Between the Ruffles

The Scent of a BabyGirlTaken from:
The Mia Series: Book Eight
“The Weekend of White-Hot Attention”
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here is a little story about time between the Big and the little – in the ruffles.


Between the Ruffles – 

Mia watched her Daddy from her current view point.  She was naked, bent over the kitchen counter, bound at the wrist in chicken wings with her diaper having fallen to her ankles and her bottom on fire … red-hot from ten lashes from his leather belt she would never forget.

Her Daddy reached into the first drawer next to the kitchen sink, taking out a white tea towel and putting in under running water.  Mia whimpered softly, knowing what was to come next.  For as glad as she was that she had given him a reason to break his promise of no spanking that weekend, she was already exhausted from the pain she had felt already.  And she knew that it wasn’t over yet.  There was more to come – in every filthy sense of the word.

As he walked back to her with the wet tea towel, she whimpered again, working her breathing into a heavy fuss.  It was so difficult to get worked up over something she wanted for both the pain in would bring as well as the relief afterwards.

“Big girls don’t fuss,” her Daddy said, teasing her as he squeezed some of the water out of the towel, allowing it to drip down onto the sting red throb she used to call her bottom.

She whimpered more loudly as the water dribbled over her enflamed skin, numbing it but not before giving it another round of stinging first.

“But you’re not a big girl, Mia,” Eric said with a rich syrupy Daddy Voice as he placed the wet tea towel on across both of her reddened cheeks.  “And I expect you to fuss.”

And fuss she did as he gently slid the wet tea towel down her bottom and to her inner thighs, there gently wiping away the wetness that had dripped from her perineum moments as he warped his leather belt on her.  Then, he drew the tea towel up between her legs, continuing its gentle draw upwards as it wiped away the wet sticky mess she had made of herself.  Ah, the humiliation of it all.  Mia never grew tired of it, not when it came from Eric, her beloved Daddy.

Taking hold of the end of the length of his belt, still wrapped around her wrists at her lumbar, he began to walk into the living room, untying her wrists and setting her down on the edge of the coffee table before easing her back onto its glass top.  The glass was cool from the autumn air in their house and gave her reddened bottom another bit of relief as it continued to numb.

But as she settled on the coffee table top, Eric took hold of her wrists again, crossing them underneath the coffee table and tying them together with his belt.  Then he stood up, eyeing his beautiful BabyGirl, her chest heaving from excitement, her heart noticeably beating fast, a slight band of sweat forming across her brow and a covering of goose bumps across her skin.

He stepped back and reached into his pants pocket, taking out his cell phone to capture her image at that moment.

“Legs up, baby,” he said gently as she bent her knees, drew them up and parted her thighs, a position she had been instructed to get into on many occasions and one that she craved to be forced into as well.

She closed her eyes as she heard his phone make that whistling noise it made when he took a picture of her.

“Don’t move, baby,” he said, reaching into his other pants pocket and taking out her pacifier before kneeling next to her.

“Yes, Daddy,” she whispered faintly as he placed the rubber nipple of her pacifier to her lower lip and watched her open her mouth to take it in.  “That’s a good girl.”

He kissed her forehead gently and then sat at the end of the coffee table, placed his hands on her hips and leaned in to her center.

Mia closed her eyes again, moaning into her pacifier as the tip of his tongue touched her clit, gently flicking up-n-down and sending new sensations into her core.

“Big girls don’t moan, Mia,” Eric said quickly, then returning to his task.

She bit down on the rubber nipple in her mouth for a number of reasons.  When her Daddy was too gentle with her, she had two options, either cry or moan.  The sensations were too gentle for her to process without reacting.  Her upper arms, pinched against the sides of the table were suffering from a slight loss of blood flow and she felt this effect all the way down to her fingertips as she wiggled them to keep them from going numb.  The back of her thighs, already partially numbed from the spanking, were beginning to tremble as her hamstrings tightened to ensure she followed her Daddy’s direction of not moving.

And in the middle – her core, her wetness and her arousal were being gently but quickly heightened.  She shuddered as the first bit of arousal released the tiniest little ping of pleasure.  It rushed out of her and washed over her frame, albeit a tiny ripple but still a gratifying one.  he had a slow burn about him at the moments when he knew she would be most affected by it.  It was another one of those things that had made his attention this weekend truly white-hot.

When she shuddered a second time, his mouth moved downward, tracing the softness of her outer labia from her hood to her perineum and every little place in between.  She could feel her swell beginning to arrive and with the next rush of wetness, her sensors were going off, left and right, each one filling her with a little more build for arousal.  Opening her eyes wide, she stared up at the living room ceiling, knowing exactly what she could now expect.

There were some things in a girl’s mind that would truly remain a mystery, even to her – from the reason for sudden emotions to how to deal with them.  But there were other things, other thoughts in a girl’s mind that she understood so clearly that there were no words to describe them – only the knowledge that she could see into the future, in a sense.  Lying there with her legs up, her arms tied, her lips frantically nursing on her pacifier, her chest heaving for air, her heart beating so heavily that her blood began to rush more quickly to feed it and her arousal beginning to peak with an intensity unimaginable, she knew that the orgasm shortly forthcoming would overwhelm her to the point of hysteria.  If she had told him this, she would’ve felt foolish.  But as the orgasm arrived, she smiled brightly behind her pacifier, glad she hadn’t said a word because … there were some things that only a girl could truly appreciate.

