Peeling the Layers

Beautiful girl lying on the bedTaken from:

The Mia Series:  Book Nine
“The Weekend of Mind-Melting”
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here is a little story about letting your hair down & putting your feet up, slipping your feet into something more comfortable & melting away.


Peeling the Layers

Friday Evening

Eric watched from the living room window as Mia got out of her car and slammed the door shut, getting her coat caught in it and only adding to how wet the rain would make her before she got inside. Her texts to him all afternoon had made clear how bad the day had been for her and the tone she texted with grew worse and worse each time. Needless to say, Mia was definitely not going to be in a good mood when she walked in the house.

It was Friday night and her return home from work usually sparked the beginning of a weekend of exploration, happiness and uninterrupted time together. But it was a little after 8pm and given that Mia had just been forced to work four hours past her usual 4pm leave, this weekend would have a really rocky start for them. But little did Eric realize, as he watched her running up to their front door through the downpour, this weekend would require more than just their nurturing dynamic to unravel her nerves and reset her poise. She would need the mind-melting effects of absolute helplessness and of being kept in the loving hands of the only man in this world she would ever call her Daddy.

Eric opened the front door and Mia blew in right past him, the scent of a BabyGirl filling his senses as her heels clicked her heavy steps into the kitchen. She walked over to the sink, getting a glass from one of the cupboards, filling it with water at the sink and drinking it straight down. Then she tried to take her drenched coat off, a simple task that proved to be far more difficult than normal. After realizing she hadn’t unbuttoned the front of the coat, she simply yanked at the lapels – the buttons flying off and landing all over the kitchen floor.

“Princess?” Eric asked softly as he knelt down and began picking up the buttons.
Getting the coat off her arms, she flung it across the kitchen and then grabbed the first bottle of alcohol she found at the front of the liquor cabinet. Filling her glass to the very top with Tequila, she pounded the stiff drink straight down as Eric picked up her drenched coat and hung it over the back of one of the chairs at the kitchen table. Turning around to face her, he watched her finished the first glass of Tequila and then begin to pour herself a second one.

“Okay, okay, okay,” Eric said, crossing to her and taking the bottle of Tequila from her, then screwing the cap back on as she drained the partially-filled second glass. “Let’s not go for the worm yet.”

Mia set the glass in the sink and licked her lips, placing her hands on the edge of the counter as she tried to control her anger. Her day at work must’ve been a lot more frustrating than what she was able to convey through heated text messages to him.

“What happened, BabyGirl?” Eric asked gently, bracing himself for her answer.
“Ya wanna know what happened?” Mia asked with a low growl. “Ya really wanna know what happened?”

“I think so,” Eric said, putting the bottle of Tequila back in the liquor cabinet.

“Nothing happened. Nothing!” Mia shouted as she stood up and turned around, resting the back of her waist up against the sink edge. “Okay. I need to rephrase that … Nothing happened … until 3:30 this afternoon! At which point, Bill, our supervisor extraordinaire, walked out of his stupid little office and openly declared that we were behind on the week and would need to stay after a little bit to meet our quota. Okay, let me explain what he meant by Stay After A Little Bit. When Bill makes some sort of a statement like that, he’s trying to soften the blow. But he’s not softening the blow that we’ll be staying after. No, he’s softening the blow that his supervisors waited until the end of the day on Friday to call down to him and tell him he had to force all of us to stay after to make up the work. So I don’t blame Bill for anything that happened today – although he was probably well aware that there was a problem. Stay After A Little Bit means Get Comfortable because none of you are going anywhere until you make up for the fact that no one decided to do anything about this problem until now!”

Eric took her by the hand and led her back the hallway to the bedroom. She clearly hadn’t let the frustrations of the day go yet. And by the sounds of it, there would be quite a few layers of aggravation he would have to peel off her before she would be able to relax at all.

“Why do they wait until Friday to play catch up?” Mia asked with a tone of disbelief. “What kind of a company waits that long before they do anything? They’re not stupid! Just lazy, I guess. And come to think of it, it explains why they hire the people they do.”

Now it was starting to come out of her, the specific things that had gripped her up. And perhaps the best way to let these specific things go would be for her to deal with them now the same way they affected her – one at a time.

“So this falling behind thing has been coming on for a while?” Eric asked, taking her into their bedroom and beginning to unbutton the front of her blouse.
“Yeah,” Mia said with sass, untucking the tails of her blouse from the waist of her skirt as turned around so he could take the blouse off her. “They knew we were behind since last weekend. But they have no problem waiting until the end of the month when they can no longer procrastinate and suddenly have to be real managers about things … I have enough problems to deal with at the end of each month already!”

Eric froze in place.

“Don’t worry,” Mia said with the first smile she made since getting home. “Nothing’s gonna happen until Tuesday.”

