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The Mia Series: Book Five

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here’s a story from its pages where Mia finally sees that vulnerability is a scary word only when you have something to fear.



Eric unlocked the front door and they walked in.  Mia was twirling and buzzing inside.  She had been wined and dined and was so thoroughly captivated with the kindness of her Daddy, she couldn’t have been made any happier or been made to feel any more complete.

Or so she thought …

“Did you enjoy your weekend of cravings, Mia?” Eric asked, setting his keys and wallet on the kitchen counter.

“Yes, Daddy,” she answered, softly and sweetly.

“It’s soon time to get you ready for bed,” he said, switching to the syrupy Daddy tone which always made her knees weak.

“Yes, Daddy,” she said softly, opening the refrigerator door.

Eric walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist, his left hand continuing up onto her right breast.  She froze in place, feeling his grip on her while taking in the energy and heat she could feel coming off him.

“Soon … but not yet,” he whispered into her ear.

He reached into the refrigerator and picked up a strawberry from the peck they bought yesterday.

“Open, BabyGirl,” he whispered, touching the strawberry to her lips.

She opened her mouth and took the whole thing in her mouth, biting down and leaving its leaves between his fingers.

“Chew your food, little girl,” he whispered with a low tone as she chomped down on the strawberry.

The juice from the strawberry leaked out of the corners of her mouth as she shut the refrigerator door and turned to face.  He backed her up into the door and slid his hands up alongside her face, wiping the strawberry juice from her chin as he fingers trailed up into her hair.

She swallowed the strawberry and lowered her chin, closing her eyes and placing her hands gently around his forearms.  Her tummy was trembling and her heart was beating strongly.  She loved the effect he had on her and his hands always gripped her with power but also gentleness – that mixture of care which made her feel submissive and little at the same time.

His fingertips pressed into her temples and traveled to the back of her head, sending the sensations of a massage across her scalp and down her back.

She tingled and whimpered softly.

“That’s a good girl,” Eric whispered, his tone remaining sweet but moving towards an urge she was also feeling.  “You’re not properly dressed anymore, Baby.”

His right hand reached behind her and grabbed the bottom hem of her sundress, gathering the material up as he raised his hand up her diapered bottom and her back, his fingertips pressing into the muscles on either side of her spine.  On the way up, he unfastened her bra strap.

The dress went up and off.  She lowered her arms, allowing her bra to fall to her elbows as he tiny fingers reached out for the waist of his pants.  She traced her thumbs across the leather of his belt, waiting for his directions.

“Reach into my right pocket,” he whispered as he hand went into his pocket.  “Now take out what you find.”

Her finger wrapped around an object she felt and she took out the white pacifier with the pink handle she had lost.

“Where did you find it, Daddy?” she asked sweetly.

“No talking, Baby,” he said, guiding the pacifier in her hand up and into her mouth. “Now is a time to listen, to crave and to receive.  Drop the bra.”

She lowered her hands to her side as the bra dropped to her wrists and to the floor.

“Get barefooted,” he instructed with a heated whisper as she kicked the brown leather sandals off her feet.  “You’re such a good girl, Mia.  Daddy is very proudly of you.”

He placed his right hand on her diapered bottom while still running his left hand through her hair and he thrust her diapered peach into his body.

“And now you’re gonna learn what it means to no longer crave anything,” he whispered, walking her backwards into the hallway.  “Daddy is going to give you more than you have ever imagined.  Be a good girl.”

She was stripped down to her diaper and her earrings at this point.  Her skin was crawling with goose bumps and she was tingling in all the right places.

He pressed her back up against the hallway wall.  The darkness of the hallway made silhouettes of both of them, faintly illuminated by the kitchen light which followed them back.  There were so many things she wanted to do, so many impulses she wanted to follow, so many desires she wanted to fulfill, so many cravings she wanted to satisfy.

He pinned her arms above her on the wall, crossing her wrists above her head and holding them there with his left hand.  His eyes wandered up and down her partially naked frame, taking in the sight of her wiles and contemplating his next touch, his next tease.

She locked eyes with him, thrusting her chest forward and rocking her hips back as she presented herself to him, for his inspection, for his pleasure, for his lust to take and enjoy however he chose.

“You’ve been such a good girl for me today,” he said, touching the tip of her chin and sliding his fingertips down her neck, through her cleavage and onto her right nipple, gently pinching it and twisting its soft skin.

She winced slightly at the pinch and absorbed his tease.  She started to slowly rock her hips, crinkling and gliding her peach – aroused, wet and beginning to swell – up against the softness on the inside of her diaper.

