Fancy Feet

The Scent of a BabyGirlTaken from:
The Mia Series: Book Eight
“The Weekend of White-Hot Attention”
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here is a little story about doing what you’ve never done before and about doing it with a gracefulness you knew you had, all along.


Fancy Feet

Mia sat perfectly still in the passenger’s seat as they drove to the ice skating rink at the local university a few towns away.  Being calm enough to not fidget was a feat in itself for her – given how attentive Eric had been this weekend thus far.  And now, early Sunday evening, Mia would know what it felt like when white-hot attention met her tummyflies, but this time she would be able to keep her grace … and a little modesty about it.  Or so she believed as they pulled into the skating rink parking lot.

In her hands were the white fuzzy ear muffs, white knitted mittens and white knitted scarf – all that matched the winter coat she wore as well as the white-hot theme of this weekend.  Looking down at the skating outfit Eric had dressed her in, her tummyflies began yet another waltz inside her.  The outfit was skin tight with long sleeves and a flouncy ruffled skirt attached at the bottom.  Ice skating was a hobby she had taken up when she was college a few years ago.  She actually had become quite good at it, but never joined any team nor competed in any way.  It wasn’t about some Olympic dream for her.  Instead, it was just about having fun, about skating gracefully across the ice and feeling that rush of excitement along with that rush of wind.  But tonight’s go-arounds on the ice would also include another rush.

She put the ear muffs on and then the mitts and then the scarf, wrapping it around her neck as she opened the passenger’s door and stood up out of the car.  Beginning to fasten the front of the coat, she suddenly paused when Eric reached down and unfastened the zipper.  Looking up at him with confusion, her heart began to skip a beat when she saw the Bambino diaper in his hands – already unfolded.

“Shh, shh, shh,” Eric shushed as he placed the rubber nipple of her pacifier to her lower lip.

Submissively, she parted her lips and took the nipple in her mouth, immediately nursing on it as he reached inside her coat and around her to lift up the ruffled skirt.  Oh, how she tingles inside and in all the right places.  But it wasn’t a new tingle for Eric putting her in a diaper right before they went somewhere out-n-about.  It was for the fact that she was already wearing a diaper – a Depends diaper, to be exact.  And inside that Depend diaper was an insert.  Wearing this would enable her to skate more easily.  But as she stood, holding her arms out while Eric fastened  the Bambino around her waist, she felt the double-diapered bulk between her legs, knowing that even her most subtle pirouettes to come would bring her attention for sure.  And likely, it would be white-hot at that.

“That’s a good girl,” Eric whispered as he gave her double-diapered bottom a swift pat before zipping up the front of her coat.

She then stepped into her embrace and wrapped her arms around him, wanting so much to gush from within, to tell him how much she loved him and how much she had always craved white-hot attention her entire life.  But the words could become unjumbled in her little heart and all she could do was whimper into her pacifier, hoping that her Daddy realized that her whimpers weren’t always because she was fussing.  Sometimes, they were the little sounds that escaped her when she just couldn’t put to words how happy she was to be overwhelmed by him.

He took the pacifier from her lips, placed it in her right front coat pocket and zipped the pocket shut.  And then they began crossing the parking lot towards the building.  Draped over his right shoulder were both sets of ice skates.  And this made Mia smile, knowing that he wasn’t very good at skating when she met him, but he had continue to improve every time they went skating.  And for as much as she knew that he didn’t like to ice skate or even roller skate, it warmed her heart to see that he doing it – not to conquer his inabilities but more so, just because she loved skating.  And he wanted to be there with her.

Holding his hand, Mia waddled alongside him, keeping a firm grip on the lower hem of the back of her coat as those usual paranoids entered her thoughts.  This wasn’t her first waddling out-n-about and it wouldn’t be her last.  And part of the fascination with being submissive as she went into public situations with the possibility of becoming sticky was that each time she did it, she got a bit further with acceptance.  And some day, she’d fully embrace a complete lack of free will.  It was as much of a fantasy to her as it was a reality … or so she hoped.

