“Thank You For Loving Me”

beautiful girl sitting by the windowFrom The Mia Series: Book Three,

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here is the opening of the first chapter:


In every girl’s thoughts are the obsessions which captivate her.

In every BabyGirl’s thoughts are the obsessions which become her reasoning for decisions.

What would happen if she realized that her thoughts weren’t actually obsessions, but rather the necessities of her heart? And how would this affect the decisions she knew she had to make?


Mia embraced Eric, resting the side of her head on his shoulder. She was naked and clinging to him with no desire to let him go. Her arms were wrapped around his neck and her legs were wrapped around his waist, with ankles interlocked behind because she never wanted to be any further away from him again.

It was early Friday evening and the past two weeks had been the longest of her life since they weren’t able to get together last weekend. She felt so lonely, even though they spoke every day since his last visit.

For the first few days of their time apart, she thought she was just being a typical overly-emotional girl who just wasn’t going to be happy until she saw him again. But then she realized that she wasn’t being overly-emotional at all. Something had happened between them all ready and for as quick as their courtship had been and as extremely new as it still was, whatever had happened between them – whatever that connection was which existed between them had changed her … forever.

Eric rocked her back and forth in his arms, sensing how affectionate she was and waiting until she was ready to talk of the emotions she was feeling.

He carried her into his bedroom and sat down on the side of the bed, placing her on his knee and retrieving a pacifier from the nightstand.

“Open,” he said softly, holding the nipple to her lips.

She gazed at him with the most beautiful puppy dog eyes he had ever seen as she parted her lips and took the nipple into her mouth. Until she was ready to talk, she would need the soothing effect of nursing on her pacifier.

And she happily did so. She hadn’t been babied in two weeks and it had done something to her.

He picked up a hairbrush, and began running it through her wet hair. A shower together had softened her body and being in his presence again had softened her heart. She was feeling better all ready, for as much as her thoughts were racing with memories and decisions.

When she met and spent that first weekend together with him, it was all about her feeling emotions she had never felt before and about putting names and definitions to the way she felt. He was very happy to allow her to discover these things, in her time and at her pace.

After all, ladies come first. Chivalry demanded it as well it should.

Mia needed to learn how he made her feel about herself before she could commit to anything. She was the kind of girl who had to not only feel the chemistry, but feel a comfort with him that was natural.

Eric had passed with flying colors.

He set the brush down and eased her down onto her back on the bed, supporting her neck with his right hand. Her eyes told him she had something she needed to say, but Eric had learned that Mia had to process her emotions in her own time. So he waited, but his irises conveyed the message that he was ready to listen when she was ready to speak.


Her knees drew her legs up as if instinct alone were controlling her. And she needed to regress before dealing with what was on her mind. So, he reached for a diaper from The Mia Stack.

At the end of his bed was a cedar chest which always had the necessities for a diaper change sitting on top of it. It was this little pile of accessories that he called The Mia Stack, and the sight of her next diaper lying there would always make her feel little when she walked into his bedroom. It was one of those silent, yet powerful reminders that she would be taken care of. She was his BabyGirl and there was evidence all throughout his place that she would remain that way.

He unfolded the diaper and placed it flat on the bed beneath her, sliding into position under her as he rocked her backward, allowing her bottom to raise up and then lower back down into the softness of the inside of her diaper.

She closed her eyes, remembering back to the second weekend she spent with him.

The second weekend was about realizing that she had never been touched so deeply as she had by him. She had been in love before, yes … but no one had ever reached the center of who she was and helped her break down the walls she had put up in natural defense. No one she had ever met even understood why those walls were there. But Eric did and it was in that weekend that she shifted focus off her emotions and began to pay attention to the source of her new-found BabyGirl happiness … him.

His hands caressed the powder across her bottom, between her legs as he lowered them down flat to the bed and up to her hips. He hadn’t lost that gentle, massaging touch which made him unique for a guy – whether changing a diaper or otherwise.

He drew the diaper upwards and onto her front, fastening it tightly at her hips with the tapes. At long last, the little feeling began to swirl inside her and her eyes welled up from the flood of new emotions that now rushed through her.

Sensing she was going little in thought, he picked her up, sat her on his lap, rested up against the pillows by the headboard and cradled her. Mia had an emotional weekend ahead of her and a weekend of decisions to make.


The past two weeks made clear how much she missed the way she felt when with him.  She was finding it hard to function without him.  It would have to suffice for a while to enjoy her weekends with him and then go about her life as usual throughout the week.  But she saw how much his absence of one weekend had affected her. A decision would definitely have to be made.

This month had changed her life.  The only good thing about having missed last weekend was its timing and how their intimacy may have been affected by the fact that she was female.  Mia rejoiced in certain things about their time apart, but she didn’t rejoice in the thought of ever having to be apart that long again.  It still would’ve been a wonderful time, just not as comforting as the other weekends.

Eric had no idea of the specifics of the turmoil going on inside her, just that the turmoil was there and she was struggling to deal with it – so much so to the point that she couldn’t yet speak of it to him. 

Daddies required a list of virtues to be able to address what arose.  Patience was on the top of that list.

He sat there and held her for a half hour, spending the whole time gazing into her beautiful eyes, rocking her gently, tracing her eyebrows and cheek bones with his fingertips.

She had to say something and reaching up to remove the pacifier from between her lips, she decided to speak from the heart and let whatever were on the tip of her tongue speak for her heart.

“Daddy,” she whispered with a soft and tiny voice.  “I missed you more than I could handle.  Thank you for loving me.”

“I missed you, too,” Eric replied.  “But maybe we just discovered how to fix that.”


The Mia Series - Book ThreeThe Mia Series: Book Three

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(Kindle Versions of this book can also be found at Smashwords.com)


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