“Okay,” Eric said quickly, not wanting to get into THAT discussion, along with everything else that she was dealing with currently.

Mia kicked her high heels off, sending them flying into the closet as Eric put the blouse in the hamper.

“We could’ve stayed an extra half hour the past five days!” she exclaimed, walking over to her vanity stand and taking a seat. “But nooooo, they have to wait until Friday to spring this on us, not doing anything themselves to get us caught up and heaping it all on us in the 11th hour!”

She picked up the pack of make-up wipes and fumbled with it to get a wipe out of it. She was quite upset and as she restated the irritations of the day, she seemed to be getting even more worked up by it all. But she needed to do this to let it go. And Eric felt bad for her, knowing that Mia was someone who had a hard work ethic about her. And with a hard work ethic, it was often a source of annoyance to see everyone slacking off and setting the team back.

“To top all this off, after the big wigs made Bill be the bearer of bad news, then they made him make us feel bad if we weren’t willing to stick around and help them fix the problems they caused. Well, I’m terribly sorry if I have a life outside of work,” Mia said, beginning to wipe the shadow from her eyelids.

Eric walked up behind her and began to massage her between her shoulder blades, wishing he could say the right things to help her deal with having found yet another job that fell into the same category as all the rest. Mia was good at finding decent companies that knew how to find and hire good workers like her. The problem with these companies was that, though they knew how to find and hire good workers, they had no clue how to keep good workers – the smart ones choosing to resign once they found another job. But Mia wasn’t a quitter and it was her personal challenge, every time, to work within the system to help improve it. The problem was: this always came at great expense to her.

“And I hate that I have to get dressed up like this to go into work,” Mia ranted, picking up another make-up wipe. “I don’t see Karl getting dolled up to come into work. Oh, that’s right! He doesn’t have to in order to get people to take him seriously. All he has to do is hob-nob with the supervisor and talk about whatever sport game he watched last night. He’s such a kiss-ass.”

Karl was Mia’s least favorite co-worker of all, the polar opposite of her in every way.

“And that’s another thing!” Mia said, wiping the foundation from her forehead as Eric unfastened the necklace clasp at the back of her neck. “Why am I the one who has to pick up other people’s slack? Karl is the laziest, most conceited person I have ever worked with. He walks around the office and talks real nice-n-loud, making everyone think he actually knows what he’s talking about.”

Eric removed the bracelet from her left wrist, placing it in her jewelry box – along with her necklace.

“YET! … every single time Karl is given something to do, he can’t do it by himself. He always needs help! And guess who he goes to for help?”

“You,” Eric said, rubbing the sides of her shoulders.

“That’s right, me. I can’t imagine how he makes it through a single day in that place when I’m not there,” Mia said as she finished removing her make-up.

Eric stood her up, taking her by the hand and walking her over to the side of the bed. He unzipped the back of her skirt, sliding it down along with her pantyhose to her thighs. He lightly tapped her bottom and she took a seat on the side of the mattress as he knelt in front of her, sliding the skirt and pantyhose the rest of the way down and off her legs. They had been through this routine so many times they didn’t even need to talk in order to know what to do next. Once he tossed the skirt and pantyhose over into the hamper, she lifted her left foot up, placing her hands behind her on the mattress and leaning back slightly. Taking hold of her left foot with both hands, he began to knead his thumbs into her sole.

“Let’s not forget Evelyn,” Mia sassed, thinking of her rival in the office. “Ohhhh, Evelyn. Little Miss I’m Always Gonna Outdo You in Everything and Be More Pretty Than You So That Everyone Notices Me First.”

Evelyn was the other female in the office who had this knack for copying Mia in every way. But Evelyn was so sly about doing this that none of the guys in the office saw her as Mia’s carbon copy. They didn’t see that Evelyn would get a new hair style – right after Mia had or that Evelyn would try a new shade of eye shadow – right after Mia had or that Evelyn would buy a new outfit – right after Mia had. Instead, they were taken to Evelyn in every common way that guys would be. And the reason why these guys didn’t take notice to Mia’s new changes of style and jewelry was because Mia didn’t flaunt herself in front of them, trying to get them to give her attention. While the guys were flirting with Evelyn, Mia was working. And this was why a day like today was so angering for Mia.

“Evelyn walks over to my desk whenever Karl the Moronic or anyone else comes by. Oh, she’s a sneaky eaves-dropper, she is. And she’ll always have some question to ask that absolutely can’t wait as she leans with her skanky unbuttoned blouse, showing all the goods,” Mia said, whimpering slightly as Eric shifted his massaging fingers over to her right sole. “And she knows people are looking. She knows it and it’s obvious she already knows the answer to the question she’s asking! She’s doing all of this for the attention. And my, oh my, do all the co-workers with penises come running to help her.”