But regardless, she kept her free hand on the lower hem of the back of her coat.  And as they neared the rink’s front entrance, her fidgety nature returned, just in time for her to finally get a handle on her bulky waddle.  Even as they walked in the front door and as she had conquered the waddle, she knew it would be short-lived.  It took entirely too much concentration to keep doing, not with a heart full of littleness about to erupt when she saw the rink ice and fresh memories of a weekend still going strong with white-hot attention.

She didn’t crinkle for once, being double-diapered and with an insert.  But as Eric had her take a seat on the edge of rink and as the cold air in the small arena rushed over her naked legs, she felt the same thing she always felt when got cold – the need to be as comfortable as possible and in this sense, the need to pee.

Eric began to unlace her sneakers.  With enough material taped tightly around her waist and pressing in slightly on her bladder, the need grew with urgency.  And as she began to take in the excitement of the ice skating to come, her mind ventured backwards to her college days and how she would go to the ice rink as soon as it opened each day – making a second trip to it after it closed each night. 

Even before she embraced a BabyGirl’s way of life, Mia already had the natural charms that made the answer of yes the only thing anyone said to her – particularly Uncle Charlie – the endearing name she gave to the guy who closed the ice rink at her college each night.  He would lock the doors, but would allow her another half hour on the ice by herself, sometimes even playing music for her to skate to.

Letting out a small whimper, she felt her bladder give way as the insert and inner diaper began to fill with a warmth and wetness she had come to accept in her daily routine.  But her face turned a soft shade of red, making clear to Eric what had happened.  He smiled at her knowingly, sliding her left foot into her skate and beginning to lace it tightly.  The skates were a similar shade of everything she had been wearing, their tops reaching above her ankle and part way up her lower leg.  And while sitting there in helpless condition, her heart finally unscrambled the word jumble.

“I love you, Daddy,” Mia whispered, her cheeks blushing redder as she felt her diaper beginning to fill further with wetness – a sense of submission she fantasized about until it happened.  “And I love every little thing you do to me.  I’m really lucky to have you.”

Eric smiled again, having just received a little bit of what a Daddy gets out of being a Daddy.  Sliding her right foot into the second skate, he began to lace it up with the same attention to detail as the first.  Mia watched him with another reflection on the way of the day she informed him of how important it was to lace the skates right – going so far as to show him how detailed he needed to be.  It was uncommon to find a guy who paid such attention to detail, let alone attention to her that could truly refine what whitehot meant.  But as Mia had learned, it was actually quite common to find that in a guy who had the heart of a Daddy.  And it was always the clearest indication to her that Eric was definitely a keeper.  He was the Daddy she never knew she was looking for … until she found him.

Standing to his feet, Eric joined hands with her and helped her up, holding her steady until she found her balance.

“I’m the lucky one, BabyGirl,” Eric said softly.  “And everyone who will watch you melt this ice will see the reason why.  I couldn’t ask for anything more than you.”

Giving her double-diapered bottom a pat, he watched her begin her first glides as she made her way to the center of the rink.  She stopped on point and gathered her balance, also secretly taking another moment to finish up peeing – but she was graceful and wouldn’t let on that she was letting go … at least not to anyone but Eric.  She smiled sweetly, keeping her eyes lowered to her feet, knowing that if she looked up at him, she lose her focus and become flustered.

But almost as if Eric had planned it, a song started to play in the arena that she loved – I Could Not Ask For More – an upbeat song by an artist named Edwin McCain.  And as she recognized the tune, she looked up at her Daddy who gave her a broad grin and wink.

How did he do that?  How did he know?  And as she pushed off her back leg, she winked back at him as he sat along the edge of the rink, putting his skates on to join her.  Skating past him, she positioned her hips for a dazzling bit of ice skating that would certainly melt all.

The song went into the first verse and Eric watched her gracefully cut into the ice, the little ruffled skirt at the bottom of her outfit fluttering as he knew it would, but not drawing real attention to her other than a flash of white as she completed one loop.

