The Nail Biter and The Heart Pounder

Nail Biter

Taken from:

The Mia Series:  Book Nine
“The Weekend of Mind-Melting”
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here’s a story about a walk to remember & how charming the third time truly is
… if she can last that long.
Nail Biter
Sunday, 7pm

Mia stood at the kitchen sink, looking out the window into the backyard as she washed the dishes from Sunday evening dinner. Her mind drifted back-n-forth between the events of the weekend thus far and the events of the moment, especially those events taking place in the backyard. Looking at the torn-up grass patch at the edge of the back deck, she smiled brightly behind her pacifier, affected by the memories of her and Eric having dug up the grass and turned that little section into her vegetable garden. Presently, Eric was wrestling with their two dogs in the middle of the grass.

Kitty, their enormous one-year-old Chocolate Labrador, loved Eric to a degree that made it so affectionate towards him Mia often got jealous when Eric petted the pooch too much. And then there was Cat, their new dog, acquired just yesterday from the pound. Cat was a pit bull that was six-years-old and it had taken the same enormous liking to Eric as Kitty had.

But moreover, Kitty now had a companion. And for such a long time, Mia had felt bad that Kitty spent its days alone as she and Eric worked. It just didn’t seem right. Scared for quite a while that Kitty was too big of a dog for Eric to agree to allow a second one in the house, she kept her concerns quiet. Bravely, she opened up her heart to Eric about it yesterday. Seeing the sincerity in her eyes, he knew the answer had to be yes.

As usual, Mia had to add her special touch to everything, naming the dog Cat. She had no idea if the dog would ever respond to the name, but she hoped it would know this house would be its home forever. She would never get rid of the dog, like its numerous previous owners had done. The pound said that Cat had never been given a name before.

Mia finished washing the last dish and opened all the cupboard doors in preparation for putting the dishes away after she dried them. Picking up one of the tea towels from the counter, she smiled brightly behind her pacifier again – remembering how she had turned the tea towels into pom-poms late Friday night as she performed a few of her cheerleader routines she remembered from her high school days … as well as that new one. Beginning to dry the first dish, she looked out the kitchen window into the backyard again.

Oh, how she loved him and how she could see the difference she had made in his life. It was quite apparent to her the difference he had made in her life. She wore those changes, along with her heart, on her sleeve. But Eric was still a typical guy, in that he didn’t show his emotions very much and as she watched him wrestling with the dogs, she could see he was truly happy – at long last surrounded with opportunities to show his love. Mia, like the two pooches, was starved for male attention and it certainly helped that Eric wasn’t just happy to give out that attention but needed to.

As she stood there, watching him, she finally pieced it together fully. That was what he meant when he said: “A Daddy lives for the heartbeats he gets when he knows that someone needs him”. A BabyGirl needed to feel cherished and a Daddy needed to feel … needed.  And in the home environment they had created, Mia knew there would be more love shared than could possibly be felt in a lifetime. He meant the world to her. She was his fiancée, his BabyGirl and his partner in life – or longer.

As Mia finished drying the last dinner dish, she set it up in the cupboard on top of the stack of plates already there. Closing all the cupboard doors, she heard the crinkling sound of her diaper as she waddled from cupboard to cupboard. Smiling brightly behind her pacifier, she thought about how happy she was to be standing in that kitchen, wearing nothing but her diaper and her earrings. She often considered herself to be too quirky to be simple, but then again, it really didn’t take much at all to make her happy. All that had to be done was to have the right touch, the kind that didn’t begin on her surface, but rather, in her heart, in her mind and in her soul – moving outward.

Eric clearly understood that Mia was the Princess of this kind of touch. And that’s why he took such time, whispering to her and filling her with emotions before he even began to turn things sexual. This demonstrated his control of self. But by all means, Eric wanted to pin her down on her back and rail her until she was raw. She was attractive and her wiles affected him in all the ways they were supposed to. The boy parts and the girl parts went together just fine. But there was no slow burn, doing it that. And there would be no mind-melting, if they just jumped into bed at the first little twinge of passion. Their dynamic was one they were building to last a lifetime together, not just for the length of an orgasm.

Mia turned on the faucet and let the water out of the sink as Eric and the dogs came in from the backyard. Kitty the dog immediately walked over to Mia, wagging its tail and wanting to be petted by her, but then it sniffed at the back of her diaper, sneezing before it followed Cat the dog into the living room.

It was then that Mia finally noticed what had happened.

“Princess, do you need Daddy to change you?” Eric asked with a syrupy sweet Daddy Voice, walking up behind her and placing his hand on her diapered bottom.

Mia blushed multiple shades of red, her face going flush and the surface of her skin tingling all over. She was so lost in her happy thoughts that she hadn’t noticed how quickly dinner had passed through her. Turning around, she lowered her chin, nursing on her pacifier as she nodded her head. Then her legs began to wobble and Eric embraced her quickly to hold her up. Her mind softened to an alarming rate and she remained helplessly captive to her own thoughts.

“It’s okay, baby,” Eric whispered into her ear, his left forearm pressing against her back as his right hand traveled down to her diapered bottom. “I know how embarrassing this can be for you … especially when you don’t know it happened.”

She whimpered softly behind her pacifier, closing her eyes as he began to rock her back-n-forth, ever-so-gently.

“Shh. Shh. Shhhhh,” he shushed her, beginning to lightly pat the back of her diaper. “You’re just a BabyGirl … and these things happen unexpectedly sometimes, don’t they? But Daddy’s here and everything will be alright.”

Mia wrapped her arms around his chest, feeling completely helpless for the umpteenth time that weekend. His pats to the back of her diaper, usually the only thing more soothing than her pacifier, suddenly served as motions that heightening her frailty. Every little pat pushed her further to that edge of a hard limit, the brink of too far. And for as much as she feared it, she also wanted to face, completely defenseless, just once, so she would never fear it again.

She must’ve been in love with him deeply – because she knew what he was going to say next … before he ever took in air to speak.