Mia lowered her chin, her eyes dropping south as well. No, she didn’t want to be hit on or flirted with by her male co-workers but she was still a girl and the want for attention was intrinsic in her make-up – the kind she didn’t apply to her face. Eric knelt up and reached behind her with his left hand, keeping eye contact with her as he unfastened her bra strap. She smiled at him as he hooked his thumbs under the straps on her shoulders, then lowering them to her elbows. He sat her straight up and his eyes traveled down to her chest as the bra fell to her lap, the lacy cups falling and releasing her breasts.

“The guys you work with are idiots,” Eric remarked, gently taking her breasts in his hands. “They are absolute idiots. And I don’t feel bad for them. If they can’t see the original beauty right in front of them, then they deserve nothing more than the eye candy that a copycat girl possesses – a copycat girl who will never give any of them the satisfaction they are looking, hoping and praying for.”

He stood up and placed his hands at her back, holding her shoulder blades as he eased her down on the mattress. Then he slid his hands down the contour of the sides of her hourglass until his fingertips reached the waistline of her panties. Wrapping her fingers inside her waistline, he leaned over and kissed her tummy, just below her navel – before sliding the panties down and off her legs.

And there she lay, his beauty fiancée, BabyGirl and partner in life – completely naked from head-to-toe, removed of the layers of clothing that always made her think of work. Mia stared up at the ceiling, her want of attention being satisfied as her Daddy took his hands up-n-down her smooth figure. But a pout began to form on her face as more thoughts of work kept trickling back into her mind.

“All day today, Robert kept passing his work off on me. I swear every time I got up to go anywhere to get anything, my stack of papers had grown when I returned to my desk. And I knew he had done it. The air around my desk had this horrible odor of Brut. I swear Robert bathes himself in that stuff. I can’t really blame him, I guess. He does have chronic bad breath and anything the man eats makes him break wind,” Mia said, closing her eyes and trying to think about something else. “But the whole point is: if he hadn’t been over there, stuffing the work he couldn’t figure out into my pile to do, then he wouldn’t have done any crop dusting of his gas in my area. Others think it’s funny, but it makes me sick.”

Eric leaned over her, placing his right hand behind the small of her back and his left hand behind her neck as he slowly sat her up. She locked onto his eyes as he then helped her to stand to her feet and embraced her. Wrapping her arms around him, she rested her chin on his chest, looking up at him with a wavering gaze in her eyes of being able to retain her adult worries at all.

It was working … slowly but surely.

Once again taking her by the hand, Eric led his naked BabyGirl out of the bedroom and down the hallway.

“And I actually got everything done … all my work, that is. But when I handed it in, Rachel the gum-popping and pen-clicking intern with the size 4 waist and the ability to never have to retain water, had to point out the tiniest little mistakes I’d made. Honest mistakes, mind you. Honest, because everyone tossed the work on me when they couldn’t do it!” Mia said, struggling to keep the poutiness out of her voice. “And Rachel has no right to say anything. She’s soooooo cute but extremely difficult to deal with when she makes mistakes. She will argue with you until you’re blue in the face. And it doesn’t matter if you’re her supervisor or not. She’s so young and stupid, but cute and flirtatious, that you’ll overlook her misdirection of the facts.”

Eric opened the bathroom door and led her in. The mirror had fogged up and the bathroom was quite warm. Turning to see the bubble bath, prepared and awaiting her in the tub, Mia’s eyes welled up with tears. How wonderful Eric had been to listen to her fuss and rant about her day and he hadn’t once said boo about it. This whole time since she got home, he had done nothing but take care of her. And still, she was filled with so much anger from the day, even at the moment he scooped her up into his arms to lower her into the tub, she couldn’t do anything but continue to vent to him.

“So then, I have to go back through all my work from the whole day again to proofread it while everyone else got to go home. But I knew and they knew that their work was just as flawed as mine. But they didn’t have to double-check their work … ‘cause nobody CALLED THEM OUT ON IT SO THAT THEIR SHODDY WORK WOULDN’T BE DISCOVERED!” Mia said, pausing to sniffle and then noticing the lit candles he had placed around the edges of the tub – giving the bathroom a romantic ambiance. “The difference is: I did twice as much work as anyone else in that place. What do you expect? I did a week’s worth of work inside of a day!”

Clenching her lips shut, she tried desperately to not break down. Eric lowered to his knees, still holding her body as he began to dip her into the bubbles. She whimpered a little louder this time, becoming more and more conflicted by the irritation she felt from the adult world she had spent the day in and the world he had now created around her.