Looking in your eyes, seeing all I need
Everything you are is everything to me
These are the moments – I know Heaven must exist
These are the moments I know all I need is this
I have all I’ve waited for – And I could not ask for more

And then the song went to the chorus as Mia went up in air for her first of many twirls.

I could not ask for more than this time together
I could not ask for more than this time with you
Every prayer has been answered.  Every dream I have’s come true
And right here in this moment is right where I’m meant to be
Here with you here with me

She was angelic in her movements, stealing attention without trying and without wanting any of it, except that from Eric.  He finished tying his shoes and stood to his feet as she skated to the center of the rink to wait for him.  With a little less grace than her, he glided out to her side as the chorus began again.  They placed their hands at each other’s’ hips, spinning to the beat of the song.

Then she broke away from him, building up speed as she jumped into the air.  Spinning in two completely circles, she landed gracefully on one skate, making her way back to him as the bridge of the song brought its crescendo to her own.  And as she skated passed him, she patted his bottom before building up speed again.

These are the moments I thank God that I’m alive
These are the moments I’ll remember all my life
I’ve got all I’ve waited for
And I could not ask for more

And with the song at its peak, sending music swirling throughout the arena, Mia cut the ice as she got to the one end.  Turning around, she looked back at Eric who had skated all the way to the opposing end of the rink.  And the look in his eyes spoke to her, saying: “Come to me, BabyGirl.  Leave no ice beneath your feet and do what you have never done before.”

In all of the trips Mia had taken to ice rinks, she had never landed a spin where she made three complete revolutions in the air.  But her gaze back her Daddy told him that she was about to do more than hit that triple spin and melt this rink.  Building up speed to the center of the rink, she suddenly turned around backwards, closed her eyes, took a deep breath to satisfy her heavily-beating heart and leapt into the air.

Her momentum upward straightened her out and as she snapped her head around, completing the first half-turn, she could eyes with Eric who suddenly realized what she was attempting to do.  Her thoughts led back to the first time he kissed her and how she felt something at that very moment she never felt before.

Following her momentum into the first full turn, she snapped her head around again as her jump reached its height.  Locking eyes with her Daddy again, she remembered the first time he regressed her emotions, ushering her senses into the dynamic she now relied on for purpose in each heartbeat.

As she began to descend from the Heavens, she followed her momentum again, snapping her head around yet again for completion of the second complete turn.  This was usually when she faltered, but being held up with a love of such depth that it was only meant for one other person in this world, she drew from her Daddy’s belief in her and closed her eyes, following her momentum around as she completed the first half of the third complete loop.

Knowing she had accomplished three turns, she thought for a split second of landing then, still facing away from him as she was when she jumped into the air.  But always being told by him to face towards her future while remembering the past, she snapped her head around one more time.  Placing her left foot down, she felt her skate connect with the ice.  Opening her eyes, she found her balance of grace.  And then a smile formed across her face, from ear-to-ear as she skated into her Daddy’s waiting arms to hear him sing the ending button of the song to her while twirling around with her.

“I could not ask for more than the love you give me.  ‘Cause it’s all I’ve waited for …,” he softly sang to her while twirling around in circles.Quite dizzy for the moment, she clung to him as he held her up, the ever-present, ever-ready Daddy that he was – prepared to be strong when she was weak.  She looked up at him as the song neared the end, his eyes melting her as he placed his left hand on her double-diapered bottom, patting her gently.

“… And I could not ask for more …,” he sang softly, gazing back into her eyes.

They skated slowly for a few more songs, Mia being overwhelmed with emotion while being overwhelmed with the praise that not only Eric was smothering her with but also every person who skated up to her.  She had done it, landing a spin that had three and a half revolutions to it.  Nothing would ever take that away from her.

And she didn’t do it for Olympic dreams or a sea of watchers.  She did it for Eric.  And she did it for herself.  She was the princess of that ice rink and was as happy as could be – almost as if she had found the ultimate happiness

… Mia & her Fancy Feet.

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