“It’s the perfect time of evening to walk the dogs. The sun will set before too much longer, but right now it’s still warm enough to be comfortable,” Eric whispered in her ear, still lightly patting her diapered bottom. “Do you think you can wait to get your diaper changed until we get back?”

Mia’s heart raced as he removed the pacifier from between her lips. She concentrated so hard on not hyperventilating, just then. Torn between the paralyzing fear of being seen by someone and the want of absolute submission to him, she tried to speak, but could hardly make any sound at all.

“Princess?” Eric asked in whisper, patting the back of her diapered with a little more force. “Do you think you can wait to get changed until we get back?”

“Yes …… Daddy,” Mia whispered softly, her entire body shaking at the thought of how easy it was to submit to him and to the humiliation she was about to receive.

Even though it was Sunday evening, her weekend of mind-melting wasn’t over yet. No weekend with her Daddy ever ended without a soul-blitzing conclusion.

“That’s what I like to hear,” Eric whispered, still rocking her back-n-forth slowly. “And you’re going to be a very good girl for me. Aren’t you, Princess?”

“Yes … Daddy,” Mia whispered, her mind already pushing into an overloaded and panicky state.

And my, oh my, how her head went straight into imagination when he did such things to her.

“I think Kitty would like to show Cat the entire neighborhood,” Eric whispered with syrupy delight. “And I’m sure you’d like to go for a long walk, too.”

“Yes, Daddy,” Mia whispered, every response being the same and two words closer to a full melt-down inside.

“I’m going to go upstairs and get you a little something to wear,” Eric whispered, patting her diapered bottom again. “And when I return, I expect you to be standing right here.”

“Yes, Daddy,” Mia whispered with her softest tone yet.

Eric kissed her forehead and gave her one final humiliating pat before he turned and walked over to the stairs, heading up to their bedroom. Mia stood there in the middle of the kitchen, wearing nothing but a diaper that needed attention. Her lips tightened as she tried to nurse on her pacifier, realizing he had taken it from her. She fidgeted, shifting her hips and trying to find comfort that was unattainable. But that was the point. And that was also what made this walk-to-come a walk to remember. She would be utterly helpless, stripped of all her devices and left to rely on him completely for her survival, not so much physically as emotionally.

Suddenly feeling her nakedness on a whole new level, she brought her finger tips up to her mouth, covering her chest with her forearms as she began nibbling on her fingernails. Her brain unwired itself as her imagination ran wild. She wanted to tempt fate so badly, to finally go over the edge, to be pushed too far and to conquer it, but she was going numb in different parts of her body and with an over-active mind, she had already gamed out 50 different scenarios of what would happen during their walk to remember – none of which producing an outcome that seemed positive.

Eric returned shortly from the upstairs, with her sneakers, a pair of her white ankle socks and a silky cami top in hand. Mia’s imagination ran wilder as she realized how little she would be wearing. The cami came down a bit lower than just to her waist, its lacy lower hem reaching the top of her thighs. It was actually over-sized for her frame, a gift given to her by her mother as a way of conveying how much she wanted to be a grandmother. So there was a sporting chance that she might not be discovered for the sight of what she was wearing.

He pulled a chair over and guided her down to take a seat on its edge, but it didn’t matter how small of a seat she took, her condition reacted to it. He slipped her feet into the ankle socks and then into the sneakers, double-knotting the laces. Mia began to breathe heavier and her heart started beating stronger as he had her raise her arms up in the air. Sliding the silk cami down over her head and frame, Eric took both of her hands and helped her stand back up. Oh, she was dizzy. With further visions in her head of what was to come, she began nibbling on the fingernails of her right hand again, her left now being held by him as he walked her into the living room.

And oh, she tingled, seeing how the evening dog walk had suddenly changed again.

The plan was to take the neighborhood walk with the dogs, plain and simple. But when the dogs came in, they curled up together on the living room couch and went to sleep. So now, Eric and Mia were going to just walk themselves. Mia did her best to make her wobbly legs move forward as he led her to the front door. But her mind was going to mush at this point as the thought of how the whole neighborhood loved Kitty the dog and always came up to say hello during their walks. But there would be no dogs this time and therefore, no distractions to keep their neighbors from looking at her.

He opened the front door and stepped outside, Mia following with a lowered chin and a crinkly condition that made her tingle and shake, at the same time. He led her down the front steps and then down the driveway, Mia having to walk a bit more briskly as his legs were longer than hers and every two strides from him required three quick strides from her. Getting to the mailbox, they turned right, heading down their street and towards Sumter Street at the stop sign ahead. Mia kept her chin lowered and kept nibbling on her fingernails as she looked left-n-right with her peripheral vision. No one seemed to be coming up to them, but they had only walked a short distance. There were plenty of houses to walk past yet and if she knew what Eric meant when he said the entire neighborhood, after Sumter Street, they would also walk Equine Street and then Xavier Street before getting back home.

The cool air of the night felt good on her skin and though she thought she might get cold, her body actually had a bit of a temperature, it seemed. But it wasn’t so much of a temperature to prevent the cool breeze from hardening her nipples and making them pronounced through the front of the silk cami. Keeping her eyes to the ground kept her from having to look up to see how close they were coming to any neighbors who might also be enjoying the best time of day to walk a dog. But looking down at her feet, her partially-exposed diaper and silk cami were in full view of any nearby eyes, constantly reminding her of how the danger of discovery was all around her.

Then another horrid thought came to mind. It was Kitty the dog who first alerted Eric to her diaper needing attention. What if a neighbor’s dog walked up and sniffed her bottom? Its owner would certainly come down to talk to them. And then, the danger of discovery would become the reality of discovery. She thought up other scenarios as her thoughts kept unraveling her. What if a neighbor’s dog bit at her diaper and ripped it off? What if Julia, the neighborhood flirt was walking that annoying little Chihuahua of hers? Oh, she would definitely stop to talk with them, flaunting her implanted breasts at Eric and doing so right in front of Mia. Unfortunately, Mia wouldn’t have the ability to compete against those wiles, not in her current condition and her current melting state of mind.