Her bottom touched the warm water and she closed her eyes gasping for air through now-parted lips that had turned pouty. He knew how to make the temperature perfect for her, having filled the tub with scolding hot water to start and then having poured in the bubble bath to allow the heat of the water to escape slowly. As he continued to lower her naked frame into the water, she thought back on what she had ranted about already – reliving the whole thing once again in her mind and hearing herself as having had nothing more than a temper tantrum about a lot of silly things she could do nothing to change. Her fussiness increased and she began to have trouble putting her rants into full sentences.

“Then there’s Yuri, the guy who can’t seem to understand why it’s not okay to occupy the microwave for 15 minutes to heat up his stinky food,” Mia whimpered with fuss as he leaned her back and brought her to rest, enveloped in the warmth of the water.

Still wound up, she welled with tears again. Here was Eric, tending to her every need, emotionally and physically. And she still couldn’t let the shortcomings of the day go.

“Tell me about Yuri,” Eric said softly as he picked up a wash cloth and dipped it into the bath water.

Tears streamed from her eyes. Despite the seemingly endless stream of venting she had already done at a rate of chatter that most guys couldn’t keep up with and didn’t want to hear, Eric was willing to keep listening and to allow her to get it all out of her system.

“Yuri’s a guy who never comes back from lunch when he’s supposed to, never shows up on time and is never spoken to about it,” Mia fussed with poutiness as Eric started bathing her – beginning at her feet and working his way up her legs. “Yet if I’m two minutes late because I got held up behind an accident where someone had to be lifted out in a helicopter so they could be taken to the hospital in enough time to save their life, I’m read the riot-act by a boss who doesn’t want to yell at his sports-buddy Karl, doesn’t want to be mean to Evelyn the Femme Fatale, doesn’t want to give grief to the likeable-but-lazy Robert the Farter, wouldn’t dare pick on the green-eared Rachel the Young-n-Beautiful-n-Dumb cutie pie and who doesn’t want to get in trouble with HR for correcting Yuri – the guy who is still learning English but hasn’t learned how to not bring so much of himself to work as to not inconvenience every living soul around him. No … I’m the one who is treated like I don’t do anything for that stupid place.”

Eric’s hands moved slowly but consistently as they massaged her entire body while bathing her. Wrapped in that warmth of water and being made to relax physically, Mia’s mind began to soften as her frustration began to melt away. He worked the entire way up her body, even gently washing her face and behind her ears before he stood up and walked out of the bathroom.

For the next few minutes, she soaked in that warm water, continuing to feel the layers of angst being melted off of her. Just as he had undressed her and bathed the grime of the day from her frame, she cleared her mind of the rest of it. Eric had given her ample time to vent it out and she knew that he would allow her to continue. It would be up to her when she was done with it, but she knew that the weekend of dynamics and time with him was going to happen – whether she complained about irrelevant things the whole time or not. And when she looked at it like that, she was finally able to let the day go. But now, there was a bit of new unfinished business and such that she would take care of right away.

Eric returned to the bathroom as she stood up in the tub. He wrapped a towel around her and dried her off as he took a seat on the toilet lid and directed her sit onto his knee. She lifted her legs up and into his cradling arms, resting her body against him.

“I hate being so critical of people, but I can’t stand it anymore,” Mia whispered, gazing up at him. “But thank you for listening to me.”

“You’re welcome,” Eric said softly, swaddling her in the towel. “Do you feel better?”

“A little,” Mia said with a small voice, gleaming the first full smile she had made since she got home.

“Good,” Eric said with a Daddy Voice, holding the pacifier in his right hand.
And it was then that their dynamic weekend began.

He touched the rubber nipple of the pacifier to her bottom lip. She opened her mouth, taking the nipple in as her eyes glazed over with a littleness she desperately needed to feel. And at last, her soul opened up, free from all the layers he had already peeled off her.

“There she is,” Eric said with an adoring smile, placing his fingertips on her forehead and lightly drawing them down her face to her chin. “I think I’ve got the solution.”

Mia smiled brightly behind her pacifier, nestling against him and preparing to listen to what he would tell her this weekend would hold for both of them. But mostly, she listened to the beating of her heart and the sound of his voice as his tone readied to melt her away.

Standing, Eric carried his swaddled BabyGirl out of the bathroom, picking up the hair brush from the sink on the way and handing it to her. Mia gripped the handle of the brush with both of her hands, her fingers and her head being all that stuck out of the towel. Out to the living room they went, Eric softly humming to her as he dimmed the lights of the living room.

Sitting on the reclining chair, he laid her across his lap – still keeping her nestled against his body, but easing her head back onto the arm of the chair to allow her wet locks to dangle freely over the side. Her eyes were filled with a mesmerized gaze and she gently nursed on her pacifier, happy her Friday had suddenly just begun again – but this time around, it would be soothing, warm, inviting, gentle and alluring to her. The softened lights made the smoothness of her face shine. Mia spent such time working on her complexion, having found the right combination of skin creams and treatments to make her complexion blemish-free. She was, in a single word … breath-taking. And she was the BabyGirl who had owned his every thought since the day she walked into his life.