His fingers trailed across her chest to her left nipple, repeating the pinch and the twist.  Her reaction was the same, but twice as strong.  He stepped to the side, leaning his left elbow on the wall while still pinning her wrist above her.  His right hand fingers danced down her belly, across the front of her diaper and onto the soft skin of her right inner thigh, gently caressing her tenderness.

“You want to cum so badly right now, don’t you?” he asked, whispering into her ear.

She nodded, turning her head to face him and maintaining the eye contact.

“But you can’t do it, Baby,” Eric teased, pressing his right palm in on her diapered peach.

She ground her mound into his palm, aiming to try to heighten her arousal more quickly.  But she knew she couldn’t do it.  The reason was obvious in her mind.  It was helplessness, the likes of which she existed within. 

“Your little heart isn’t in it, Baby.  And you know why that is, don’t you?” he asked, patting her diapered front gently.  “You can keep trying to rub yourself off inside that diaper of yours, but you can’t cum for Daddy until Daddy gives you permission, can you?”

She lowered her chin and slowly shook her head no.  Her eyes were hungering for his permission, pleading for it.  Knowing he had control over her was tantalizing.  Being reminded of it was stimulating.

His fingers drummed the front of her diaper as they traveled up, slipping over her waist band and sliding inside.  His fingers found the soft, swollen and wet outer lips of her labia.  His palm pressed against her mound and she began rocking her crinkling hips with longer, drawn out motions.  Each motion into his hand was designed to achieve the maximum bit of pleasure it could find.

“Close your eyes,” Eric whispered, lovingly.

She closed her eyes and he leaned in towards her, placing his lips on the side of her neck and pecking at her skin.  She whimpered behind her pacifier again.  Her neck was a sensitive area and each touch of his lips was sending sensations across her body.  The tip of his tongue kept lightly brushing against her skin as his mouth traveled behind her neck.  She lowered her head slightly as he had found the most sensitive spot and she shuddered.

And then he slid two fingers inside the wet confines of her peach.  Her gasped behind her pacifier at his penetration of her.  She tightened her canal around his fingers and he withdrew them and reinserted them inside her at such a slow pace it became agonizing to keep her modesty in check.

She began to twitch and fidget as tiny pings of pleasure began to arrive, shooting out from her center like static electricity.  He pressed his right hand into her mound, his right shoulder into her sternum and tightened his pinning grip of her wrists with his left hand.  She could no longer fidget.  And luckily, she wouldn’t have to for much longer.

With no ability to dissipate the sensations of pleasure, she helplessly felt them building up inside her.  Soon, an eruption would take place, starting between her legs and washing out over her pinned frame.  All it would take at this point was one little craving to win over her thoughts and she would be an orgasming wall flower.

That’s the moment in time when he spoke a string of words directly into her mind that would’ve dropped her to her knees had he not been holding her up.

“You’re a helpless little girl, Mia.  And those with little hearts, such as yours, are able to feel the tiniest of details – in touch, in thought, through whispers, in gazes, in your wishes and in your dreams,” he said softly as her breathing began to pick up.  “When you gave your little heart to me, trusting that I would protect it with my life, what you didn’t realize was that you would have to submit not just to me, but to your own thoughts, your own urges and the needs of your body.”

Tiny orgasms were arriving and she resisted feeling them.  They began to build up inside her as she desperately awaited permission to cum for him.  Her eyes, still shut, began to well up with tears, preparing to help her deal with the emotions she anticipated – just moments away.

“And when you want something, when you need something, when you crave something, you will forever look to the same place to find your desires … the Daddy who loves you like no other and the little heart you entrusted in his care, for the rest of your life,” he whispered in a soft, syrupy Daddy tone. “Show me what a good little girl you are.  Cum for Daddy.”

She released the mounting orgasms and she wailed into her pacifier as tears streamed from her eyes.

“Show Daddy how helpless you are to control your own urges.  Show Daddy why you will always be his little BabyGirl,” Elliot whispered as her emotions released and her knees buckled underneath her.

Her legs became useless, but she remained standing because her Daddy had her pinned to the wall.  And he held her there as she helplessly came for him, vulnerable to being hurt, but fearing nothing in the big world around her – so long as he was there.

Ballooning down from her orgasm, she collapsed into him.  He removed his fingers from her peach, released his pinning grip and lifted her up into his arms.  Normally she would wrap her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck.  But her complete exhaustion, temporary in its paralyzing effect, prevented her from doing anything but hang off of him.

“That’s a good girl,” he whispered as he patted her diapered bottom.  “Relax yourself, little baby.”

He began to walk towards their bedroom.

“Daddy is so proud of you, Mia.  You’ve been such a good little girl for me,” he whispered.  “And you’ve only just begun to know what your cravings feel like.”

Her heart began to pound in her chest and her mind dawned on finding the overload she dreamed of as he carried her into the bedroom and shut the door.