Getting to the stop sign, they turned onto Sumter Street. Thankfully, this street had a lot of trees that would shield her from the windows of the houses, but even the cool breeze couldn’t rustle the leaves enough to drown out the crinkling sound at Mia’s waist. And in her ears, the crinkle was deafening to her. She may as well have just lifted the cami up and gotten it over with. Nibbling once more on the tips of her nails, she found a greater source of trepidation as she glanced upward and then back down to the ground, but not before she caught a second’s glance of the couple that was walking towards them on the sidewalk.

This was it. She was certain that in a matter of seconds, her heart would explode or she would pass out or she would die. And as they neared the coming-couple, her heart began to beat with the pace of a galloping race horse. They drew nearer to her demise and soon, they were so close to the couple that Mia could see them, despite the fact that she was looking down. It would only be a few seconds more before her discovery would become all-too-real. She was standing on that edge, that brink of too far and it was time for fight or flight. Her vision got blurry and she became dizzier still as she clenched hold of Eric’s hand, leaning up against him to stay vertical. But just as the skies seemed to darken completely, Eric cut her trepidation in half with five words.

“Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Davenport,” Eric said to the couple as they passed by.

“Hello,” Mr. Davenport said with a friendly tone.

The Davenports?! Oh my garsh, what a relief. They were a sweet older couple who suffered from poor eyesight, understandable since they were both in their 90s. Temporarily alleviated, Mia felt as though a fever had just broken inside her and suddenly the cool breeze of the evening produced goose bumps on her arms and legs. That was as close to danger as she had ever come. If it had been any closer, it would’ve happened without chance of escape, even though Mia did have sneakers on and if needs had been, she could’ve run into the woods for safety … or at least into the safety of the darkness of someone’s backyard.

At the next stop sign, they turned left onto Equine Street. Oh no. This was the street that Nick and Tina lived on. They were the chatterboxes of the whole neighborhood, extremely nice people but as intrusive as could be. They always had good intentions when staying up-to-date with their neighbors and perhaps it could be said that they just had really big hearts. But sometimes the problem with people who had really big hearts was that they also had really big noses. Nick and Tina kept sticking their big hearts and big noses into other people’s business. And as usual, on this beautiful evening, Nick and Tina were sitting on their front porch, enjoying the weather and the sights-n-sounds of the neighborhood.

“Hi Mia!” Tina called to her, waving from her seat on their front porch swing, Nick sitting next to her and having a cigar.

Mia waved back, hoping that she and Eric would be able to keep walking by without stopping. But it seemed Mia’s luck had just run out as Tina stood up and walked down to the front steps of her porch, waving Eric and Mia to come over. That was when Mia starting biting her nails and no longer just nibbling on them.

It wasn’t so much that she couldn’t handle a close encounter with Tina, even though she was diapered and needing a change badly. It was that, all weekend long, Eric had been working on her senses, on her free will, on her resistance and on her mind, making it so that when he started walking over to their porch, she had no ability to resist him. Helplessly, she followed alongside him, Tina standing there with excitement for the girly gabbing that would commence.

“Do you have any good news for me?” Tina excitedly asked Mia, taking both of her hands and holding them – hopeful for a happy answer from the crinkly Mia.

“Not yet,” Mia said softly, smiling at Eric as he walked up onto the front porch and over to Nick to yap about … whatever guys yap about.

“Well, that’s okay,” Tina reassured her. “It will happen. You have to keep telling yourself that.”

Mia sighed, slowly pinching her thighs together and lowering her shoulders to make the cami drop as low as its length would allow. Her heart was racing and she felt dizzy but for the first time that weekend, she was able to handle it. What was getting tiring to handle was Tina’s constant inquiries into whether Mia was pregnant or not. It truly seemed like Tina was obsessed, the reason being: Tina actually was obsessed about it.

Tina and Nick had been trying to get pregnant for over a year, but every month, Tina would wake up one morning with the other surprise that told her she wasn’t. Tina was such an overly-friendly soul, she sent sympathy cards to every female in the neighborhood … every month. And Mia had become one of her favorite girlfriends.

Standing there and trying to show concern as Tina told her, for the millionth time, how frustrating it was to have tried so many times to get pregnant, Mia pinched her thighs a bit tighter – trying to prevent herself from releasing the need in her bladder that now grew near desperation to release.

Tina was the only person in the whole neighborhood who had seen Mia’s nursery. And it wasn’t because Mia was showing it off to her. Tina had seen the nursery because she had nosily wandered around Eric and Mia’s house one night when she and Nick were invited over for dinner. Mia’s nursery was fully stocked with furniture, toys, diapers and the whole nine yards. So when Tina saw the nursery and inquired about it, all Mia could think to say was that she-n-Eric were trying to get pregnant and they wanted to be prepared. And hence, a seeming lifetime of closeness between Tina and Mia suddenly began.

Now pinching her knees and tightening the muscles in her core, Mia held her breath as Tina’s rant seemed it would never end this time. She would’ve shifted her feet, but she didn’t want to make any movements that would produce the tell-tale crinkle.

Though Tina didn’t really study the size of the diapers she saw in Mia’s nursery, she did open the closet doors – seeing the babyish wardrobe. Mia’s justifying excuse was to finally state the truth … sort of, cryptically stating that she and Eric sometimes did some … kinky things … from time to time.

Mia’s face blushed a shade of red as she gave up the battle and added a level of wetness to her diaper, her stream rushing out of her making her worry that she might leak … or worse, that her diaper might start sagging to a point where it would be easily visible.

“What’s wrong?” Tina asked, looking down at Mia’s waist and seeing how she was clenching her legs together.

Mia had to do some quick thinking again. This always seemed to be the case when talking with Tina about anything.