Taking the brush from her, he leaned over, rubbing the tip of his nose to the tip of her nose and making her giggle behind her pacifier. She tossed her head side-to-side and rubbed the ticklishness off her nose before reaching up and rubbing the tip of his nose as well. And as she felt his left hand begin to work long smooth strokes through her hair with the brush, she reached up and touched the features of his face – first his chin as it was the easiest to reach, but then his jawline and his lower lip. Pinching his lower lip with her thumbs and pointer fingers, she pulled it down gently – letting it go as it flipped back up and made a silly noise when it touched his upper lip.

“I remember that first night when I brought you home,” Eric recalled, pausing from the long brush strokes to work out a tiny rat at her hair tips. “I could tell that you weren’t just a creature of touch, but a Princess of it.”

Mia reached up to him, grabbed his lower lip and pulled him closer to her face so she could reach up and touch his cheek bones. Being pulled down by his lower lip wasn’t the reaction he figured she would have to what he was saying, but then again … it really was about touch with her. It was always about touch with her.From her body to her senses to her heart to her mind, she wanted everything that his words and his eyes and his fingertips could give her, could do to her and could make her feel. Looking directly into his eyes, she remembered all the sweet statements and promises he made on their first night together:

“I’m going to give you everything your heart desires and so much more.”
“You’ll grow accustomed to being naked. A BabyGirl wouldn’t give it a second thought. You won’t often be wearing much clothing anyway and before long, all you will want to wear is your nightie and your diaper, for that is all you will ever need.”
“You already have the heart of a BabyGirl. What I am going to give you are the things you lack … Safety, security, comfort, guidance and protection.”
“My touch will always be gentle. It will always be loving and caressing. Soon, my hands will be all you know and all you will ever want to feel.”

Years later now, she realized that, on that first night, he wasn’t whispering sweet nothings into her ears. He was telling her the truth, directly from his heart and straight from his soul. They had certainly grown as a couple, as a Daddy-n-BabyGirl since they met. But the fundamental things that brought them together in the first place were still there and the bond was stronger than ever.

As he began to brush the hair at her temples and above her ears, she turned her head and her eyes to look across the living room and out the front window at the last fleeting rays of sunshine as they disappeared over the far horizon. This was the end of the Friday she had drudged through but also the beginning of the Friday and the weekend she craved.

“I’m very proud of you, Baby,” Eric whispered into her ear, the timbre in his voice traveling straight into her senses making her swoon and tingle. “You got the job done when all others failed. You showed what a Big Girl you are. And you certainly deserve to be rewarded.”

His voice was rich with that Daddy Tone he used to turn her into a pile of mush inside. And though he was praising her for being a Big Girl, he was speaking to her like she was a little one. At one point in time, these conflicting messages would jumble her thoughts and spin her mind in circles with confusion she couldn’t sort out. But nowadays, everything he said melted together in her psyche, leaving her with the clear sentiment that – no matter whether Big or little, she was all … his.

“In fact, I know a few things that you’ll really enjoy,” he said, gently sitting her up and facing her towards him as he unswaddled her from the towel and began to dry her body with it. “Big Girls have urges, don’t they?”

Mia’s eyes glistened with the sudden thought of other needs as he began to dry her back with the same gentleness he used when bathing her. It wasn’t his touch that made her swoon. And it wasn’t the softness of his tone, whether pure or sexual, that made her tingle. And it wasn’t the calmness of the moment that melted away everything about this day she needed to forget. It was all those things, all at once, that enabled her to dwell happily within his care and within the direction he led – regardless of where it took her.

“I’m gonna touch your heart,” he said, taking the towel to the front of her body. “And I’m gonna touch your thoughts.”

He passed the towel across her face. Then, she took hold of the back of his hand, directing the towel down between her legs before she grabbed his face with both of her hands. She pulled his head towards her, allowing the pacifier to fall from her lips before kissing him with a passion that kept growing. He wrapped his arms around her and eased her down on the couch.

“You can touch me anywhere you want,” Mia said, breaking the kiss as his lips traveled down the side of her neck. “Just make sure that you …”

“Shh. Shh. Shh,” Eric whispered, cutting her off as he returned the pacifier to her lips. “There will be no conditions to follow this weekend, no limits that restrict enjoyment.”

He placed his hand on the towel and pressed it in, between her legs.

“I will melt the urges out of you, just as passionately as I scramble your mind,” Eric whispered, Mia whimpering softly behind her pacifier. “You’ll fuss and then you’ll smile. And then you’ll pout and then you’ll smile. And before this weekend ends, you won’t be able to do anything but smile. For once, everything is going to go perfectly. Everything is going to be as seamless and as effortless as never before. And you won’t even have to think as it all happens.”