He placed her on the center of the bed, taking special care to hold her sprained ankle up.  She melted into the blankets, but the real melting for her was yet to come.  And she had just begun to feel a submission to him which would cause the overload she was craving.

“Just be a good girl for Daddy.  You can do that for me, can’t you, Mia?” he asked with a whisper that drifted into the echoes of her mind.

She nodded, gazing up at him with eyes which were fighting the delirium of their half-mast condition.  His eyes were filled with an electricity which extended into his hands, his touch, his treatment of her in the aggression she felt from him. His fingertips trailed down through her cleavage, and across her belly, heading south to his palms resting place on her diapered mound.  He pressed into her hood while dangling his fingers down onto her diaper, stretching their way between her legs.

Her peach was swollen and throbbing for touch.  She ached from being fingered, but craved more.  She wanted more.  She needed more.  And she felt his power over her in the helplessness that entered her senses through each steady breath of her nose.

Heat emitted from her skin, sending pheromones into the air.  She rocked her hips, grinding her diapered peach up into his palm.  He pressed down on her, making the slickening inside of her diaper a constant contact to her wet and fleshy center.

Pings of more ecstasy flooded her mind and she cowered at his slow burn, knowing she would enjoy nothing but anticipation until he was ready to give her more.

“You’re being so good, so patient,” he whispered, pressing in still on her hood while brushing her hair off her forehead.  “Daddy is all you need.  Daddy is all you want.  Daddy is the most important thing in your life.  Daddy is your world.”

Her arousal became mixed with his melting comments and her selfish instincts became confused with the messages he was planting in her.

“You’re my little girl, Mia.  And you can’t help yourself.  All you want is to show Daddy how good you are, how much you love him, how much you crave him,” he whispered with a mounting lust in his eyes.  “And you’ll always be my BabyGirl.  Whether you feel the sweetness of being my little girl or the urges of being my Big Girl.”

His hand, still cupping and massaging in on her peach, suddenly clenched into a fist, gather the material of the front of her diaper in his grasp and yanking it back.  The tapes on her hips gave way and she gasped, opening her eyes as much as she could.

They kept a contact of gaze as she heard him unfastening his belt and his zipper.  He positioned himself between her parted thighs and touched the tip of his erection to her tender opening and slid himself inside her.

She could feel every stiffened inch of him as his penetration went deeper.  He was rock hard and the look of want in his eyes made clear how unremittingly he would spread her wide open again and again with each stroke.

She shuddered and began breathing heavily through her nose, gazing up at him with compliance in her eyes while nursing on her pacifier for the soothing relief she needed in the journey ahead.  And as he withdrew himself, she tightened her canal, trying to prevent him from leaving.

She knew that her tightness was the essence of the experience for him just as his stiffness, girth and length was the essence she craved.  Being opened and closed by him repeatedly drew the core of submission to his aggression – the quintessence of the act for both of them.

He got stiffer and thicker, an early sign she would be screaming through another orgasm before long.  It was the greatest pride a female could feel at that moment – that the love inside her equaled how he felt on the outside.  It was she, his BabyGirl, who turned him on.

His thrusts began slowly, concentrating in touching all sensitive places inside her, whether they were the spot or not.  But shortly, he picked up his pace, making each penetration one that connected their pelvic bones and sought to tear her open even deeper with each offering.

Her body went limp, a sign that her orgasm was near.  She tried to position herself for its arrival, centering her exhausted frame beneath him and arching her back to allow him to enter her more completely and more deeply.

And without an ounce of resistance or control, she seized up, going paralyzed and incapable of speaking as orgasms began to overlap and multiple inside her.  She could feel her heart pounding faster.  A pressure formed at her temples and then released itself.

Eric waited for the moment he knew would soon arrive.  She came for him with softened, yet guttural whimpers as she clenched her teeth around the nipple of her pacifier while parting her lips for need of air.

He continued waiting, watching her convulse as he pounded himself inside her, harder and harder.  Her back arched to a near spine-breaking point.  Her eyes were sharing his electricity as she drew his energy for him.  Her whimpers increased.  Her body temperature rose.  Her heart continued pounding.  She could sense his orgasm nearing.  She wanted to be a part of it.  She wanted to cum again and cum with him, because of him, for him.

And as his seed shot out into her, she spit the pacifier out of her mouth – the moment he was waiting her.  He knelt and lifted her up into his arms as he drained himself inside her.  Their pelvic bones connected and remained locked together as she screamed deafeningly towards the ceiling.

They remained in that positioned for the balloon downwards for the summit of ecstasy.  Her aftershocks were yet to follow and her overload would finally become complete, all at his hands and while abiding by the nature of both want and need.

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