“Well,” Mia started, then swallowing the nervous lump in her throat before continuing. “I’m due for a visitor on Tuesday, but I think it’s arriving now. I really need to get home.”

“Do you want to come in the house with me?” Tina asked, Mia panicking at the thought. “I can get you whatever you need.”

“No,” Mia replied, blushing with honesty this time.

“Well, Eric,” Tina said, turning around and looking up at the guys. “It was nice to see you again. Maybe we can have you and Mia over for dinner some night soon?”

“That sounds great,” Eric said, seeing that the moment Tina turned around, Mia had released her pinched thighs and flooded her diaper to full relief.

Eric joined Mia and they slowly started to walk away, Mia’s small steps now commanding their pace as she could do little to stop herself from waddling at this point. And as they returned to the sidewalk, continuing on their way, Mia’s thought moved backwards as she relived the memory she had just made. Helpless as usual, Mia had just relieved herself in the presence of company that already knew a little too much for her to be comfortable with. Then she thought about how she wound up standing in Nick and Tina’s front yard, wearing a cami and a diaper that needed some serious attention. That thought led to how she didn’t even have her cell phone on her nor her purse nor her ID nor anything at all that would aide her – should she become separated from her Daddy. Her thoughts finally led to him and then she blushed … and tingled in all the right places.

By the time they reached the next stop sign, turning left onto Xavier Street, Mia had regressed into such a state of helpless feel that she could no longer focus on moving in such a manner as to keep her cami lowered and to keep her crinkle to a minimum. And as her face went flush from the lightheadedness she was feeling, she began to detect that a different kind of wetness had charged her with an arriving arousal. Just a short distance from their street, Mia and Eric passed by a driveway basketball game – including every husband on the block. The house next door had a make-shift gathering of every wife on the block – the women socializing as the guys did their best to retain their athletic pasts. Tightening her lips to control her breathing, Mia waddled and crinkled along, the humiliation of the moment fueling the tingle that was forming on her surface. She certainly felt trepidation about discovery again, but this time, it was intoxicating as opposed to mortifying.

As they passed by the two houses, Mia heard several women snickering and became eye candy for the basketball game that had come to a sudden stop. And while, for a moment, the staring guys made Mia uncomfortable, it quickly became her escape as the wives realized that their husbands were looking at her. Not really taking any delight in having spurned marital problems for several couples, Mia still smiled – knowing that she had survived a walk to remember. It was a real nail biter at moments, but the memories of her humiliation had made her wet – in a most arousing way.

Getting back on their street, she waddled the rest of the distance to home with ease and even confidence. Eric led her up their driveway and back into their house. She walked in and breathed a sigh of relief as Eric shut the front door behind them and locked it. She had been affected on the inside – in her heart, her mind and her soul.

Now it was time to go from the surface inward. She turned around and from the burning lust evident in her Daddy’s irises as well, she knew that her heart was about to pound – for anything but innocent reasons.

Heart PounderHeart Pounder

Mia’s mind raced with the last traces of most of her senses. Before long, she wouldn’t be able to use them anyway. And that suited her just fine. The cami flew up and off her frame, Eric then placing his hand on the back of her neck and directing her up the stairs – to the second level and into the bathroom. He made her face the bathroom mirror, then making bend over slightly to place her hands flat on the top of the sink – palms down and fingers spread apart as widely as possible. Lightly tapping the insides of her ankles with his foot, he directed her to part her legs.

And then with a flash, he left the bathroom. Standing there, wearing a diaper that still needed attention, a pair of ankle socks and sneakers, Mia closed her eyes – uncertain as to whether Eric would return with a paddle or if he would return with a gentle pat. Both thoughts made her tingle and her heart picked up its pace again as she finally got a chance to recollect the flurry of things that had just happened so quickly. Her breathing picked up as well, as the surface of her body was traced with those little pings you feel as relief from numbness when you wake up – having slept on your arms.

Shifting her hips, she fussed a little. Oh, how badly she wanted that diaper off. But then again, she didn’t. Maybe she would never get used to the kind of discomfort that, to her, was the worst. And knowing that her Daddy was the key to becoming clean again was as excruciating to her esteem as being made to wait. Staring at the sink, she could feel her pulse racing, making her dizzy. Locking her knees, she tried her best to keep standing – closing her eyes again and fighting off the loss of equilibrium. How long would she have to wait? How long would she be standing like this?

Seconds felt like minutes and to distract herself from zoning out, she started softly humming – the way Eric always did when trying to get her to settle down or go to sleep. But feeling the sag of the diaper kept her in the moment, more so than she wanted to be, yet exactly how she knew she needed to be. She could hear Eric moving things around in the bedroom, then walking downstairs to the lower level to her nursery – making a quick flash in the mirror as he passed by the bathroom. Mia had no idea what to expect and while trying to prepare herself for all possibilities to come, her mind drifted backwards, to the fresh memories of humiliation from that night to the tummyflies she felt from their talk at breakfast that morning to their coming wedding and to every day of life that would follow. She looked down at the engagement ring on her left hand, remembering the cabin trip they took to the mountains on her birthday weekend.

With her mind wrapped in so many sudden reflections and having zoned out after all, she didn’t take notice to Eric’s return, not until he reached down and unfastened the tapes at her left hip. That sound startled her back, giving her a mixture of tingles all over and tummyflies inside. A slight chill brought goose bumps to her skin as his warm breath traveled past the side of her neck and down her chest. He unfastened the tapes at her right hip, freeing the diaper from her waist. Closing her eyes and sucking in her lips, she did her best to get through the moment and the embarrassing thought of what she must’ve looked like from behind.

But before any further troubling thoughts could riddle her, Eric took a wipe to her backside, Mia’s eyes opening quickly as she gasped for air. As if he was expecting this reaction from her, Eric plunked the nipple of her readied pacifier into her parted lips. Mia took the nipple in her mouth, her shoulders shrinking up and her chin lowering as she looked into the mirror and made eye-contact with her Daddy.