The muscles of her core tightened and she bit down on the rubber nipple as she arched her lower back as high as her restrained frame would allow.  She tried desperately to whimper instead of moan, but what came was a mixture of both sounds, the closest noise she could make to what he instructed to do.  And when the muscle in her core released, she began frantically rocking her hips, her hamstrings screaming for relief from their tightened muscles.  But even the parts of her body that had gone numb would need to wait at this point.  There was something pouring out of her that felt too good to allow distractions to hamper. 

As one ripple of pleasure arrived and rushed out of her, the next followed shortly, their wavelengths overlapping more and more as her entire body began to twitch.  Her pacifier fell from her lips and she gasped for air as she screamed at the top of her lungs.  If she could’ve moved her legs at that moment, she would’ve wrapped them around him.  If her arms weren’t tied, she would’ve grabbed his hair and forced his face further in between her legs, holding him there until he raised her up to a summit – higher, it seemed, than she had ever reached.

Oh, yes.  There were some things in life and in a girl’s mind that couldn’t truly be expressed with sweet words, but rather, with deafening screams.

He kept stimulating her for a while longer until she could no longer scream and she simply twitched as the orgasm drew her into exhaustion.  Then and only then, did he release her – sitting up, untying her arms, lowering her legs and lifting her off the coffee table, onto the sofa.

“Relax, baby,” he said, catching his breath as he returned the pacifier to her mouth.  “I’ve only just begun.”

Then, Eric stood up and walked back into the bedroom.  Lying there in exhaustion, Mia’s mind traveled back to the fresh memories:

Paralyzed until he had released her from her own orgasm, Mia had emptied out every bit of unlady-like noise she could’ve made.  And for once, she was glad that she hadn’t sounded like a Big Girl or like a little girl, but rather, as Eric’s passion – between the ruffles.

Lying on the sofa, still ballooning down from the summit, she felt the blood rushing back into her arms and legs, giving that initial sensation of needles as the vessels reopened.  It was another simultaneous mixture of pain and relief.  And it only encouraged her to focus in on the images in her mind of what Eric had just done to her.  It had become more than just white-hot at this point, more than even red-hot.  And she didn’t care at all that her thoughts seemingly melted into each other.  She was limp.  She was exhausted. She was naked and swollen and aching.  And she couldn’t have been happier.

Quickly, however, she relived the memories so she could focus in on what was still to come.  Eric had disappeared back the hallway into their bedroom, but he would return very shortly, expecting her to be ready for him.  Reaching down between her legs, she felt the wet mess she had become and, teasing herself to keep the arousal fresh, she softly whimpered into her pacifier, enjoying the afterglow as well as the anticipation of reaching a higher summit yet that night and yet before her weekend of White-Hot Attention came to an end.

Her breathing slowed as she was able to tease herself with a gentler speed so as to not miss any of the late-arriving twitches.  Her whimpers became calmer as she began nursing on her pacifier and closing her eyes to capture those fleeting glimpses of fresh sensation.  Had she kept her eyes open, she might’ve noticed that Eric had already returned and was watching her play with herself.

But in the flash of a second, she suddenly felt his weight upon her.  Grabbing her hands and pinning them above her head on the sofa and parting her still-numbed thighs with his knees before positioning his lay directly over top of her.

His burned with a lust of his own, one that had been building since the moment they got home.  And, feeling the stiffness of his tip as it touched her slickened and swollen opening, she knew that a higher summit would be met.

He kept that gaze in his eyes, that mesmerizing and alluring look, as he slowly penetrated her aching core, spreading her open on the inside as she gasped for air.  This was another addiction Mia had that she never wanted the remedy for.  Though it was overwhelming to be parted within, it was still the one feeling she thought about more than any other.  And as his stiffness continued its slow drive into her, she heaved her chest up, trying to arch herself through her exhaustion so he could fill her all the way in.

He felt so thick, as if his girth had expanded even more when he penetrated her.  And his first withdrawal overwhelmed her with relief as much as it made her crave his return back in.  She was as slick as could be, shivering more wetness with each pass.  And his slow thrusts became easy glides as she swelled around him, trying to tighten her canal and grip him from each withdrawal.  But no matter whether she openly welcomed him in or tried to prevent him from leaving, her mind was set on the summit she could feel herself building towards.

She started to shake all over, the first sign of another trembling orgasm’s arrival.  And without missing that moment of her distraction, he pulled himself out of her canal, flipped her over on her back and re-inserted his stiffness back into her wet opening, now pressing his underside vein along the front wall of her core.  She whimpered faintly behind her pacifier as she felt him thicken again, then reaching underneath herself and beginning to tease her clit.

They had begun climbing to the summit together.  Her whimpers grew stronger and he kept driving into her fully, pinning her lower back down as he angled in her and passed himself over the ruffles that harbored her g-spot.  And when he hit the mark, she came for him, harder than when he ate her out and with a continued stream of begging for him to not stop.

Eric obliged, feeling his orgasm driving him upwards, too.  And as she trembled beneath him, through a twitching series of pleasures, he increased his pace, pulling the wetness from her and pounding himself into her.  Her orgasm came and went.  And then her second orgasm arrived, this one with a greater bit of pain at its onset as she began to dry up and was being pounded into rawness.

Her whimpers decreased as she concentrated on the pain.  But that pain was short-lived as he thickened once more and then erupted inside, his seeds stinging her on the inside with their heat.  Easing herself down onto the sofa, she welcomed the paralysis this time as she experienced what it felt like to not only be physically taken, but mentally taken as well.  His ripples of seeds were thick and felt heavy inside her – a sensation that overwhelmed her one final time as they collapsed together in one more balloon ride down from the climax of a weekend of White-Hot Attention.

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