All’s Well that Ends Well

Mia 7Taken from:

The Mia Series: Book Seven
The Weekend of “Signs”
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here is a story about wishing through worries and going where the waters lead you.

All’s Well that Ends Well –

Mia placed one foot directly in front of the other, holding her sandals in one hand and stretching her arms straight out from her sides to keep balance as she walked along the same tiny stone trail as a few months ago.  Eric followed behind her, smiling at her free-spirited charm.  The trail led up the same hill they traveled before to the same old abandoned well where Mia made a wish.  But last time, the coin she tossed in was a random one he took from his pocket.  This time, the penny between her fingers was lucky.  It had to be.  She was sure of it.  She found it heads up.  And last time, she made a wish.  This time, she had returned with a dream come true, holding her hand as she stepped up onto the edge of the well.

“Do you remember the last time we were here?” Eric asked, keeping her steady as she placed careful steps in front of one another.

“Yes,” Mia answered with a whisper as she circled the top edge of the stone well.

“And what did you wish for then?” Eric asked with a gentle tone, knowing how sentimental she could get.

“I wished to be married to the one and only person in this world whom I knew would love me – no matter what happened,” Mia answered with a smile as she turned to face him, draping her arms around his neck.  “I wished for my Prince Charming.”

“And how did that work out for you?  Did you ever meet him?” Eric asked with playfulness as he wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her down off the edge of the well.

She hugged him tightly, pressing into him.

“I hope so,” Mia whispered with a small, trembling voice.

She would’ve done anything to rid herself of the cold feet she had.  And for as much as the engagement ring on her finger made her the happiest little girl in the world, it served as a constant reminder of a decision that would be permanent.  She was tremendously happy, but also overwhelmed.  And there she remained with what she was certain was nothing more than cold feet.  But how to rid herself of that feeling was something that really made her feel helpless.

How would Eric take it if she told him she felt certain in her heart but still uncertain in her mind? 

And how many times did her “over-thinking” cause issues, cause her to make steps misguided, taking a sure thing and ruining it? 

Was it any different this time with Eric? 

Did he feel “forever and a day” the same way she did? 

Ohhh.  Why was she having these doubts? 

Why all the sudden was she asking answered questions again? 

Was she destined to reach a “happily ever after” or was she simply supposed to journey for the rest of her life as a dreamer?

Eric rocked her gently in his arms, rubbing his left hand up and down her thin sun dress.  She wanted, hoped and prayed for a sign – something tangible to tell her she hadn’t made the same mistake again.  Eric gave her no reason to doubt, but her over-active mind always did.  For once, she wasn’t going to squander her chances by speaking her mind.  She wasn’t going to pass up a gift that luck had given.

“You don’t need to hope so, BabyGirl.  I’d like to be your Prince Charming.  And if you’ll accept me, then your wish has been granted,” Eric whispered, kissing the top of her head.

She raised an eyebrow at the thought.

“I think it’s time you make a new wish then,” he whispered to her, patting bottom before turning her around to face the well.

Mia sets her sandals on the edge of the well and opened her right hand, the heads-up penny still in her palms.  She picked the coin up, holding it up and closing her eyes.

“That a girl,” Eric whispered into her ear.

Mia held her hand out over the well and released the penny, opening her eyes to watch it fall.  Eric wrapped his arms around her from behind and she shrunk back into his envelop.

“Do you feel better?” Eric asked with a gentle whisper.

“Yeah,” Mia said with a smile as she turned around to face, stood up on her tippy toes and kissed him.

Then thunder rolled in the sky above and lightning struck at the other end of the park.  A wind picked up and a downpour came out of nowhere – all in a split second.  Mia grabbed her sandals from the well’s edge and hopped up onto Eric’s back and he made a piggy-back sprint down the hill to the car.  He opened the back door and they quickly got inside.

“I didn’t wish for rain, Daddy!  I swear!”  Mia said with sincerity.

They both paused for a moment before breaking out into laughter.

“Well, I hope not,” Eric laughed.

They looked out the windows at a sudden downpour that had become torrential.  Though, it was a short sprint back to the car, they were both soaked – Mia especially so, having been riding his back.

“Well,” Eric said, watching the downpour continue.  “I guess we’re not going anywhere for a while.”