Oh, what wonderful relief from discomfort and as always, Eric’s hands gave her that gentle touch she needed … until it was time to put the gentleness away. Though wonderful and gentle, her mind softened with how humiliating it was to be wiped like that. Yes, it was her Daddy wiping her. And yes, she was his BabyGirl. But there were still those moments when her mind drifted back to the beginning when they first met and how overwhelmed she would always become with her own thoughts. Perhaps that was why it was called a dynamic emotion. And she never wanted to lose that initial feeling of being reminded of how helpless she was without him. It would always be necessary to feel that way.

Taking another wipe to her front and down between her legs, Eric pressed his body up against her back, wrapping his left arm around her. Mia kept eye contact with him through the mirror, whimpering at how gentle he was being when touching this, her most tender area. Her eyes glazed over and then twinkled as she shuddered and felt the first bit of wetness. It would only be the start of her arousal and would grow to much greater heights, but it was still the beginning of it all. She softly whimpered again.

“That’s a good little girl,” Eric whispered with syrupy sweetness, guiding her over to the toilet and helping her to take a seat as he put her back into a somewhat-uncomfortable state, but one that seemed a little less intense. “A little girl only whimpers. It’s all she knows how to do. And she never moans like a Big Girl … never.”

Her brain tempered to mush just a bit more, furthering the melt and allowing his words to sink in more so, especially that last word and how he said it … “Never” – emphatic and resounding. Taking a few seconds to roll the diaper up into a taped ball, he knelt down in front of her, setting the diaper on the edge of the sink as he began to untie the laces of her sneakers. She lowered her chin, succumbing to the helplessness the sight of that diaper in her peripheral continued to fill her with. The trek into submission had begun. And as he took her sneakers off, followed by her ankle socks, he stood up, turning on the shower.

She sat there on the toilet, looking up at him and watching him undress – first his button down shirt, then his t-shirt, then his jeans and finally lowering his boxers. Her eyes grew big and wide as she saw how his arousal had not only begun but had moved past hers quickly. Reaching out with her tiny fingers, she gripped the girth of his stiffness and stroked him – making him step forward. Placing his hands at her temples, he removed the hair ties holding her locks in pigtails – her eyes growing wide again with the sudden realization that her hair had been up in those pigtails during the neighborhood walk. But as he slid his fingers into her locks, loosening their bunches and massaging his fingertips along her scalp, she forgot about the pigtails, whimpering again at how wonderful his fingertips were making her feel.

And then her attention went back to the girth in her own fingertips, his erection. A slight fuss wrinkled her brow. Oh, how she wanted to plunge him inside her mouth, but she couldn’t. She was pacified. And oh, how her imagination ran wild, her beating heart pulsing her memories of what it felt like to be parted open by him in the past and what it would feel like when he planted her on the bed after their shower to make her back involuntarily arch as he filled her with a length that could touch her cervix. She wanted to play with herself right then and there. But she knew sex was on the way. Eric had that look in his eyes that told her she would be spent before they went to sleep. Not wanting to delay the remaining events of this, her mind-melting weekend, she parted her thighs and blushed a deep shade of red as she released the remaining pee from her bladder, the stream splashing into the water beneath her and only deepening her blush.

Grabbing a piece of toilet paper, she did the necessary wiping and then Eric placed his left hand under her chin. He stood her up with his fingertips, keeping his right hand in her hair. Releasing his stiffness, she gasped and whimpered as his tip sudden contacted her hood.

“That’s a good little girl,” Eric said with lustful tone, Mia tingling at the sound of his timbre. “A little girl only whimpers. She never moans like a Big Girl.”

Taking the pacifier out of her mouth, he pulled back the shower curtain, holding her hand as she stepped into the tub and into the stream of warm water. Then he joined her, the two of them wrapping around each other in an embrace and in an open-mouthed kiss as the shower water streamed down on them, making them wet. They must’ve stood there, embracing and kissing, for a few minutes. But then the gentleness began to go away, much to Mia’s delight. It was time to abandon certain things, but the charm of the moment would lead to more charming moments than she could’ve realized, just then.

Spinning her around to face the streaming water, he pulled her back against his chest, picking up the bar of soap and beginning to wash her front. Mia whimpered again at how hot the water was, but soon became used to it, her hands traveling down between her legs to tend to another source of heat she was experiencing. Reaching back between her legs, she grabbed her stiffness, rock-hard as it was, and tugged on his length – bringing it up between the tops of her inner thighs and pulling his erection up against her under carriage.

“You are going to cum hard for me after this shower and you’re going to cum hard for me several times,” Eric whispered into her ear with a slight growl in his tone. “And the third time will be the charm.”

The third time? Oh, Mia’s mind raced with all the possibilities of what he meant by that.

“Daddy will be very proud of you when you cum hard,” Eric whispered, her spine shivering with mixtures of littleness and arousal. “And all that matters is making Daddy proud of you.”

Closing her eyes, Mia began to glide her slickening sweetness across to the top of his shaft. She might not be able to wait until this shower ended. Her hip motions became erratic as her arousal suddenly swelled, charging her upward quickly. And she whimpered while nibbling on her lower lip. But just as quickly as her arousal heightened, Eric, spun her around to face him, pressing her against him and holding her there as he raised his right hand and brought it down on her bottom, a smack that stung just a bit more for the wetness on her skin. She cringed and pressed herself against him more so, her mind flustered with wanting to be obedient. And that thought of how he would be proud of her when she came for him flooded her senses. She now wanted to wait until the shower was done, if she could. There wasn’t an ounce of wetness nor a twinge of pleasure she wanted to waste until he was lying on top of her, watching her lose her poise and composure.