Mia rocked her hips and began grinding her mound into the towel, trying to push upward into his palm as much as she could. Oh, how she wanted the baby treatment from him, but at the same time, wanted all the pleasures of being a Big Girl for him. She had blended it all together in her mind, a conclusion drawn so long ago, it seemed.

“That’s a good girl,” Eric whispered, flexing his fingers and encouraging her to push up more so into the towel. “Get the urge out.”

“Just a little. Just a little,” Mia mumbled with fussiness behind her pacifier, just wanting a small taste of the pleasure – so as to save herself for the pleasure later that only he could give her.

“I love watching you twitch,” Eric whispered, a smile forming on his face as he gazed down at her. “You’re beautiful when you let your guard down.”

Mia cheeks blushed, the sensations forming in her center mixing with that ever-addictive feeling of helplessness. This wasn’t just a fantasy. It was reality. She truly was … all his. Even her sexual satisfaction was derived from him and given to her by the emotions he planted inside her. And she couldn’t have been happier to finally find a place to do more than just let her hair down, but to submit to her heartbeats and the very breath in her chest.

“Go ahead. Take just a little, baby,” Eric whispered sweetly, his eyes beaming adoration as his syrupy tone captivated her mind. “You’re so cute when you fuss. And you’re absolutely adorable when you get fussy about cumming for me.”

Gratification always coupled itself with strong emotions that somehow arrived just a bit before her orgasms did. So, as she became overloaded with those emotions prior to the seizing-n-quivering, she truly looked like she was fussing about it. And she gave off the impression that she didn’t want to cum. But Eric never listened to her fussiness, instead driving her forward and upward – until her whole body was trembling.

She was a toy in his hands, a play thing that craved the thought of being made to feel her own pleasure. And, oh, how Eric knew all the right buttons to push inside her head.

“Show Daddy what happens when you get wet …,” Eric whispered, a delighted grin forming on his face. “Show Daddy what happens when you swell up and get fussy.”

His words were sweet and his tone was inviting. And though the pathway he led her down would lead to a satisfying but humiliating conclusion, she couldn’t resist him. And for as fussy as she sounded, she wanted that humiliation, that all-encompassing feeling that tightened her chest and made her lose all the poise she graced herself with as a female in a man’s world.

“There ya go,” Eric said softly as a pout on her face added to her fussy whimpers and fidgeting. “Now squirt. That’s a good girl.”

Mia’s head began to swoon and her thighs trembled, her spine abiding by instinct as her lumbar arched and her chest heaved up. Her core tightened and then released, over and over. She moaned into her pacifier, abandoning the BabyGirl whimpering as she felt a new stream of wetness beginning to erupt out of her – the sweet juices that had been waiting all day to embarrass her, to pour out of her and a make a mess of her.

She climbed to the summit, keeping her eyes locked on him as he guided her along through the soaking of the towel. Each little bit of the ascent was filled with its own emotion, separate from all the others yet somehow … all connected. She began with insecurity, as usual, but rippled her way through fidgeting, fussiness, embarrassment, elation, love, an overwhelm, a spell of dizziness and a constant twitching that just seemed to be getting more powerful. She knew the summit would have ecstasy, but the journey to it had pain as the muscles in her core tightened to an excruciatingly taut state – only then to release and allot her a few seconds to frantically grind her mound into the towel. Then she would tighten again with a torturous quickness.

All at once, she seized up so tightly that her spine involuntarily bent to its deepest bow, arcing her and forcing her center off the couch as she moaned with agony and then with pleasure. And as her body went limp, she felt all the emotions of the journey, all at once – overwhelming her to tears. Ballooning downward slowly, small ripples of pleasure arrived late and poured out of her as her spine straightened and she came to rest on the couch. There would be afterglow to bask in, but this time, she would be graced with further incentive to melt this weekend … her Daddy’s aftercare.

With that sexual adrenaline still coursing through her, her breathing remained choppy and erratic. The fingertips of his right hand traveled down her belly and continued southward. Mia returned to fussy whimpers as she placed both of her hands on his dorsum and the back of wrist, hastening his journey to her hood and then to her clit. His fingers traced over the wetness of her outer labia, circling down to her perineum and then back up to her clit.

“We’ll get more of those Big Girl urges out of you,” Eric whispered, his fingertips making small yet rapid massaging passes over her tenderness. “But this weekend will be so much more than just physical for you. And I think it’s high-time we reset your senses, your heart and everything else that makes you a BabyGirl.”
With dizziness from the continuing pleasure from his fingertips, she tingled everywhere, her scalp included. The dark living room grew darker still. And all sounds faded away, save for his sweet timbre as his words poured directly into her soul.