“Good,” Mia said with a twinkle in her eye as she lifted the drenched spaghetti strap dress off her frame before straddling his thighs and thumping her diaper bottom down on his lap.  “Let’s pick up where we left off.”

And with that, she slid her bent knees forward, pressing her diapered mound into his waist as she returned to the planted kiss they were in when thunder struck.  She took both of her hands to the sides of his face, sliding her fingers back into his wet hair and dragging her nails down his scalp.

“May me cry,” Mia said with a low growl and a glare in her eyes.

She was looking for a way to purge emotions that were too much for her to handle.  Whereas she was at least revealing to him that something was bothering her, it didn’t make it any easier to figure out what it was.  And the fact that she was asking to be broken down was just as painful on his heart as it was to hear.

“Please?” she asked with a tone far less assertive as she grinded her diapered mound into his waist.

Her irises were still as beautiful to him as the first time he looked into them, even though they showed tough emotions just then.  The moment of decision was at hand.

“Take my belt off,” he said, lowering his chin slightly and gazing back at her.

And it began.  She slid her knees back, reaching down to his buckle without taking her eyes off him.  She slid the leather end out of the loop and then out of the buckle.  Gripping the buckle, she started pulling on the belt, slowly sliding it out of each loop at his waist.  She took a smooth length of the leather in her hand as she continued to draw it out.  Sliding herself across the top of her thighs, she felt the first of many twinges between her legs.  Oh, how he had already commanded her thoughts.  And in moments of trepidation, she craved not being in control of anything.

She kept her eyes on him as she lifted the belt up.  He took it out of her hands and set it on the seat.  More thunder and lightning struck outside.  And the downpour continued, drumming heavily on the roof of the car.  Reaching down to his waist again, she unfastened the button of his pants and then lowered his zipper.  Reaching inside his pants and through his boxers, she gently wrapped her right fingers around his girth, squeezing him to pulse as she felt her arousal rising with his.

Drawing his stiffness out of his pants, she stroked his length slowly, knowing that she would hear that word repeatedly before long.  Her eyes burned with lust just as his did and she made no bones about obeying him.   To be truly broken, she knew she would have to get to the point of giving up and giving up willingly.

He nodded slightly and she rose up on her knees, keeping his cock tightly gripped with her right hand and she reached down between her legs with her left hand, slipped her finger under the elastic edging at her right inner thigh and pulled the diaper to the side.  She kept the locked gaze with him as she directed his tip between her legs, touching it to her opening.  She could feel her swell and sitting down just a bit she inserted his tip inside her.  Her poise washed off her face as she gasped at the initial feel of being parted open.  Shuddering at the thought of what was to come, she felt herself getting wet.

Oh, she wanted to pounce down on him as fast and as furiously as she could, but she didn’t.  And there she would wait, with his tip ready to travel up inside her.  The ache to drop the modesty was growing and her legs began to tremble from the position she was being forced to hold.  Her breathing quickened and became heavy as her irises grew desperate to glide down onto him.  But the purpose of the tease was to work her out of the state of mind she was in and lead her into the one he wanted for her.

Her breathing became erratic as her heartbeat raced.  Soft pouting came from behind her lips and a frown formed on her face along with a wrinkled brow.  Though submission had become natural, she had lost her reaction to acceptance.  And she knew he wouldn’t allow her to go anything further until all traces of a coming tantrum were gone.  But their gaze had lasted so long at this point that she couldn’t close her eyes to pass the thought off.  And she would remain there for what seemed like forever until at last, he finally nodded.

“Slowly,” he whispered softly as she released his girth from her right grip.

Keeping the gaze with him, she lowered her hips, taking in a deep breath of air as she slid further and further down his shaft.  She could feel him parting her open inside, making wide that which was tight.  It was overwhelming every time, but the one thing she thought about the most throughout each day – other than the summit they would reach together at the end.

Thumping down finally, her pelvic bone connected with his.  And she relaxed her entire body, basking in the sensations coming from her core.  There were few moments like that one – when being his submissive BabyGirl was more than just of mind and heart and soul, but also of breath and body.  It was then that she could not only feel the emotions but also the physical touch of being his possession – a diminutive view of self, but one that she obsessed to become for him each time.

