive written all over your face that first night you walked into that bar,” Eric answered, slipping his hand inside her blanket, his finger making their way down to her waist.

She parted her legs instinctively as he slipped his fingertips underneath the elastic edging at her left thigh.  She thought back to that night they met and how she walked into that bar with no intention of drinking a few Bud Light Limes.  But that night would be proof that she ought never to overlook luck again.  The word luck had entered her mind a lot these days and the obvious question followed.

“Do you believe in luck, Daddy?” Mia asked, tingling from his touch, intended only to check her diaper but doing much more to her soul than that.

“Absolutely,” Eric replied, patting her diapered front.

“Did you feel lucky on the night we met each other?” Mia asked, her senses traveling through thoughts that were pure in a different way.

“Yes,” he whispered, taking his hand out of the blanket wrapped around.  “But luck is only half the battle.  It’s what you do with the luck you find that matters most.”

He reached into his left pants pocket and took out her pacifier.

“Open,” he whispered in her ear, his hot breath trailing down her neck as she parted her lips and took the nipple of the pacifier in her mouth.  “That’s a good girl.”

His words melted her again and she helplessly followed his lead.

“I have another confession to make,” he asked as Mia turned her head to the side and nursed on her pacifier, intrigued as to what other secrets he had.

“I’ve wanted to do something to you all night long, but there were always people around that kept me from doing what I wanted,” he whispered into her ear as his left hand slipped back inside the blanket around her, traveling down to her waist again with a far different feel than before.

Oh, he was still gentle but she could feel his intent from that same different purity she was feeling.  Another bit of luck she was discovering what that their minds often had the same thoughts at the same times.  And rarely did this ever cause a problem.

He unfastened the tapes at her left hip as she gasped behind her pacifier.

“Shh, shh, shh,” Eric shushed her with hot breath.

Oh, if she could only put to words what his voice did to her insides and what his touched did to her outsides.  She clenched the nipple of her pacifier between her teeth to keep it from falling out of her mouth as his fingers reached into the open left side of her diaper.  His fingers traveled over her mound and his palm pressed inward, causing her to softly moan.

“That’s a good girl.  We’ll make this the secret keep from now,” Eric whispered in her ear, his voice lightly crack with urge.  “What happens under the stars stays under the stars.”

She parted her legs as much as the blanket cocoon around her would allow and she closed her eyes, nibbling on her pacifier as she felt his fingertips tracing the swelling and slickening outer lips of her labia.  She whimpered softly.  He was so gentle that her senses were caught up with the confusion of his tender touch and her building arousal.

“I felt lucky the night I met you,” Eric whispered, tracing her labia with a little more rapid stroking.  “And I’ve felt lucky every moment since … which includes right now.”

And with those words, he plunged his pointer and middle fingers into her canal.  As he penetrated her deeply, feeling the searing heat inside her, she arched her back, shifting her hips and giving him a more direct pathway to travel deeper still inside her.

Withdrawing his fingers, he took her left earlobe in between his teeth and lightly bit down, giving her the opposite feels of pain and pleasure, roughness and gentleness – to struggle through.  She whimpered behind her pacifier again, arching her back higher and heaving her chest up as she felt his fingers slip back inside her again, opening her insides and tripping the senses of all of the right spots.

She began to slowly rock her crinkling hips with the stroking motion of his finger and the pressure of his palm on her mound.  What a way to end a week with a bit of pleasurable release.  What a way to end a glorious night of shopping with a memory that would remain under the stars.  And what a way to be tested by her Daddy.  She would submit to anything he did to her.  And she would stop taking the pill on the day he instructed her to.  Her submission was utterly complete.  And it no longer mattered to her what she was made to do.  She knew that all of it would allow her to open up to a lifetime of ever afters.

She suddenly shuddered, feeling a shiver travel up her spine as the smallest little ping of pleasure rushed out from her center and washed over her whole frame.  She froze instantly, not wanting the feeling to be interrupted or disturbed by anything at all.  But before the first ripple of pleasure finished its wavelength, the second one arrived, traveling out from her center and crossing over the first one as it traveled back up her frame.  Then a stream of miniature orgasms began to arrive so rapidly that she could no longer enjoy them individually.  And as her arousal built, she kept heaving her chest and arching her back, fueled by the mind-melting whispers her Daddy was placing in her ear.

He coaxed her along, encourage her build as she prepared for her eruption.  She opened her eyes looking up at the twinkling stars as the summit was in full sight now.  She vowed that, on the way home, she would take him that same summit – whether he drove through the busy downtown or through a late night drive thru.

She shuddered again, feeling her labia and canal getting wetter and gliding her twitches along with his strokes, in and out of her.  Her eyes were at half-mast as the pleasure was building and making for thoughts of eruption that were too overwhelming to think about without feeling exhausted.

And all at once, her orgasm arrived.  Her body seized up and she felt that paralysis as her muscles tightened around his finger – a delicious mix of ache and urge before her muscles her released and she whimpered through the rest of her journey to the summit.

“That’s a good girl,” Eric whispered with a slowly and deeper voice as she came for him.

His fingers started pumping in and out of her with a gentle force that didn’t break stride, even though her arriving-orgasms were erratic with length and numerous with rate.  Then her body seized up with one final bit of paralysis to hold her still as her orgasm hit fully.  The muscles in her legs tightened to an excruciating rigidity as she whimpered uncontrollably before begin the slow balloon-ride back down from euphoria.

Her body collapsed back onto his frame as he slid his fingers out of her, refastening the left tapes of her diaper.  No sooner did he get his hand out of the blanket than she began wetting herself, twitching with a soothing afterglow and shuddering at sudden heavy warmth between her legs.  Oh, if she could only put to words how she felt.  If only…

“This’ll be our new secret, BabyGirl,” Eric whispered, rocking her limpened body in his arms.  “And no one will know other than you, me, and the stars above.”

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