“You’re gonna be melted, baby,” Eric said with syrupy-sweetness as he kept teasing her condition with gentle flicks. “And we’re gonna start with your mind.”
The pacifier fell from her lips as she tried to even her breathing out. But the more she tried, the more his fingertips extended her afterglow. She was a happy captive to his touch, as always. And nothing would be able to distract her from melting away.

“No more silly work problems. No more worries of Big Girl troubles on the horizon,” Eric whispered with that alluring Daddy Voice he used to turn her to mush. “This weekend, there will be nothing but a long, blurry memory being made. Details will no longer matter and all that you will care about is being kept in a comfort that is created for you, and in which, only you will ever reside.”

Her mind went numb as her imagination ran wild. Eric could’ve meant anything by what he had just said to her. But his tone and the kindhearted seriousness in his eyes told her that it would be a mind-melting experience she would never forget … that is, if she would be able to remember it at all.

His fingertips began to slow their massage and her breathing slowed with him as the afterglow diminished but still left her tingling from head to toe. He returned the pacifier to her lips and scooped her up into his arms. She rested her frame up against him, affected and knowing where he would take her next.

“I know you want Daddy to melt you,” Eric whispered as he carried her down the stairs of their split level. “And you know you need to be melted.”

Though he was walking slowly already, everything seemingly turned into complete slow-motion for Mia, from each of his steps down the stairs to how the door opened to her nursery. Being carried into the nursery, she smelled that sweet scent of powder in the air and saw the changing table, prepared and ready to receive her. On the end of the changing table was a diaper and the nightie her Daddy had picked out for her to wear to bed. And there, lying on the circular rug in the middle of the room, was the fully-grown chocolate Labrador she had named Kitty.

Kitty stood up and followed Eric over to the changing table, wagging its tail.

“Look who’s happy to see you,” Eric said softly, placing her on the changing table and easing her head onto the tiny pillow at the other end.

Cocoa Kitty,” Mia mumbled, a bright smile forming behind her pacifier as she reached down and petted the dog’s head, Kitty licking her hand with returning affection.

“I think Kitty’s very happy to see you, Mia,” Eric said, picking up the Bambino diaper and unfolding it.

Tummyflies fluttered inside her as she heard the crinkling of the closest thing to panties she would know for the next few days. Her mind began to soften right away, slightly disconnecting from her body. Usually when tummyflies arrived as intensely as these had, Mia wiggled as she needed to in order to deal with them. But this time, she couldn’t even do that – instead helplessly fidgeting as she kept tingling all over. It was his initial approach to affect her mind first, before anything else, that had prolonged the sensations. And Eric had no intentions, at any point this weekend, of easing up on the planting of mental seeds. She would melt for him completely and he would remold her afterwards.

“And I think Kitty wants you to have a wonderful weekend, too,” Eric said with syrupy sweetness as he lifted her legs up, along with her bottom – then sliding the flattened diaper underneath her. “Dogs can tell when we need a little extra attention and they are always willing to give it to us.”

Mia had regressed before, to the point of absolute infancy, but she learned the affection she craved most wasn’t of feeling newborn. Moreover, it was about feeling like a priority, not an option. It was about being cared for in a manner far less typical than that which the average guy could provide, or even understood. Oh yes, she was his BabyGirl, but her definition of littleness didn’t so much mean little as it meant helpless. Lying naked on that changing table, with her bottom-n-legs raised in the air and with a welcomed loss of free will, helpless was a good way to describe how she felt. But she would know for sure she was truly melted when she could no longer put to words what she felt.

Eric applied that heavy night time coating of powder to her bottom, then caressing its spread with his fingertips. Oh, Heavenly touch. And it was made even more Heavenly by her smooth, soft skin. One of the girly instincts Mia subscribed to the most was to find the things that felt the best and to enhance them in some way, making them feel even better. Her daily rituals included skin lotion and she lived vicariously through the belief that her skin could never be soft enough. It’s what made moment like this one, when Eric’s fingertips gave her the benefit of her hard work, feel ever-so-wonderful. And her eyes glazed over with affection as she smiled warmly behind her pacifier.

“It looks like some little girl just found a bit of happiness,” Eric said lovingly as he lowered her legs back down to the changing table.

Her freshly-powdered and caressed bottom came to rest inside the thick softness of her diaper. Oh, what gloriousness. Her fleeting thoughts became wrapped in his tender care and her body went limp as her thighs parted. If she wanted to feel deeply helpless, she had just achieved it. That moment of ultimate vulnerability was upon her. Naked and without will or desire to move, her eyes glazed over a bit more. Her gaze seemed to show a peaceful and affected mind, but not yet fully melted.

“Now you’re being a good girl, aren’t you?” Eric asked, applying the same heavy night time coating of powder to her front and then between her legs.