She sat back up and moved her hips upward, withdrawing him slowly from her canal.  A mixture of relief from stretch and stimulation to all the right place along the way made for the reason behind the first small whimper that escaped her lips through her exhale.  Being a girl sometimes meant she was a jumbled mess of emotions – another bit of acceptance she bore.  But little did she care how jumbled she became – because she had a bond with him that would always set her head and her heart right.  And how she got there was as fulfilling as was intense.

Sliding back down his length, she shuddered again, feeling her sweetness get just a bit wetter – enabling the glide down to go easier.  It was as much agony for her to obey the understood slow as it was invigorating to feel her will power wavering.  But it was always this struggle that gave crystal clarity to her place by his side.  The summit filled both their gazes and as he pulsed inside her, she lifted her hips, beginning to withdraw him again when a stream of pleasure rushed out of her core.  She froze at half-mount, tightening her canal and bracing herself as a wave of ripple sensation washed out over her frame.  She whimpered through caught breath, wanting it to stop but at the same time wanting it to continue – another dilemma she craved.

But soon her canal tightened on its own as her first orgasm arrived, making painful her grip of his girth.  She whimpered more rapidly, forcing the rest of his withdraw before obediently penetrating herself with his length again.  And on the way down, she felt him thicken – the first sign that his arousal was building ever-closer to a summit climb.  She shuddered again and slickened again, thumping her pelvic bone on him again and trying desperately to continue obeying the understood slow.  But it was getting harder, just like he was.

Then her second orgasm arrived on the retreating heels of her first and with his full length inside her, her canal tightened around him on its own with no prompting from her.  Her whimpers turned to heavier moans as the agony of tightness seemed to grow stronger with each passing second.  Feeling her stamina lessening, she obediently raised her hips up, starting to withdraw him again but finding it more difficult to free him from her tightness.

Her breathing grew to its heaviest amount yet and her moans were now a steady stream of noise that rivaled the drumming raindrops above and the thunder in the stormy skies.  As she journey her canal back down onto him, his left hand appeared in front of her face, slipping the nipple of her pacifier between her lips.  She bit down on the nipple take the pacifier in her mouth as her eyes began to soften.  She slid all the way down to pelvic bones again, this time arching the small of her back a bit to enable him to slid deeper inside her yet.

Then her third orgasm arrived.  Her canal tightened more so than before and as she felt him thicken for a second time, she whimpered into her pacifier with a renewed sense of fuss that left just as quickly as it appeared.  His locked gaze spoke to her and she found herself caught between a fast-approaching fourth orgasm and the decision to give up.  His eyes were piercing straight into her soul and she suddenly relaxed her frame as he grabbed her wrists and pinned them behind her to her lower back.  Arching her back and heaving her chest, she leaned backwards as far as she could, feeling him drive into her with a greater depth still.  And that was the moment he took control of her.

He stiffened inside her and then erupted his seeds, ravaging her senses and making her incapable of separating the waves of pleasure that rippled out of her core.  She screamed deafeningly into her pacifier, on the nipple for as long as she could to keep it in her mouth.  But within a few seconds she needed air more than anything else.  Spitting the pacifier out of her mouth, she sat up collapsing onto him and breaking her wrists free of his grip to wrap her arms around his neck and scratch his back with her nails.

They reached the summit together.  She shuddered, seized up, tightened and came for him one last time.  But he continued withdrawing from her and then forcing himself back in, driving home her final task of succumbing her energy to him as well.  And he would drain her until her eyelids drooped to half-mast from the spend.  And as they ballooned down together, she went limp, remaining penetrated until he had emptied himself completely inside her.

He held her in his arms, returning the pacifier to her lips after she caught her breath and cradling her nothing but frame as she twitched through aftershocks of tightness and release.  He never took his eyes off her and as her heartbeat lowered, she finally cried.

Minutes later, she found herself lying on the front seat, curled up in the fetal position and using his right thigh as a lap as he started the car.  All was well that ended well and not just in the sense of an orgasm, but also for the relief from cold feet – if only just for the rest of this night.  Tomorrow would be the next challenge, but would build off of the memories of that very moment.

As he pulled out onto the highway and started heading for home, Mia remained on the front seat, still reveling in the afterglow, but staring up at the starry sky – free from the storm it had waged tonight as well.  Looking up through the moon roof, she saw a shooting star and repeated the wish she made at the well.

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