And there was one sure way to get this shower over with. Grabbing the bar of soap from him, she began to wash his body as he picked up the conditioner bottle, Mia shaking her head no and pointing to the shampoo bottle. Smiling slightly, she reminded herself that he was a guy and all bottles in the shower were shampoo bottles to him. As he lathered her locks, working the suds up with his fingers, she concentrated on making him squeaky clean without allowing her swell to distract her. She would kneel in front of him, so as to eye up the maker of her coming pleasure as diversion.

In short order, their shower was done. Mia enjoyed their showers together and when they took long, relaxing baths together. But just then, there were other pleasures she had in mind that didn’t need to wait any longer than the length of time it took to condition her hair. And the moment her hair was rinsed, she turned the shower water off, tearing back the curtain and preparing to step out of the tub with haste to get dry and into bed with him as fast as she could make that happen.

But when she tore back the curtain, she saw her balled-up diaper, sitting on the edge of the sink and her pacifier, sitting next to it. And she was reminded of who the BabyGirl was. Regressing her decisiveness, her esteem was reduced to following his lead. Eric stepped out of the tub, grabbing a towel and quickly drying himself off. Standing there, eyeing up his naked body, Mia dripped for many reasons – all of which made her very happy. He picked up another towel, wrapping it around her shoulders and lifting her out of the tub. Mia’s mind would travel back-n-forth from little girl thoughts into Big Girl ones and then back again as he dried her.

Taking the hair dryer from him, she directed it to blow up under her hair as opposed to drying the top layer first – a sign that she wanted to get her hair dried quickly.  She worked her magic, getting her hair dried and smoothed out, even though she knew it was about to get messed up and that tomorrow morning she would have a ratty problem to deal with. But Eric’s hands, wandering all over the front of her body as he stood behind her and shot daggered fuck me eyes into the mirror, were all she needed to keep on task and get done swiftly with another one of her girly yet necessary habits.

Unplugging the hair dryer and setting it on the sink, she turned to him with lust burning in her irises as well. Stepping up onto his feet, she reached up with her left hand and grabbed the back of his neck as she rose up on her tip toes and planted her lips on him, her tongue digging inside his mouth with fervent passion. He put his left arm around her back and pulled her closer to him. Grabbing hold of his right wrist, she directed his right hand down between her legs – his fingers discovering how wet her swell had become. Gripping his shaft with her right hand, she pressed her waist into his center, dragging his tip up-n-down her sweetness, drenching it in the juices that had poured out onto the outer lips of her labia.

Taking careful steps out of the bathroom and into the hallway, he made his way back to their bedroom, Mia climbing up onto his body and wrapping her arms-n-legs around him.

“That’s a good girl,” he whispered, Mia having rested the side of her face on his shoulder as he carried her into the bedroom. “And you make Daddy very happy when you’re a good girl.”

As he eased her down on her back on their bed, her eyes caught sight of the diaper, teddy bear, baby blanket and the other littleness-producing things he had set on his nightstand next to the bed. And as he parted her legs, lowering his head down between her legs, she knew that not only would she be spent but that his statement of the third time being a charm probably meant that she would be driven to the summit more than once, first with gentleness like those items on his nightstand and then with persistence – that aggression he used to get all of the Big Girl urges out of her. And the third time? Hmm, she would have to wait and see what he would have in store at that point.

She thought back to that morning, trying to remember if she had taken the pill or not. But as his mouth opened and came down on her hood, random thoughts became an ability of the past for her. And from that moment forward, the blitz would keep her in the moment until she fell asleep in his arms.

Eric drew as much of her into his mouth as his jaws would allow, but he did with that gentleness Mia had come to love and trust. And then he began drawing the tip of his tongue up-n-down the length of the outer lips of her labia, from her clit to her perineum and back up. He moved slowly but consistently, making every sensation count and drive her upward as much as possible.

Eric was always deliberately thorough and her body felt fluttered, knowing that the blitz always began this way. She went quiet, tightening her lips to keep control of her breathing and she remained motionless as she took in the feelings of yet another bit of touch she enjoyed from him to the point of craving it when away from him. His tongue teased her as always and his tracings of her swell seemed random in their course. Regardless of where his tongue meandered, it all felt wonderful and she reached down to him, running her fingers through his hair and scratching his scalp with her nails when he passed over a sensitive spot.

Sensitivity was so very much a part of it for her and when he went down on her, everything became intensified – from her affection to the power of the sensations to the effect of his touch. It was like when he kissed her neck … only magnified ten times over. And she had learned that the best thing to do was to relax and enjoy. This wasn’t just to relax from nervousness, but also to relax physically. Muscle tension always lessened the enjoyment and besides, tension was only good as defense against the forthcoming orgasm, should it seem to be overwhelming at its onset. If she did tense up at that point, she knew Eric would find a way to break her down when she needed him to.

His tongue’s course worked itself into a rhythm, its tip suddenly working across all the right spots. She gently turned her head to either side, her breathing picking up as it seemed he had figured out exactly how to maximize her already affected tissues. Drawing her fingers through his hair with no specific order in mind, she heaved fuller chests of air. Pulling at the back of his head, she yanked his face forward, trying to convey to him, without speaking, how she was building inside and how good he was making her feel. But every glorious build was followed by a twinging moment when it got too intense. And when this happened, she pushed down on the top of his head, another silent gesture that told him it had become too intense to enjoy. Eric paced his tongue to accommodate her until she made one specific reaction. And when she made that reaction, he drove her straight upward to the summit, ignoring her fussing from that point forward.

The reaction he was looking for? When she shuddered and the new level of wetness that followed thereafter.

Mia closed her eyes and tilted her head back on the pillow, struggling to decide between yanking his head forward or pushing his head away. But when she shuddered, she grabbed the hair on the top of his head, clutched her fingers into fists and squeezed as she pushed down. It was at that moment that Eric slid his arms under the back of her legs, grabbed her wrists and pinned them to the mattress on either side of her as he concentrated the motions of his tongue on her clit and the very top of the outer lips of her labia – her most sensitive spots.

