… Fit For A Princess

Mia closed her eyes as her Daddy leaned in, kissing her forehead before he picked her up and stood up, carrying her over to the bear skin rug directly in front of the fireplace and setting her down.  He walked over to the large object covered with the pink sheet and removed its cover.  Mia eyes grew big and wide at what she saw.  And for a short time, she didn’t know what to do, but soon enough she came to her senses.

Getting up onto her hands and knees, she quickly crawled her crinkle over to what she now saw wasn’t a large object, but instead a stack of six birthday presents.  Each of the packages was wrapped in a different pastel color with designs on the wrapping paper, ribbons and bows.  The largest gift was on the bottom and each gift got smaller in the pyramid.

She reached up to the first gift, a square box which fit easily into her hands.  She sat down in front of the gift stack on her diapered bottom.  She situated herself Indian-leg style and placed the first gift on her lap.  It was wrapped in a soft pink-colored paper and the paper had maroon hearts all over it.  There were maroon ribbons that wrapped around all four sides and the ends of the ribbons were banana curled tightly like Shirley Temple’s hair.  The banana curls garnished a maroon bow which sat perfectly in the middle on the top of the gift.

She almost didn’t want to open the gift because it looked so pretty and she knew that he had put some serious time into wrapping it.  But from her fast-beating heart came the incentive she needed to tear that pretty packaging to shreds.  Pieces of pink paper went flying and she nursed quickly on her pacifier as she yanked at the ribbons, breaking them and lifting the lid off the box inside.

Then, she stopped her hysteria as she stared at what was inside.  Her eyes, still great big and wide, looked up at him with disbelief.  He smiled and gave her a wink.

She reached into the box slowly and picked up the rhinestone tiara inside.  At first, she just held it in her hands, moving it around and watching the sunlight cascading in through the front window as the rhinestones caught the refractions and sparkled.  Her Daddy walked over and knelt down in front of her.  She looked at him with the innocence and helplessness of a lost child.  She didn’t know what to do and sat there, hoping her would direct her actions.  Seeing her need, he took the tiara from her hands.

“A tiara …,” he said with his finest Daddy Voice as he placed it on her head.  “… fit for a Princess.”

Every BabyGirl in this World is a Princess.  And Every Princess deserves a Tiara.


The Mia Series - Book SixThe Mia Series: Book Six

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What Mia Found at the Top of the World
The Birthday Suit
The Breakfast Interrogation of Covered Piles



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