The scent permeated the air around her and the coolness of the powder was as soothing as his fingertips, his sweetness and his soft spoken words. Both of his hands caressed the powder across her front, from hip-to-hip as he gazed down at her. In that moment of ecstasy, there wasn’t an ounce of her that hadn’t been affected by him yet, save for an animalistic need and desire – deep in her core. But she would receive that too, in due time. There would be no cheating of the mind-melt.

“That’s a good girl,” he whispered, sending the tummyflies throughout her body, a tingle beginning to intensify on the surface of her frame.

His hands traveled down between her legs, gliding the coat of powder up-n-down along either side of her sweetness. His tender touch re-affected her sensitivity and peeled another layer from her soul – one that guarded her at her core, where she had always been raw and the most susceptible to harm. Eric had found this layer and he had stripped her of it before. But he never did so without the full understanding of what it would do to her. Want, need, desire, craving, lust – they would all become meaningless words – replaced by just one … necessity. And from that point forward, she would draw from him the reason to breath, to live and to love.

He folded the front of the diaper up, making the gathered elastic edgings cling to the top of her inner thighs as he tightly spread the diaper from hip-to-hip, then fastening the tapes snuggly before sitting her up. Mia did her best to not wobble, but the head rush was making it difficult to remain still. She was certain she would feel this way all weekend long. And how happy it made her to know that she was not only his love, his passion and his responsibility, but also his priority.

Eric picked up the nightie and gathered it, directing her hands into arm holes and sliding it down over her head and upper frame. Mia seemed as lost as could be, but in reality, knew that wherever she was – she belonged. Helping her down to the circular rug in the middle of the nursery, he eased her to a lay and got her baby blanket from the crib. She took the blanket in her hands and held it close to her heart as she smiled happily behind her pacifier. He left the room for a moment and Kitty the dog began the nightly routine of licking her face until she laughed uncontrollably. Then Kitty lied down next to her and she started scratching the pooch behind its ears. Kitty let out those murmurs that sounded like growlings, but in reality, were just the dog’s way of telling her how good it felt to be scratched.

Eric returned with her baby bottle and burping cloth in hand. Mia’s face lit up with renewed happiness as did Kitty’s wagging tail. Though Eric had only been gone for just a minute or so, to the two of them, it seemed like he had been gone an eternity.

He scooped her up into his arms and walked over to the rocking chair, taking a seat and placing her across his lap. She nestled in the cradle of his arms and rested up against his chest, her pacifier having already fallen from her lips as she awaited the nipple of the bottle. Kitty took its usual position in front of the rocking chair, preparing to be scratch on its back by Eric’s feet.

He touched the tip of the warmed nipple to her bottom lip and she took it in her mouth, resting the side of her face up against the burping cloth draped over his right shoulder. He slowly rocked the chair as she began nursing from the bottle, but their eyes remained locked on each other. Eric began to softly hum, his chest vibrating and the deep noise helping the warmed milk to do what it always did to Mia. She was fast-becoming sleepy and fast-becoming melted already. But there was still so much more melting to feel that weekend and it was only Friday night. Mia kept her eyes open and gazing up at him as long as she could. But within a few minutes, her eyelids were at half-mast and by the time her bottle was empty, she was already off in dreamland.

Eric tapped Kitty’s backside and the pooch got up, knowing the routine well. He leaned forward on the rocking chair and repositioned his arms beneath his sleepy Princess as he stood up and carried her out of the nursery, up to the first level and then up to the second. He walked into their bedroom and carefully lied down on the bed, shifting Mia’s frame gently so she could lie on the side of his body. Kitty hopped up at the bottom of the bed and lied on top of Eric’s feet – its usual night time resting place. And as she came to rest on his body, Mia burped into the cloth, startling herself awake and whimpering once before Eric returned the readied-pacifier to her lips. Then she lowered her head back onto his chest and, just as quickly as she had awakened, she was fast-asleep again.

Eric ran his fingers through her hair. It was completely dry. Brushing back the loose strands that had fallen over her face, he gently kissed the top of her forehead. Mia could sometimes be the most difficult person he had ever met in life. And every now-n-again, she would freely admit that she didn’t understand, herself, why she acted the way she did sometimes. But regardless of everything else, both good and bad, he was her Daddy and she was his BabyGirl. And they both clearly understood that.

It didn’t matter how much of her he had to peel away, he knew there was a girl behind and beneath all those layers of defense that needed to be completely melted on occasion – to the point where she would never be the same again. This was how she grew. Eric would always be the pillow she clung to and slept on at night. He would always be the Daddy she needed to give her direction and guidance. He would always be the rock that was her foundation.

And he would always be the steady hand she sought when she needed someone to peel the layers.

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