Mia began a series of defensive moves to try to get away as she knew that Eric was going to drive her straight through the intensity, forcing her to climax and, in doing so, weakening her for what would follow. First, she moved her frame up on the bed, trying to pull herself away from his mouth, but he simply crawled up the bed after her until the top of her head was flat up against the head board. Then she shifted her hips and trying to turn over, but Eric simply put his shoulders into the top of her hamstrings, preventing her from moving at all.

Her breathing had picked up but had done so with short gasps as she tried to speak, but she couldn’t decide if she wanted to say “Please stop” or “Please don’t stop” as one moment to the next tossed her back-n-forth between pleasure and overwhelming pleasure. So she said nothing. Then she shuddered again, a new stream of juice slickening her sweetness. She whimpered aloud and then tried to escape from him again, bending her knees and placing her feet flat on their soles as she raised the center of her body up off the mattress. But Eric simply got to his knees and pushed upward, her feet being lifted off the mattress as her legs dangled back and over his shoulders.

His tongue began a much quicker and rougher series of teases as her gasping whimpers rippled out of her at the same rate that her frame shook at. And as she climbed to the summit, helpless but to follow the orgasm to its full-arrival, she submitted to what she wanted to do and what she needed to do, knowing that punishment would follow. Mia gave up on the whimpering and started moaning as she swelled and tightened and then came for him. Her moans gave way to louder ones as her body went limp and she became subdued by the pleasure.

As she ballooned down from the climax, Eric lowered her back onto the mattress, flipping her over onto her belly. Mia turned her head to the side, looking over at the diaper sitting on his nightstand as she crossed her wrists at her lower back. Smiling, she knew what was about to happen and happily she would accept the punishment now.

“Little girls don’t cum like Big Girls,” Eric said with heavy breath as he grabbed her self-pinned wrists and held them tightly against her lower back, lifting his right hand into the air.

His right hand came down quickly, cracking squarely across both cheeks of her bottom – making her body bounce on the mattress as she buried her face in the pillow. Tears would shortly be following, but this time she wouldn’t try to get away. She had moaned, knowing that a spanking would be forthcoming for having done so. But it felt so right to open her voice and let out how good it all felt.

His right hand landed squarely on her bottom again, causing her to whimper out her first set of tears. It wasn’t really punishment to be spanked. Then again, it wasn’t really pleasure either. But somewhere in between them, she had found a way to purge everything that she needed to. And that was very much what this entire weekend had been about … purging and being forced to do so, not from the outside in, but rather, the opposite.

His hand landed on the back of her thighs and then on her bottom again and several more times until the sting had gone numb and her bottom was fire engine red. Eric turned her over onto her back, returning to a gentle demeanor as he placed the pacifier from her nightstand between her lips and wiped away her tears. Looking over at her nightstand, she smiled through her sniffles, realizing how her many pacifiers had been strategically placed all over the house – several in each room so that they were never out of arm’s reach.

Eric reached over to his night stand and picked up the diaper, unfolding it as she instinctively lifted her legs straight up in the air. She could feel the throbbing ache on her bottom and drifted into a submission – melting herself a bit further. Yeah, it had hurt being spanked. By my, oh my, it was worth it. Her first orgasm of the night would be a hard one to beat, though she knew Eric would find a way.

He took hold of her ankles and lifted her bottom up off the mattress a little to slide the back of the diaper up to the waist line at her lower lumbar. Then he lowered her bottom into the softness of her diaper, skipping the powder and parting her thighs to a spread lay. Mia nursed on her pacifier, looking up at him with a new sense of realization as he drew the front of the diaper up and into place – fastening the tapes at her hips and keeping her diaper loose. She whimpered, knowing that the lust, still burning brightly in his irises, meant that the first orgasm was only the warm-up.

“That’s a good girl,” Eric said lovingly as he positioned himself between her parted thighs, Mia reaching down and gripping his cock in her hands while shuddering at how rock hard he was and at the thought of being penetrated by him. “Little girls whimper. And little girls only cum for their Daddies.”

Keeping her eyes locked on him, she relaxed her frame as he pulled her diaper to the side and touched the tip of his stiffness to her opening, inserting just the head into her canal. And as always, her thoughts were subdued by the realization that she was about to be spread open widely. Mia was slick with her juices and Eric began the easy glide into her canal, filling her gently and slowly as he parted inclusive her tight hot swell on the way to their pelvic bones meeting. She could feel her heart pounding, at last to the point where it hurt and when each individual thumping beat could be seen on the surface of sternum. Holding himself inside her, he rose up somewhat on his knees, grabbing her hips and lifting her center slightly so he could slide in just a bit more. Mia whimpered with anticipation and pleasure. There was nothing more powerful than knowing she was now completely defenseless to him.

“That’s my baby. There she is,” Eric said with such a syrupy-sweet Daddy Voice that she shuddered, feeling her sweetness slickening again. “Look how meek you’re being for me, like a good girl. Daddy has trained you well, hasn’t he?”

Mia’s face went beet red again, feeling that sense of inferiority that always plagued her at work but cured her at home. And as he withdrew himself from her canal, she felt the spread inside lessening, reducing her back and calming her down. But before she had too much time to relax, he slid himself back inside her again.

“You’re so wet, Mia,” Eric whispered, his eyes filled with that passion that her emotions craved. “And you’re so tight.”

Mia bit down on the tip of the rubber nipple, pushing it forward a little so she could breathe more easily. And as his rock-hard condition slid back into her with the greatest of ease, she closed her eyes, arching her lower back as he penetrated – then heaving her chest up at him. Oh, how gentle he was being and oh, how wonderful he felt inside her. When his tip touched her cervix and their pelvic bones met, she wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him down on top of her. She smiled, pulling the pacifier back tightly to her lips to prevent any moaning from escaping her.

Eric began a slow but consistent motion of withdrawing from her and gliding back in, each time making her fuss a little bit at how good it felt. She wasn’t just the Princess of Touch but also the Princess of Gentle. But she knew that Eric had aggression within him that craved the roughness. Yet still, he controlled himself for her benefit, her pleasure and her enjoyment. Every motion rocked her body, making her frame move up-n-down the mattress – her breasts bouncing with the movement. And it seemed every pass gave her a greater bit of tightness as her body voluntarily prepared her for another climb to the summit. The building she enjoyed the most was the kind that started slowly and gently, staying that way and becoming more intense, but doing so at an incremental rate that she could handle. It made for a wonderful bit of smaller sensations along the way that speed, force and unbridled lust often passed over too quickly for her to relish.

As her second climb began to make its sharp turn upwards, she wrinkled her forehead, nursing on her pacifier as she fussed again. Placing her hands on the side of his face, she kept her gaze locked on him as his stiffness thickened a little, a sign that his ascent had begun as well. Embracing him tightly, she whimpered helplessly, not sure what else to do with her arms. And that always seemed to be the problem at moments like this. Sometimes, she wished she could cut her arms off temporarily as it seemed they always got in the way.

“I know this is overwhelming for you, baby. You’re so tight and Daddy’s cock is so girthy thick,” Eric said, addressing her fussiness but fueling it at the same time. “Show Daddy what a good girl you are.”

Mia’s breathing became erratic once again, gasping for air and exhaling it with whimpers, but never taking her eyes off him as he began an agonizingly slow in-n-out motion. Oh, how good he felt and oh, how powerful this summit climb would be.

“All that matters is cumming as hard as you can for Daddy,” Eric whispered with lustful sweetness, Mia’s mind turning further into mush as his glide kept pushing her upward. “But you’re just a BabyGirl. And Daddy understands if you can’t handle cumming at all.”

His words shot into her esteem like daggers, the final incentive to reduce her to nothing. And with a wanted helplessness now filling her mind, she felt her legs beginning to twitch. She wanted to tell him how much she loved him. She wanted to tell him how hard he was. She wanted to tell him how much she loved submitting to him and she wanted to tell him how she could no longer live without him. But she could no longer speak and the only noises she made were the whimpers that escaped around her pacifier and the utterances that were too incoherent for even her to understand.

Luckily, she wouldn’t be babbling for much longer as her whole body seized up. She wrapped her legs around his lower back more tightly, locking her ankles. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she pulled him down on her completely. And her canal tightened around his girth to a degree that was getting more unbearable with each second. Yet Eric kept his motions consistent, pushing harder to re-enter her and causing her core to spasm. Squeezing her eyes shut, she felt a dizziness that also spun her stomach. Her heart pounded with resounding thuds that made greater the pain they left. And as she reached the summit, the pleasure poured out of her core, traveling up her canal and washing out over her entire frame. She went limp, paralyzed to make any noise at all or to move at all until her canal finally released. Her second orgasm.

Eric kept a slow motion in-n-out of her as she teased her clit with her fingers, the glow of aftermath not be squandered on moments of recovery that could wait. And when she stopped teasing herself, Eric slowly began to withdraw himself for the last time. But Mia reached down and grabbed his retreating girth, shooting a look up at him that still possessed a lustful passion. And in her gaze, she silently conveyed her need for him to climb to the summit with her. She placed both her hands on either side of her head on the pillow and gazed up at him, spreading her legs apart as widely as she could. It was then that Eric’s heart began to pound to the degree that hers had pounded.

Grabbing both of her wrists and pinning them down, he slid his length back into her until their pelvic bones met again. Her eyes silent screamed at him “Fuck me”. She began to rock her hips, rolling her spine, arching her back and heaving her chest up at him – giving his erection further stimulation as she tightened her canal and squeezed him. Eric burned a lustful gaze down at her, his aggression beginning to come out.

And with swiftness, he withdrew himself from inside her before driving himself back in – picking up a quick pace that pounded exactly with each heartbeat. Mia was instantly overwhelmed and for once, was overjoyed to be so as she watched the adrenaline coursing through him and fueling his motions with roughness that made her whole body jolt with each thud. It was painful for her and very painful as she had begun to dry a little, but just as with her spanking of a short while ago, it hurt but it was well worth the pain. She could see the ecstasy in his eyes and the want that was finally being addressed. His girth thickened again, his grip of her pinned wrists unrelenting and strengthening. As she lay beneath him, being pounded into with avid force, she felt the drain of self beginning inside her, the sacrifice she was more than willing to make for him.

Eric had driven her upwards twice already, devoted an entire weekend to helping her to unwind from her experiences in a work place that took her for granted, melted her mind-n-soul in the process and now, she was going to return the favors to him – remembering his statement: “The third time will be the charm.”

She shuddered, feeling him thickening once more and angling himself to drive into her more fully. It was only a matter of seconds now and she felt her heart beginning to pound once more. Each thrust kept planting into her with the same force, as if Eric had been saving every ounce of his energy for this moment. Limp and going raw, Mia submitted to him with no hesitation – gazing back up at him with the same lost look in her eyes that she had the night she first met him.

And then his thrusts slowed a little as his gaze burned a new concentration. And when he found a new rhythm, her wetness returned, in preparation for receiving him. With a new slickness gliding his underside vein along her perineum edge, he tensed his hips and froze in place as Mia felt his orgasm arrive – his seeds shooting into her and coating her back wall with a hot sting that rocketed her straight up to that glorious summit. And with him there already, she became so overloaded with emotions that tears welled in her eyes and began to stream down her cheeks just as quickly.

Kneeling up, Eric lifted her up into his arms, her breasts smashing into his chest as she collapsed onto him. And he held her there, emptying every seed he had inside her. The immense heat emitting from his frame soothed her and wrapped around her like a blanket as if it were the source of her reason to live. They could feel each other’s hearts beating, pounding inside their chests.

And he was right. The third time was a charm. Mia was ravaged, raw and spent – completely melted and happy for the journey it took to get there. Looking at the engagement ring on her left hand, she thought of the journeys that still remained in their future together.

Oh, what a heart pounder.

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